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Former Freightlink EMD GT46c model locomotive FQ02 "Purnu" as seen when departing the SCT Logistics Depot at Penfield for the loco depot at Dry Creek on Thursday February 28th 2013.


学名  Purnus cerasifela var.atropurpurea

UGR built GE C44aci GWU006, Clyde built EMD A16C, GM40, GM42, Clyde built EMD JT26C-2M, ALF24, formerly AL22, and EDi built EMD, FQ02(Purnu), haul Loaded Grain 2182S from Tailem Bend to Outer Harbour, over the crest at Mount Lofty Station.

On it's return to Adelaide after being under repairs for 14 months at the Downer EDi Workshops at Port Augusta, Former Freightlink unit FQ02 'Purnu" now in the GWA corporate colors leads 2214 on 4172s SCT Shuttle from Port Augusta to the SCT depot at Penfield on the outskirts of the township of Mallala on Thursday evening, February 28th 2013.

This was the trailing loco in a quad loco lash up working from Darwin to Adelaide. 4 of these locos were built in 2003 and this loco is named Purnu. They have recently been brought by GWA.

Отдых в Финляндии

Kesän 2014 taidenäyttelykierros alkoi Oriveden Purnusta. Utelias katsoja löysi kuvattavaa.

Sitten vuorossa oli Kuhmalahden Taidepappilla.

Purnus Jokilaakson kokoushuvilan saunaan mahtuu noin 13 saunojaa kerralla.

Отдых в Финляндии

It's been a crazy December, temperature-wise, here in the Northeastern U.S. with average daily temperatures more than 14 degrees above normal.


And granted these little blossoms are on a Winter Flowering Cherry tree (Purnus subhirtella 'Autumnalis') so they are early bloomers. But they generally don't pop until the late Winter/early Spring. I've never seen them bloom this early in the Winter. Let alone in New England.

Exhibition in Orivesi, Finland | June 2012

A quick snap of a Class FQ when I heard it coming while admiring The Ghan at Adelaide Parklands Keswick Terminal. Genesee & Wyoming FQ02 “Purnu” in standard G&W livery, leading Class 22’s 2216 and 2207.


Juhlanäyttely Purnu 50 v. Loistava aika. Orivesi untill 6.8.2017

Exhibition in Purnu, Glorious time.

Отдых в Финляндии

Actually it's an installation at Purnu

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