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En Sri Lanka se puede viajar con medio cuerpo fuera de la ventanilla y con las piernas colgando porque las puertas no se cierran. En una de las numerosas pausas es bueno hacer algo de ejercicio.

Fischerboot am Strand von Ahungalla im Südwesten von Sri Lanka. Kurz danach gab es ein heftiges Gewitter.

2018.03_Sri Lanka-088

2018.03_Sri Lanka-182

2018.03_Sri Lanka-856

A family enjoying the sunset by the coast in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Taking silhouette Photos.


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Sri Lanka : Passikudah - La ville musulmane

Sri Lanka Panter

( lynda k kyrans painted this leopard, see the result on: . )


We are back home in Sri Lanka on a long holiday. I could not inform you my dear Flickr friends, as I normally do before left Oman due to the Internet hacking issue. I will be back in Flickr after 3 July 2017. I may get a chance to check on your posts from time to time during my hols.


Once again thank you so much for the great support given on my work. Take good care of yourselves. Good luck with your work.


This is a view of Tea plantation from the road which i have taken on our way to Nuwara Eliya (Hill Country) during our last hols in Sri Lanka.


The Sri Lankan elephant is one of three recognised subspecies of the Asian elephant, and native to Sri Lanka. Since 1986, Elephas maximus has been listed as endangered by IUCN as the population has declined by at least 50% over the last three generations, estimated to be 60–75 years. The species is primarily threatened by habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation.


The Sri Lankan elephant population is now largely restricted to the dry zone in the north, east and southeast of Sri Lanka. Elephants are present in Udawalawe National Park, Yala National Park, Lunugamvehera National Park, Wilpattu National Park and Minneriya National Park but also live outside protected areas. It is estimated that Sri Lanka has the highest density of elephants in Asia. Human-elephant conflict is increasing due to conversion of elephant habitat to settlements and permanent cultivation.

SRI Rail Invest ( SRI ) 151 039-5 in Karlsruhe Hbf. Derzeitiger Mieter der Lokomotive nicht bekannt.


SRI Rail Invest (SRI) 151 039-5 in Karlsruhe Hbf. Current tenant of the locomotive unknown

SRI Rail Invest 151 170-8 bei Graben

Detail atop the Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore

The Indian chameleon (Chamaeleo zeylanicus) is a species of chameleon found in Sri Lanka, India, and other parts of South Asia. Like other chameleons, this species has a long tongue, feet that are shaped into bifid claspers, a prehensile tail, independent eye movement, and the ability to change skin colour.

SRI Rail Invest ( SRI ) 151 124-5 mit Containerzug bei Waghäusel.

Derzeitiger Mieter nicht bekannt.

Häuserfront in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Galle war unter der Herrschaft der Niederländer, Portugiesen und Briten, wodurch man ganz unterschiedliche Stile vorfindet.

2018.03_Sri Lanka-741-BA

Dewi Sri is believed to have dominion over the underworld and the Moon. Thus, Dewi Sri encompasses the whole spectrum of the Mother Goddess- having dominion over birth and Life: she controls rice: the staple food of Indonesians; hence life and wealth or prosperity; most especially rice surpluses for the wealth of kingdoms in Java such as Mataram, Majapahit and Pajajaran; and their inverse: poverty, famine, hunger, disease (to a certain extent) and Death. She is often associated with the rice paddy snake (ular sawah).


Dewi Sri is always depicted as a youthful, beautiful, slim yet curvaceous woman, with stylised facial features idiosyncratic to the respective locale, essentially a woman at the height of her femininity and fertility. In Javanese iconography, usually Dewi Sri is depicted wearing green, white or golden yellow clothes with regal jewelry attire, similar to those of Hindu goddesses, and holding rice plant with full rice grains in one of her hands as her attribute (lakçana). High Javanese culture reflecting the wayang aesthetic dictates she be depicted with a white face, thin-downward cast eyes and a serene expression. There is much cross-pollination between the qualities, aesthetics and so forth between the deity Dewi Sri and the wayang character Sinta in the Javanese version of the Ramayana and the same for Rama with Sedhana. The loro blonyo (two "pedestals" or foundations) statue also have some overlap with Dewi Sri and Sedhana. Balinese people have certain rituals to rever Dewi Sri by making an effigy as her representation from janur (young coconut leaf), lontar leaf, or from cakes made of rice flour.

