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Oscar Wilde


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Happy Purple Saturday !


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You have to be able to appreciate these things. How many people can say it was a full moon last night and appreciate it?

Sandy Miller




Something is so 100% romantic to be touched!




The Music makes a weak in a way that one becomes strong. Benny Andersen. Yes !!!!!!!!!!



Finally, it seems to be optimal full moon weather this evening, calm, clear weather and temperature about 5 degrees. So I run off to Egholm ferries sailing passengers, cars and freight over to a small island located in the fjord about 500 meters from Aalborg.

It was my intention to shoot the big Marina which is located here, as there are about 1 hour to Moonrise, I decide to go a long exercise round, also to find a location.

All sailing boats were pulled up on land, so now had to plan B implemented.

Both ferries were currently in port, so I asked the captain if he knew where the moon rose. He knew it, and I therefore went around the harbor area to find the best POV.

I did not think it was successful, so I stared up at an apartment block which was close to.

I could see that all the way up to the top floor was constructed an exterior fire escape,

So when I suddenly saw a giant moon rising, I rushed into the waiting room, fitted equipped and went up to the top platform where I took a series of pictures. Very exciting and wonderful with this great big moon, no wind and a mirror of water, particularly when there early evening were clouds.

As I stood in the splendid quiet full moon night,

came a kayak beets sailing silently to the port where the boat turned and sailed back.

The atmosphere was indescribably beautiful.

As I stand there in the quiet moonlight and sees moonrise reflected in the still water,

I become pervaded by a feeling similar to love.


The small island of Egholm is located in the fjord between Aalborg and Nr. Sundby. In just minutes you can be sailed from the ferry landing in Aalborg vestby over the fjord to the island of Egholm. The island covers about 605 hectares. and the highest natural point is just 1.5 meters above the surface of the fjord.

The majority of Egholm is cultivated, but there is still the opportunity to enjoy the original and beautiful scenery on the island.

Egholm Beach

Egholm Beach is a fine and very shallow beach and the short ferry route, the beach is not far from the center of Aalborg. Kayakers from Aalborg can easily dock here.

It has established a network of paths on the island, which shows around to the view points where there is a broad view over the Limfjord waters and the surrounding hills. The island is best explored on foot or by bike.


Weekend Showcase : 20th - 26th August

Right as you have noticed I've been less active recently. So what's been happening with me huh. Well I'm lacking inspiration lately. I guess it happens to all of you now and then. I thought I'd do something completely different to re energize my creative soul. I've decided to some home improvements. Starting by doing up my son's bedroom. After the wall paper falling of the hundredth time I finally have cracked it yay !! Oh and I forgot I had annual leave booked for this week and next week at work. So more time at home can't beat that !!


So why have you chose this to go in the Weekend Showcase uzzi ? Pretty simple didn't really have many to choose from. But I must say I love the tones in this one. Let's just say this is not the last you will see of Little Oscar the teddy bear.


So that's me done with waffling. Take care peeps !!

HWS !!

Day 239


His favorite spot. The dogs bed.

He sleeps here all day. Light from the laundry room streaming in.

Oscar is old.. about 16+ years old.

And sadly, is just not doing well any longer.

I wont let him suffer, so it may be a sad week around here.

Watching and loving him for the moment. ♥

Kennisis Lake Cottage life. Our boy "Oscar" posing for the camera :)

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inside the abbey Eberbach in Hesse, Germany.


it is an amazing place, but the best to visit it in summer.

in wintertime you will freeze your (/$&@ off


look HeRe for the official side of this place.


and HeRe the wiki link.


enjoy your friday and....

♪♪♫ L I S T e N ♪♪♫♪♪♫


~Oscar Wilde~


HBW guys ... wish you all a wonderful bokehlicious day! :)

I don't feel well, but I'm struggling here in the ofiice, cause I'm alone today!


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Explored ... #32! :)

Well on my lap next to a halogen heater actually. I don't seem to have put up any pics of Oscar for ages ... I think he's wondering what I'm playing at lying back in the chair with the camera on my chest to get the picture :)

(I bracketed down the exposure a little to darken out any room detail :)

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The Museum of Contemporary Art (in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro) was projected by the internationally reknown and centennial architect Oscar Niemeyer. Suggesting the shape of a flying saucer, it was built between 1991 and 1996, awaking love, admiration and curiosity. Landed on it´s promontory, the museum´s immaculate whiteness stands out against the backdrop where mother nature exaggerated in its beauty.


Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.

-Oscar Wilde-


© Christian Frölich

Christian Frölich Photography


Note: My images are posted here for your enjoyment only. All Rights are Reserved. Please contact me through flickr or at My Website if you are interested in using this image for any reason.


Fine art prints and stock images are available through My Website as well.


'Is This My Best Angle?' On Black



126. Romantic Moonrise atmosphere.




Camera: Sigma DP1 .

Exposure : 15 sec .

Aperture: 9.0.

Iso : 50


Tripod .

Processing: Sigma Pro/PhotoFiltre.



Spice Girls - The Return Of The Spice Girls 2007 - 2008 (FAN EDIT - FULL CONCERT!)

Joey Moe - Million


Spice Girls - Full Wembley Concert HD


The Music makes a weak in a way that one becomes strong. Benny Andersen. Yes !!!!!!!!!!




Tall Ships Race Aalborg 2015 second evening.

This evening and night it was my intention to shoot the 70 sailing ships from the 11th floor of the high building located at Limfjordsbroen. Full Moon picture no. 22, I photographed from the 11th floor, but I changed my mind when all the ships would be too small.

I therefore went onto the sidewalk pointing towards the center of Aalborg, where also the vast majority of ships were moored. I waited for the full moon as I hoped came into sight.

Late in the evening the fog lifted, and the moon rose with a slight red tinge.

I hurried to take pictures when the moon sometimes disappeared between the clouds.


The Tall Ships Races first took place in 1956. The aim was to create a regatta for the world's most beautiful sailing ships, where crew members could meet across nationalities.


Committee Sail Training Association (later renamed Sail Training International) was established and was responsible for the course.


The regatta was so successful that it has since been arranged in different ports around Europe. The Tall Ships Races is the world's largest annual race for school and training ships.


Each year, over 100 ships of the size from 30 to 300 feet with crews which combined represent 3.000 to 4.000 young people from about 30 different nations. on black, please...

..enjoy : Wolfgang Lohr, Miss NatNat & Artenvielfalt - Sunbelt Regret (Mollono.Bass Remix)...

@{-->-- ...thank you all very much my friends...:)))

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The Cathedral of Brasília (Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida) is the Roman Catholic cathedral serving Brasília, Brazil, and serves as the seat of the Archdiocese of Brasília. It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and was completed and dedicated on May 31, 1970. The cathedral is a hyperboloid structure constructed from 16 concrete columns, weighing 90 tons each.

The exterior of the cathedral resembles the circular plan and ribbed structure of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, but the latter is clad in solid material, while the Cathedral of Brasília allows light in and out for almost the full height of the ribs.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Giselle Diefendorf-"ashians" are all getting ready to go to the Oscars. And of course, they are bickering over who looks the best!!


Sorry if you have been tagged already...or just dont want to participate...I'm still learning how to navigate flickr!!

✺ Oscar-winning Greek composer Vangelis (Papathanasiou) has been commissioned to write three musical numbers for the Rosetta ESA mission.

✺ The Singing Comet 67P/C-G & Rosetta Space Mission :

✺ ESA : "Today,14 Nov. 2014, we have made space history!"


✺The deep blue Aegean and Ionian waters,the stately Mountains and the Rocks send electromagnetic waves and signals to Vangelis and he transforms them into musical scores ♬♬(◦'⌣'◦)♬♬ ...


✺The world-renowned musician, Vangelis composes a piece of music specially for European Space Agency and inspired by the Rosetta mission.The Greek composer Vangelis' music is often linked to themes of science, history and exploration, and he is best known for his Academy Award–winning score for the film Chariots of Fire as well as composing scores for the films Antarctica, Blade Runner, 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Alexander.


✺ PS : My photo-collage is created from 2 photos I blended and which I had taken in the Greek island of Paxos-Paxi.


✺ Dedicated to the Greek composer Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou and To the Greek astrophysicist and NASA Senior Planetary Scientist,Thanasis Economou.The Greek scientist has received an award by NASA for his longtime contribution to space research.


