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It is written on the arched sky; it looks out from every star. It is the Poetry of Nature;

it is that which uplifts the spirit within us. John Ruskin


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Male Harrier takes flight after a lengthy rest and preening session.

These little guys never stop moving long enough to photograph. This one gave me just enough time.

Don't you want to be an egret sometimes and fly away in a beautiful sunset??


I'm using the cokin filters ND 8 and 4.

Nikon 24-70mm lens. Searching for some filter holders for my 14-24mm, any suggestions??

Exposure:0.5 sec.


Focal Length:24 mm

The POETRY of the EARTH is never dead !


Let us never try to disturb it, bec there is no one who can't understand it's language.


Start enjoying the lyrical movements and be relaxed :)

On a recent trip to Bempton Cliffs , Yorkshire, I wanted to get some head shots of flying Gannets, luckily the wind was in my favour and I got a couple.

... just like this flower needs light!



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fishmonger's stand with the parish church of Saint Jerome (16th ct.) in the background, Pucisca, Brac Island, Croatia

From my archives.

Young leaves of star gooseberry tree swaying in the breeze...


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Buzzard on a fly by.~.~.~

The ceiling in St. David's Cathedral, Wales is another example of breathtaking medieval craftsmanship. The intricacy of the lacy wood carving is amazing to me!

Natural daylight shot.

Explored October 11th 2008


As the sun was shining brightly one day, while walking in a small village 30 miles out of Zagreb,I had to capture the moment of this magnificent and poetic view before me.


Thanks for all your support on my work in Photography. Lol: Gaston (aka Gasssman).

To stand in the middle of a huge field of lavender

is like reading poems that make your heart feel better

after a long time of feeling sick.


Seen in Valensole (Alpes de Haute Provence)


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Wine is a poem.


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Music: Robert Wyatt -- Alifib, from Rock Bottom


The Most Alive Moment


The most alive moment comes

when those who love each other

meet each other’s eyes

and in what flows between them then.


To see your face in a crowd of others,

or alone on a frightening street,

I weep for that.


Our tears improve the earth

The time you scolded me,

your gratitude, your laughing.

always your qualities increase the soul.


Seeing you is wine

that does not muddle or numb.


We sit inside the cypress shadow

where amazement and clear thought

twine their slow growth into us.




Title: Natures' Poetry

Sunrise, stitched panorama

Year: 2015

Location: Port Lincoln — in South Australia, Australia.


Sagres (Portugal).


Dedicada a la protagonista, una buena fotógrafa y amiga: Amankay. Espero que te guste, niña


Sigma 10-20mm + Cokin filter : GND8


Me han publicado un artículo en la revista Foto DNG de este mes. Si queréis echar un vistazo podéis descargarla aquí :)))


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Photo By Stavaros Gracemount


My poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests.




texture by Lenabemanna




"A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language."

~ W. H. Auden (1907-1973), poet

Music: Robert Wyatt -- Last Straw - from Rock Bottom


Whatever You Really See


A human being is essentially

a spirit-eye.


Whatever you really see,

you are that.




Poetry in motion

See her gentle sway

A wave out on the ocean

Could never move that way





Better On Black


It's tennis season again in Australia; but even if you don't follow tennis, I hope you like this shot.

Taken at Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka, Bangladesh during Bangladesh In Frames II Poster Walk.


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An expression of that sacred desire to find this world and behold it naked;

And that is the soul of the poetry of Life.

Poets are not merely those who write poetry,

But those whose hearts are full of the spirit of life.


(Kahlil Gibran’s letter July 17, 1915.)


حين استمعُ لهدير الأمواج

أعلم أن البحار منابع للشعر وأصواتهاا تنضُم أبياتاً

ولطالما أحسست بتلك المشاعر الجيّاشة

عندما أسدلتُ قدماي عند شواطئها !!



لكل من أعجبته .. يشرفني أنضّم لمفضّلتك


| إعدادات الصورة |

Nikon D300 , F10 ,0.77s , iso200 ,10mm , Lenses10-20mm


شكراً لكم جميعاً :$


حيـاكـم الله في الـرابط الأســـرع والأسهل

walking in a field

Another sunflower ICM shot from my visit to Hitchin lavender...they grow sunflowers too!

No Photoshop.Actual Capture

Breathtaking, dreamy hibiscus blooming in my back garden! A wonderful way to ease into Autumn!

Photo by Stavaros Gracemount

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Spring poetry ♥ #genesisspring


Photographer & Model: Antartica Slade

AyE ღ Cre[ART]ive Photography

Digital painting with Painter/Photoshop



Genesis Head Mesh: Melissa

Flower Headpiece: Lode



Mץ Ŧlιcĸrocĸ Porтғolιo

Mץ Ŧlιcĸrocĸ Porтғolιo | Slιde Sнow



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