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texture by CrisBLenz with by Anne Greenhow...thanks Anne!

This came out of the archives.....and from an old contact of mine from at least 5 years ago.....I lost track of her and just found her again and I hope she decides to add me as a contact again.....:smirk:

p.s.Actually....I'm not exactly sure this IS a raven! Anne was living in India at the time so it's probably an indigenous bird. But I'm going to leave it as is until I know further:blush:

What else would you expect to see in the middle of nowhere? :airplane: :sparkles:


IG: @j.a.y_daley

De raaf is de grootste kraaiachtige ter wereld. Het meest kenmerkend is zijn diep galmende gekras.


Raven zijn heel intelligente vogels.

Zo gebruiken ze gereedschappen om hun voedsel te kunnen bemachtigen

Ook verstoppen raven hun voedsel soms, ze kunnen het dan (veel) later weer moeiteloos terugvinden

Raven kunnen veel verschillende geluiden maken én na-apen




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The Moonlight Sessionistas at the RAAF control Tower.

This bird and his partner live in an enclosure with two juvenile bald eagles. Can you imagine the chaos around feeding time....?!

Taken at Rowland Flat Airstrip.

Barossa Airshow 2017

Olympus digital camera

Getting the subtle sweep of the wings without compromising strength was quite tricky but well worth it.

Four of my photos layered/blended and added textures :)

The Pilatus PC-9/A's of the Royal Australian Air Force's formation aerobatic display team, the Roulettes, are parked at the end of the runway shortly after performing their routine at the 2017 Australian Airshow.

As the RAAF's elite formation aerobatic display team, the Roulettes perform breathtaking displays, using only hand-eye coordination to fly at speeds of up to 590 kilometres per hour. The six Roulettes may experience up to 4.5G (or 4.5 times the normal force of gravity) during a display in their PC-9/A aircraft. When the Roulettes are not showcasing their skills, they teach qualified RAAF pilots to become flying instructors at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria


I'm impressed with my Lumix compact, as this picture was taken from my backyard when I heard planes flying overhead some 10km away in rehearsal for the commemoration of ANZAC or Australia Day celebration


De raaf is de grootste kraaiachtige ter wereld, op de liervogels na de grootste van alle zangvogels.


Raven worden beschouwd als intelligente dieren.

Er is zelfs bekend dat raven 'gereedschap' gebruiken, door met stokjes voedsel uit holtes te peuteren en met stenen noten te kraken.

Het meest kenmerkend is zijn diep galmende gekras. Ook kan de raaf geluiden uit zijn omgeving imiteren, zoals de menselijke stem.


Van tamme exemplaren in de Tower of London zijn leeftijden van 44 jaar geregistreerd. De raaf is monogaam en blijft zijn hele leven bij zijn partner.

Hij is zeldzaam of uitgeroeid in Frankrijk, België, Nederland (1926), Duitsland en Denemarken.


Gaia park Kerkrade.


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My wonderful swap package from AmyCraneDesigns for the Mini QT "Ticker Tape" swap. I adore ravens, and the moon is the perfect backdrop for this one! The design for the moon and tree is such a clever way to incorporate the ticker tape idea. Look at the gorgeous fused glass pendant she included!! Lucky me! Thanks so much, Amy!

Here we have an RAAF C-47 (DC-3) Dakota making an ultra low pass by a photographer. Photo RAAF Williamtown Official via my collection

A air display at the Melbourne F 1 track at this years race

Royal Australian Air Force mob out on a trot

Here is Martin PBM Mariner, A70-12 from 41 Squadron, RAAF in the cruise, circa 1944. Photo RAAF Canberra Official

Here are four Mirage IIIO from 75 Squadron which was based at Williamtown in the 1960's. The natural metal aircraft are A3-24,32,39 and 33. They are overhead Lake Munmorah township in NSW. Photo RAAF Williamtown Official via my collection

RAAF Elite Formation Flying Team perform for the crowd at the Australian International Airshow 2017. YMAV/AVV Avalon Vic Australia

A23-59, A23-58, A23-67, A23-37, A23-50, A23-06

The Roulettes fly Pilatus PC-9a aircraft.

DAP (Bristol) Beaufort. Torpedo and conventional bomber built in Australia under license from Bristol and operated by the RAAF.


My first large build. Designed in LDD and then built (with some minor modifications and strengthening).


A bit sad to be finished. Had a lot of fun building this.


I have to give a lot of credit to mad physicist. I learned a lot from studying his wonderful aircraft mocs.

DAP (Bristol) Beaufort. Torpedo and conventional bomber built in Australia under license from Bristol and operated by the RAAF.


The blue round tile is supposed to have a white circular sticker on it to make it look like a RAAF roundel. But I've not managed to find any for sale, and the ones I've made don't look round enough...

Point Cook Control Tower. It is now only used for large airshows in the area such as Avalon.


CAC-21 Mustang undergoing an overhaul.

LBG - A rare visitor for a night-stop. 10 months after visit for the anniversary of the D-Day, it's coming back with the Prime Minister Tony ABBOTT.

Chinook helicopter under wraps until it can be displayed.

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