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Is that moc racist ? meehh I don't care.


Build for a contest on , where you have to build something holidays related. Well sometimes holidays aren't really going smoothly, especially if you're going camping in the Sahara desert. you may get abducted for a ransom.



Not much to say here.

How can I Favorite my own photos?

This racist cop is ticketing this cab for an expired meter even though she knows the driver is in the mosk across the street enjoying an afternoon pray. This has been going on for years, cops target muslims at prayer for an easy ticket. Where is the freedom of religion promised in the constitution?



Some figs that might be put into a scene or dio.

So, today I decided to go on the Freedom Trail in Boston. As many of you now, 7-11 allows you to pick either a McCain or Obama to put your coffee in. I chose the McCain cup and got a ridiculous amount of dirty looks all day. It was expected though because everyone knows that Massachusetts is a super liberal state and it's been mostly Democratic for God knows how long. However, I was tying my shoe on a bench and I had my McCain 7-11 Coffee Cup a couple of benches over. The person who happened to be an African American woman in her late thirties, proceded to say, "I wonder what racist left their McCain cup on the bench." I don't think she realized that it was me though because I was a few benches away from it. I didn't say... anything because I was in shock/disgusted at what had happened. Not to mention I was practicing James 3 and I didn't want to cause a scene in the middle of Boston.


I didn't know that ignorance and racism ran so rampid in Boston. I was so sad after this happened. I know that this is not always what happens and that this is not the case, but it's not the first time someone has asked if I'm racist because I'm not going for Obama. Ridiculous... just ridiculous. Apparently, if you don't vote for Obama... you're a racist? What the heck is America getting to.


This is Today (107).

In the last 24 hours, dozens of Palestinians have been hospitalized from attacks by rioting Jewish settlers. Settlers throughout the West Bank slashed the tires of non-Jews, broke windows, and attacked Palestinians in the streets and in their homes. Mosques in several West Bank cities were vandalized overnight with racist slogans calling for "death to arabs!", while settlers desecrated graves in a Hebron cemetery, painting tombstones with stars of david and racist slurs. One Palestinian in Nablus was assassinated by an Israeli death squad, and two Palestinian children (aged 15 and 17) were killed and 4 others hospitalized when Israeli terror-bombers fired missiles into Rafah, a densely peopled city and adjacent refugee camp with a combined population of over 150,000. [A few hours after writing this, a group of orthodox Jews attacked and repeatedly stabbed a Palestinian man they had stopped in the street to ask for directions.]


Meanwhile in the Gaza Strip, Israel continues to impose deliberate mass starvation on the 1.5 million non-Jews imprisoned in what is effectively a vast outdoor concentration camp. More than half the population of the Gaza Strip are children under the age of 15.


After years of systematically destroying all food-production and water infrastructure, and rendering about 80% of the population unemployed and totally dependent on foreign aid, international agencies reported half a decade ago that Palestinians in Gaza were suffering from malnourishment at levels worse than the worst famine zones of sub-saharan Africa. That was when Israel still permitted a trickle of relief aid to come in.


Now, for the last month, Israel has completely sealed off the Gaza Strip, and refuses to allow food or water in, or electricty, or fuel, any medical supplies, or even any reporters.


Every few months Israel adds more items to the list of goods which for "security reasons" are too dangerous to be brought into the Gaza Strip - a list which now includes such deadly items as:

-chocolate, inlcuding chocolate candy, chocolate spread or cooking chocolate


-seeds, either for eating or planting






-kitchenware (plates or any kind of silverware)

-cooking spices of any kind, including salt

-antiobiotic creams or any cream or gel hygiene products


-lentils or chickpeas

-metal piping

-construction and building materials & tools, such as nails, paint, trowels, tiles, or hammers

-fertilizer or gardening equipment


-hair gel



The list is arbitrary and changes from day to day.


After the United Nations announced it was no longer permitted by Israel to provide food to Palestinians, a shipment of emergency food aid was scramabled together and sent from Libya; although starving Palestinians lined up at the beaches hoping for the vessel to arrive, this civilian humanitarian ship was turned back yesterday by Israeli warships.


Journalists have been completely barred from entering the strip, as have representatives of international relief agencies, churches, or diplomatic missions. Israel explained that it will not allow any foreign observers into Gaza, as it does not want to permit anyone to "exaggerate" the suffering of Gazans.


Israel's outrageous collective punishment of Gazans is a violation of international law and a grave violation of human rights, and has been condemned by every human rights organization on the planet, manyof whom are now beginning to use the word "genocide."


Here in the US, none of this is mentioned. The only headlines are hundreds of banners proclaiming that Israel has anounced "yet another goodwill gesture" - it intends to release 250 Palestinian prisoners. What is not mentioned is that Israel is holding about 10,000 Palestinian prisoners, many thousands of them snagged at random and held without any charges at all, many of them children - some as young as 12 years old. What is also not mentioned here is that while Israel brags about releasing 250, human rights groups on the ground report that Israel has escalated its kidnapping campaigns - over 330 Palestinians were abducted by the Israelis in November alone. According to a Ramllah human rights group, "the Palestinian citizens kidnapped during the last month included more than 60 children and a number of women from Gaza, faction leaders, activists, journalists and students. [...] the Israeli police also kidnapped a large number of Jerusalemite Palestinians either because they protested for demolishing their houses or because they boycotted the municipal elections in occupied Jerusalem. Eight foreign activists were also locked up in Israeli jails, three of them were kidnapped along with dozens of Palestinian fishermen as they were fishing in the Gaza waters."


