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Para mi amigo Oscar ,con afecto,

Making of!


Fotografia: Tallyton Alves

Beauty: Randolpho Pontes


Todas as fotos deste álbum virtual estão protegidas pela LEI DO DIREITO AUTORAL, Nº 9.610, DE 19 DE FEVEREIRO DE 1998. Portanto é proibida qualquer reprodução ou divulgação das minhas imagens, com fins comerciais ou não, em qualquer meio de comunicação, inclusive na WEB, sem prévia consulta e aprovação.


Copyright © Tallyton Alves. All rights reserved | Site oficial l Bastidores l Twitter l Facebook


View The Structure Of Geometrical Beauty On Black


Structure = Form =


Structure is a fundamental if sometimes intangible notion referring to the recognition, observation, nature, and stability of patterns and relationships of entities. From a child's verbal description of a snowflake, to the detailed scientific analysis of the properties of magnetic fields, the concept of structure is now often an essential foundation of nearly every mode of inquiry and discovery in science, philosophy, and art. In early 20th-century and earlier thought, form often plays a role comparable to that of structure in contemporary thought. The neo-Kantianism of Ernst Cassirer (cf. his Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, completed in 1929 and published in English translation in the 1950s) is sometimes regarded as a precursor of the later shift to structuralism and poststructuralism.


The description of structure implicitly offers an account of what a system is made of: a configuration of items, a collection of inter-related components or services. A structure may be a hierarchy (a cascade of one-to-many relationships) or a network featuring many-to-many relationships.



A View On Life Here?


Structured Life?


Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

All that I desire to point out is the general principle that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.


Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.

An excellent man; he has no enemies; and none of his friends like him.

As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.

A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.


Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.

Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to.


Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.


Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900) was an Irish writer, poet, and playwriter











- Gruppi PRIMARI -


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Fotografia: Tallyton Alves

Make up: Randolpho Pontes ( Studio R )


Making of:


Todas as fotos deste álbum virtual estão protegidas pela LEI DO DIREITO AUTORAL, Nº 9.610, DE 19 DE FEVEREIRO DE 1998. Portanto é proibida qualquer reprodução ou divulgação das minhas imagens, com fins comerciais ou não, em qualquer meio de comunicação, inclusive na WEB, sem prévia consulta e aprovação.


Site oficial:


"El tiempo está celoso de usted, no derroche el oro de sus días. Con su personalidad no hay nada que no pueda hacer. El mundo le pertenece por una temporada..."

Oscar Wilde. (Gracias por todo Sara.)

Model: Rebeca Fernandez Morshbacher

Maquillaje: Zoraya Martinez para Estudio Oscar Mulet

Peinado: Robert Petersen para Estudios Oscar Mulet

Accesorio: La Marietta.

Producción y estilismo: ON Management

© All rights reserved. Use or reproduction of this image without the prior written consent of the copyright holder Trish Aleve, is in violation of the copyright law.


Oscar the Grouch has nothing on Buster!


This week Buster continues with our theme of where dogs shouldn't be - and landed himself in a garbage can.

Thanks to my parents for letting me use their garbage can (theirs is much prettier than mine)...they fed me and Buster - and then I put him in the garbage can for photos ;)


I was debating for my final selection between sweet - and crazy...I of course chose crazy! I can't help myself, but laugh when Buster makes these ridiculous faces, and although composition wise, it is not the best of the bunch, it again makes up for it in personality.


The main thing that really bugs me about this photo is the reflection in the garbage can of my sexy white sports socks (with gray toes), and my jeans. I tried using the spot remover in LR to heal or clone it out with no good results...grrrr. I know this could have been avoided with using a longer lens - but I didn't want to be too far away from Buster in the event he tried to hop out (as I didn't want him to hurt his legs). I was also thinking that it may be a 'neat effect' if I was also in the reflection on the can in some of the shots.


You never know when Buster the Grouch may be living in your garbage can, so open with caution.


As usual, my 'rejects' can be seen in my practice set - and let me tell you, convex surfaces are not flattering to ones reflection :(

Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women have a more subtle instinct: What they like is to be a man's last romance.


-Oscar Wilde

Celebrities Sabrina A. Parisi and Donna Spangler arrive at the 19th annual Night of 100 Stars party on Sunday, February 22, at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

(unaimagen) for Ampa & Oscar : NEW YEAR´s day @Malasaña streets 01.01.2012


"Though torn in two we can be one..."

New Year's Day. U2




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-Iluminacion: Flash canon 430EX montado con paraguas translucido en la izquierda con cable TTL


-Modelo: Jesica

-Fotografia y edicion: Oscar Sánchez


© Oscar Sánchez photography.


Use without permission is illegal.


Ah Llegado la súper hora uh! No se por que junto en esta fecha me pongo medio sentimental algo parecido al año pasado wn con una diferencia hoy somos muchos mas ;A muchos recuerdos inolvidables quedaran grabados de este año en mi siempre ♥ algunos vienes de mas atrás pero seguirán siendo inolvidables este año viví muchas mas cosas fui mas feliz que nunca. Puta que se hecha de menos el liceo eso si uh! sus Gran paciencia que tenia con nosotros Wausjkasj muy divertido pero que ahora se han convertido en lindos recuerdos *O* Ufff... este año tuve la suerte de haber conocido a perdonas inigualables: x las cuales me eh encariñado mucho de todos :x maldita sea :X lejos a pesar de que este año fue puras tragedias :x a pesar del Terremoto del 27 de febrero la cual los chilenos todos pudimos salir adelante, a pesar de cada replica que causaba el pánico en la gente y se sentía insegura, a pesar de la tragedia de los mineros , la cual tuvieron la gran suerte de poder salir de ese infierno que estaban viviendo, a pesar de la tragedia de los reos :X Chile es un país tan fuerte que logra siempre salir adelante con todo :x Uff este año fue de locos :x pero en mi opinión personal fue el mejor :x, logre sacar mi yo verdadero y mostrarme tal cual soy :x y lose :x asumo que soy un Cagado del mate :x pero amo ser así :x se que algunos no les gusta por que se ve pendejo en mi :z pero es la única forma de ser feliz en esta puta vida ;L se que cuesta en algunos creer :z pero me encanta me siento orgulloso de mi mismo :x Wou , no puedo dejar de lado que este año entre a la Universidad también , a pesar de que sigo con mis labores en el mismo recinto nombrado el año pasado :X Uff me cago a veces quiero mandarlos a todos a la chucha pero me da miedo :x por que a pesar de los retos que me dan , Pff todo eso me servirá de experiencia :x y solamente así seguiré creciendo, luego podre dar mas de mi donde quiera que valla :z pero pico :x este año por muy Lejos descubrí que las personas finalmente somos todas iguales ;D, siempre fui el de la idea que no yo nunca me voy a juntar con alguien así y asa o sea que onda |: somos todos iguales y con eso basta :X la vida cada uno la hace a su modo :x y me alegro por eso ;D…es impresionante. a veces quisiera volver el tiempo atrás como muchos dicen para no volver hacer o evitar tal cosa (; imposible lo hecho esta hecho ♪ .. pero en fin todo termina bien lo que paso paso y lo que no también :X wuajksjas no se a que me referí con eso pero no importa XD.. ahora desearle a cada una de aquellas personas que me hizo sentir bien me hizo reír día a día, estaban ahí cuando lo necesitaba. a todas ellas un muy Feliz Añito . Cumplan sus Feroces deseos y todos saben que el Jota esta & alcanza para todos ustedes ♥ los amo a cada uno :Ñ ñee :$


