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I'm sure many of you are tired of seeing all my flower shots, so I'm going to be taking you on a tour of Our Town (probably with a few flower shots in between).


Mike and I live in a very rural, farming community. I'm not even sure it's big enough to call a town! There is much history here, as I'm sure there is in many of your cities/towns or communities.

Peace to you and Yours!!!


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Our town, as seen this afternoon from our house looking North.


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Bend, Oregon on a beautiful sunny evening right before sunset. Dropping low in the sky the sun's rays bounce off the Deschutes River and illuminate the shops, bars, and restaurants in the Old MIll District.




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So long ago, but not so very long ago....


Time goes by, time brings changes, you changed too

Nothing comes that you can't handle, so on you go

You never see it coming when the world caves in on you

On your town, nothing you can do


-James Taylor

"Our Town"



I went to town for groceries and came back and realized I needed ink. So I drive back to town and decide to save myself $20 bucks and buy only the black ink because I rarely use color. I clearly remember choosing to buy this printer because it will work without a color cartridge - unlike my old one. My memory is evidently worth little more than poop. I was mad... but I made the best of the situation and worked on another printer project that does not need ink. Now I have a dang error! )@(*$)#* I want my old printer back! The ink was expensive, but it worked until a peacock feather had to break it.


Oh... yeah... this is for We're Here- If you had just one shot? Can't say I had anything in mind... I just wanted to complain before I worked on fixing things. :)


P.S. Don't you love the flared nostrils.... ;0) I would have taken a second shot to change that if it weren't for the group theme. :)

Toronto, just after the thaw, a few months ago

The local Belair, Maryland Independence Day Parade on Main Street.

Another Day, Another Town.

How long shall my calloused journey continue?

Sometimes I don't even know what I'm looking for,

The time seems to stop in every new town that I visit,

The locals give many different stares,

At all times of the day and night,

A out cast because I don't stay long enough to establish roots,

Many towns I get a strange feeling and leave quickly,

Some towns I could actually see myself staying for a while,

But the wandering soul inside me tells me to move on,

A drifter, hobo, I have heard all their stinging words,

Sometimes they echo well into the night,

And keeps me from getting a good nights sleep,

To grab something to eat on the journey,

Is something I don't always have the luxury of,

A stray friend here and there,

Don't want to get to close,

Because they too will be a distant memory soon,

Causing pain looking back,

On the friends I had to say goodbye,

To have a place where one can lay their head each night,

Is something many people strive for,

For some its a prison cell we try to avoid,

But the one thing that remains the same,

We lace our shoes tight,

Knowing that tomorrow ,

Shall be,

Another Day, Another Town.


Yes. That's our town hall. It's not the smallest town hall in France.

This is the first in a series of photos I shot of entrance doors of older homes in small towns. The first thing that always comes to mind when looking at these gems is that they don't make them like they used to. This particular one is a twin home circa 1870 and is part of a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Note the unusual double-oval transom windows.

I lurve bridges, and we can see this one lit up at night from our bedroom window.

The Vancouver Urban Sketchers meetup group got together yesterday to sketch at a cafe in an old (for Vancouver) building with a sharp corner, not shown here. I was hoping to loop my view around even more to see said corner, but didn't make it. I will just have to go back for that!


I'd be happy to come back here often, like Rick Tulka does in Paris, to sketch people or whatever I can see.


And that is my Flickr friend, ColourPixie , on the far right of the drawing! We have been following each other on Flickr for several years, and recently we finally met. Check out her great photography stream.

These small sketches were done last year during my "recovery time" from surgery. I couldn't get out, but was able to drive, so I took snapshots of doorways around the residential areas of town. I didn't consider any of them worthy of taking up a whole post, so I again did a collage so I could share more of Our Town with you. These are both old and new home entries.

The ancient town of Fenghuang also means the Phoenix Town in China; it was described as the most beautiful town in China by the Zelanian writer Louis Aileen. The town is the only path between Huahua, Jishou (Hunan province) and Tongren (Guizhou province) and a must-visit place to enjoy the real amorous feelings of the west part of Hunan province.


The town is very small with only a main street; however, it is a green corridor and charming place. It is located on the river bank of Tuojiang River (Tuojiang, 沱江), the small town was once the rallying point for politicos, warlords, bandits, and the local Miao minority people, we should say it was once a standard "barbarian" land.

“Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?—every, every minute?”

― Thornton Wilder, Our Town


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This is Echo Town, you should totally go check them out!

Do it, do it :D




So I mentioned I went to the beach to take some band photos for them on Monday.

First time I've ever taken any band photos actually. It was fun :)

Here's some of them ... (more in the comments)


There's more to come.


We were really hoping for some blue skies, but never mind :(


More photos from this shoot here and here :)

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