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"People do it everyday, they talk to themselves... they see themselves as they'd like to be, they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it. "

Tyler Durden - fight club

reposted because flickr deleted all...((


Fortaleza Around ( BR)

Perfect conditions for silhouettes

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E la se vai mais um fim de semana..


And there it goes another great weekend..


Visit / Visitem tambem meu amigo Marcelo

Doing away with their chores, the people around beach....!!



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....gehen wir drauflos....und mit:


Love the people.....geht das.

Doing away with their chores, the people around beach....!!



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People walking on a deck during noon time.人們在正午的時間在海堤上散步

- Fujifilm X30


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Hello my friends ..... 1st let me thank you for the great comments on the " Door man " shot ..... and yes .. I do love candid shots .. I love people .... even before I ever held a camera I had this thing of looking at people and trying to imagine what they were thinking and feeling... the joys.. the sorrows...the amazement of being in a new place ... all of that ....


And now with my faithful companion by my side ... well I click ... and still wonder..


Like this little East Indian tourist, he was riding the Zig Zag train ... it was a chilly and overcast day in the Blue Mountains and he was in his own little world ... So yeah.... what is going through his little mind.. all of these new sights... the people...the cold ....


Does it bring me back to my childhood days .... yes.... it does.....


Have a superb day my friends.... and again... Thank You .... ALL ....

People is the new album from swimming book. This publisher who believes that books are not just for reading, they also serve to contemplate and to swim in them. This is an album to immerse readers and find different things on each page. It’s an album where shown submerged in particular universes of illustrators and observe the different forms that all have to see ourselves and others.


Ilustrações/Illutrations from : Bloeme Van Bon, Geran Knol, Jaime Ferraz, Jeanette Besmer, Mariana a Miserável e Matrosenhünde.


Super limited edition.


published by swimming book

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Another people shoot pic.


^o^ ... one year ... _o_ ...

- Canon 60D

- Canon EF 70/300 IS USM


Copyright :copyright: 2015 GALLETTO MARCO - CUNEO - ITALY - All rights reserved.

Paris, non loin de Matignon. Nous sommes un mardi. Il fait très froid.

Une réunion professionnelle au Bristol avec Eric Frechon, grand Chef émérite et d'une belle humanité.

Je profite de l'occasion pour vagabonder dans ce quartier animé et argenté. Sur les trottoirs gris vont et viennent des gens simples ou fortunés, souvent in-différenciables.... Dans un chassé croisé de taxis, un petit peuple d'"élus" vivent de riches heures dans un quotidien fait d'une banalité toute "confondante"...


Traduct by Dominique Wormald


Paris, not far from Matignon. It was Tuesday and very cold.

I had a business meeting at the Bristol's with Eric Frechon, a highly skilled Chef and a very nice man.

I took the opportunity to wander in this lively and silvery coloured area. On the pavements people from all walks of life (although most of the time they all look the same) are coming and going.... A lot of taxis. And for the “chosen” few people life is good , for the rest life is more mundane.


Limerick, Ireland


Texture by adamned art

Posting something completely different....


The American artist Chuck Close, photographed his subjects first and then copied them in paint onto large..make that HUGE canvases...his goal was to make the paintings resemble a photograph as closely as he could...this is a finished canvas of his friend Frank...


When I was at the Mpls. Institute of Arts and saw how many people stopped and looked....and stayed, I knew I had to capture this iconic scene.



(MARCH 30: Last week or so I've 'sunk below the surface'......finally bought new lens today after much research and making my local camera store mentor either love or hate me with my many questions, learning CS5 and Lightroom (great buy on the two), need to buy an external drive, and cull/organize better my photos)....and starting the online class I purchased awhile I'm slowing down on flickr a bit, but will catch up with you folks, groups, postings as I'm able....take care of yourselves in the meantime, and I'll be popping in to see what you're doing....big hugs to you:)........Pat


PS: After looking over Lightroom and viewing some tutorials I think how much simpler iPhoto organization is.....but I've decided to make a transfer (am now shooting in RAW only) with my new photos to LR>external drive....the drive which I still need to purchase. At this point I'm still sticking with Canon, new lens for my XSi....EF-S 2.8 17-85mm.....30 day trial period.....not going to buy a new camera yet.....just making a sideways move:) thinking I will go 2.8 70-200 with 2x teleconverter (400mm) for wildlife....2.8 will go up to 5.6 w/teleconverter.


Btw I LOVE CS5.....easier than PSElements in my opinion as far as I have used it although Camera Shop Mentor says that what I'm doing in CS5 for basic editing, I can as easily accomplish in Light Room....maybe so and use CS5 more for creativity....anyone have thoughts, opinions on this?


amidst the vastness of human the vastness of Divine Knowledge...that everything learned by the what brings love for all Humanity...

People are strange

When you're a stranger

Faces look ugly, when you're alone

The Licancabur - " (5916 m) is a volcano located between Chile and Bolivia, near San Pedro de Atacama. It dominates the landscape of the Salar de Atacama area and can be spotted almost all the time, except for the days that the region presents overcast sky - which is rare.

It is considered a semi active volcano. There's no oficial record of its last eruption.

In its crater is one of the highest lakes of all the planet, and on its top, (400 meters diameter), there are Inca ruins.

Licancabur means "People from above", in the old Atacama people dialect.


"Povo de cima"


O Licancabur (5916 m) é um vulcão localizado entre o Chile e a Bolívia, perto de San Pedro de Atacama. Domina a paisagem da região do Salar de Atacama e pode ser visto quase todo o tempo, exceto nos dias de céu encoberto - o que é raro.

É considerado um vulcão semi ativo. Não há registro oficial da sua última erupção.

Na sua cratera está um dos mais altos lagos de todo o planeta , e no seu topo, (400 metros de diâmetro), há ruínas Incas.

Licancabur significa "Povo de cima" no antigo dialeto do povo de Atacama.


Thanks very much for your visits, comments and faves, very appreciated!

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