Danae Francesca Yañez Polanco : Mi Chiquitina tan Bonita ♥ , tu sabes que Te Amo con todo mi Corazoncillo :L, Creo que este año no fue lo que esperábamos :x cada ves que proponíamos algo , otra cosa se ponía de por medio u.u pero en fin, Uy si eres una Personita super importante en mi vida :x recuerdo una ves que te conté algo por msn y nunca supe tu respuesta :x me sentí tan cohibido :x en fin tema aparte :x solo espero este año 2011 que viene sea el mejorsito para los dos :x quiero estar mas cerca de ti seguir conociendo tu ser interior :x, Creo que esta demas decirlo :x pero te Amo ♥ eres la mejor y siempre lo seras :x Uff asi que nos vemos este 2011 que se biene super mega recargado :x sera el mejor lo presiento :L y tu & yo tenemos algo pendiente , You know :$ ♥ te Amo Gracias por todo lo que pasamos este 2010 ♥


Tomas Mauricio Cornejo Sanmartin : Uff Tomas xd tantas cosas que siempre nos toca vivir Juntos :x este año igual pasaron sus locuras típicas po :x nunca olvidare lo de tu fiesta de cumpleaños ;x , todo sea pro que Jota osea yo espese solo este añito a consumir alcohol :x y por esas cosas de la vida tu Hogar fue el Primero en darle la bienvenida al Jota ebrio :x recuerdo el vasito roto u.u por mi culpa :x y tu madre cuando me miraba :x aun no puedo creer que me acuerde de algunas cosas :x en fin :x weon , su sabes que eres un Hermano para mi ;L ase ya 13 años si no me equivoco :x Uff Demasiado : siempre estas ahí apañando en todo y yo también estoy aquí para cualquier apañacion sea donde sea nos apañábamos :x ewso es lo mejor y se Agradece ;K puta wn te Amo Amigo de toda la Vida ;L eres uno de los Mejores Forever ;x


Marianela Alicia Melo Chavez : Wou :x cabra tonta :x tantos Años Junto ati Amiga Mejor ♥ eres muy importante en mi vida :x eres la Apañadora numero uno :X siempre cuando te necesito estas ahí, me haces reír, me haces sentir acompañado, Lejos la mejor ;K eres con la que imaginamos pescadas , siempre ;x te Amo no me cansare de decirlo :x tu lo sabes y este año podríamos decir que fue uno de los Mejores ♥ pasamos demasiadas anécdotas Juntos ;K Uy si en este momento siento ansias de darte un Fuerte & apretado Abrazo ;L , sabes :x formas parte de mi familia casi :X y aveces pienso y digo :X somos tan iguales :x hacemos las mismas tonteras pero la pasamos bien :x Pucha amiga :X siempre en mi ♥ le mejor de las mejores :X tu cachai :X Real shipfriend :L te Adoro ♥


Claudio Fabian Muñoz Osorio : Hermano weon :x este año Lejos lo mejor ♥, se que este año sentí que deje de lado el grupo, pero no fue algo intencional :c vo deberiai cachai que soy de esos weones amistosos, al cual le gusta conocer y conocer y no se cansa de hacerlo :x siempre intento de incluirte pero desde ahora me queda claro que estas encerrado en nuestro grupito :x somos pocos pero puta que somos buenos pal webeo ;L weon :x vo cachay que te Amo amigo :x lejos :x eres el que siempre nos apoya a todos :x sales con tus típicos engañitos :X en esta vida todo vale po :x y esa tarjeta que me trajiste en navidad , puta que era hermosa :x weon , y es que weon , te pasas :X siempre sorprendiéndonos :x y nos apoyas en todo ;x no se que haríamos sin ti ♥ siempre estas ahi :X me llega a dar rabia lo buena persona que eres :X somos tan divertidos :X nos gusta el webeo , igual te webeo por tus bailes canibales y todo eso :x pero esta claro que es pro hacernos reir de nosotros mismo :X nunca estamos bajoniados :x y cuando lo estamos cualquiera de nosotros llega y el animo boom se levanta de inmediatamente ;x esa wea se valora :x y weon ter quiero :L


Tiaren Salome Olguin Mesa : Amor :x ya esta claro que solo es Juego :x Amiga ;x años al igual que el tomas :X somos Old School :z ♥ Uy, amiga te amo tanto ;x y puta que este año pasaron webadas :x te tuvimos triste :X enojada X; reírte :X paso de todo por ti :x ayaya pero todo pasa po' :x enojona mía ;K eres tan especial :X valoro eso :X por que se que al grupito que somos nos quieres solo para ti :x aun que me digas que no es asi :X siento tu ego cuando me dices que ya te deje por otros amigos :X pero nunca sera asi po amiga :$ con tigo es demasiado el tiempo que hemos vivido y nunca de los nunca te cambiaría así como así :X por que siempre nos apoyamos en todo :x siempre de los siempre :x Amo cada cosa tuya :x Amo cuanto te ries :x cuando te ries de mi u cuando nos reímos de nosotros mismos con cada pendejada :X se que nunca maduraremos por que no somos frutas :x Uff talla fome :$ tipico de mi :x pero igual se rien de mis tallas fomes ;K puta amiga :$ siempre en mi corazoncillo po' :x y vamos con este año que se viene con tuty ♥ te amo amiga :X Friend Forever ;L


Teresa del Carmen Peña Nuñes : Uy Amiga ♥ siempre la mejor en todo :X eres una Monja :X siempre pasas en parroquia pero en fin :X eres tan pura y buena pero tienes tu lado Malo (6666666) me encanta eso de ti :X como que planificas y llegas a una tremenda historia :x y puta que la pasamos bien imaginándonos esas historias :x le ponemos de nuestra cosecha y weas :X oye :X y eri terrible Jol :$ xd dfugjdfhg puta que webiaron esa ves en la foto culia del vesus :x te agarraron asta de campesina :X y tu como que ni ai respondiendo nomas :x uy Tere :X Uka y todas las manos :x eres pilar fundamental en mi vida :X pero a ti gracias al Tomas te Conocí :x y yo aprendí a conocerte mejor :x aun que me trates de viejo anciano ,decrepito y webaads :X eres una de las Mejores Siempre :x ♥ y te quiero Tonta :x siempre estoy aqui para ustedes :X y el grupito que somos :x Manysxclan :$ nono perdón :x Arriba el Flow ♥ y a todo esto Creo que les debo algo :x pero dejemoslo ahi nomas :x te Amo amiga :L Gracias por todo lo que pasamos Juntos este año :x gracias por la risa que me sacaste cuando te comiste el mashmelow del basurero y los pacos cani nos pidieron la cédula de identidad por culpa de unos ebrios culiaos :x gracias por todo tere ♥ la Mejor ;L


Guillermo Agustin Gallardo Coña : Amigo :c Hermano :X Lejos fuiste uno de los mejores :X pero nunca te perdonare por dejarme por la ivy :$ muy feo :X aprende a compartir tu tiempo yo también necesito de tu amistad y la ivy de la amistad de sus amigas :x esta mas que Claro ;x pero en fin :X eres un buen colega ,sociate ;x el mejor weon :X este año fue el que mas compartimos :x con tigo conocí bar urbano y nadie bailaba con nosotros :x eramos terrible rechazados :$ xd lo mejor igual :X nos identificamos por feos :$ wou los carretes en Style club :x en carrete en casa de la ivy :x puta que la pasábamos bien weon :X y también cuando te tube que ayudar a que pudieras viajar a valpo 66 no recordare mucho :x esque weon :X te quiero :x y ahora te extraño :c me dejaste por la ivy & Rompiste el lazo de hermandad :$ ahaha cualquier color :$ igual te llevo siempre en mi amigaso :X siempre fuiste el mejor :x y aun seguimos asi :x igual nos pegamos nuestras loculas estupidas :x bailes canibales y volones :X todo eso lo tomo en cuenta :x y te agradesco cada momento ♥ siempre :X el mejor :x te Amo perro malnacido ;L