✺ ✺✺Thanks kindly my friends for all comments and faves ✺ ✺ ✺


And this one dedicated to all my beloved friends with Love and Respect :


Vangelis - Mythodea - for the NASA Mission Mars Odyssey 2001


This is Melody and her boyfriend Oscar. They are probably the best couple in our school. Everyone loves the both of them and agress that theyre so cute together. (I call them romeo and juliet) But Melody is moving to Atlanta and we are all really sad. So hopefully this winter break and homecoming we will see her. I have been bestfriends with this girl for four years already and I am going to stay friends with her. Its called facebook. lmfao. I WILL MISS YOU MELODY !!!



This shot was taken on my terrace on the first day Junior started turning up. He immediately took a shining to me and would try to come indoors when he saw me as well as coming right to my feet when I was outside. Too cute!


Papa Oscar was also quite the character and so entertaining, that I decided to give him and Hector Senior, the European wood mouse, their own little companion booklet for the fifth book in the upcoming picture series, "Flaushi the Buddha Jay."


Just like Papa Oscar, Junior would only come during the day and when it was sunny, bouncing around my terrace for hours at a time. And, like the other rodents and songbirds, he never left behind a trace and was super neat. But, unlike Papa Oscar, he just had to make off with all of Flaushi's peanuts. No matter how hard I tried to tell Junior to share, it was the all you can eat buffet for him. Alas, even giving him his very own pile, was still not enough for him.


So, after 6 weeks of the songbirds being super stressed out about Junior and the tiny wren along with a great tit chasing Junior all over the terrace one morning, I ended up successfully relocating Junior to a wonderful wild wooded area complete with a lake.

~Oscar Wilde~


Happy perfect purple Saturday guys! :) Well really soft purple, but purple it is! :D


I'm a bit busy today, but I know it's gooonaaa be a great day! :D


Wish you guys a wonderful Saturday!


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Explored ... #23! :)




Leonard Cohen ~ Dance Me To The End Of Love





Yes! Now we are going out dancing!


Remember The 80's - Viva Disco Videomix


Camera galleries:

Sigma DP1 Las Vegas photo gallery | LetsGoDigital

Nights - Nikon D7200 - YouTube

Apples Macbook Air er den mest pålidelige bærbare computer på markedet i dag.


You have to be able to appreciate these things. How many people can say it was a full moon last night and appreciate it?

Sandy Miller


In connection with my planned shooting from the top floor of the sea rescue building in Hirtshals, I photographed building with Rescue boat MARGRETHE Gaardboe lying in the harbor in front of the building. I had made 12 pieces 20x30 cm copies, which I gave them.

I have already called Rescue station and asked in a friendly tone for permission to climb to the top floor to photograph. It is OK . I had been told I would find the key to the station, so I drove well in advance to find out where the port was Moon rise.

I let me in, and inside was a whopping Rescue car which the crew uses to rescue drive. On the left side of the room there was a closet with 12 pieces. Rescue suits they use when they are sailing on the ocean.

It is extrem dangerous work and life is at stake with this work in huge waves !.

Since it smelled strongly of gasoline, I hurried and on the upper floor, where a quantity

equipment with lit computer screens stood. I moved some things on the windowsill and opened one of the windows completely. It was not yet dark, and a large seal lying on the beach. A few fishing boats sailing in and out of the harbor.

Soon there Moonrise, and when there is calm weather, I hope for sharp images.

I took many pictures and drove home after an exciting full moon trip.


Hirtshals - a unique geographic hub

Hirtshals has a unique geographical location only 20 minutes by boat from shipping routes between the west coast of Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and the Baltics, close to some of Europe's best fishing spots, and just at the start of the European motorway network.


Hirtshals location combined with an efficient infrastructure and a good logistics system to make the port a natural focal point for transport, fisheries, offshore and maritime service.


Dana, Danish research vessels. In 1920, the first named Dana - a motor schooner made ​​available by the EAC, with this ship carried the first of Dana-expeditions 1920-22. Since then, three ships have borne the name. Dana II carried out in 1928-30 one thousand leagues who helped to consolidate Denmark's position as havforskningsnation. Dana II sank in the North Sea in 1935 after the collision. Dana III was launched in 1938 and served in the following approx. 40 years until it was sold in 1977. Dana IV, launched in 1980, is a modern research ship of 2,500 GRT, designed for sailing around the world. The ship has a crew of approx. 18 and space for 10-16 researchers. Dana is connected to the Danish Institute for Fisheries Research and stationed in Hirtshals.