ORIGINAL PHOTO: Ahmad Gharabli. A Palestinian man outside a mosque near Ramallah which was vandalized by Jewish settlers, 12/2/08.



Anti racist rally Glasgow March 18

As I hear a Marine at the front of the patrol shout "This is a fucking kodak moment" I instantly start to wonder what he is looking at. He is almost on the ground laughing so hard. Minutes later I am in the same exact position he was, im looking around... I dont see anything. Then I take another look at the Donkey! I guess its Afghans version of the General Lee!

(July 2009: original low res print scan replaced with scanned uncropped negative) Best Viewed Large On Black see rest of this horiffic event in the Racist Attack set.


See for the full story and more detail


I was walking down Moore Street Dublin on a Sunday 27/07/08 when I was passed by a family of Romany Gypsies and then I heard behind me a bunch of Irish teenage girls shouting abuse at them and thinking they were very funny.

They then picked up old fruit from the stalls and were throwing this at the Romany Gypsies, this escalated as the Gypsies responded verbally. Then further as one teenage girl found old stallholders plastic chair and ran after the Gypsies hitting the woman pictured from behind. The woman tries to protect her baby wrapped in her arm in blankets. Luckily the situation soon diffused after this point.

Taken with Nikon F75: 50mm f/1.4D lens: Y44 Filter. Fomapan 200 film: Developed in Xtol Stock @21C for 6'30'' at 5'' Agitation/30''


Scan from 8''X10’’ Print on Ilford MGIV Pearl


"Funny Thing is, He Looks Mexican With That Hat On."

I could not believe this when I saw it. Growing up in the Akron area of Ohio, I saw these fairly regularly in the 70s, but I thought they were banned. Guess not. This one was seen in my old neighborhood directly across the street from the only black family in the neighborhood. Sickening.


update -- I just noticed the metadata lists this photo being taken in Silver Lake. Not so. I geotagged it at the exact corner where the photo was taken in Cuyahoga Falls. Thanks, Yahoo Maps.

According to this article, hate crimes rise by up to 100 per cent across England and Wales. Just wondering, how many people would still vote for Brexit if they knew that food prices will go up, but all foreigners will be staying in the country?

'If a child feels an incident is racist - it is'

(model head teacher quoted by Ofsted)


It is estimated that around 250,000 racist incidents have been officially reported by schools since the legal duty to report took effect in 2002. Race relations officials claim this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the hidden reality of racism in Britain - 'institutional' or otherwise.


Are schools awash with racism or is this a fiction produced by a new brand of official anti-racism?


The Myth of Racist Kids' is a report produced by The Manifesto Club Publications , Adrian Hart uses his own experience working in primary schools (and observing one too many diversity workshops) as a spring-board for exposing what passes for anti-racism.


Adrian Hart demonstrates that today's official anti-racism threatens to disable a generation of children from rising above the divisive concept of race.


This brand of anti-racism has no place amidst Britain's dynamic social diversity and should, Hart argues, be scrapped: "This brand of anti-racism is about as progressive as racism itself and bears the familiar hallmark of the state seeking further opportunities to colonise and regulate everyday life. It stifles the burgeoning diversity taking place in Britain's primary schools, undermines the authority of schools, mistrusts teachers and profoundly misunderstands the nature of children."


To read more about Adrian Hart visit


Recommended Readings


How official Anti-Racism holds black children back. Published on Spiked Online.


Can a Four Year Old be Racist?. Published on TES connect.


Jane Elliott, the American schoolmarm who would rid us of our racism. Published on The Guardian.


Schools reporting 40,000 racism cases a year. Published on The Telegraph.


The Brighton Salon

Tuesday, 17th November 2009, Start 7 for 7.30pm to 9pm

The Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton BN1 1YD

It ain't about black or white 'cause we're human

The boys with feelings roll out the holidays.

So, is Mr. Popo racist?


The thing to keep in mind is, Japan has a vastly different racial history than America. There's a lot of Japanese racism (particularly against their indigenous people, Russians, the Chinese, and westerners). Certain thigns seem totally lost on Japanese society, such as blackface and golliwog imagery. When you see something that looks like this, it's usually totally innocent. Mind you, if the black dude starts gobbling fried chicken and lookin' for all da white wimmins, then we have a reason to talk.


So... Mr. Popo. His appearance is pretty cringe-worthy, so much so that some US versions of the anime colored him blue. Mr. Popo is an immortal genie who serves the current kami, or guardian (god) of earth. SO... yeah, sorta some slave imagery there. Ulp! But all the same, he's also wise, intelligent, pretty capable of doing his own thing (such as selecting a new kami), and could whoop Goku in a fight in their first appearance.


It's just so innocently, gleefully racist that... he's sorta not racist. But sorta is. I DUNNO!

Gradient-sensitive robot for Robotics workshop, DRL Phase 1;

Video courtesy: Allan McLean

A fear of being viewed as racist has been cited as one of the reasons why child sexual exploitation in Rotherham was allowed to proliferate for 16 years. But how much of a factor is this fear in the day-to-day work of social workers and others working to prevent abuse?

Prof Alexis...

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