♪ cuando me enamoro – Enrique Iglesias Ft Juan Luis Guerra ♫


Natalia Beatriz Jara Campos Pechadora Numero uno #1 namber one :X ♥ Te Amo te amo te amo :L una de las mejores :X después del suceso de Ivy Feat guille xd quedamos completamente solos :c pero Uff como hemos compartido este ultimo tiempo :x tu me pechas y yo te ofrezco :X eres miembro de mi Hogar prácticamente :x es como que llegas te intalas en mi computador y yo solo miro :x Linda la wea :X pero tsss las super megas salidas :x ♥ recuerdo cuando te llevamos a escondidas con los chiquillos a la marcha por los perros de mallarauco :X y tu alegabas por no tener tu carnet x Uff :x mala vola :x eres tan Ruda :X me acorde cuando fuiste toda una Rambo a la Style club :z y la gente miraba como que onda esta mina :x en fin :X tu sabes que te quieroamoadoro mucho :x siempre te llevare en mi corazón y agradeceré cada momento junto a ti este año ♥ tu maldita risa :x inolvidable :$ lejos muy lejos te has ganado un Gran y cómodo espacio en mi :c ♥ asi que no olvides que siempre estoy aqui para ti :x cualquier cosa ;L te aMO ♥


Ivette Estefania Henriquez Arancibia : Ricura :x ♥ Ellllllllllllla po :z la ex Flora ;L muchos momentos lindos podríamos rescatar de este año culiao :x uy si la semana pasada no te veia hace mil y por fin lo hicimos .:x igual descargue mi felicidad pro dentro ;K eres una de las mejores :x y la primera que conocí por red social ;K la mejor la mejor ♥ Gracias a ti :z conocí a muchas mas personitas :x que llenan mi vida de Alegría ♥ recuerdo cuando asistí por primera ves a uno de tus eventos connotados en tu hogar :z xd y me robaste al guille :c :$ xd puta que sufrí :c sdujsdf na mentira :x alegría por que estén Juntos y lo sigan estando :X solo que lo mismo y lo vuelvo a decir :x existe mas gente que quiere estar junto a ustedes :X deben distribuir sus tiempos x: en fin :X una de las mejores po ivytthaaa :x exflora :Z te Amo Amiga ♥ siempre estarás en mi y te agradezco todo de todo :X y solamente espero este año se venga con tuty y recuerda :X estoy siempre disponible para ti :c cualquier cosa puedes confiar en mi ;L te Adoro ♥


Constanza Almendra Campos Ahumada : Uy Hermana postiza lo recuerdas :X aquellos momentos en que pasaba pegado en tu casa :x Uy la pasábamos tan genial :X y ahora este año :c igual hemos estado distantes :c por tu pololeo :z bueno po' asi son las cosas todos crecemos algunos buscan nuevos rumbos :X pero a pesar de eso, nunca te hemos perdido :X siempre estas ahí pero no tienes el tiempo para disfrutarlo junto a los primeros ¬¬ ♥ osea nosotros :X los de Arriba el Flow ;x tu sabes que hasta el día de hoy y por siempre te Amare como a una Hermana ♥ lejos :X eres la mejor :x eres tan buena también :') siempre apoyándonos en todo :X nos dices lo que esta bien y lo que esta mal :c lloras por quien sufre y lo acompañas durante el sufrimiento :X me encanta eso de ti :x eres una persona super especial :Ñ una de mis mejores tesoros ;L te quiero te Amo y te Adoro Amiga ♥ siempre en mi ;k siempre te agradezco y ahora te agradezco pro todo lo que pasamos este año ;L ♥


Natalia del Pilar Fuenzalida Muñoz : Amigaaaaaaaaa ! ♥ bendita seas :x primera amiga que sera muy Pronto madre :x Uff como debes de estar esperando el momento de dar a Luz :x uy no te veia ase mucho tiempo y el otro dia te vi de chiripaso Junto a la Ivy & la Naty :x ♥ Uy mujer sabes que te Adoro :X mucho ;K eres la mejor :x y esta claro que sabrás salir adelante con el pequeño ;L dicen que va a ser perriador igual a su madre cuando iba a style club :z yeah :X Pawer ;k pucha mi Niña ;K solo desearte lo mejor para el año que viene :k fuiste ,eres y seras parte de mi vida :x siempre ;K siempre te tengo presente :x eres la mejor y se sabe ♥ te Amo amiga :L


Maria Angelica Hernandez Lepe : Amiga :x Uy este año compartimos super copo :x pero las veces que nos vimos :X puta que la pasamos Re bien :k momento con tigo :x diría que el mejor fue la aventura andaur :x por el puente de Pelvin :x cssmre que nos reímos ese día ♥ lo mejor ;K y siempre nos acosdamos de la vieja que amasa el pan co nel entrepierna y weas :X uy Mujer por dios :x otro momento que rescato de este año fue cuando viniste ami casa :x uy ♥ nos sacamos fotos tontas y la wea :z fue un ratito pero ese ratito si que lo Ame ;L lejos :X te Quioero amiga ;X eres una de las mejores :x y toda una chica punk :z ♥ siempre estarás en mi cochina Larry ;L


Maricela Magdalena Romero Araya : My Ckelly ♥ Forever ;L siempre lo seras :X por que fuiste una de las personas que mas eh Amado en este Mundo ;k siempre y sabes que recordare ese momento en Luxor cuando nos vimos por primera ves :X y yo tome tu manito chiquita :X me sentí tan bien ese día ;L lo Ame , lo Amo y lo seguiré amando :X Uy me encanta que aun sigamos estando en contacto ;K y puro que este año solo te vi una ves :X y Gracias a la vente de un Perfume ♥ aun conservo el perfume :x queda poquito pero lo hago durar por que si se acaba me dará pena :c :$ pero Agradezco cada momento que hablamos :X cada cada palabra tuya me hace sentir tan bien :K aun que antes era mas seguido :X pero se que cuando una persona empieza una relación deja muchas cosas de lado :X yo aun no eh pasado por eso asi que no comprendo mucho eso ;L pero aun asi te Amo por que eres la Mujer mas Hermosa que puede haber ♥ por que eres mi Ckelly ;K te Amo te Amo 6 te Amo ♥ Linda ;k y ex Flora :z


Fabiana Salome Carvajal Ceron : se que debes estar sentida aun po la no asistencia a tu fiesta de cumpleaños : pero eso no impedirá que no te escriba :X pro que este año estuviste mas presente que nunca con migo :x por que puta que me moje cuando llegaste ese dia a mi lugar de trabajo con el Globo de bob esponja :x Cssmre todavía conservo la cara :$ la pege en mi puerta de mi pieza ♥ y pucha que me teni abandonado :x todo por no asistir a tu evento masivo :c no por eso nos teniamos que dejar de hablar :c pero en fin eso es decicion tuya :x igual fuiste parte de mi vida y aun puedes seguir siendolo ;K todo depende de ti ;K y te Amo apesar de todo Hermanita ♥


Valeria Paulina Fonseca Yañez : Lejos la mejor po :x fuiste la mas apañadora de todas :x,hasta que alguien conquisto tu corazón y me dejaste de lado :X claro :X eso no significa que no te quiera :x siempre te querré :x por que siempre estuviste con migo ;L eres una Gran persona :x te ganaste el medio pedazo de mi corazón ♥ siempre estaba en todas las maldades con tigo :x acusrdate que hasta inventamos miraflores y nose me acuerdo el nombre pero hacíamos puras cagas :x tocando timbres tirando palos al Jardín :$ ♥ Uff lo pasábamos mal :$ puta amiga :X ojalas verte Pronto ;K ase mil no te veo :X y pucha te agradezco cada momento ;K y te Amo amiga ♥