The term "sciuscià" appeared in Italy while the country was occupied by US forces during the last years of WWII (1944-1945), when it was common for several young italian boys to earn few moneys by cleaning the shoes of US soldiers, who usually referred to them as "shoeshine boys" or "shoe shiners", which in italian sounds like "sciuu-sciain(er)", leading to the italianized term "sciuscià".


"Sciuscià" is widely known as it is the original title of an italian movie, directed in 1946 by Vittorio De Sica, about two shoeshine boys trying to find the money to buy a horse. Regarded as De Sica's first major work, it was the first italian movie to receive an "Oscar" in 1948: it was an "Honorary Academy Award", the precursor of what would later become the "Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film".

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Bonnie & Clyde, Lennon & McCartney, Whiskey & Soda, Starsky & Hutch, Laurel & Hardy - it's all about having the right partner...


OK - we have two new cats, well kittens actually. One of our Persians died recently and his remaining Brother 'Oscar' has been down-in-the-dumps ever since. So we figured that having a couple of delinquent kittens would at, worst, take his mind off moping around, or better still, cheer him up.


So far Oscar is undecided, he's swinging somewhere between disgust, and mild apprehension - not quite the emphatic welcome we were hoping for, but the new boys have bags of personality and seem set on converting him to their new cause...


Here they are just moments after arriving in their new home. They just love those polished wood floors - great for sliding tackles.


All of the following photos are taken in very low light - hence the grainy image quality (which fortunately I like).

Greetings from The Red Carpet, a spectacular night of glitz n’ glamour at The 2014 Academy Awards in Hollywood. A magnificent gala in fantasyland and the perfect place to strut your stuff.


It's so good to be back, missed ya', once again, many thanks for keeping in touch while I was away. Your visits and comments are always welcomed and appreciated. I will do my best to catch up in the next few days.


Wishing you a special day.


Oscar sunning himself on the deck three and a half weeks after his leg operation




Sigma DP1

Iso: 50

Exposure: 15 sec

Aperture: 8,0



Processing: SigmaPro/ PhotoFiltre.


At the harbor house are many people waiting for the fireworks



Chris Rea ~ Driving Home For Christmas (1986)


The activities stretched over 3 days, but I decided to wait to go where it was full moon.

I ate first and did not leave until 2030 and without a car, as it is nice with a long walk along the harbor. I usually take the scenery from the top of a high-rise building at the bridge, but I was afraid the ships looked too small, so I went close to the ships. First I went up to a balcony in the newly built Music House at the harbor, but too little forgrund so I went again. A young music student tried to stop me at the entrance, but I managed to persuade him even if the closing time approached.

The start of the fireworks approached, and I placed myself at the UTZON CENTER,

Where 2 big sailboats lay moored here the huge Russian MIR.

Next to me, I saw a young woman's foot dangerously close to a tripod leg, so I had to keep an eye on it. Suddenly there was a man who said: Your stand is completely crooked!

It was correct what he said, but the horizon of the camera was not crooked.

I knew him already, so we agreed to meet up on the bridge where the picture was taken.

On my way there I walked past a stand where a singer and an orchestra played.

Suddenly I encountered a young woman who made me aware that the full moon had risen.

That was correct, so I hurried with the camera on the stand up on the bridge, where the full moon was very beautiful, but when I was going to take the picture, some clouds came.

However, I took many pictures as there were also many mirrors.

It was over midnight, so when I got past the restaurant ship PRINSES JULIANA,

I could not help going out on the newly constructed wooden bridge by the ship.

I took a number of pictures at different angles, and then went home along the beautiful waterfront. When I got home, I cleaned the equipment and went to bed for a couple of hours over midnight after an exciting photo tour.

New trending GIF tagged oscars, academy awards, christopher nolan, wwii, cartuna, world war ii, dunkirk, aeroplane, best picture, fionn whitehead, fighter aircraft, spitfires via Giphy

Credits @


Location: Ison


ps..having computer/firestorm issues..doing my best to resolve the issues <333



Camera: Sigma DP1

Exposure: 15 sec.

