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From the same photoshoot. My eldest daughter Inger. Again about image character (nothing personal, yes she's got it). What is your thought: film or digital ?


ISO 100, 50mm, f/2.0

fotoshoot met Digifred.

foto is gemaakt en bewerkt door Digifred.

Photoshoot of a dancer on the street outside of my hotel room.

Photoshoot - Second Life


Photoshoot au refuge du Roc de la Pêche :)

Iceland Photoshoot 2016 Waterfall

Photoshoot au refuge du Roc de la Pêche :)

Photoshoot with Zinty in St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland

of a photoshoot...

Photoshoot for "Don't Forget".

Photoshoot at my studio in Macclesfield.

Athena is my photographer friend and as we all know, it is really hard to photograph a photographer. She was nervous in the beginning, but then she relaxed and we had so much fun, that neither of us wanted the photoshoot to end. We had some good results, I thought, but more than that I am really glad that she liked them.

This was another image from the photoshoot that was gifted to me in December.... there were a lot of other images taken but this and one other were my two favourites. I was just blown away, I could hardly recognise myself. I started crying as I was going through all the images that were taken, what a dag, I know.


As I said on the previous image , I do not look like this on a daily basis, far from it, but it was a wonderful feeling to be pampered and fussed over and all prettied up. I never really rated doing something like this before but it was a truly lovely experience, go do it yourself & let me see them! <3





...photoshoot outside their rehearsal space.



I love this young lady so much. My daughter is kind, and incredibly thoughtful. To think she will soon be 15 years old, beggars belief!

Wedding Photoshoot

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After leaving the Eagle keeper behind we are heading to metro. On the way to metro stop we spotted two adorable girls having a model photoshoot. It seamed like they had really good time.

Had a little photoshoot with my son and nieces, two year old Isabelle was a great model with this shot being one of my favourites.

Photoshoot with sister.


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Great place to take photos at Punaluu Black Sand Beach (Island of Hawaii aka Big Island).

Photoshoot au refuge du Roc de la Pêche :)

Photoshoot was underway of a model at a public park in the Auckland Domain [a large urban greenspace] - Auckland, New Zealand.

Gorgeous Arancio Argos Aventador LP700-4 Photoshoot

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photo by: ohirtenfelder


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Last sunday Photoclub Diamond organized a photoshoot. My first ever. Learned a lot :)


2019-04-14 (20a)

Iceland Photoshoot 2016

Photoshoot outdoor with the sisters Amanda and Fredrikke.

Outdoor photoshoot with the sisters Amanda and Fredrikke.


The Right Moment - They are about to jump, but out of the blue, one of them farts..... :-)

Photoshoot with Debjani in Balbriggan, Dublin, Ireland

Photoshoot in a cafe in Krakow

Emma in the In Style Photoshoot, 2007.

From my Archives. Indoor Photoshoot in July 2017.

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