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St John's Wort leaves and raindrops. Dublin, August, 2009.



Dublin 2009


HBW !!!

I used spot metering on this St John's Wort flower which gave the sky this incredibly intense blue. There is very little editing on this one - I lightened the yellow, used some clarity and noise removal, and cropped it a bit .


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Drops and bokeh, Dublin, 2009



Macro of a St John's Wort blossom.


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We had a wonderfully sunny morning in Dublin. And not a drop of rain since last night.

After a night of rain and gales, it was nice to go for my morning walk in warm sunshine. It was still windy, making outdoor flower photography difficult but I managed to capture this one.

An Emerald Damselfly perched on a Knapweed head with some St. John's Wort providing a golden bokeh. Image taken at Ramsley Moor, Derbyshire

St. John's Wort (Hypericum peferatum) growing wild in Seattle, Washington, USA. Hypericum (from the Greek hyper eikon) derives from the practice of hanging the flower over an icon to ward off evil spirits on St. John's day.

Canon EOS 300D - f/4.5 - 1/250sec - 100mm - ISO 100

+ some photoshop

(original photo in first comment)

Hypericum, St John's Wort .

Processed with the Fractalius Photoshop plugin.

'Covenant' release day approaches -mind those pods! HSS !

Most of these soil mats are dominated by pineweed (Hypericum gentianoides), a type of St. John's wort. Pineweed thrives in shallow soils and barren waste areas, and as its name suggests is often found in successional pine forests, usually growing alongside broomsedge and other native grasses.

Ever since we said our goodbyes

The onion rings, the phone makes me cry

Something isn't right

Like the Deep Blue without the Great White


In the morning open your eyes

The waterfalls, the fire flies

You're an abacus

And my heart was counting on us


Your heart's got a heavy load

There's still a long way to go

Keep your eyes on the road


Crescent moon sings me to sleep

The birches bark, the willows weep

But I lie awake

I'm adrift without a snowflake


Your heart's got a heavy load

There's still a long way to go

Keep your eyes on the road


Your heart's got a heavy load

There's still a long way to go

Keep your eyes on the road


Listening to Adrift by the Barenaked Ladies



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St John's Wort, herb and flower, with wasps a dabbler in its exotic substances. Hypericum perforatum is an invasive plant species, grows rapidly. It is used to treat depression in humans, but has many side effects. Biologically, it can produce a lot of metabolic effects.



A bit rain-damaged, doesn't make it less appealing to me because it's not 'perfect'! Another type of beauty...

Again, all from my garden, a fragrant Rose, white Hebe, Yellow St John's wort (Hypericum), and some blue campanula, bell type flowers... again ala Victoriana...


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St.John's-wort bud, after overnight rain ISO 1600

Aukstaitija National Park

A Hypericum (St. John's Wort) flower from my back garden. St John's Wort is a well known herbal remedy for improving mood and emotional wellbeing and is often recommended in combatting depression and the effects of S.A.D. Wishing you all a happy, sunny Sunday. :-)

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Chrysolina hyperici


Photographed on St John's Wort in Goldstream Provincial Park

Paddled to an island near Oslo yesterday, lovely weather, had a great time taking photos.


Northern Nature identifiedit as a "Hover fly", thank you.


Lovely colours I noticed on a heather bush whilst out walking the dog!

St John's Wort blossoms.

A splash of colour to brighten up a dull day.

Morning Dew on Perforate St John's Wort flower


Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter

Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun, and I say

It's all right.


George Harrison


Saint John's Wort blossoms are like little sunbursts.

St. John's Wort----Herbal remedy for depression- just looking at it cures my blues-----

Morning and Afternoon walk July 13, 2008 081e

Great St-John's wort / Großkelchiges Johanniskraut (Hypericum calycinum)

Botanical Garden, Frankfurt

“ intelligently planned feast is like a summing up of the whole world, where each part is represented by its envoys.”

Jean-Antheleme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826), ‘The Physiology of Taste’ (1825)


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Hypericum after a shower of rain.

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