Sri Lanka 2017, Ilford HP 5

Sri Lankan Frogmouth (Batrachostomus moniliger), Sinharaja Forest reserve, Sri Lanka

Sri Ram Temple, Sholey Hill, Ramanagara, Karnataka

Wasgamuwa National Park, Sri Lanka


A standard Elephant pose, but I posted this one to highlight the main differences to the African Elephants I usually publish. This is quite a mature male by reference to the depigmented skin on the ears. The three main differences are smaller ears, a different shaped head which is the highest point of the body and a lack of, or very short, tusks.


The first part of a blog post about our Sri Lanka trip can be found here


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Sri Lanka waterfall at Kandy, no idea what is the name of the fall.

Sri Kodandarama Temple,HBR Layout, Bengaluru city.

Sri Lanka, temples, elephants, carvings

best viewed in large

drawn by a student from sri lankan school on the school wall


Minneriya , Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Leopard - Panthera pardus kotiya photographed at Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka, I was fortunate to be the only photographer to see this Leopard, as my jeep had moved away from the other jeeps to go in search of Sloth Bears, whilst we did not encounter any Bears we were lucky enough to come across this Leopard as it hunted and were able to spend around 30 minuets with it. The shot was taken through the forward screen of the Jeep and this has caused it to be a little soft.

Mirissa beach, Sri lanka

Young Sri Lankan elephant staying close to his mom while a small army of safari jeeps look upon.

at Mt. Soma, near Clyde, North Carolina.

"Sri Somesvara Temple is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. It is a Vedic Shiva temple at the center of Mount Soma, a community commonly referred to as “Mount Kailash of the West.” People travel great distances to experience Sri Somesvara’s powerful Linga, profound silence, and timeless vibrations ..." from The site is on a ridge with expansive views of the mountains stretching out into the distance.

Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) is a leopard subspecies native to Sri Lanka. Classified as endangered by IUCN, the population is believed to be declining due to numerous threats including poaching for trade and human-leopard conflicts. No subpopulation is larger than 250 individuals. They are solitary hunters, with the exception of females with young. They prefer hunting at night, but are also active during dawn and dusk, and daytime hours. Captured at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Colombo is the coastal capital city of Sri Lanka, which sits right on the Indian Ocean.


I like this photo because of the overcast sky hanging above the city, the glowing lights of passing cars and the train snaking along the edge of the city - a frequent sight and sound in Colombo.

Sri Lanka Junglefowl (Gallus lafayettii), Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) is one of three recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant, and native to Sri Lanka. Since 1986, Elephas maximus has been listed as endangered by IUCN as the population has declined by at least 50% over the last three generations, Captured at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Colorful decorative arts on one of Sri Mariamman Temple's Gopurams, Singapore. The scale of each tier and its sculptures is slightly smaller than that of the tier immediately below it. This helps to create the illusion of height and adds to the symbolic importance of this Hindu Temple building.

Menggoran Village/Yogyakarta Province/Central Java/Indonesia (The waterfall height is 80 meters and located at Oyo river. The waterfall is made from three wellspring, they are Kedungpoh, Ngandong, and Ngumbul.


*Sri Gethuk derives from locals belief in the past, that gamelan sound often heard from the waterfall, and they believed that it was owned by the Slempret king of goblin, Anggo Mendura who loves gamelan music. It said that the waterfall was the location of ghost market, in certain nights, locals hear slompret or trumpet from the waterfall direction. But if the sound is heard from closer distance, it will be gone. That was why people call it Slempret Waterfall. In legend, the gamelan instrument that is invisible can be borrowed by powerful people and can be played as normal gamelan instrument. In local legend also, there are few places to sabe gamelan of Anggo Menduro such as Mergangsan and Sri Gethuk. Mergangsan is located beneath Oyo River and called as Mergangsan as it was used to save gongso or gamelan. And Sri Gethuk or Sri Kethuk is called so as it is the place where Anggo Menduro save Kethuk instrument....)


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Full view of Sri Ram Temple, Ramadevara Betta, Ramanagara, Karnataka


Ramanagara is surrounded by natural granite rocks.In this region the iconic Hindi movie Sholay was shot. It is no surprise that this place is a haven for rock climbers and trekkers. To reach the temple one has to climb around 350 steps. The path leading to the top is enclosed by abundant greenery and the boulders, many of which have figures of Gods on them.

Sri Krishnan Temple on Waterloo Street was established in 1870. It is the only South Indian Hindu temple in Singapore dedicated exclusively to Sri Krishna and his consort Rukmini.


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