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Babagon Dam, source of water Kota Kinabalu City

Heliconia at Kipandi Butterfly Park. Psittacorum type but I do not know the species. Kind of spooky when they are old.


Flowers album:-

I, grandfather and pets via 500px

This is not the usual stuff I upload on Flickr but I couldn't resist all that red. This is a fruit perhaps endemic to Borneo. I haven't seen this in in Peninsular Malaysia. My mom was drying them to use in our traditional dishes here in the northern part of Borneo. The seed is sweet . The outer part of the fruit is dried and has a very sour taste when rehydrated in soups or sauces. I cant quite describe the smell,suffice to say that that it's unique...Reminded me of sun dried tomatoes!!hehehe...

It's a public holiday here in Malaysia and we will have 4 days off work including the weekend. Yehaaahh!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all moslems celebrating and have a great weekend to all in Flickrland!

Location was at Penampang- KK Bypass Highway. I park my car on roadside, n took this beautiful scenery (old man passed me with his bicycle)

Outing of The Year Photoshoot Theme : Rainbow Girls | Silverstone False Color

Date : 10 November 2013.

Location : Putatan, Sabah.

Shot during recent outing with AK, Nooren and Liza.


Location : Mahua Waterfall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Took from Penampang Public Swimming Pool

Traditional gongs man at work. Photographed at Monsopiad Cultural Village.



Suspension (hanging) bridge at the Monsopiad Culcural Village. Taken with my cellphone and processed for faded photo look.


Check out the photos at cellphone photos & art!!!!


I have also back posted many cellphone photos to my set.

I live 12 km away from this spot but I never knew of it's existence till last sunday 7.2.2016. Such a pretty river! I just had to go back the next day and take another shot!!

Initiated by Fr. August Wachter, the Foundation stone was laid on 29th September 1936; however, the construction was postponed during the 2nd World War only to resume in 1947 - Sabah Tourism


The church is located about 15km from Kota Kinabalu, approx. 15-20 minutes drive away

Outing of The Year Photoshoot Theme : Rainbow Girls | Silverstone False Color

Date : 10 November 2013.

Location : Putatan, Sabah.

A "penampang" or river taxi under construction.

World of children, Water of harmony at Babagon Dam, Penampang-Sabah

Even after all this time

The sun never says to the earth

"You owe me".


Look what happens

with a love like that.

It lights up the whole sky.




The place: The Penampang highway - my usual route to work, to the beach and to the city.

This was one of those days I wished I was standing somewhere beautiful waiting for the sun to rise. When the sky started to show those colours, I just had to hit the brakes, get out of the car and get a couple of shots! Maybe this is crap,but it's the moment people! hehehe...

Sunset at Jalan Pintas Highway Penampang


Location:Taman Kinabalu, Luyang

Actually our Ursus malayanus, Sun or Honey Bear, doesn't like the sun very much; it's basically nocturnal. Here it's sitting just on the edge of the very bright Borneo sun and the comforting darkness of its barrel. If you look carefully, you can see some of its distinctive characteristics: the orange, horseshoe marking on its chest; the smooth, orange soles of its feet (apparently more useful for climbing trees than the 'padded' ones of other bears). And with a bit of imagination you might see that its skin is looser than that of other bears; thus it can, as it were, kind of twist around in it when a predator tries a grab.

I waited for a while but couldn't get a good view of Honey Bear's long, thin tongue, a useful instrument for raiding bee's nests. In Malay it is not without reason called Beruang Madu, Honey Bear.

No, it's not drying its finger nails.

This photo was taken in the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. A delightful place to spend a day. Lots of 'local' animals; and don't skip the fine Botanical Garden at the back!

Sunset View at Penampang Bypass

We went to a relative's house near Nosoob today and while searching for their house at Taman Somerset, I noticed that we were quite close to the new R55 Condominium. It is 11 stories high and is developed by Benua Maxis and if you search on the internet, information is still limited on this property. This is the northern side of the project. You can also view it from Pintas Penampang Road.

Outing of The Year Photoshoot Theme : Rainbow Girls | Silverstone False Color

Date : 10 November 2013.

Location : Putatan, Sabah.

The village girl at Babagon village,Penampang-Sabah. via 500px

At the Monsopiad Cultural Village. A sumazau in progress... seductive dance.

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[Traditional Dance] Sumazau ( Borneo Sabah ).

Wuff Stairs


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