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I took lots of photos of this lighthouse on Sunday, but of course, I was drawn to processing the one that had the rusty bits in it.

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I've been too busy to keep up with Flickr activities. Now, it's dark when I get off work, so no new sunset stuff for a while :( The weather has been bad anyway.


This was shot last month during my trip up the Eastern Sierra. It was a cold and windy morning.


Have a great weekend!

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Today we went to one of the highest points in Sussex. our aim was to get some spectacular views.

Another shot from south shields sunrise yesterday.

view from the 30th street bridge

Another Panorama from South Avalon rockshelf

Went to South Mountain Reservation today to take fall photos and mainly of the natural waterfalls that are there. But the first smaller falls was completely dried up and the second falls called Hemlock Falls had water but not a lot. We had some heavy rain not long ago so I was hoping it would be a little better however it was still a nice walk. The leaves are starting to change but are still mostly green here. It was a cloudy and rainy day but a perfect day in the woods. :)


South Mountain Reservation / Essex County / New Jersey


Jessica Kirste Photography


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I finally got around to finishing a roll of Fuji 160 and found a whole series of pictures I'd taken a year or so ago. This is the South Celestial Pole in Winter at about 2200hrs AEST. Exposure time was at least 3 hours. Location was about 30km NE of Canberra whose glow you can see on the horizon.


Lushpup Images | Lushpup Blog

South Stack lighthouse, Holyhead. Taken last October.

This is a scene at South beach in the mornings. now who would want to go to work after this.

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I'm in the process of redoing a number of shots around town with the d300. Shot this at 7:30am this morning (The EXIF information is not correct... anyone else getting errant EXIF info on the D300?). As usual, I forgot my tripod and fired off 5 exposures balancing my camera on the fence...

Photoshop practice--variations on a theme.

The South Gare is an area of reclaimed land, at the mouth of the Tees, designed to act as a breakwater. A first visit for me and the wind was in my face along with lots of spray! A different angle of wind and bigger seas would be very interesting and I'd like to go back!

On the road to Herston; 16mm F10 1/100s 900ISO; taken on the 9th of January 2012

I went camping with friends over Easter in Mt Baw Baw National Park. We found this creek amongst dense forest. It was truly a fairy tale scene. Looking through my photos I haven't been able to capture the true magic of the place so I have compensated with some heavy handed processing. Not sure if i like this approach or not. Any Thoughts?

Trying to keep posting a photo a day here on flikcr... hope I can continue doing this and not disappeared again,lol.

Polaroid 190, Fuji FP-3000B

This photo was taken at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station during the 2014 Winter season.


This is an image of the main station building where we all eat, sleep, hang out, etc. Its the main living quarters for about 150 during the summer and roughly 40 for the winter. The windows have cardboard put over them during the winter for insulation and light purposes.

There was some stunning sunsets from my recent visit down south. What I love about this shot is it's very rare to face away from the ocean to watch the sunset in Western Australia but this location has the sun rising over the ocean and setting over the land.

A brighter picture of Eastbourne's coastline, which is a beautiful and popular tourist destination in the UK. This shot was taken early in the morning when it was quite. The day looks warm but it was actually freezing cold.


Hope this shows the beauty of Eastbourne more than my last post of the place did.


Have a great day and thank you as always for the views, faves and the delightful comments across my stream.

a shot from this morning at south shields was a crap sunrise to cloudy but got a bit red in the end .

The sun setting behind South Stack lighthouse on Anglesey

Many thanks to the following generous deviantArt contributor/artist for the texture:


deviantArt for the wonderful brushes:

Strong onshore winds and swell produced big waves today.Captured here hitting South Gare Lighthouse near Redcar.


Paul Downing Photography

2015-01-10 7788-CR2-L1T1


Another shot from last weeks visit to South Haven,

Head South from Cape Town, it does this sort of thing all day.


Afternoon rain shower over the South Rim as seen from the North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.


Better on Black

Original and other sizes


This image is part of my Grand Canyon set.


After visiting Cape Royal at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, we started to drive back to our campsite but following the road back to the North Rim Campground we could see an approaching storm over the canyon. We actually stopped at several pullouts on the way back, making images at each stop. This storm was fast-moving but never did reach us. The afternoon sunlight highlighted the falling rain and we stared in wonder as this storm quickly developed and dissipated.


This particular day, the first of four in the Grand Canyon, was a wild weather day. Earlier this day there was a light snow but most of the day was lovely with large, puffy clouds in the sky. Only late in the afternoon was there more drama with this quick-moving rainstorm.


This is a panorama stitched together from eight singles, all made with a Nikon D40 and Nikkor 12-24mm.





Up at 5am the other morning to venture out with friend and fellow flickr photographer Paul Hollins to South Newcastle Beach for a low tide sunrise.

We knew in advance from the weather forecast and radar that there would be little cloud, but we saw that as a challenge to create an image that didn't rely on a stunning sky or clouds!!

So where better than the Southern end of Newcastle Beach as there are awesome rippled rocks generally covered with moss - make them the stand-out feature!!

I decided to shoot this low and in portrait format to emphasize the crevices and patterns - the harsh sunrise light helps create nice shadows and further enhances the look I was after - hope you agree!!!

Have an awesome day and week, hope your weekend is even better!!!

Sincere thanks for any comments, views or favorites for this or any of my other images!!!

Haida 6 stop slot-in ND + Lee .9 Hard Grad used.

South Lake Tahoe ~ This is from a trip my dad and I made a little while back. This was the view a few short feet from our room. What a great time spent with my dad. He was scouting locations for painting ideas, and me, I was trying to shoot snow for the first time. We'd climb down places we shouldn't have and I can't recall a time I giggled so much. Good times, good memories.

Polaroid 190, Fuji FP-3000B

This shot was taken standing on the walk bridge over the South Link in Cork.


Looking back across the estuary towards Roachestown, I just managed to catch the last light of the sunset and it was dark enough to get some light trails from the cars below

into bLaCk

*Horror mode ON*

*Psycho mode ON*

*Diplomatic mode OFF*


I'm sure you've seen similar images from this spot from me before, but this was taken recently during a sunrise session at Newcastle South Beach, NSW; Australia with friend and fellow flickr photographer Paul Hollins.

The sunrise was rather lack-lustre, but the rock formation and moss here more than compensates for that; and helps focus more attention on these anyway!!!

Please enjoy - make sure to view Large on Black!!!!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!!!

A long exposure showed up these awesome auroras over the main station. Picture was taken at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

Hasselblad 500 c/m

Polaroid 669

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