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Deus Ex HR


enbseries V0087


FOV decreased via regedit

5120x1440 to 1920x540

AR edited with regedit

5120x1440 to 1920x540

AR edited with regedit

Deus Ex HR


4K, ingame FXAA

enbseries v0087


FOV 30 via regedit

HUD hidden during menu transition

Revised 09232010 Adobe relesed Premiere Elements 9 today, as this writting I have found none of the conflicts and problems that were present in PE8. Dont even think of purchasing PE8, Adobe never revised it throughout its production run, all copies have the conflict and other performance issues. I do however believe that the issues have been resolved with Premiere Elements 9. Adobe should have publicly acknowledged PE8s problems rather than pretending it was a stable product, this is textbook case of how not to handle a difficult situation. Shamefull behavior Adobe, very, very weak. Revised 06032010 Premiere ElementsPhotoshop 8 has serious problems that render it useless to a majority of users. Initially problems were traced to conflicts with Realtek Audio and Nvidia graphics card installation software, now users with other hardware configurations are also reporting frequent crashes and stability issues with the PEPSE 8 bundle. These type of conflicts should have been sorted out by Adobe in beta testing before the product was shipped, unfortunately as of this date, a fix has not yet been found. Be prepared to get under the hood of your PC for many hours of "quality time" to install new drivers,regedit, employ multiple workarounds and endless online "help" from India. Avoid this software if you use Nvidia graphics drivers or AVCHD 1080 video format. Beware reviewers giving this software bundle high marks, most are basing their reviews solely on Photoshop Elements and ignoring Premiere Elements 8 and its numberous stability problems. Adobe has been actively soliciting professional authors to write favorable reviews to offset real reviews made by actual paying not "compensated" customers. Adobe released a patch 8.01 (02262010) for Premiere Elments 8, users are reporting that stability is somewhat improved but still fails to live up to Adobes advertising and the quality of Photoshop Elements 8. No measurable improvement in speed or compatibility with AVCHD format or 1080 HD video. Download the free 30 day trial version from Adobe to test compatibility with your PC before purchasing this product or wait untill Adobe releases newer version to solve the stability issues many are experiencing. You may also wish to try PE7 which has very good stability and isnt bloated with marketing gimmicks and useless "new features" of PE8. I received my copy of Premiere Elements 8 and Photoshop Elements 8 today. Installation was fairly easy with both programs but I cant see any improvements over PE7 unless you consider being even more resource dependent an improvement. The one feature that I was really hoping for in this version continues to be absent, PE 8 cannot write BluRay format to a file, disk only. The conversion of videos from PE7 to PE8 also caused problems with several scenes skipping frames, dropping sound and repeatedly hanging the program during rendering of a four minute video. I have to reboot my computer frequently as the software will refuse to reopen after being used. I have a one month old Intel I7 running Win7 64 with twelve gig of ram, what does it take to satisfy PE8 If you have an AVCHD video camera do not buy this product, try Sony Vegas or another editing package that is compatible with that format. The very few people that have reported success with PE8 are not using HD and are editing very brief lower resolution videos. This software may work on a thirty second low resolution YouTube video but it most definitely is not suitable for a twenty minute HD event. Photoshop Elements 8 is a slight improvement over version 7 if you discount the image organizer which I found to be useless and slowed my system with its background processing. I would recommend buying Photoshop Elements 8 as a standalone but would pass on the bundle because of Premiere Elements 8 shortcomings. I recommend that all users of the Elements 7 bundle skip this upgrade as it offers nothing in usefull functionality or performance. I honestly dont see how Adobe can justify calling PE8 an "upgrade", it is simply destabilized PE7 in a new box. The best feature is that PE8 does not overwrite PE7 so you will still be able to access and edit your PE7 videos which PE8 refuses to update or edit. Save your rupees for PE 9, 10, or 11, that may offer improvements over PE7... PE8 is the upgrade that never was.

5120x1440 to 1920x540

AR edited with regedit

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5120x1440 to 1920x540

AR edited with regedit

We have just released a new post on how to deal with software problems which are caused by registry errors.