Aperture: 8.0

Iso: 50



Processing: SigmaPro/ PhotoFiltre.



Michael Buble feat. Laura Pausini - You will never Find - Caught in the Act

I think you touched when you hear the song !!!!!!!!!! Yes !!!!!!!!!!


On 19 September 2013 was the full moon, but unfortunately cloudy.

The following day however, there was absolutely no wind, almost cloudless, and when the moon this evening got up almost at the same time as the sun went down, I decided to take to Sæby to photograph the beautiful harbor, where almost only yacht.

The highest point overlooking the harbor was FRANKS restaurant, which is located right on the harbor. Here I was allowed to go through the restaurant, where there was a lot of people and ate the most fish board. I went out on a porch where I an hour standing on a stable table and photographed.

It was getting dark and I walked at a fast pace back to the car with the camera on a heavy tripod. Suddenly I met a group of young women who definitely was ready to talk and asked me to photograph them. I had no time and quickly went on. Suddenly shouted one of the women that I had to photograph her ​​naked, but I was unfortunately still on. Later I wondered whether it might be too much liquor they had received. But over by the car park was now completely dark, lit only by street lights and moonlight. In the harbor there was two fish vessels, and there really was calm now with reflections and blue moonlight, I took a number of pictures.

-Oscar Wilde


Well, I'm back... yet again. :P





Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.....Oscar Wilde


Camera: Sigma DP1

Exposure: 15 sec.

Aperture: 8.0

Iso: 50



Processing: SigmaPro/ PhotoFiltre.



Michael Buble feat. Laura Pausini - You will never Find - Caught in the Act

I think you touched when you hear the song !!!!!!!!!! Yes !!!!!!!!!!


Restaurant ship PRINSES JULIANA Aalborg Denmark I have photographed so many times that I decided to photograph it from a tall building with the bridge in the foreground. One of the apartments closest to the bridge at the top, I tried to get permission to photograph from the balcony. It did not succeed. A business in the basement could inform me that I should try asking in a bakery around the corner.

Here I tel and the name of a lady who lived at the top and had 5 balconies.

The one I called and was allowed to come at a time when she was at home.

Since then, an evening with almost cloudless sky, I called her and got the license.

I took 15 pictures, chose the best and sent it to the kind lady who helped me.

I also sent a picture to the owner of the restaurant ship PRINSES JULIANA, and to the owner of Harbour House.

They bought them, PRINSES JULIANA put it immediately into facebook and Cover picture on the website here.


New trending GIF tagged oscars, academy awards, christopher nolan, wwii, cartuna, world war ii, dunkirk, aeroplane, best picture, fionn whitehead, fighter aircraft, spitfires via Giphy

After a few days of inactivity due to a bad flu, oScar needed a really good coffee from Koenig Georges ... but ... voilà... he wasn't able to turn the coffee holder and he didn't get his coffee ....


This is one of my best revenge for what he did to my stove !!!! ah ah ah ah !!! :-)))

I don't think it will be the better alternative choice ... oScar don't be able to push my car more than 1cm per hour .... and I won't be home until the night to watch my favorite movie !!!!


For the story behind : it toke me 4 weeks to find the ideal spot and weather to do this shot!!


Winner of the week in Project366 ... .......thx!


Explored : 02.06.2008 ... thx again!


-Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as most favorited.

[Best Viewed in SLIDESHOW mode] Oscar doing his best 'Blue Steel" for the camera, while waiting for his butler to prepare his pilchards just the way he likes them.


The shallow depth of focus from the 85/1.2 really works wonders on fur like this...

Best large on black


The title comes from the song "Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine," a song from the musical Show Boat, music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Here is the song from the 1936 film version.

Looks much better with B l a c k M a g i c


From my 2005 collection.


USS Lexington, known as "The Blue Ghost", is one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. The ship, the fifth US Navy ship to bear the name, is named in honor of the Revolutionary War Battle of Lexington. She was originally to have been named Cabot, but she was renamed while under construction to commemorate USS Lexington (CV-2), lost in the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942.

Lexington was commissioned in February 1943, and served in several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations, receiving the Presidential Unit Citation and 11 battle stars for World War II service. Like many of her sister ships, Lexington was decommissioned shortly after the end of the war, but was modernized and reactivated in the early 1950s, being reclassified as an attack carrier (CVA), and then an antisubmarine carrier (CVS). In her second career, she operated both in the Atlantic/Mediterranean and the Pacific, but spent most of her time, nearly 30 years, on the east coast as a training carrier (CVT).

