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WWII Memorial, with Washington Monument in the background.

Seen from the WW2 monument

And this was by the sign that say " Do not put books on floor!!!"

The staircase 5 flights down from the telescope observing floor.

Shame this came out so badly, but hopefully it gives an impression of how stunning this view is at night.

Social network graph of #sla2009 tweet replies to June 19, 2009.


The thicker the line the more times you sent an @reply to that person. The more lines you have, the more @replies to different people you sent. If you don't appear on the graph, but know that you sent out @replies, it's because the person you sent your @reply to never sent out an @reply and so that person won't appear on the graph and unfortunately, you can't either! Interestingly, a few people only sent replies to themselves, so they do appear on the graph as a line that goes back to themselves.


Based on the code of and created using Processing.


Full blog post explaining how I created this graph:

WWII Memorial, with Washington Monument in the background.

I just wanted to show how still it was - nothing was moving at all. Very hot, very muggy day - not so good for an English girl!

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