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Nikon fm3a zf85mm f1.4 rdp-3

Downtown Seattle Jan 4 first day out on the new year.

Im shooting RDP here for some reason, as its not been my palette lately, so, think that I may have thought I was shooting Acros or Pan F here and not realizing it, I ended up treating slidefilm the way I treat black and white film, I think this kind of deliberate under-exposure for the sole intent of maintaining the highlights at the cost of the shadow detail is the only way to shoot for me, because everything that I get out of a roll treated in such a way looks great.

Anyway I dont know what I was doing, I think it was the one and only day I went shooting downtown with the Weiler.


Yes Im well aware that Ive been off form for quite a while. I need new territory. Also Ive been doing a lot of field recording in the last few months and I find it to be a very interesting way to photograph the world around me but through sound.

Taken in January

Nikon NFM-2, 35~70mm


rolleiflex 2.8e planar

fuji rdp

f/2.8 s1/500

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