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rural Honduras outside of San Pedro Sula


I will never understand

These "twin towers" were pictured in my flight from San Pedro Sula last Feb 26. It was around 5:50PM and the twilight knocking the doors helped by inmense types and shapes of clouds, really impressive. And the top part of the Volcano is showing off to the air travellers. Really beautiful. And the tones remained as the camera used a very low ISO, preserving some colors, not many at the occasion.


El volcano gemelo de San Vicente ó Chinchontepeque sobresaliendo a las nubes durante el vuelo de Avianca de San Pedro Sula para San Salvador el ultimo 26 de Febrero, 2015. Habia poca luz, por las 17:50 hrs y aun así logré algo de colores bastante naturales con un ISO de 125. Un espectáculo impresionante, como el slogan de El Salvador.

Flying from San Pedro Sula to LaCeiba there was a breath taking rainbow. I tried to do it justice but just couldn't capture the glory of it.

part of what started the "demonstration".

there were some people staying in our hotel that had posters hanging out their windows promoting democracy fro cuba. some of them (not this one) were professionally printed. it was CRAZY. the people of honduras don't want democracy for cuba--the government is quite corrupt and their president spends a lot of time in cuba taking lessons from fidel castro.

Gasolinera Puma Los Leones carretera a San Pedro Sula

Daniela Yamileth Sánchez, 8 and Yaneli Valles Alcerro, 4 play in their house in Comunidad Bordos Llanos de Sula, San Pedro Sula, just a few blocks away from a murder scene where police found burried bodies. Honduras is the most violent country with gang and drug cartel related violence.

Photo: Oscar Leiva Marinero / Catholic Relief Services.


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Del Grupo Zorzales de Sula, de San Pedro Sula.

F/4, 1/60s, ISO 400


Editada por la Libreria Evangelica de San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Años 50.

De San Pedro Sula en Honduras... Las jóvenes artistas demuestran su talento y cultura en eventos varios de plazas públicas y teatros. Cautivando al público en general.

Honduras, San Pedro Sula

Junglexpedition tours

Cusuco National Park

Stary sky in light polluted San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Trying out astrophotography.

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Sula and a Dulzura Kangaroo Rat, at La Cieneguilla, Rancho San José, southern Sierra San Pedro Mártir

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