Windows 7 Auto Logon Enable | Regedit AutoAdminLogon AutoLogonCount


nada auto values


Windows 7 Auto Logon With AutoAdminLogon


Windows 7 Auto Logon Registry Hack


The idea behind the Windows 7 Auto Login is that a userName can logon at a computer without having to type their password. A typical scenario would be a test machine on a private network. With Auto Logon enabled, when you restart the machine it automatically logs-on a named user. The trick, which also its liability, is to use regedit to set a value for DefaultPassword in the registry.


Topics for Windows 7 Auto Logon Registry Hack



Instructions to Enable Auto Logon with Regedit


HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\winlogon


Set: AutoAdminLogon = 1 (one means on, zero means off.)


Tip: Try Regedit's 'Find': AutoAdminLogon.


Crucial Point set the Administrator's password.


Create ...


5120x1440 to 1920x540

AR edited with regedit

the start button i created using, resource hacker and regedit.

morango,flores,assay,jose braz,japones,


While working on computers, there is a high probability that your system may freeze for no rhyme or reason. If your computer freezes frequently, it is time you first figure out the reasons behind such malfunctioning of your system.


Reasons Why Computer Freezes on Startup

There are myriad reasons for a computer freezing on startup. Following are a few causes, which could be detrimental in freezing your system more often.

Defective hardware (Electrostatic discharge and loose connections between hardware and computer motherboard)

Faulty software (Codes using lot of RAM; software infected with adbots, viruses and spyware)

Bugged operating systems (A corrupted Windows registry of operating system)

Infected drivers (Improper installation of drivers, small programs that enable the hardware and software to work in sync)

In all the above, the root cause that answers your query on why computer freezes is, almost all computers today are assembled and so the hardware components are manufactured by different vendors, which may result in hardware malfunctioning of the system. If your software is corrupted with malicious programs through Internet, freezing on startup is a warning sign indicating that your operating system may be at risk. This is because, viruses and spyware usually replicate their code and store them at hidden locations in your system, thereby using up more RAM. This eventually slows down your system. However, if the registry of the operating system is corrupted, then a symptom like computer freezing on startup would indicate warning to reformat your system.

Computer Freezes Shortly After Startup - Fixing the Problem

Sometimes, it may happen that you log into your system and as the system is loading, your computer freezes randomly, and no matter how many times you tap your keys and bang your mouse, the system remains frozen. In that case, I would suggest you to try the following:

Reboot your system and set your system in clean boot.

Click on Start, and type msconfig in the search box of the start menu and click on Enter.

The system may prompt you for a confirmation, sometimes asking for an administrator's password. Type the password and click on Continue.

Now, click on selective startup on General tab and under the Selective startup of the General tab, clear the load startup items checkbox.

Select Services tab and click the check box for Hide all Microsoft Services. Then click on Disable All.

Click OK. And once the system prompts, click on Restart.

If your system starts, apply divide and conquer algorithm to detect the non Microsoft service which is causing the problem, if your system is running on Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Once the startup fiasco is solved, check for the registry. Here are some steps to check this.

Click on Start.

In the search box of startup menu, type REGEDIT. Click Enter.

Now find this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem

Once found, set the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation to 1 to delete any duplicate or short versions for DOS names.

Computer Freezes After Startup But Works in Safe Mode - Fixing the Problem

Most people complain about the computer freezing up in Windows Vista and they might also observe that it prompts for the system to start in 'Safe Mode', once rebooted. Now before understanding whether this safe mode is advisable or not, it is important to understand what this safe mode is all about. Safe mode is a special way for Windows to load when a system is not starting in the normal mode. Now in the safe mode, not all functions are enabled. Most device drivers are not loaded (like that of printer and scanner). The command files autoexec.bat or config.sys are not run. Standard VGA graphic mode is used and not the normal graphics device driver. In this mode, the system checks for the msdos.sys for information to find the required Window files. So now the question arises, what to do once the system boots in safe mode? To check the root reason for what had caused Windows to load incompletely should be your first plan of action.

