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Sundays are always so relaxing and rewarding when wandering around and observing people <3

I 4000 scalini del Forte di Fenestrelle sono impegnativi per tutti, persino per questi due giovani escursionisti :-)


Beh......diciamola tutta.......

loro erano seduti ad aspettare noi vecchietti ......


- Canon 6D

- Canon EF 24-105 F4 L IS USM


Copyright :copyright: 2017 GALLETTO MARCO - CUNEO - All rights reserved.

Those who try to read people like books, finds people on the way most magnetic. Different faces, expressions and activities of people seem most attractive to them among all the views around the street. Actually because of this admiration or interest, I like to - capture the portraits of persons I meet on my way. Sometimes I like to know the stories of their life. And you know, all the people around the globe are amazed to the population density and variety issue of this country. And I am amazed too while going through numerous stories everyday - on a new way, with new faces. How much of these experiences of seeing and knowing can be shared? Still let some pictures, some stories persist - in the folds of time.

I shot this during my first experience with street photography. It was really quite enjoyable, and the perfect evening light didn't hurt a bit. :)


Photographed in an outdoor mall in Salt Lake City.


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"People do it everyday, they talk to themselves... they see themselves as they'd like to be, they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it. "

Tyler Durden - fight club

reposted because flickr deleted all...((


Fortaleza Around ( BR)

Miniature people photographie - h0 scale

Art Pieces: TV People by Igor Ballyhoo


I think he thinks I watch too much TV??????



.shi hair - ethereal

.shi shoes - alletare

.shi baruch berms**

.shi l'chaim vest**

Maitreya Lara Body

*LBD* Glossy Lipstick - Deep

*LpD* MakeUp - *Theatre* Stronger

Messiah : Maschil / Ring #3 / Black (stretched into a neck piece by me)


**I should mention the pantaloons and vest are technically men's wear. But I just didn't care ...I wanted them.


Windlight: London 2050


Double Exposed this Shot.

Leley Noronha © All rights reserved.


E la se vai mais um fim de semana..


And there it goes another great weekend..


Visit / Visitem tambem meu amigo Marcelo

Caring about others,

Running the risk of feeling,

and leaving an impact upon people,

Brings Happiness!


This was taken when my mother and her caregiver were taken out for a Valentine's Day lunch on top of the Hyatt in Bellevue. My mother's caregiver is the sweetest and loving girl and has become someone we look forward to laughing with each week.

My dear participants,


I believe you should be the first to know that HPA2011 (Humanity Photo Awards) by now has received more than 900 series of folklore photos from all over the world. HPA is born to make human being know and understand itself better and is also an important opportunity to multi-culture as well as you, culture-lovers. Just imagine that one hundred years, or five hundred years, when the images of our current life vividly come into the eyes of a child who is at the periphery of his family tree, how excited and grateful he will be… Let’s make it happen!


The Rules of HPA2011 is available on:


For any query, please feel free to let us know by email:


Finally, a very kind note that the deadline of HPA2011 is April 15, 2011.


Looking forward to meeting you in September!


Humanity Photo Awards


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Nomination Award for Living and Production Custom (HPA2009)


Kazakh People


Luo Pinxi (China)


Kazakh People mainly congregate in north xinjiang,where are surrounded by Tianshan, Altai,Tarbagatai Mountains.Here are Dzungarian Basin and Yili grassland.It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter,making a clear distinction between the four seasons.Most Kazakh people are nomad,but a few are farmer.

Kazakh people are hospitable and candid,and all good at riding.


People walking on a deck during noon time.人們在正午的時間在海堤上散步

There is something that remains


See also my album: portraits when passing by and... you are welcome to visit my profile You should have a look on my Faves too.

....gehen wir drauflos....und mit:


Love the people.....geht das.

Another people shoot pic.


Student of std 7th - can read write

evening time he is selling cartoon character keychains

“I am stronger than this challenge, And this challenge is making me even stronger”

Mio figlio Nicholas alle prese con un libro piuttosto impolverato :-)

Immagine realizzata in occasione di un contest dell'associazione fotografica che frequento.


- Fujifilm XT1

- Fujifilm XF 18-55 f/2.8-4R LM OIS


Copyright :copyright: 2017 GALLETTO MARCO - CUNEO - All rights reserved.

Doing away with their chores, the people around beach....!!



:copyright: All rights reserved

Please don't copy, edit or use this image on websites, blogs or other media. However if you are interested in using any of my images, please feel free to contact with me.


- Canon 60D

- Canon EF 70/300 IS USM


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