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Bodie. California


Bodie PolaRoadTrip 07/26/14

Greenline Express 10585


Photo Shot Location: Plaza Lawton


My ride from Lawton to SM Fairview.

So you guys, I'm doing this for the tenth and last time. This time, the standards are going to be high, the photoshoots are going to be challenging. Let's just say, I have alot in store fo you guys...




Kora Groeneveld, model and host.

Lain Harrison, fashion journalist and spokesperson.

Celine Petrow, international model.


Time to reveal our prize package of this season.


A contract with leading agency Fashion Models.

The cover of Beauty In: CHIC.

A spread and the cover of CHIC magazine.

A campaign with LUSH cosmetics.

Aswell as an dedication photo.


Now time to talk about what the Veterans Invasion really is.

I'm going to select a amount of working models from different members here on Flickr.

If they accept my offer, they are going to be part of the cast. Now, NONE of you guys is going to know who the veterans is until I reveal the whole cast. There for it will be more interesting for you all. Remember, the veterans aren't previous winners of any contest.




-If you are entering as a rookie, use a doll that has never been seen in your photostream before.

-I want unique and rare looks, if you have an ooak doll. Why not try to enter her?

-If you have a hard time picking, post a photo of different options. That way it will be easier for all of us.

-It has to be a white background!

-There must be a first and last name!

-Time for outfits, if you want to enter the last cycle of BNDM you have to:


*Wear a black top, if you are a rookie.

*A white top, if you are a vet.

*A pair of denim bottoms of any kind.

*High heels.

*And to add up on it, you have to accessoarize your look with things that represent you as a model or a person. Don't go over the top, make it look good too!

*Either your hair down or in a ponytail.

*No crazy makeup! I want you girls to look natural.


-Facts about your model.





*Current home.


*Best feature.


*Biggest competition*


-And you have to answer these simple questions as an interview for your audition.


*Why did you enter?

*What are you most excited about.

*What will make you stand out and possibly take home the crown?




-You can't enter these dolls:


Pampered Pupz Charli

Snowboarding Lilee

Magic Hair Colour Fianna

Sisterz Lilani

Head Gamez/TAGG Cloe

Back to School Cher

Girlfriendz Nite Out Sasha

Forever Diamondz Sharidan

Movie Starz/Fashion Show Evening Wear Cloe

Baseball Phoebe

Wild Wild West 2nd edition Fianna

Play Sportz Teamz Katia

OOAK Racecar Driver Dana

NO 2010-2012 dolls!!


Remember, I will be sending out FM's for the girls I want to be vets. If I already haven't, of course. Your auditions has to be PRIVATE.



Goodluck everybody~




Flecia Coleman:

Lilani Elise:

MiKayla Evans:

Faye Middleton:

Katia Azez:

Lilith Cartwright:

Nicki Perez:

Rose Montgomery:

Agata Kaminska:

Olette Parker:

Lilly Tenan:

Alice Jermanony:

Erin Diamond:

Ravon Dallis:

Presley Walker:

Jessica Fields:

Meygan Amos:

Athena Harvard:

Maci Harring:

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The Wheeling train to Willard, Wheeling 237, is sitting at New London, OH waiting to get on CSX. 10/19/14

Yohance Express (operated by: FNLTI) 91429-20


Photo Shot Location: Malabon Bus Terminal


My ride from Malabon to Magallanes (Bus Stop A).



Yohance Express has recently purchased another batch of brand new UD SR Metrorider units, but this time with standard deck edition, similar to Greenline Express.


This is the first bus company in Navotas and FTI to acquire the standard deck edition of Santarosa Metrorider.

Bojo Mugwump Edition


Fear of a blonde planet


Evening Standard

Fine Art Photography. Edition limited at 8 ex. (Only 7 still available)


Large (80x120cm, 3 ex.), luxury edition

Small (40x60cm, 4 ex.), standard edition


See for prices.

Stunning Ferrari 599 GTO in Monaco.


Hope you like this shot:)

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