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A Northern Hawk Owl seems to seek a high perch for it's hunting. This was atop a Spruce tree. We saw one other perched atop an old dead tree even higher than this. It seemed to be above the nearby tree heights. Got to have the penthouse view!


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This is our first house structure, a modern style skybox penthouse!



Prims - 112

Mesh Percentage - 100%

Area: 32m x 32m

Volume: 32mx32mx10m




Marketplace link:


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This is our first house structure, a modern style skybox penthouse!



Prims - 112

Mesh Percentage - 100%

Area: 32m x 32m

Volume: 32mx32mx10m




Marketplace link:


Best regards,


……Missing our weekly trips to Shrewsbury town but happy to stay AT HOME to stay safe and to NOT be a vehicle to the virus - Covid-19 does not have legs (or wings) Alan:-)


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Benthem Crouwel Architects

This guy was our only company, no other hikers - very peaceful

This is the color version of a photo, languishing on my computer for a few years.

NAMINOKE Rapunzel Hair Accessories & Plants@Enchantment (May 13th)


Belle Epoque { La Comtesse } dress@We<3RP



[WellMade] Virtual Sectrets Sales Room [Curvosity] irrie's { Dollhouse }



Dress - [WellMade] Keep Calm Tunic

hud 15 texture


Virtual Sectrets Sales Room


Decoration - irrie's { Dollhouse } Chapter Four 9/2016

The Chapter Four

Gacha Room


Library - *i { DH } Gacha! Dream Library Book Ladder

Pillows- *i { DH } Gacha! Dream Library Pillows

Phonograph - *i { DH } Gacha! Dream Library Phonograph

Table - *i { DH } Gacha! Dream Library Ottoman Table RARE

Candelabra - *i { DH } Gacha! Dream Library Candelabra

Rug - *i { DH } Gacha! Dream Library Braided Rug

Bookcase - *i { DH } Gacha! Dream Library Bookcase Fireplace RARE

Pose - [Curvosity] - Simple Stand 01


Benthem Crouwel Architects

Atop of the world and out for a snails pace tour of what is out there.


Pushing on that trigger is like pulling heaps of magic into my soul...Darrell.


Have a fantastic day, dear Flickr friends !

Most nights, when the party was over, she would look out over the city, so quiet after the chatter had ended.


Enjoying her last drink and smoke of the evening, she didn't miss home at all......


Taken at Creamy Pleasures Modeling Agency.


"I've heard that this place has a wonderful view."

" Indeed!" " I'll have Rex show the penthouse straight away".

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This was taken back in May of 2016 at the Jubitz truck stop located on the far North side of Portland. I remember the clouds that day were amazing and I began taking pictures of airplanes. The flight path to or from the airport was nearly overhead. While doing that I noticed an Osprey flying, then the nest. After watching for about 30 minutes I noticed the nest and there were two, a mating pair obviously. Couldn't see the babies, but the nest always had one parent, sometimes both. I was really wishing I had a longer lens, but at that time Sony hadn't yet released many lenses for the still new full frame mirrorless "a" series cameras. So, no nice close up shots of the Ospreys, but then I wouldn't have gotten much of the cool clouds.

If you're ever in the Portland area, or just driving through on I-5, the Jubitz is pretty nice to visit. There's a good restaurant, a bar with bands Friday and Saturday nights. Pool tables and quite a few other stores (there's also shoe and boot repair shop I like going to for heel replacements on my cowboy boots. the old shoe cobbler is really good, and same day repairs) inside the main building. Even a movie theater.

Anyway, out of Phoenix, too hot, over 100 degrees, and now back at our Jurupa Valley Terminal in SoCal. Getting a new truck as soon as they can get me a load heading East, eventually to Wisconsin. Could have picked it up after the Awards Banquet, but a week or two in the truck with Mom, well not a good idea to either of us.

Thanks to all of you. I've said it before, but can't say it enough. My friend's here on Flickr are the best. Seeing your photography and getting feed back and encouragement really makes photography so much more fun. I have about an hour before bedtime, so will post this and do some visiting.

Some just wanna relax in the Penthouse

Prepping for the Viano Wedding. Fresh face, glowing skin.

Hair by ItGirls

Lingerie & Robe by MOSSU

My luxury condo photos coming soon.

Face by God

A buildable area atop the Dartmouth Professional Building's rooftop. You get a workshop and the rest is up to you, the pool is included, the house and rest are my creation all in game. The view are to die for.


Check out the mod on nexus

Back Bay Penthouse by Calarand

1am - Phone Rings

No need to look, I kno who is it

Jumps in the shower

He said "Where them panties I like"

Grabs my coat

Calls an Uber

Jumps in the car

The driver can't stop staring

Arrives at the spot

Sashays through the lobby to the elevator

Hit the button for the Penthouse floor


Knocks on the door

The door opens and the show begins

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