Claudia Macarena Lovos Valenzuela ♥ hubiera sido cuel no ponerte :$ pero puta ni siquiera se por que empece con eso te haran Bulling :x en fin tambien fuiste parte de esta Gran año en mi vida po :X como olvidar cada comento & tu risa :||||||||||||||||||| la cagas xd eres la mejor :x nos haces reír con tus cosa :X tu cartera de cartón piedra fue lo mejor de este año :$ dfuijdkfghdfgh ♥ seria te agradezco todo de corazón K;


Sara Ester Caceres Jaramillo : Uy zorry por poner tu nombre completo se que no te gusta pero tu sabes como soy yo po ♥ uy te Adoro mas que la cresta X; puro que este año ah sido el que mas en contacto emos estado :x lo unico que nos esta faltando es la Juntirisilla :x nos conocemos hace bastante tiempo :x uy y puro que tambien te dio con decirme Ron 88 .4 y yo Vodka :x todo por la culpa de un amigo :$ dufigjkfg uy te adoro mucho pinochaaaaaaaa X *-* lejos la mejor apañadora por correo electronico :X pasas puro sacando la vuelta por mi ♥ duifdsfkgsdf :z y tu jefe teni que puro pegarle :z es un weon :X y nada po :X los mejores deceos para ti :X te has ganado un Gran espacio en mi corazonsito :L te Amo ♥


Nadin Alejandra Cruz D’Albora: mi cosita Rexona linda bella uy wujaksjsa pronto muy pronto esperare el momento a que vengas a santiago y nos veremos eso espero 77 uwjaksjkajsas tu sabes que te ADORO con tuty ♥ bueno solo desearte los mejores de los mejores deseon del mundo uwjakjas eres mui especial, espero este 2011 sea el año en que porfin podamos ver nuestras caras en vivo y en directo :X por que puta que nunca pasa nada :$ y te extraño :$ y recuerda que eres mi Hijita :X uy tengo la media Hija :X terrible sexona ♥ te Amo ♥ y un feliz Añito nuevito para ti mi vida *-*


Esteban Ignacio Vergara Beltran puta weon por lo menos este año estuviste en mi fiesta de cumpleaños xd el único momento que compartimos juntos de este año qliao xd por puro que eres un corretiao xd nunca salimos sales con el puto tomas (U) xduidgdfguifgkdfgh 88 ya no mas :x igual el año pasado nunca me subieron los rever por ponerte en mi humilde texto 88 al contrario me disminuyeron 88 jsfjfm la wea ya qliao vo cachai que se te quiere :Z Padre e.e :Z ufjgkmsdfg 88


Alexis Emiliano Yañez Gonzales : Puta weon :x a vo tuve la oportunidad de solo conocerte este año :x pero eso no quiere decir que te deje de lado :x formaste arte de mi 2010 :x tuvimos nuestra conversación ya tu sabes 1313 :x na xd anécdotas xd en fin :X confiaste en mi y eso se agradece :x se que a veces puede ser difícil, ahora siempre estaré para voce cualquier cosa soy todo oído :x pero eso no quiere decir que me agarren como un nuevo Rumpi 88 :x Jojójo :x brrrp xd puta weon vo sabes que te quiero hermano wn :x siempre estaré buenas o malas contigo eres un buen cabro, y puta se viene un nuevo año :x solo te deseo lo mejor con tu sabes quien 1313 :z ya wn los mejores deseos para ti ;L te quiero Hijo de la Loca ♥


Jorge Andres Inostroza Lanza : Puta que te webeo por tu apellido wn :x me caes bien weon al igual que el personaje de arriba :x , pero no tengo mucho que decir por qué nunca hemos compartido webadas juntos :x solo chat y era ;x pero de todos modos existe el cariño hacia ti wn :x eres lo máximo :x y vo cachai que yo se todo po wn :z Uyyyy vo dale y sale adelante con tu personita y no sea celoso :z xd fin te quiero Idiota :L


Joselyn Catalina Pauvif Retamal : Wow Toshina ♥ no sabes cuánto te quiero :x sin duda la Mejor persona que halla conocido este 2010 :x debo agradecerte cada momento que me has dado de Alegría :X con tigo es todo excelente :x amo todo lo vivido :X y Creo que lo sabes :x desde aquel día de la Junta improvisada :x me enamore de cada personaje que eh conocido junto a ti :x eres y formas parte muy importantes en mi vida y esto es como un Hermoso regalo tener tu amistad me basta y me sobra :x eres tan encantadora :x y una chica apañadora a morir :x si disfrutamos cada salida Uff fotos por doquier :x que más perfecto :x es que todos Juntos somos la Crew ;L , podría decir que eres una madre :x aun que se que no te gusta la idea pero mi imaginación es grande y para mi seguirá siendo asi :z ahora solo desearte lo mejor para el año entrante ;x no cambien nunca :z eres perfecta tal cual :A y te quiero te Adoro y te Amo amiga ♥ Lejos lo mejor que me ah pasado este año ;k forever ;k


Elias David Correa Navarro : a noooooooo mojable esta wea :$ es que eres lo mejor weon :X eres un alcohólico culiao nomas :x pero apañador máximo :x lo único malo esque a tu sabes quién tratas como las weas :x pero en fin :x me haces tanto reír :z , vo cachai que este año Uff te ganaste todo mi cariño :x hemos disfrutado tanto :x y los dos sabemos que somos los conejillo de indias de nuestra querida y amada toshina :x nos utiliza para obtener sus fotografías y volas :x puta wn :x me quedo sin palabras con vo :x lo único que se es que te quiero y Gracias por cada momento que hemos pasado junto :x gracias pro la alegría que nos brindas :x benditos sean esos momentos en que miramos a las chiquillas lindas con sus melonsitos Grandes ;$ Uff que mojable esos momentos :x uy weon que mas me queda decirte :x puta weon te quiero :x eres como un hermano :x y te lo digo te corazón :x ahora a gozar este nuevo año que se viene con tuty ;x que se viene mejor que nunca ♥


Matias Alejandro Galvez : Weon eri un putasode peso :$ eres mi padre postizo $: weon puta 88 con bo siempre terminando ebrios 88, con bo conocí weas de otro mundo :x weas que nunca pensé que conocería, weas que me dejaron en estado de shock :X pero en fin :x a bo solo te gusta el webeo :x yo me quedo con el maty que ríe de todo :X el que da alegría :x el otro Uff ese lo diriges tu 88 nunca me arrepentiré de haberte conocido weon :x es que contigo la paso tan bien :x sorbe todo esos momentos que volvíamos ebrios de calamar tras tomas tantas chelas xd y siempre nos quedábamos los dos nomas 88 me contabas hasta tus secretos :| shock :x en fin respete cada momento :x eri lo mejor :x genial :x te Amo hijo de la Loca :z solo lo mejor para voce :x ojalas no te olvides nunca de tu Hijo o sea yo :$ jkdfgsf y cuidado con las guerras de ron :x y cuidado con pelarte enfrente mio 88 mira que ahora te pegare una para en los kokys :$ xd ya chao muere :$ <3


Bastian Alejandro Galvez Elgueta : Mee ex Floro Taty Famous y weas 88 igual nunca me acorde de tu wea de fotolog :x pero que le voy a hacer xd eras faralá y te creo si todos te conocen xd pero puta weon , igual formas parte de mi año culiao xd a pesar de que eres negro y usas base xd nunca serás un gringo blanco normal como todos :x vo eres un caso especial xd me rio de vo y no se eres tan directo con todos xd deberías cerrar el osico mejor :x puta weon igual hemos pasado weas juntos xd como la junta aburría de la otra vez 8--) cssmre y vo andabas con tu llavero xd el goma culiao xd que chucha masticable xd ya y nose eri terrible indu te va a dar cáncer y weas pro malo culiao :x y para de usar base asume que eres negro xd igual te quiero enjendro del mas alla :x :L y lo mejos para voce este año entrante ;D


