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Flypaper Creme Anglaise Texture


Explore #14 on November 18th

West Delray Regional Park, Delray Beach, FL


I wish the location would have been a bit more scenic but the sky was just too incredible not to take some shots and share with you.


And I thought that column of red light in the center really looked strange. I am wondering what caused that as I have never seen anything like this before. Unfortunately in the shot it isn't as visible as it was in reality. So I am not sure you can even see it.


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Red sky fusion at the lake.

Love this hardy plant as its branches turn red in winter, It is easily grown from cuttings.

Explore Highest position: 78 on Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Red door and a white stucco wall in a Dublin laneway.


I have now removed all my photographs from the Creative Commons

Attribute Sharealike licence as I am unhappy with the way it has worked out.


All my photographs have been relicensed with full copyright to

me and All Rights Reserved.


Bloggers are welcome to use this photo provided they put in a link to my site.


Explored # 351 on 18th September, 2009.


Have a wonderful weekend!!

Red Kite - Milvus Milvus


red flower boxes in snow

Red Leaf

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Tennessee, USA


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

Red Flag indicating danger/no swimming on Virginia Beach. The waves were deceiving. I imagine there was a strong undertow, but not sure if that's what the red flag was about. Although this was late in the day, earlier there had been a lot of people in the water ignoring the warning.


Textures by Spektoral Addendum.

ai tuoi piedi.

bei ricordi di quella volta...insieme

A little red barn outside of Woodburn Oregon.


The clouds are taken from a painting in the National Gallery.

EXPLORE. October 07, 2008.


Red star.

Red impatiens.


Ambient light.

Ant's view.

Depth of Field.






Good morning.

Red sunset in the valley of Toran


Rojo atardecer en el Valle del Toran

A striking red door in an ivy-covered house in south Dublin. It's not my house, but if it were I would be a bit freaked by that covering . Ivy is said to be very bad for brickwork, causing cracks and leaks. Pretty to look at, but dangerous for the house.

This Red Squirrel is so focussed on a hazelnut that it's oblivious to the illuminations behind!

rote Johannisbeeren eignen sich gut für Schnaps oder für Marmelade, auch gemischt mit anderen Früchten

Red bridge at Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan


Falu Red paint is the name for red dye produced in and around Falun. It is well known for it´s use on wooden cottages and barn.

The oldest traces that have been found of red paint originated from the 1500s.

During the 1600s, the red-colored timber is a sign of wealth, and the model was red brick buildings in central Europe.

During the 1800s the red color That broke through More generally in rural areas. Before That, the houses are generally unpainted.

It's the iron oxide from the Falun Coppermine that gives the red color,

The recipes in Falu red paint are many.

One of them is water, wheat / rye flour and linseed oil and added red dye.


Texture : LenaBem Anna, paint: Topaz Impressions.

Red Fireworks.

People welcome the new year with fireworks and party.

This was taken at the Pond in Reykjavik.

Happy New Year 2014.


Hlif at the Pond, Tjörnin in Reykjavik


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mit Dip als kleine Zwischenmalzeit

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