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Old woman selling puffed rice balls on the street. I think those balls of puffed rice are used to make offerings.


Photo taken at the Kumbh Mela 2013 festival near Allahabad (India)


Kumbh Mela is the largest festival on Earth, taking place once every 12 years, with more than 50 million Hindu pilgrims gathering to pray and bathe in the holy Ganges river.


For more photos and info about the Kumbh Mela festival, read the album description.


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Puffed rice coated with fudge sauce.

India Day 7 - Agra

These puffed rice balls are used to feed the bears at the SOS Wildlife Sanctuary in Agra.

Finally made a trip to the White Building. Was quite eye opening, and not completely what I expected. Of course going in daylight is probably a world different than going at dark. I still wish I would have had my tripod, or monopod at least. Another time…


Though there were areas in a very dilapidated state, some areas of the building were quite clean and freshly painted. Glimpses into apartments showed varied states of living right next to each other. One apartment could almost seem like a throw back to a medieval era. Situated next door, or across the hall, there could be a well maintained, very clean, modest apartment. Stigmatized as a den of drugs, prostitution, and crime, it is still home to as many (or more) common and talented citizens. Sa Sa Art Projects has a strong presence in the building. The population of the building is stated as being between 2500 - 3000. We were greeted mostly by the elderly or young school age kids (obviously school wasn’t very high on their priorities). We did come across an small Aziza School (Empowering Youth In Cambodia) with students using what looked like OLPC XO-1 machines.


More detailed historical information can be found at the White Building Art Archive.


While looking up info I came across an interesting Photo Journalist project here.

Foie Gras, doctored via Kitchen Science so it has enough tensile strength to be tied in a knot. Yet (of course) still creamy & unbearably rich. The encrustation is little puffed rice balls.


The best part of this dish is actually the little drops on the plate -- essences of golden raisin and kimchee. They were amazing by themselves, or with the baby parsley.

These are sold to the tourists to feed to the fish at an Island Temple.

He loves puffed rice balls.

Sweet puffed rice balls.