Camila Andrea Morales Ceballo : Ricura :X mi Mafelica Hermosa Linda & Potona ♥ esque con tigo ;K Uyyyyyyyy te deseo siempre Te Amo te amo y no me canso de Decir que te Amo ♥ Lejos :X es que puro que solo vi tu Hermosa cara una sola ves :x es que aun recuerdo ese momento :X y te recibí con un abraso :X estaba muy Feliz :x después con los tomando :X asi Guacatela :$ y pero Uyyyyyyyy ahora te Amo :x sabes que mas de lo que tu Crees ++++++ ♥ eres una personica que en muy poquito tiempo logre enamorarme de tu persona :x Grr :x es que uy, es algo Difícil de explicar pero sin Duda lo mejor que ma ah pasado este año :X y solo me queda decirte que te quiero te adoro y te Re AMOOOOOO! :x ♥ y solo espero verte con ansias este 2011 que se viene con todo :$ y espero te quede Claro ;L que lo eres todo :x ♥ y cuando vengas cantaremos la canción que te gusta de camilo sesto :x :$ ♥ Uy ;L


Criatian Ignacio Castillo Alarcon : Haaaaay weon bo eri un caso tan especial :x nunca en mi vida creí que seria amigo de una persona como tu :x pero en fin todos somos personas igual :x no es mucho lo que podemos compartir po' tontuelo, ya que eres de fuera de santiago :c pero cuando vienes puta que la pasamos bien todos Juntos como hermanos miembros de una Iglesia ♪ bo que eri un pasado a RON :x wuijsdfsdfg chiste esa wea ty :x puta weon lo único que me queda decirte :X que Gracias pro todos esos omentos Felices que me has dado :x eres lo mejor :x y te ganaste un gran espacio dentro de mi :L igual tienes pinta de flaytefashon o una wea así :x fue mi primera impresión de ti antes de conocerte xd pero termino siendo de otra forma la historia :x en fin ♥ se te quiere mucho weon :x si se sabe que eres parte de la familia de santiago :L y siempre esrare para bo también :x pero no del todo :Z todo depende de que trate :$ xd y eso po' :x solo buenas vibras para voce este año que se viene sea el mejor te lo deseo yo :$ osea :$ xd :L


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Dayan Aylin Fernandez Espinoza : Uyyyyyyyyyy puro que Presiento que cambiaste de msn y me dejaste en el olvido :X pero aun seguimos en contacto por facebook ;L puro que te Adoro :x a pesar de que ya ni hablamos como lo solíamos hacer :x pero mi cariño hacia ti sigue en pies ♥ por que eres una persona muy especial ;L lejos :x demasiado L; y tus Ojos :X Uy Baba ♥ solo recuerda :X siempre estas presente en mi :Xxy ahora goza de un nuevo año mujer ;k que se viene mas cool que nunca ♥ te Amo :L


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Fotografía: Oscar Almeida

Wholesome but sexy, forthright and vulnerable, honest and energetic, Ginger Rogers was one of Hollywood's biggest stars of the Thirties and Forties. Not a great actress, as she was always the first to admit, she could handle both comedy and drama capably as well as sing and dance, and if her range was not as great as some of her contemporaries, her appeal and glamour were more down-to-earth than other screen heroines and thus easier to identify with. She would be remembered with affection now even if she had never danced with Fred Astaire. It is because she did, though, that she will have a special place in film history, a place that elevates her above many other actresses of the period just as popular and possibly more talented. Astaire and Rogers were, and are, quite simply the most famous dance team of all time.

Ginger was born Virginia Katherine McMath on 16 July 1911 in Independence, Missouri, but she quickly became known as "Ginger" when one of her young cousins had difficulty pronouncing her first name. Rogers was the surname of her mother's second husband. Ginger's mother Lela had always been attracted to show business, and when Ginger was five she was left with her grandparents in Kansas City while Lela went to Hollywood to pursue a writing career providing scripts (as Lela Leibrand) for silent stars such as Theda Bara.

Ginger had already appeared in some advertising films, and when Lela returned to Kansas as reporter and theatre critic for the Kansas City Post, she made sure her offspring met performers who were appearing in the city. Lela has often been described as the archetypal show-business mother, and Ginger herself always credited her with a major share of responsibility for her later success. Friends of theirs in Texas, however, have always claimed that Lela did not seriously push Ginger until the girl herself became irreparably stage-struck. This happened when Ginger, having studied dance since childhood, entered a local Charleston contest and won, going on to become champion Charleston dancer of Texas.

The prize included a vaudeville tour and Lela, taking over management of Ginger, hired the two runners-up to support her in a group called "Ginger and Her Redheads", with Lela supplying costumes and linking material. Later Ginger toured as a single, incorporating her speciality of monologues in baby-talk, then suddenly married another dancer, Jack Culpepper (against her mother's wishes), and they formed an act called "Ginger and Pepper". They separated after only a few months, and Ginger took her single act to New York, where she was spotted by the owner of the Mocambo night club, who recommended the newcomer to composers Kalmar and Ruby for their Broadway show Top Speed. As second female lead, Ginger stole a lot of the notices with her peppy rendition of "Hot and Bothered".

She had already been making one- and two-reelers at the Astoria studios in New York, and now she was offered a Paramount contract and made her feature debut in Young Man of Manhattan, starring Claudette Colbert. As an easy-going flapper, she uttered a line, "Cigarette me, big boy!", which became a popular catchphrase of the day and helped establish her name. Her first major break came with her casting as the lead in the Gershwin musical Girl Crazy on Broadway (1930), in which she introduced "Embraceable You" and "But not for Me". Her singing voice, never strong, came in for some criticism and the show was stolen by another newcomer, Ethel Merman, whose voice was anything but small.

Lela and Ginger decided that Hollywood was the place to pursue her future, and accepted a contract from Pathe. None of her early roles was memorable, however, until Warners cast her in 42nd Street. Besides being a landmark musical, it gave Ginger, as Anytime Annie ("The only time she said no, she didn't hear the question"), a chance to display her comic skills. She was now close friends with one of the studio's top film-makers, Mervyn LeRoy (it was strongly believed they would marry), and he cast her in an even stronger role in Gold Diggers of 1933, in which Ginger represented one of the cinematic icons of the Depression era when she opened the film clothed in gold coins singing "We're in the Money".

She was on the way to being typecast as a wise-cracking chorine in the Glenda Farrell-Joan Blondell mould when Dorothy Jordan, scheduled to play a featured role in RKO's Flying Down to Rio, married the studio boss Merian C. Cooper instead. Ginger was now under contract to RKO, so she was rushed into the film three days into shooting and found herself playing opposite Fred Astaire.

Rogers had met Astaire earlier when he had been brought in by Girl Crazy's producers to help out with the choreography and they had even dated a few times. Neither of them expected great things from the film they were about to make but as Astaire told her, "It'll be fun." Dolores del Rio and Gene Raymond were the film's romantic leads, but audience response to Fred and Ginger and their dancing of "The Carioca" was immediate.