Click on Start, and click on control panel. In recent times, if you have added any device driver, try uninstalling it and then attempt a reboot. If your system starts normally, it means that the device was having some conflict with the driver software. Check further for installation of games or new applications and try uninstalling them as well, if you have doubts about their installation. However, if there is no problem with the hardware or the software, then it indicates a corrupt registry issue, which can be resolved only by getting a new installation copy of Windows.

When you face such an issue, do not jump into conclusions, that your system needs reformatting. Check out all the possible causes and try to figure out the core reason why your computer freezes after starting. And yes, one more important thing, always save your data in backup devices like CD or a pen drive. It will save your work at least!


事由: 2011.6.28晚上, 以家裡的桌機連上私人信箱web mail網頁, 還沒開始點擊相關按鈕開啟信箱時

電腦喇叭突然響起空襲警報聲, 螢幕出現上述的類似防毒程式畫面, 顯示經掃瞄發現約117個檔案染病毒, 剎時氣氛搞得很緊張. 如果要解毒, 得連上該[防毒程式]公司的網頁取得licence, 不過那當然是要付費的, 有畫面接受使用者輸入信用卡卡號等機密資料….


咦… 不對呀!??

1.我的電腦從沒裝過所謂的Personal Shield Pro防毒程式

2.點擊該程式的說明連結, 找不到該公司的官方介紹

3.感覺奇怪, 怎有如此暴力介入的防毒程式…響起空襲警報, 外加接管電腦主控權.


所以另找其他電腦上網搜尋做功課, Mr.850何其有幸, 還真是與世界潮流同步!!! 發現這似乎是2011.6月內剛問世的木馬程式, 雖然搞不清楚它是怎麼找上門的, 但當場立即先做緊急應變, 將網路線拔開, 隔離網際網路, 以免中毒電腦裡的金銀財寶與珍藏AV檔 (ps: AV= Audio & Video) 被不斷往外拋.


當時試了電腦的[工作管理員], 但被綁票無法中斷該冒牌防毒程式執行, [regedit]也淪陷無作用... 8-(


隔天6.29 問了公司的IT同事, 原本想找他幫忙製作可開機的USB碟或光碟, 但他告訴我可在開機時連續按F8而選擇進入{Windows安全模式] , 想說既然是所謂的安全模式, 應當可暫時脫離木馬程式的魔掌, 但回家後試著開機, 發現該木馬程式的動作順序超快, 一旦進入 {Windows安全模式], 木馬程式依然健立即發威~~~



我可不想因此重灌電腦系統(win XP)啊, 那是耗時間浪費生命的事, 因為早已習慣原本的各常用程式的設定, 上網做了外國功課, 當白老鼠加上自己的微調, 提出以下的作法, 至少自己剛服用過可完全康復,

畢竟取之網路用之網路, 有了人助之後也得回饋助人, 社會才得以進步不是嗎?



該作者持續update中, 已有幾名中毒網友上網留言call help, 該網誌原本(2011.6.28) 只有文字說明,

但隔沒兩天發現已更新加入video輔助說明, 版主真是佛心來著~~


Solutions as proposed by Mr.850:

1.另找一台電腦, 下載應用程式中止工具 PKiller , 將檔案存到電腦桌面上.

2.存檔時請務必先重新命名, 把預設的 “Pkiller.exe” 更名為 “Pkiller.cmd”

(註: 看來該木馬程式的罩門是專封鎖.exe類別的檔案)

3.開啟遭木馬程式染指的中毒電腦, 電腦會哇哇叫空襲警報, 免驚!! 先不理它, 它能再叫也沒多久了 !D

4.把步驟2所存的“Pkiller.cmd” 拷貝到中毒電腦的硬碟

5.於中毒電腦執行 “Pkiller.cmd” 程式, 你會發現木馬程式被中止

6.這時請再以你的防毒程式掃描, 逮出並刪除該木馬程式


上述資料來源網頁中提到的 GridinSoft Trojan Killer 清除木馬程式, Mr.850並不推薦, 因為它雖然可幫你掃描出電腦裡被暗植的哪幾隻可疑木馬程式, 但要清除那些木馬的話, 則需用白花花的銀兩(約NT.1400) 先買License 才能有清除木馬的功能. 掃除木馬程式的軟體有百百款, 既然 GridinSoft Trojan Killer 的功能不是專門對付Personal Shield Pro, 那麼就另找免費防毒資源掃毒去, 或可先叫醒你電腦中的防毒軟體試著把這冒牌的防毒程式給PK掉.


