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Day One done: Lap of luxury house on the ocean. No camping allowed.

Morning sun on day two... 5:30 am ... getting ready to ride another 100km... plus..


Heath made the mistake of not wearing proper bike shorts on the first day.

Just after leaving camp on Sunday morning.

The start line. Not a dry eye. Inspiring people and stories.


Just after leaving camp on Sunday morning.

he's standing on one of the worlds most powerful magnets used to analyze thimble sized quantities of proteins.

Most of the intersections after the start were blocked off for us, but Highway 10 & King George wasn't -- it was 'controlled' by a lone volunteer, desprately trying to get the herd to stop at the red light.

I forget the name of Michael's infliction, but whatever it was called, it didn't impede his wit or intelligence - nor his spirit! He rode his tricycle over 60km the first day. That is a single-gear trike which is quite heavy. Well done Michael! More of that!!

Smoochy always comes with me on long rides. I don't think he much appreciates the saftey pin up his butt.