While Ginger went on to other pot-boilers, and Fred to England to do The Gay Divorce on the West End stage, RKO started to plan more films for the team. The Gay Divorcee (title changed to placate Hollywood's production code) confirmed the team's magical chemistry and included the first of their classic romantic duets, "Night and Day". In a deserted ballroom, as Ginger crosses Fred's path to leave, he blocks her. Tentatively resisting, she bends her body with his and they start to glide across the floor. The harmony and sensual tension of this sequence is due in no small part to Ginger and demonstrates why she was the greatest of all Astaire's partners. Not only do they dance as one ("She could follow Fred as if one brain was thinking" said Ben Lyon), but Ginger acts the dance perfectly, never appearing to be revelling in the display of technique or conscious of anything other than the emotions of attraction and seduction implicit in the choreography. Katharine Hepburn's famed remark "She gave him sex, he gave her class" is true, but conveys only part of their magical chemistry.

The team's next, Roberta, had them again billed below the romantic leads (Irene Dune and Randolph Scott) but they had no trouble stealing the film. Because dialogue in their earlier films had been drowned out by cinema audiences applauding their numbers, RKO were careful in Roberta to follow all their dances with applause or laughter so that there was time for audience response.

Both Astaire and Rogers had raised objections to carrying on their partnership - Fred had long been paired with his sister Adele on the stage and now wanted to consolidate a reputation as a solo star; Ginger, though grateful for the good the films were doing for her career, wanted to be accepted as a straight actress. Her talents as a comic were already being appreciated - in Roberta she adopted a hilarious Polish-Hungarian accent to mimic Lyda Roberti, who had played the same role in the stage production, while "I'll Be Hard to Handle" in the same film was the first of the team's playful "challenge" dances, in which Ginger displayed her mischievously impish sense of humour - combined with the effortless technique that was in fact the result of weeks of work, the result was perfection.

Their next film was the first to be written directly for them (by Dwight Taylor) with new songs by Irving Berlin. Top Hat was the greatest film of their partnership, an enchanting combination of witty script, superb production values, hand-picked supporting cast and wonderful songs and dances. Their great romantic duet, "Cheek to Cheek", caused the one major rift between the two stars when Ginger insisted on wearing an ostrich-feather gown which "moulted" all over the set, besides creating some problems of manoeuvrability for Fred. Ginger had to enlist her mother, along with RKO's top brass, to persuade Fred to accept this, but when he was how well the number had photographed, he conceded its effect and thereafter would often refer to Ginger as "Feathers". Despite rumours to the contrary, both Ginger and Fred always insisted that their relationship was generally one of respect and friendship, though they were never close. "We had our differences," said Ginger later, "what good artistic marriage doesn't? - but they were unimportant."

Follow the Fleet (music also by Berlin) included Ginger's only solo tap routine in the series and she acquitted herself well. Swing Time (music by Jerome Kern), Shall We Dance? (Gershwin) and Carefree (Berlin) followed, though in between Ginger was making her mark in straight roles, notably as the caustic rival to Katharine Hepburn in Stage Door. In this witty and touching story of stage-struck hopefuls, Ginger was Hepburn's room- mate and whose brittle exterior conceals the fear of rejection, and she won particular praise for a deftly handled drunk scene. She also sparkled in Vivacious Lady as a cabaret singer who marries a professor and disrupts academia.

The films with Astaire had been full of treasurable musical sequences, such as Follow the Fleet's dramatic finale when the team enacted a shipboard romance between two suicidal strangers who meet and fell in love to the strains of "Let's Face the Music and Dance", ending with one of the most daring moments in screen choreography as the pair go into what many believe to be their finest and certainly their most emotionally powerful duet on an enormous art-deco set. Carefree's climactic number had Ginger literally under a hypnotic spell as she succumbed to Astaire's charms for "Change Partners".

Their scripts, though, had been getting weaker, and audiences were falling off, so The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939) was planned as the last Astaire-Rogers movie. A departure for the team in that it was both a period story and a true one (about the couple who pioneered ballroom dancing in America) with a tragic ending, it disappointed some at the time with its in-built restriction on the scope for the team's routines, but it is one of their finest all-round films and their dancing, though limited for the most part to displays of the Waltz, Tango, Mexixe, etc, is as exquisite as ever, their "Robert E. Lee" routine one of their most exhilarating. For Ginger, the final scene, in which while waiting for Vernon to join her in celebration she learns of his death, then reminisces about their years together as the orchestra reminds her of key melodies in their lives, was proof if needed that she could handle such tricky dramatic material without descending to bathos or banality.

One of Ginger's most fondly remembered comedies followed, Garson Kanin's Bachelor Mother, which included a brief "Charleston" but otherwise concentrated on Ginger's comic skills. The following year she made the film which firmly established her as a leading Hollywood actress and won her an Oscar, Kitty Foyle. Audiences had always found that they could identify with Ginger more easily than with many other actresses, and as the office girl who falls for a socialite but finally settles for an idealistic doctor from the same social background as herself, she induced so much empathy that stenographers all over America bought replicas of the white collar Ginger wore as Kitty.

Sent by her studio to meet stenographer fans in New York she arrived at Grand Central station wearing the simple white-collar outfit from the film, but by then every inch a star she was also wearing a diamond brooch, gold earrings and a mink coat. An enormous hit at the time, neither the film (directed by Sam Wood) nor Ginger's performance seem as impressive today, particularly considering that her rival nominees included Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn.

For Garson Kanin, Ginger did another good comedy, Tom, Dick or Harry, which Dilys Powell called "pure enchantment", adding that "one day we will be remembering Ginger as we now remember Mary Pickford and the Gish sisters." In Roxie Hart she had a bubble-cut and chewed gum in an amusing satire on justice in which, as a murder suspect, she had the jailers dancing the "Black Bottom" with her. Her best comedy of all is The Major and the Minor, Billy Wilder's first film as a director and pure joy as Ginger masquerades as a 12-year-old to travel half-fare, then has to sustain the impersonation at a military academy. Lela, still very prominent in Ginger's life and career, played her mother in this.

Ginger was now at the peak of her career but from the mid-Forties both her material and performances became inconsistent. Lady in the Dark (1944), adapted from the Broadway musical satirising the then fashionable craze for psychoanalysis, was Ginger's first film in colour and a huge success, not least for the publicity surrounding a stunning gown of mink and jewels in which the star performed "The Saga of Jenny", but most of the Kurt Weill- Ira Gerswhin score was cut from the film and Ginger, possibly trying to duplicate Gertrude Lawrence's stage portrayal of the confused heroine, seemed too confused for comfort. Ginger was also alienating a lot of Hollywood with her demands - she closed down the production of Lady in the Dark for three weeks in order to get married.

I'll Be Seeing You, a superior wartime weepie, and Weekend at the Waldorf, a glossy remake of Grand Hotel with Ginger in a more humorous reworking of the Garbo role, were big successes, but films such as Heartbeat, Magnificent Doll and It Had to be You had virtually ended her film career - when she was asked to partner Astaire once more. Judy Garland had withdrawn from The Barkleys of Broadway and Ginger happily stepped in to enact a story (a dance team breaks up when the female partner wants to be a dramatic actress) which bore a mild resemblance to hers and Fred's. In the rehearsal tap routine "Bouncin' the Blues" Ginger demonstrated that she could still keep up with the master even if some of the old spontaneity was missing. Their romantic duet to "They Can't Take That Away From Me", first sung by Fred in Shall We Dance?, recaptured the old magic as they swept languorously into and out of each other's arms. Ginger worked hard to make sure the public weren't disappointed in this reunion - she always believed in giving 100 per cent, and had tremendous energy.

"I detest idling," she once said, and both Astaire and Hermes Pan, dance director of the Astaire-Rogers films, attested to her professionalism and dedication.

Ginger Rogers's political views perhaps earned her more adverse criticism than any other aspect of her life. Like her mother, firmly right-wing, she campaigned for Richard Nixon when he ran for Governor of California in 1962, and during the McCarthy hearings Lela testified that Ginger had loathed making the 1944 film Tender Comrade about four war wives who set up house together, alleging that Ginger had insisted that the line "Share and share alike, that's democracy" be given to another actress. The director Joseph Losey, himself blacklisted, declared "Ginger Rogers was one of the worst, red-baiting, terrifying reactionaries in Hollywood," while her supporters argued that she merely followed her mother's lead and, according to one RKO employee, "I doubt that she could have told you the difference between the Republican and Democratic parties."


