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created for: Digitalmania group

After: Rafal Olbinski

wave by: Vince Alongi

Violin by: AshenSorrow

man by: Artus Scheiner

Background thank to :FOTOLIA

A little tongue in cheek interpretation of the work of artist Rafal Olbinski for Digitalmania.


Credit to Irene Alexeeva.


Thanks for looking.

The objective of this project was to create a collage that was inspired by a famous surrealist artist using 4 different images. I found inspiration in two surrealist artists Rafal Olbinski and Rene Magriitte, whom Olbinski was inspired by. They both used a lot of skylines in their artwork and also played with the idea of dreams and an altered state of reality which I used in my collage. The purpose of my collage was to create a sense of someone diving into a new state of reality or dream, while they are already floating in the clouds. I used selections and masking in Photoshop to create my image.

Digital collage made for the challenge on Digitalmania. Inspired by Rafal Olbinski.

Inspired by Rafal Olbinski for the group Digital Mania.

Inspired by this week's artist, Rafal Olbinski.

Created for Digitalmania and inspired by Rafal Olbinski, a contemporary artist born in Kielce, Poland in 1945 and studied architecture before dedicating himself to painting and design. In 1982 he immigrated to the U.S., where he soon established himself as a prominent painter, illustrator and designer. In 1985, he began teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York.


His artwork can be found here:


Model entitled Emerald VI by Eirian-stock on DeviantART found here:


Background is from my stock.

scan einer geklebten collage aus dem jahr 1988

mein bild zum thema rafal olbinski *1945

Created for the Digitalmania challenge where this week we are taking inspiration from the work of Rafal Olbinski.


Credit to HolliewoodStudio, NumbBumm an TheLostGallery.


Thank you for looking.


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