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Bernese Mountain Dog

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Lusy vi saluta e augura bellissimo sabato a tutti !

Lucy greets you and wishes you all beautiful Saturday!

Nermal is the cat of my brother.

Played a little bit with PicMonkey.

This is the kitten of my daughter.


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Zus is one of the cats of my daughter.

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Cleo seems to feel better. In the last couple of days she has spent more time outdoors, at least before the rain started. When I took this shot she was even out quite early in the morning which is almost a miracle as Cleo and morning activity is usually a contradiction in itself. The birds almost fell off the bird feeder when they saw her.

Bob, our cat, was cooperative this week when I got my camera out... she sat patiently on my chair while I took a few snaps and was rewarded with cuddles afterwards :).


Apologies for not being around lately. Christmas is coming too quickly and there's much to do! I will pop in to browse photos and and upload when I have time... many, many thanks for looking!


February 17th, World Cat Day :)

to all her brothers and sisters in the world

on International Cat Day 2015 !

Supercat show 2011 5-6 Novembre 2011 Roma


Sara..e uno dei suoi magnifici Campioni...

La micia è una femminuccia e si chiama Supernova Queen LatifahJ alias Queeny


Pigia si pigia..

They say it is going to snow so I will start with my hibernation

Update 7 december: Yes they are right, it is snowing.

9 december : It is thawing again.


Tan solo tengo dos dias.

I am 2 days old.

Soltanto ho due giorni.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.

Totoro is the cat of my oldest daughter


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Thank you for checking out my picture. This picture was taken at a local zoo. I hope you like it. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. For best results, view in Lightbox. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Este gatito me hizo compañía durante una sesión de fotografía en la playa. Me dí cuenta que tenia don para posar. He aquí el resultado…


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Thank you very much for your visits and comments

The northern saw-whet owl is a small owl native to North

America. They are close to the size of an American robin. The northern saw-whet owl has a round, light, white face with brown and cream streaks; they also have a dark beak and yellow eyes.

Their habitat is coniferous forests, sometimes mixed or deciduous woods, across North America. Most birds nest in coniferous type forests of the North but winter in mixed or deciduous woods.

The Northern saw-whet owl has a very sophisticated hearing. It is due to vertically asymmetrical ears and different shape of the ear openings. Because the sound reaches the ears at a different time and is of different intensity, the northern saw-whet owl can very precisely localize its prey. Such accurate sound localization allows it to hunt in a complete darkness by hearing alone. Image photographed near Kingsford, in the

Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Broer is one of the cats of my daughter.

Thank you friends for your visits and kind comments!


Thank you all my friends!!!

Picture taken in May 2014

Totoro is the cat of my daughter.

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