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Its a sunrise..have a great week everyone!

to my friend Chris Woo for being such a good friend :))

It was 6 pm when we commenced our second to the last day in Sabah. We still didn't know where to rest from a long trip coming from our 3-4 hour drive from Kudat and Ranau. Max's original idea was just to sleep in the car since it's just one night, but the temperature dropped in the evening and it didn't seem like the best option. We talked about where we preferred to stay, either at Kundasang, where the face of the mountain can be seen, or near the National Park, about 10 minutes drive from Kundasang. I really wanted to stay at the former to take photos of the mountain's front at night and since it's closer to KFC (haha!). However, it started to rain hard and the sun was being replaced by darkness. It was also too cold.


At 7 pm, we finally decided to stay at a hostel in front of the National Park, where we will be coming from for our morning trek the next day. I hesitated because I really wanted to take a photo of the mountain and was hoping for a starry night. But, it was the best option at that time. So, I hoped for the best.


I slept early and woke up at 2am. It was so cold probably ~10 degrees Celsius or colder (estimate). I was only wearing a sando and a pair of shorts initially. But then I went out and it was too cold so I went back for my jacket. It was cloudy and misty. I couldn't see any stars at that time. My hope for a photo of the Malaysian skies was almost gone. Eventually, I went back the lodge because I couldn't bear the cold. I set my alarm at 3am again hoping for clear skies around Mt. Kinabalu.


Finally, at 3 am, this happened. The drive, the alarms, and the cold was all worth it.


Panorama, 5 pictures stitched. 30 secs Long exposure.

Tokina 11-20 2.8

Have a nice day/evening/morning everyone :)

Mamut Copper Mining, It still nice and beautiful.. abandoned about 12 years ago...nothing left behind except the green water ..

Be careful about the overdose and toxic dangers .. :-(

Limoniidae sp. (ガガンボ科)

Kundasan, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia 2015/1/20

I see this same view almost every weekend and different weather yet it never failed to amazed me how beautiful this is.


the part of landscape was taken near the mt.kinabalu the world Heritage

The lonely tree not so lonely anymore :-D

Reduviidae sp. (サシガメ科)

Kundasan, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia 2015/1/20


Cendawan oren.. or Orange Mushroom.. This picture was taken during my visit to Poring Hot Spring in Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia, during mini gathering with

But there's no light like this year at the moment its all dull and grey. Hope you guys having a great day! thanks for the visit,comments, favs and the invites everyone. Thats means allot to me.

A dream hut, Mount Kinabalu as the backyard.

Tinompok, Ranau.

Sunset hunting but i couldn't find a nice FG (with flowers, i love sunset with flower :D), so i end up waiting for the twilight and shoot light trails instead.

Sunrise above the clouds was taken in Mamut Village, Ranau, Sabah.


Thank you for viewing.

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Crocker Range as seen from Ranau–Tamparuli Road, Sabah, North Borneo.


Vertorama HDR


An interesting Photo Trip with friend at Sabah, Land Below the Wind my hometown. :)


Press L for Large, press F for Favourite


Location : Kundasang, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia




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I added a Gaussian blur to make the dreamy effect, dodge/burn here and there. Happy Monday/evening!

Located off the north-south highway that runs between Ranau and Tambunan.


LOMO LC-A & Fujichrome Velvia 50ISO (expired)


Venue: Ranau, Sabah

Climbers make their ascend past Mount Kinabalu's South Peak, 3,933 metres (12,902 ft), at Kinabalu Park in Sabah early May 6, 2014. Photo by Tim Chong

begin your holiday in Caesar's place with the mt.kinabalu in front see the sunrises, very comfortable, cold and nice people

Kundasang, home of the majestic Mount Kinabalu lies in Ranau. Ranau was also the terminus of the notorious Sandakan Death March during the World War II.


Early in the morning, it was fascinating to see this little village come alive. We waited for the delicate morning light to kiss the peak of the mountain. That was the real icing on the cake.


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Indeed, while the cow feeds itself.

Taken somewhere in Tamparuli-Ranau Road before an earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale rattled Ranau Town, Sabah at 7:35pm on 1st February 2014.


Apa macam, bro'? {Like how, bro'?}.. Bagus! {Good!}... casual and informal greetings.

Same as "How are you?".. and answer "Good!!"


Peak season for durians. These ones were brought all the way from Ranau, a town in the interior which is located 1,176 metres (3,858 feet) above sea level and 103 km from Kota Kinabalu. The drive up gentle slopes takes about 2 hours and passes by Mount Kinabalu National Park (World Heritage site) before reaching Ranau.


Excellent information about durian is available on Wikipedia here


See where this picture was taken. [?]

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