The Independent 26 April 1995


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Heather in her Christmas party outfilt, black velvet hotpants and a gold bra, both bought from a branch of Topshop in Ilford. She's coming up to her 46th birthday - Oscar Wilde could have based a story on this apparent lack of normal ageing!


I had bought the 17th century English Delft plateon the cupboard behind her in 1965, the year we met, from the spread Eagle antique shop in Greenwich. It now hangs in our Sussex cottage, miraculously unbroken by clumsy me. The Lloyd Loom chair, rather battered, is in our garden summerhouse.

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... Oh my! I discovered Anne Hathaway this evening. As I began to watch Rachel Getting Married, I didn't know a single performer in the movie. Kim was the leading lady and the heart of the whole narrative playing Rachel's sister who is just out of rehab for drug and alcohol dependency. At my age I'm not all that excited about "sexy" although it is still pleasant to the eye, but this girl carried the show. She is a superb actress, well within the class of Penelope Cruz, Eva Green and Lena Headey. Rachel Getting Married is a movie well worth seeing. Fortunately it's on Netflix, so I can go back and watch it over and over. Anne was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress for her performance in Rachel Getting Married, so I'm far from being alone in my excitement. Here are the Links ....


Anne Hathaway ...


Rachel Getting Married ...

Model: Olalla Figueiredo


“It is not the right angle that attracts me, nor the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. What attracts me is the free and sensual curve – the curve that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuous course of its rivers, in the body of the beloved woman” – Oscar Niemeyer


B -Tribe – Sensual sensual


You better be careful what you're asking for

I got a loaded gun and I've used it before

I said now, hey, little mama, let me give you a ride

I need another reason to feel dead inside

Don't ask me for my name, it's not a part of the plan

All you gotta know is I'm a dangerous man




On Him:

Hair - Dura, B76

Jacket - Deadwool, Oscar Coat

Suit - Deadwool, Peak Suit Wool


On Her:

Top -Tres Blah, Bella Tank Top in Nude

Skirt - Maitreya, Mini Skirt in Dark Leather

Shoes - Empire, Bottlebrush



[CX]&[ContraptioN] The Barrel Joint Skybox FULL SET



{theosophy} Beer Bottle

Peaches 'N Cream - CESP -Chips

[CX] Yan Deng - Silver


Her Pose:

Luxe, Ayanni 4


His Pose:

He made it himself....because he's amazing like that


His versions here:


and here:

Zachary is sunny and sexy american surfer, bestfriend of Rico Garcia.


Iplehouse Oscar the Addiction NS on Spiritdoll Proud body.


Wig, face-up, outfit - all made by Amadiz Studio

View across Dublin, rush hour traffic.

Long exposure shot across the Liffey.

Dutch postcard. Photo: Warner Bros.


American actress and dancer Virginia Mayo (1920-2005) is best known for her series of film comedies with Danny Kaye, including Wonder Man (H. Bruce Humberstone, 1945), The Kid from Brooklyn (Norman Z. McLeod, 1946), and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Norman Z. McLeod, 1947). The popular actress personified the dream girl or girl-next-door and audiences—particularly males—flocked to theatres just to see her blonde hair and classic looks on-screen in Technicolor. It made Mayo Warner Brothers biggest box office money maker in the late 1940s. Going against stereotype, Mayo accepted the supporting role of unsympathetic gold-digger Marie Derry in the Oscar winning drama The Best Years of Our Lives (William Wyler, 1946). Her performance drew favourable reviews from critics as the film also became the highest-grossing film in the US since Gone with the Wind. Later she appeared opposite James Cagney in White Heat (Raoul Walsh, 1949), Burt Lancaster in The Flame and the Arrow (Jacques Tourneur, 1950), and Gregory Peck in Captain Horatio Hornblower (Raoul Walsh, 1951). At the zenith of her career, Mayo was seen as the quintessential voluptuous Hollywood beauty: she "looked like a pinup painting come to life".


Sources: Wikipedia and IMDb.

Singer Miley Cyrus arrives for the 80th Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008. Watching Cyrus in background is her mother Tish Finley Cyrus. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Spanish postcard by Editorial Filkasol.


German-born Austrian Susan Denberg (1944) was a Bluebell dancer and Playboy Playmate who had a brief acting career in the 1960s. One of her few roles was as Peter Cushing’s beautiful new creation in the Hammer horror Frankenstein Created Woman (1967).


Susan Denberg was born Dietlinde Ortrun Zechner in Bad Polzin, Germany (now Polczyn-Zdrój, Poland) in 1944. She was the eldest of three children of Austrian-German parents, and grew up with her two brothers, Reinhard and Ulrich, in Klagenfurt in Austria. Her father operated several electrical shops there. At 18, she travelled to England to work as an au-pair. In 1963 she met a dancer of the Bluebell Girls and did an audition in Paris. She was hired for the chorus line and in 1964 and 1965, she performed in the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. There she met and married Latino singer Tony Scotti in 1965. She deserted the Bluebells for a movie career in Hollywood, and landed a co-starring role as a German girl on the TV series 12 O'Clock High (1964-1967). This ABC drama set during World War II was the television version of the Oscar winning classic Twelve O'Clock High (1949, Henry King) starring Gregory Peck. The following year, Zechner made her feature film debut with a supporting role in An American Dream (1966, Robert Gist). This trashy film drama, based on a Norman Mailer novel, starred Stuart Whitman and Janet Leigh. While working on this film, Warner Bros. held a nationwide contest to find Dietlinde a new screen name. They offered a $500 award to whoever came up with the best one. There were 5,000 entries, including ‘Norma Mailer’, but all were ultimately rejected. She herself came up with Susan Denberg. She was featured Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine's August 1966 issue. In her profile, Denberg stated that she had ambitions to become an actress. Denberg was later one of the finalists for the title of 1967's Playmate of the Year, though the title ultimately went to Lisa Baker. Denberg's best known screen appearance was in the Star Trek episode Mudd’Women (1966, Harvey Hart). She played one of the three mysterious and stunningly beautiful women of the title, who have an odd effect on all the male crew of the Starship Enterprise (except Spock, who looks on bemused), causing involuntary arousal.


Susan Denberg moved to England to play in Hammer Film's cult science fiction/horror film Frankenstein Created Woman (1967, Terence Fisher). It is the fourth film in Hammer's Frankenstein series with Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein and Denberg as his new creation. Where Hammer's previous Frankenstein films were concerned with the physical aspects of the Baron's work, the interest here is in the metaphysical dimensions of life, such as the question of the soul, and its relationship to the body. Frankenstein Created Woman is one of the most critically acclaimed Hammer films. Nick Faust at IMDb: “Within the confines of a Hammer movie's melodrama, Fisher, a classical stylist and at times a superb artist, often created magic. This is one of those times. The performances are all equally compelling. Cushing gives the Baron more texture here than in any of the other films, I think. Thorley Walters is a good foil, and his befuddled affection and respect for the Baron makes some of this really rather touching. Arthur Grant's photography has never been better. I urge viewers to watch the film with an open mind. This is not the usual horror film; it's more a fantasy, a fairy tale.” Martin Scorsese picked the film as part of a 1987 National Film Theatre season of his favourite films, saying "If I single this one out it's because here they actually isolate the soul... The implied metaphysics are close to something sublime." However, Denberg's voice in the film was dubbed as her Austrian accent was considered too strong. Denberg had become immersed in the drugs and sex life style of the 1960s. She divorced Tony Scotti in 1968. She left show business and returned to Austria. Newspapers reported at the time that Denberg was suicidal and stayed in mental homes. During the 1970s she also performed in Viennese nightclubs. Nowadays, Susan Denberg lives in Klagenfurt, Austria, under her real name, Dietlinde Zechner.


