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Só pra nao ficar sem título.

Nombre científico: Piranga rubra

Nombre común: Piranga abejera

English name: Summer Tanager

Lugar: Medellín, Colombia

:copyright: Wilmer Quiceno

Cephalanthera rubra

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Il nome del genere (Cephalanthera) deriva dal greco. La prima parte della parola significa “testa” (cephalos o kephalè), la seconda “antera” (antheros): indica ovviamente la forma del fiore simile ad una testa[1].

Il nome specifico (rubra) deriva ovviamente dal colore dei suoi fiori.

Il termine volgare di “Elleborine” (usato soprattutto nei paesi di lingua anglosassone) deriva da una certa rassomiglianza con alcuni fiori degli Ellebori.

In lingua tedesca questa pianta si chiama Rotes Waldvögelein; in francese si chiama Céphalanthère rouge; in inglese si chiama Red Hellborine.

Habitat: vive in boscaglie rade e incolti erbosi, su terreni per lo più calcarei, fino a 1600 m d'altitudine.

Fioritura: marzo-giugno.


Pink Sun Orchid. Found at The Badgers, Sheffield in Tasmania.


Oil on canvas (100X70 Cm.)

Colombia - San Antonio de Prado, Antioquia.


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Our Daily Challenge 20-26 May : Leaves


Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii'

red abyssinian / Ethiopian banana (syn. Musa ensete rubra)


I do love this plant but it need to go in the greenhouse in winter and I can't get it in on my own! I did manage to get it out alone this week though, and I'm still recovering!

Nombre científico: Piranga rubra

Nombre común: Piranga Roja - Piranga Abejera

English name: Summer Tanager

Lugar: Medellín - Colombia

All Rights Reserved MPNavest 2012 Member of the Mosquito ferns Azolla rubra

Rotes Waldvöglein, Orchidee

Fränkische Schweiz 2013

Fructiferous Quercus rubra tree in the park of Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia

March: Male catkins nearing producing pollen, females flowering, before the leaves break out


Edgeworthia chrysantha Lindl., 1846 'Rubra'


Panasonic DMC-G1

Canon New FD 300mm F4L

Canon FD AUTO Extension Ring 25 : 25mm

Canon FD AUTO Extension Ring 50 : 50mm


(P)A picture from last year I forgot!A male Longhorn Beetle,Corymba rubra,

Klarenbeek,Holland'Nog een plaatje van vorig jaar!' On Black

Created with Mandelbulb 3d.

Tweak of a param by andrea1981g

Part of the multi-million dollar Castra Rubra Winery near Harmanli, Bulgaria. Most Bulgarian wineries are much smaller, but a few, like this one, have attracted very significant investment. The wines are very good, value priced, and available in the US and Europe under the Bulgariana brand. Sony A6500 and Sigma E30/2.8.

Summer Tanager


@Hensel Park, College Station, Texas

Red Longhorn Beetle - Rode Smalbok

Tamron SP AF 180mm f/3.5 LD (IF) Macro

Incluida na lista das especies ameacadas de extincao, esta especie e considerada criticamente em perigo. A RPPN Serra do Caraça e um dos poucos locais que abrigam esta especie.

Esses híbridos são muito difíceis de classificar. Se você discorda da classificação, envie uma mensagem ou deixe um comentário!

Esta flor la dedico a mía amiga Mía, una persona que mira la naturaleza con pasión, muy talentosa, que tiene encontrado en muchas de mías fotografias la inspiración para sua poesia.

Que las musas (aquellas que inspiran todos los artistas) te acompañem siempre, Mia!


Ella se encuentra en este blog:


I dedicate this flower to my friend Mía, a person who looks at nature with passion, very talented. She found in some of my photos the inspiration for her poetry.

I hope the muses (those that inspire all the artists) follow you forever, Mia!


You can check her blog:

I was trying to take a shot of this red beauty when all of a sudden they started spraying

the plants with a fine mist of water. at first I was annoyed, but it turned out really nice :)

Another of the pasque flowers in my garden ~ after the rain..again!

We drove up the hill overlooking Castra Rubra Winery until the road (?) was too bad, then walked the rest of the way to the top. This is a remote and rural region of south eastern Bulgaria, but filled with natural beauty. Sony A6500 and Sigma E30/2.8.

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