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Just Pinned to Self-Improvement: 7 Flawless Ways You Can Upgrade Your Life

Just Pinned to Quantum: Physicists 'Breed' Schrödinger’s Cats To Shed Light On Boundary Between Quantum And Classical Worlds

Just Pinned to Inspiration: A 5-Second Habit to Rewire Your Harshly Self-Critical Brain

Just Pinned to Blockchain: How Blockchain Can Make Identification Borderless and Immutable

Just Pinned to Philosophy of Science: Scientific integrity: dropping points - EuroScientist journal

Just Pinned to Business: Get Ready for B2B Messaging and Bots

Just Pinned to #AlteredReality News: So, so beautiful. Reposting @second_self: ... "King saul and I : I They have given him a finger; He took the whole hand. They had given me a hand, I haven't taken even the smal finger. While my heart was still weightlifting its first loves, he trained already tearing up oxen. My pulse sounds like drops from a tap, his like big hammers at the site of a new building. He always is my big brother, I have to wear his worn clothes. II He went out to find his asses and found a kingdom. I have f…

Just Pinned to Transhumanism: John Gray: Dear Google, please solve death

Just Pinned to LGBT: 5 key findings about LGBT Americans

Just Pinned to Quantum: Quantum Entanglement Connects Particles Across Any ...

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Just Pinned to Odd, but Interesting: Smoking Vulture Brains in South Africa

Just Pinned to Thanatos (Death): What is it like to walk someone through death? Read this Psychopomp's story. Walking With Death: Psychopomp Work

Just Pinned to Pictures and Images: Orion (@thetriangularorder) • Instagram photos and videos

ArtStation - NZCA Lines "Infinite Summer" LP illustrations, Christopher Balaskas -

Just Pinned to Depression: Depressed People See the World More Realistically - Theory of Depressive Realism I know depressed people who say they are just realistic and see things the way they are. So it turns out that a lot of academics have respect for an actual theory that basically validates that idea. As the article points out, Depressive Realism can be conceptualized alongside TMT (Terror Management Theory)

Just Pinned to Self-Improvement: How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality in 5 Steps - Forever Conscious

Just Pinned to Transhumanism: Transhumanism: Engineering Utopia - Conatus News

Just Pinned to Technology: 10 Cool Inventions You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Just Pinned to Mindfulness & Meditation: Study Finds Mindfulness Aids Weight Loss | Psych Central News

Just Pinned to Spirituality: YouTube: The great Alan Watts (RIP) - The Creepy Confusion In Your Mind

Just Pinned to Consciousness & Phenomenology: A Giant Neuron Has Been Found Wrapped Around The Entire Circumference of The Brain- This Could be Where Consciousness Forms

Just Pinned to #AlteredReality News: In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different - Harvard

Just Pinned to space pop - the ships: ArtStation - envsktch_2, B S

Just Pinned to Pictures and Images: Reposting @dismystic: ... "Who else has been feeling the build up to Wednesday's full moon in Scorpio? :full_moon_with_face::scorpius:️ This energy's got me bursting with creative crazy and it's about to overflow - there's gonna be fireworks on wed I can tell! :collision: #fullmoonvibes #soready :zap:️Super cool artwork @danielpasham :zap:️"

Just Pinned to Art: Illustrator Svabhu Kohli celebrates the splendor of the natural world with intricate works of art. The multi-layered images depict the oceans and cosmos.

Just Pinned to Sweet Goodness: The ultimate dark chocolate cake, layered with a rich fudge frosting and homemade honeycomb. |

Just Pinned to Internet of Things: Will the Internet of Things always be so vulnerable? "We know the Internet of Things will continue to increase in scale and scope; preventive and responsive measures must continue to grow alongside it."

Change the world, by changing people To read our best articles on the topic click here:

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Michael Whelan EDGEDANCER (2002)..... A cautionary, “All good things come to an end...” While she dances away her day, the ground which supports her erodes into nothingness." -

Just Pinned to Futurology: The Unbelievable Future of Habit-Forming Technology

Just Pinned to Virtual Reality: 3 Keys to Introducing VR in E-Learning Courses -- Campus Technology I've avoided posting about VR because I've felt that it is at such a primitive stage, and is seemingly so slow to achieve much market penetration. So I've focused on augmented reality. But in this article I see the shape of things to come. Here is a sector where VR really could start to take off and change the world.

Just Pinned to Lamps: General lighting | Table lights | Bella | ILIDE | Daniele. Check it out on Architonic

Just Pinned to Augmented Reality: What Is The Future Of Android Games, Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

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