Sources: Ted Newsom (IMDb), Memory Alpha (IMDb), Nick Faust (IMDb), Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen,, Wikipedia (English and German) and IMDb.

Busker with electric guitar, Dublin City Centre.

French postcard by Humour a a la Carte, Paris, nr. ST-150.


Beautiful Italian actress Ornella Muti (1955) often appeared in sexy Italian comedies and dramas, but she also worked for such major European directors as Marco Ferreri, Francesco Rosi and Volker Schlondorff. English language audiences probably know her best as the sensuous Princess Aura in Flash Gordon (1980).


Ornella Muti was born in Rome in 1955 as Francesca Romana Rivelli, to a Neapolitan father and Estonian mother. She has an older sister, Claudia Rivera, who was a soap actress in the 1970’s. As a teenager, the Latin beauty modelled and she posed for illustrated novels. At 15, she made her film debut in the romantic melodrama La moglie più bella/The Most Beautiful Wife (1970, Damiano Damiani). In the following years she starred in such giallos (erotic thrillers) as Un posto ideale per uccidere/Oasis of Fear (1971, Umberto Lenzi) with Irene Papas, and erotic dramas as Appasionata/Passionate (1974, Gian Luigi Calderone) with Valentina Cortese. In Romanzo popolare/Come Home and Meet My Wife (1974, Mario Monicelli) she married her 33-year older godfather (Ugo Tognazi). Her international breakthrough was as the girlfriend of Gerard Depardieu in Ferreri’s shocking psychological drama La dernière femme/The Last Woman (1976, Marco Ferreri) about a man who mutilates himself drastically when the custody of his nine-month old son is threatened. It lead to more interesting films with well known directors including La Stanza Del Vescovo/ The Bishop's Bedroom (1977, Dino Risi) opposite Ugo Tognazzi, Ritratto di Borghesia in Nero/Nest of Vipers (1977, Tonino Cervi) with Senta berger, and I Nuovi Mostri/Viva Italia (1979, Mario Monicelli, Dino Risi, Ettore Scola) with Vittorio Gassman. The latter was a black comedy, comprised of nine short stories all related to the theme that most men are selfish cads. The film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign film. In America the film was promoted by a poster with Muti in swimsuit and a critic’s quote: “Ornella Muti is the best filled thing from Italy since ravioli”. In France, Muti starred with Alain Delon in the crime thriller Mort d'un Pourri/Death of a Corrupt Man (1977, George Lautner).


Ornella Muti made her British film debut as Princess Aura in Flash Gordon (1980, Mike Hodges), based on the classic sci-fi strip. In the 1930’s, this strip had been the basis for a more straight-faced adventure serial. In this Dino De Laurentiis production Flash's story was mined for exaggerated, cartoon humor by screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr., who had been a central figure in the similarly campy '60s Batman TV series. The sets are spectacular and the rock score by Queen is appropriately over-the-top. Although Flash Gordon is not a film to turn to for fine performances, Muti shines as the luscious princess of the planet Mongo who tries to lure the blonde hero (Sam J. Jones). IMDb reviewer colleran-2 writes: “Ornella Muti is simply unbelievable as Ming's gorgeous but deadly daughter. Replying to Flash's query as to whether he can use the telepathy machine to contact Dale with a perfectly candid, ‘If I showed you how. But I'm not going to.’” Back in Italy, she appeared with Adriano Celentano in the comedy Il bisbetico domato/The Taming of the Scoundrel (1980, Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia), and with Giancarlo Giannini in the Russian-Italian drama La vita è bella/Life is Beautiful (1981, Grigori Chukhrai). Then followed one of Muti’s greatest successes, Storie di ordinaria follia/Tales of Ordinary Madness (1981, Marco Ferreri), an adaptation of Charles Bukowski's roman à clef Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness. Nathan Southern writes at AllRovi: “Ben Gazzara delivers a gutsy, four-barreled performance as skid-row poet and storyteller Charles Bukowski (rechristened Charles Serking onscreen) (...); he eventually falls for a prostitute (Muti) who can express her affection only via self-mutilation. Ferreri lets Bukowski's ribald humor flow throughout and exposes the dark erotic currents at the heart of the author's narratives. Laced with perverse, shocking imagery, this unbridled celebration of life's dark underbelly has been praised by critics such as The New Yorker's Pauline Kael and Playboy's Bruce Williamson for its ‘genuine audacity and risktaking’.” It lead to the belated release of the Hollywood production Love and Money (1982, James Toback) with a nude Muti prominent on the poster. The film had already been completed in 1980, but was shelved. She co-starred in Un amour de Swann/Swann in Love (1984, Volker Schlöndorf), an ambitious attempt to film a portion of Marcel Proust's epic novel Remembrance of Things Past with Jeremy Irons as Charles Swann. Television fans were treated to her formidable presence in the TV movie Casanova (1987, Simon Langton) featuring Richard Chamberlain. That year she also starred in the Gabriel García Márquez adaptation Cronaca di una morte annunciate/ Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1987, Francesco Rosi) opposite Rupert Everett.


One of Ornella Muti’s most beautiful films is the Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope production Wait Until Spring Bandini (1990, Dominique Deruddere), based on a novel by John Fante. This film follows the trials of the Bandini family as they try to struggle through hard times in 1920’s Colorado. Muti plays the anxious mother, wife of Joe Mantegna. Her other English language films include the Sylvester Stallone comedy Oscar (1991, John Landis) and another comedy flop Once Upon a Crime (1992, Eugene Levy) with John Candy. In Italy, she appeared in the historical comedy Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa/Captain Fracassa's Journey (1990, Ettore Scola) with Vincent Perez, and loads of forgettable films. In France she appeared in the thriller L'Inconnu de Strasbourg (1998, Valeria Sarmiento), director Lucas Belvaux's trilogy: Cavale/Trilogy: One (2002) - Un couple épatant/Trilogy: Two (2002) - Après la vie/Trilogy: Three (2002), and the comedy Les Bronzes 3: Amis Pour La Vie/Les Bronzes 3: Friends Forever (2006, Patrice Leconte), but is probably best known for a TV commercial of Giovanni Panzani pasta. Ornella Muti has been married twice, to Alessio Orano, her fellow actor in moglie più bella/The Most Beautiful Wife (1975–1981), and Federico Facchinetti (1988–1996). Muti has three children. She has a daughter by Spanish film producer José Luis Bermúdez de Castro, Acaso Naike Rivelli (1974). She is also a model and actress and has a close resemblance to her mother. Muti has also a son, actor Andrea Facchinetti, and a second daughter, Carolina Facchinetti , both from her second marriage. In 1996 her grandchild Akash was born, daughter of Naike Rivelli. From 1998 till 2008, Muti lived with Stefano Piccolo, a plastic surgeon. Her latest fiancé is Fabrice Kerhervé. In 2008, Ornella Muti introduced her own line of jewellery. She opened new shops in Paris, Milan, Rome, Riga, Moscow and Almaty. She is also still active in the cinema. She appeared in Peter Greenaway’s The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 3: From Sark to the Finish (2003) with Roger Rees, The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 2: Vaux to the Sea (2004), and Peopling the Palaces at Venaria Reale (2007). Her latest release was the spaghetti western Doc West/Triggerman (2009, Terence Hill, Giulio Base) starring western icon Terence Hill and Paul Sorvino.


Sources: AllRovi, Wikipedia, and IMDb.

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