倒是Pkiller.cmd能先中止木馬程式的自動執行, 這就是關鍵了~~


日行一善, 以上報告.

祝 用機平安!!


Ps: 不當的網站別亂逛 ^!^

“Not enough server storage is available to process this command.” error.


I am really getting sick of Windoze! This one took me two hours to sort out tonight! Why in the h-e-double hockey sticks (HELL) did my Network File & Print Sharing mysteriously stop working tonight. Seems some registry value up and vanished like a fart in the wind off my box — thiu disabling net shares.


P.S. – Me being the ‘administrator’ of said PC — means I had to fix it myself. :(


Solving this problem requires a Registry edit:


1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. Type regedit, and then click OK.

3. Navigate to the following registry key:



4. In the right pane, double-click the IRPStackSize value.


Important: If the IRPStackSize value does not already exist, you will need to create it:

- In the Parameters folder of the registry, right-click the right pane.

- Point to New, and then click DWord Value.

- Type IRPStackSize.


Important: Type "IRPStackSize" exactly as it is displayed because the value name is case-sensitive.

5. Change the Base to decimal.

6. In the Value Data box, type a value that is larger than the value that is listed.

If you created the IRPStackSize value using the procedure described in step 4, the default value is 15. It is recommended that you increase the value by 3. Therefore, if the previous value was 11, type 14, and then click OK.

7. Close the Registry Editor.


# Restart the computer.


Oh, was it perhaps because I installed ‘Ubuntu’ on my box tonight Billy Boy… and Mac OS X (bootleg trial edition).


Nay nay to Windows 7 I say! Yah, one more step closer to a Mac… or Linux solution.



تكنولوجيا بالعربيتكنولوجيا بالعربي - اخبار التكنولوجيا بين يديك


تحميل برنامج داونلود اكسلريتور بلس Download Accelerator Plus مجانا


تحميل برنامج داونلود اكسلريتور بلس Download Accelerator Plus مجانا


تحميل برنامج داونلود اكسلريتور. هو الأسرع هناك بعض البرامج رائعة هناك، بما في ذلك تنزيل ومدير تحميل مجاني. البحث في الإنترنت مع متصفح متكامل عند التثبيت، أخذ الحيطة والحذر في عملية خطوة بخطوة من الصعب جدا التخلص منها. واضطررت الى القيام regedit لإيجاد وحذف هذه crapware. Unforttunatly كنت ذاهبا على مندوب في السابق واشترى الشيء الرتق .


أنا استخدم هذا من قبل، وأنه لم يكن لديهم هذه البرمجيات الخبيثة، ويجب أن يكون استئجار بعض شركته تنوي البغيضة. بسهولة وبذكاء تنظيم دورات التحميل مع مساعدة من جدولة المتكاملة، وجود ملفات المطلوب تحميلها بسرعة عالية كتبه ميرسيا دراغومير اعتمادا على العمل عليك القيام به أو مشروع حضر، قد ينتهي بك المطاف تحتاج إلى بعض الملفات أو الوثائق الموجودة على الإنترنت. هذا هو الحال أيضا بالنسبة لأغراض الترفيه أو التسلية، في حال كنت ترغب في إثراء مجموعتك الموسيقية أو البقاء حتى موعد مع برنامجك المفضل. مع مساعدة من التطبيقات المتخصصة مثل مسرع تحميل زائد كنت قادرا على إدارة بسهولة والحصول على أهولد من البنود المطلوب من المعلومات. الفيديو الذي تريد مشاهدته مرة أخرى؟ حصلت على اتصال إنترنت بطيء لا دفق الفيديو الخاصة بك، وتنزيلها


