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HDR Photograph of the Rood Screen at Ely cathedral.


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The interior of the unfinished Cathedral in Harlem NYC, a superb building as it is.

Iglesia de San Francisco


Photo taken by Hasselblad 503 cxi 80mm

(Dedicate to Nice to know you in person :-)))

This is a composite. The images are NOT mine. I just put them together.

taken during sunset at Bagan, Myanmar along the Irrawaddy river banks.. i remembered it was an amazing time, sunset in front of me, behind stood a huge pagoda temple and a double rainbow overlooking the sky..truly perfect timing!

via Christainity- igbo- Business and African culture

About religion, people of Kampung Naga are muslim. But they have a quite different system in giving appreciation to the universe. They still believe a place is bordered by an unseen power. For example, jurig cai. This is the way Kampung Naga's community to call a spiritual power who live by the river and the deepest part of a river [or known as 'leuwi']. The people also believe to the unseen creatures who live in a place so called 'sanget' or 'angker' sites. As an appreciation towards these creatures, they give offerings called sasajen. Meanwhile, Bumi Ageung is a sacred place and prohibited to take pictures. Here's laying their ancestor and founding father Sembah Eyang Singaparna.


Taken inside of Gathering house.


See where this picture was taken. [?]

I've seen the light ;-)

Aurora Borealis above Bjørnskinn Church, Andøya, Norway.


The church is lightpainted a bit with the light I had on my head; in the first shot I took it was very yellowish due to the street lights...

Tesoro 3 de 12

Barajé varias posibilidades para este tesoro pero, al final me decidí por la fachada de la iglesia de San José Obrero y Santa Rita de Vigo (Galicia). Imaginé que en ese momento, con el sol de frente, el interior debía estar lleno de reflejos de estrellas...Lástima que estuviese cerrada y no pude entrar a comprobarlo...

Green is my religion,

nature is my church,

for everywhere I seek to go,

I am always connected


Spiritually my mind can see,

I feel God in everything.

All I need to find him,

is to be green directed.


Walking or sitting,

playing in the sand.

All it takes is for nature,

to take my hand and I know

I am protected.


Green is my religion,

nature is my church,

for everywhere I seek to go,

I am always connected


For every blade of grass,

flower or tree that grows,

My heart and mind are truly affected.


Nature shows me all the time

that I am not forgotten and

will never be rejected.


Green is my religion,

nature is my church,

for everywhere I seek to go,

I am always connected


Created by mirroring grass in the yard.

La basilique Sainte-Thérèse est située à Lisieux, en France. Sa construction a débuté en 1929 et sa consécration a eu lieu en 1954. Aujourd'hui, elle est le deuxième lieu de pèlerinage en importance en France (après celle de Lourdes).

Labellisé « Patrimoine du xxe siècle », elle a été inscrite au titre des monuments historiques le 14 septembre 2010 puis classée le 7 septembre 2011.

Par ses dimensions, l'édifice, construit en béton armé et granit, se compare aux plus grandes cathédrales :

longueur : 104 m ;

largeur du transept : 50 m ;

largeur de la nef : 30 m ;

hauteur du dôme : 95 m ;

hauteur de la coupole : 50 m ;

la croix surmontant l'ensemble mesure 1,70 m ;

hauteur des voûtes : 37 m ;

superficie : 4 500 m2.

En uno de las rutas de senderismo que hicimos, en la zona de Ribadavia (Ourense), me llamó la atención el contraste entre estas dos figuras que forman la imagen. Resume perfectamente , a mi entender, el alma del pueblo gallego: una mezcla de religión y de superstición , que aún perdura hoy en día, a pesar de estar en una sociedad cada día más descreída en lo individual y más laica en lo formal. Ahora que...bien pensado...¿dónde empieza una y termina la otra ?.


Basilique Notre Dame de Montréal

Nature and religion live together in Sea to Sky Gondola.


Squamish, BC.


via Christainity- igbo- Business and African culture

Some churches of different religions and beliefs at the poor community Santa Marta.


This is a very poor community (or Favela, in Portuguese) called Santa Marta, on the mount Dona Marta. For many years it was devastated by the violence caused by the organized crime, specially because of the drug traffic. I could never imagine myself entering there, but, since November 2008, its permanently occupied by the police and, since this date, the inhabitants are free of the violence. Them, I could walk all the place without problem (well, almost...), but, in general, was everything very well, even I'm being with a bit of fear...




Botafogo's District, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Have a great day and week! :¬)

Das große Finale. Alle Teile zusammen ergeben ein sehr großes Panoramabild

Das große Finale. Alle Teile zusammen ergeben ein sehr großes Panoramabild

San Simeon, CA, near Hearst Castle

Look Up and get dizzy with the ceiling of Southwark Cathedral, London

These moslim girls were praying in Istanbul's biggest and well preserved Church- Saint Antoine. I do myself believe in Humanity itself, prior to cultures, religions and national borders . This photo somehow reflects the aproach I desire humanity would chase after.

A beautifully built mosque of UAE...

Symbol of faith in Giulesti, Maramures, Romania.

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