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Early morning shot of US Navy P8 at Prestwick 12/11/20.

The Boeing P-8 Poseidon is a military aircraft developed and produced by Boeing Defense, Space & Security, modified from the 737-800ERX. It was developed for the United States Navy. The P-8 operates in the anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, and shipping interdiction roles. Wikipedia

Range: 2,222 km

Wingspan: 38 m

Program cost: US$33.638 billion (by FY2013)

Unit cost: 201,400,000–275,700,000 USD

Engine type: CFM International CFM56

Prestwick 28/11/20. US Navy P8, 169547.

Prestwick 11/6/20.

US Navy P8 at Prestwick 13/11/20.

ZJ924/WS-J awaits departure clearance from Kinloss whilst P8 Zp802 climbs out from runway 07

US Navy P8 at Prestwick 13/11/20.

ZP802 banks round Lossie town to line up for runway 23 at RAF Lossiemouth

Prestwick 3/12/20. US Navy P8, 169547.

Climbing out of Kinloss Barracks

ZP801 taxis for departure with TDY Typhoons in the background

2 for the price of 1. P8 at RAF Lossiemouth 1/5/18.

Pair of RAF Typhoons breaking during the flyover at Kinloss Barracks, marking the arrival of the first RAF P8 Poseidon MRA1 to arrive in the UK. ZP801, also know as the "Pride Of Moray" is the first P8 to be delivered to the RAF. The RAF are due to have 3 P8 aircraft delivered to Kinloss Barracks, whilst work is carried out at the future home of the Poseidon fleet at RAF Lossiemouth.


Huawei p8 lite

Processed in Lightroom for smartphones

Very dull weather at Prestwick 7/10/19.

Le moulin de Cussol, Verdelais, Gironde, France. Pris avec le Huawei P8 lite (Sous Androïd 8.0.0). Aucune édition, mode automatique. Expérience de comparaison d'une même photo prise avec des appareils différents (numériques et argentiques) et sans aucune retouche. Visitez l'album complet ;-)

167956/JA rotates of runway 23 at RAF Lossiemouth for home after taking part in Exercise Cable Car 2016

Stingray 01 on approach to Kinloss

FOTO 1140 project 8: Panoramas


Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T3i

Focal Length: 18mm

ISO: 100

Shutter: 8 seconds

Aperture: f/13

Date: 8-6-16

Time of Day: 9:12-9:13pm

Intent: To make things more challenging I wanted to combine night photography and panoramas. This night view of downtown Columbus is made up of 3 images, each with an 8-second exposure.

US Navy P8, 169426, landing at Prestwick 12/10/19.

Arriving at Riat 2014

US Navy P8 arriving at Prestwick 23/4/19.

Preussische Staatsbahn P8 2455 Posen in Trier.

Die Lokomotive Baujahr 1919 gehört einem Privatmann und steht betriebsfähig im Bahnpark Augsburg.

Prestwick 3/5/19. US Navy P8, 169009.

Prestwick 9/10/19. US Navy P8 arriving for Joint Warrior exercise.

High Score Studios

US Navy P8 arriving Prestwick 21/4/19.

When you walk by the harbour in Porto Alegre, you can see this place. Its very isolated and a great place to take some pictures.



Prestwick 17/7/19. USN P8 169325.

EXPLORE 10-05-2010


Foto Publicada na revista - Photo Published in the Magazine zOOm Fotografia prática dos Meses de Junho a Agosto de 2011

168759 LC Returning into Lossie after a sortie as part of Joint Warrior 15-2


Canon EOS Rebel SL1

50 mm ISO 400

1/50 f/2

12/4/2017 10:46 am

I actually really enjoy yogurt with maple syrup, blueberries and pumpkin seeds for breakfast and I wanted to capture the color combination in the mid morning sun.

Preussische Staatsbahn P8 2455 Posen in Trier

Die Lokomotive Baujahr 1919 gehört einem Privatmann und steht betriebsfähig im Bahnpark Augsburg.

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