على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك وتحويلها مع مسرع تحميل زائد (مديرية إدارة السجون)، ومدير التحميل المجاني والتسريع الذي يقول المطور سبيدبيت ، كما كنت قد ينتهي مع التطبيقات غير المرغوب فيها المثبتة على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك، بالإضافة إلى المحتوى الافتراضي. بخلاف هذا، يتم تشغيل عملية الإعداد على نحو سلس، الحصول على لك بسرعة وتشغيلها. واحدة من أهم سمات تطبيق تأتي مجهزة، هو متصفح ويب متكامل مما يقلل إلى حد كبير الوقت الذي يقضيه تبحث عن الملفات التي تريد أو تحتاج لتحميل .


اسمه حدسي “الإنترنت”، علامة التبويب يأخذك على الانترنت، مما يجعل جميع الخيارات تحميل متوفرة في شريط الأدوات العلوي. وبالإضافة إلى ذلك، يمكنك ببساطة نسخ URL والبدء في الحصول على أهولد من الملفات الطريقة التقليدية. تنظيم التحميل الخاص بك في فئات يضع النافذة الرئيسية للتطبيق لائحة لائقة تحت تصرفكم، حيث يتم عرض الملفات وفقا لمعايير الفرز من اختيارك، فضلا عن تقديم معلومات مثل التقدم والحجم والاسم وتاريخ الإنشاء. لتعزيز سهولة الوصول، يتم منحك إمكانية إنشاء مجلدات الذي صيغ محددة ليتم تحميلها بشكل افتراضي. تتوفر لفرز البرامج مضغوطة والموسيقى والفيديو والصور والوثائق عدة المسبقة. جدول عمليات التحميل للأسف،


إلاإذا كنت الوصول إلى قائمة الخيارات، كنت على علم بأن التطبيق أيضا يتميز المجدول. فإنه يتيح لك تحديد بدقة عدد من التفاصيل ذات الصلة الوقت، مثل حمل يومي، مرة واحدة فقط، بل قد توقفت العملية تلقائيا في ساعة معينة. وعلاوة على ذلك، يمكن لعدد قليل من الخيارات بعد عملية اغلاق جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك عندما يتم تنزيل كافة العناصر، شنق مودم، أو يكون مجرد إغلاق التطبيق.


مشاركة الملفات مع أصدقائك بين الميزات المقدمة، وتطبيق يتيح لك إمكانية الحصول على الملفات التي تم تحميلها تقاسمها مع أصدقائك مع بضع نقرات الماوس. ضرب زر ‘إرسال الملف’ إحضار صفحة ويب التي تمكنك من إرسال رسائل البريد الإلكتروني تحتوي على رابط التحميل للملف الذي تريد توزيعها. لتنتهي جميع في كل شيء .


التدوينة تحميل برنامج داونلود اكسلريتور بلس Download Accelerator Plus مجانا ظهرت أولاً على تكنولوجيا بالعربي.

Windows 7 Auto Logon Enable | Regedit AutoAdminLogon AutoLogonCount


nada auto values


Windows 7 Auto Logon With AutoAdminLogon


Windows 7 Auto Logon Registry Hack


The idea behind the Windows 7 Auto Login is that a userName can logon at a computer without having to type their password. A typical scenario would be a test machine on a private network. With Auto Logon enabled, when you restart the machine it automatically logs-on a named user. The trick, which also its liability, is to use regedit to set a value for DefaultPassword in the registry.


Topics for Windows 7 Auto Logon Registry Hack



Instructions to Enable Auto Logon with Regedit


HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\winlogon


Set: AutoAdminLogon = 1 (one means on, zero means off.)


Tip: Try Regedit's 'Find': AutoAdminLogon.


Crucial Point set the Administrator's password.


Create ...


AthTek Registry Cleaner V2.0 is the only tool which can scan and clean registry on Windows 8 both 32bit and 64bit systems.

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