She was decommissioned in 1991, remaining active longer than any other Essex-class ship, and was donated for use as a museum ship in Corpus Christi, Texas. Lexington was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2003.


Sunday morning Bessie and Oink the pig woke up to 1.7 inches of new fluffy snow .

The Academy awards is about to begin ......and many movies, actors , and so much more all hoping to win a coveted Oscar award.


Oink had pigged out on some peanut butter so Bessie needed to take him out in the white fluffy snow and clean him up for the big night of awards.


Oink & Bessie ready for the Oscars hosted by our favorite late night host Jimmy Kimmel. There are many good movies out this year but I'm pulling for Hacksaw Ridge for Best picture. A true story and what a story it is.


It's Oscar time ......

taken @ china west


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well it's serene actually, but i called him oscar because no matter how many of these i did - various colours, textures, and even shapes - this one wouldn't let go, and in my world people like that are called oscar :))

Dedicated To Kathryn Bigelow

It is surprising that no woman has won the Oscar award for Best Director in the history of the Academy Awards until yesterday. Kathryn Bigelow entered the history by becoming the first woman to bag the award at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Bigelow has beaten her ex-husband James Cameron, who was also in the race for Best Director for his film Avatar.

Best Ideas For Makeup Tutorials






Diorshow – Mono Eyeshadow in Meteore | Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2016 Makeup Tutorial, check it out at makeuptutorials.c…


- #Makeup

july09-© all rights reserved. Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission ~ thank you !

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seen in EXPLORE.17.7.09


# Hellenium /Sonnenbraut - Schwebefliege / Hoverfly/ Syrphidae


BauschkeBear sais .."Beautiful shot! I love how you can see right through the bugs wings! "


~ wish us all a sunny friday~


Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. (Quote by Oscar Wilde)

Oscar is a Birman cat I already have for over 15 years now. Time has passed very fast but I am very happy to still have him with me. He is the most humble and well behaved cat I have ever seen.

~Oscar Levant


Borrowed purple for today. I was all out so I went over to the neighbour's and borrowed a cup. She only keeps the best, yes? Yes! I resisted asking if I could dunk the flower under the tap for droplets. I did not want to appear too strange.



Enjoy your Sunday!


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ill edit later im watching the oscars :)



Kay so as i promised. i was going to edit after the oscars. well the oscars were over last night (2-27-11). so im doing the ten things i hate TODAY (2-28-11)



10 things i HATE.

1. BUGS. ALL TYPES. they DISGUST ME. i freak out when there is a fly around me, especially the big fuzzy ones.

2. when my naps are longer than 20 minutes and i end up sleeping for 3 hours and cannot fall asleep at night.

3. homework.

4. when my dads in a pissy mood and yells at me for stupid reasons like closing my bedroom door.

5. When people on flickr just add me to build their contact list.

6. LIARS! i cannot stand lying. what is the point of it? little lies are acceptable, but lying compulsively is so stupid. for ex. my cousin... she made up having cancer. WHO LIES ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! cancer though. psh.

7. my teeth. i have so many F*ckin cavities. ugh... FML ):<

8. the fact that i go to an all girls high. DRAMA DRAMA all day everyday.

9. When teachers force you to do stupid things in class just to annoy you. like today.. our student teacher wanted me to dance and sing. F* out of here... im not doing that so i told her i had cramps... which i did :)

10. riding the bus... people tend to be very obnoxious..

I COULD GO ON :). but tens the limit haha

11. OKAY! ONE MORE,, FAKE PEOPLE!. not plastics.. just people who are fake and nasty.

im tagging those who tagged me :)

"The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal."

- Aristotle


"A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband."

- Michel Euquem De Mountaigne


This composition is dedicated to amazing photographer and my Flickr contact from Spain - Regina Martinez, whose unique artistic vision and talent I truly admire.


Sunday, February 24 - is Oscar ceremony. So this image has also second meaning - glamorous modern family (beautiful trophy wife, old but rich husband and fruits of their love) in a spotlight on the red carpet at the Oscar.


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