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bar and restaurant in key west

Oscar came for a visit today...

Halden, Norge


For more doors and windows see my album Doors & Windows



Well on my lap next to a halogen heater actually. I don't seem to have put up any pics of Oscar for ages ... I think he's wondering what I'm playing at lying back in the chair with the camera on my chest to get the picture :)

(I bracketed down the exposure a little to darken out any room detail :)

Oscar playing in a big puddle!

Oscar settling down with a nice stick.

Haven't posted a dog photo for a while so I thought it was high time I did.

I like this church much more from the outside than from the inside! So I upload another extrior view from the Church of Oscar. This is the main entrance.


If you're interested in this church's history... [The Church of Oscar]


HDR made from three handheld shots, AEB -2, 0 +2. Equipment: Canon EOS 500D and EF-S10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM. Processed with Photomatix Pro 4.0, Photoshop Elements 7.0, Topaz Adjust 4 and Noise Ninja.


Please don't use my photos without my permission!


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Oscar is waiting for a home at Cardiff Dogs

For any of my friends who have followed me, I can't believe the youngest grandson is now 5. His birth picture is still going around all over the world in places beyond my imagination. But his is what he now looks like. We had a wonderful afternoon with legos and birthday cake :)


The birth shot:


by Carol, on Flickr">


Niterói - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


Foto disponível para licenciamento pela Getty Images


MAC - Museu de Arte Contemporânea, obra de Oscar Niemeyer em Niterói que tem o Pão de Açúcar ao fundo - RJ


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Oscar, el perro de nuestra amiga Natalie

Oscar "zeta" Acosta meet the reptilians_

Del proyecto aún clasificado como super-secreto y titulado por ahora "Spockalipsis"

A strange hair do for Oscar!

Oscar, Bullmastiff, 2.

Oscar Fredriks church, Gothenburg, Sweden

Oscar Niemeyer tribute

Cuik One

Oscar B. Castillo documented the bloody reality of gangs and riots in Caracas during Hugo Chávez's electoral campaign: His full reportage can be found in the latest issue of LFI, now available through the LFI app on iTunes :


Oscar is a Birman cat I already have for over 15 years now. Time has passed very fast but I am very happy to still have him with me. He is the most humble and well behaved cat I have ever seen.

Oscar At The Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, California

My friend was ordering some Oscar eyes so I jumped at the opportunity to join her order! I wasn't sure what to expect because I haven't seen any real closeups of the eyes, but WOW. YOU GUYS. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I find it really hard to capture in photos, but in person they are SOOOO GORGEOUS. ;____; A lot of the eyes have tons of stuff in them, but the ones I got are very plain. The pupils are little gems and the irises kind of shift between pink, green, and blue. They are so pretty omfg ;__;


In an attempt to show the glittering effect of the eyes, I made a gif, but it failed to really show off the eyes. The gif still turned out pretty cool, though:

Every Awards season, you have your daring risk takers on the red carpet. The ones that push the envelope, and walk the line between good taste, and "what was she thinking?"


Karen Aldridge is this year's candidate. While there's no doubt that her body is bangin', maybe she should have spent a little less on her personal trainer, and used that money to hire a stylist.


Her VERY body conscious red dress is from Kaithleen's, and is known as the "Witch" dress. Probably because you need a spell (or at least a lot of tape) to keep it from falling down.


No doubt Bonnie Matthews (in ice blue from Just Because) and Madeline Conner (in royal purple from Zaara) are talking about the very same thing.


(All the (fictitious) characters in the picture are portrayed by me. And I personally think that dress - while not something I normally wear - is quite unique and pretty amazing, so the snark above is meant to sound like something you'd read on a fashion blog.) ;o)


This is for Harper Ganesvoort's 8th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest. If you'd like to participate, you can find the rules here:

Oscar, como mañana es tu cumple mis chicas y yo queremos desearte muchisimas felicidades, fijate que ellas te han preparado un pastel de cumpleaños y hasta querían encenderte las velas para que soplaras, menos mal que las he pillado a tiempo y les he podido quitar las cerillas, si no quién sabe que habría pasado!!!! ja,ja,ja


Que pases un feliz día y espero que mañana llegue "la 200" :D

General Oscar Wergeland statue in Ravnedalen, Kristiansand. via 500px

I have big round eyes

I love treats & cuddles

I love playing with other dogs & my toys

I am a Schnoodle and my name is Oscar

Don't you think I am cute?


This is Oscar Brown (84), possibly the coolest, most interesting dude I know.

He was good friends with my Dad ever since I was a little kid, and I grew up listening to these crazy stories he would tell me and my brother about his life. No matter how far-fetched and ridiculous they were, we always believed them. Whether it was about him getting his leg blown off in Vietnam or about him hanging out with Nat King Cole we believed whatever he said.


One of the stories that I remember the most is that he was born to a royal family in Africa, and that he was actually an African prince. I thought this was true up until a few years ago when I realized that he was actually just an insanely good story teller.


Anyways, a few months ago Oscar's health started getting pretty bad. He found out that he had cancer spreading throughout his body and that he couldn't get out and do the stuff that he liked doing anymore. So he decided that he would just move back to California where his family was. Before he left, I told him that I wanted to take some photos of him. And this was exactly what this shoot was for, I just wanted to remember this awesome dude the way I thought of him as a kid.


A few more from this shoot will be up later tonight on the blog, be on the lookout.

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Oscar is a survivor. I found him one snowy winter evening outside my apartment in North Bergen, NJ. He was a bit skittish at first but friendly for a stray and really sweet. His poor nose had frostbite damage and there were a few broken teeth but otherwise he was ok.

That was 11 years ago.

PB Einstein in large softbox, above subject.

Fired by Pocketwizards

Oscar is waiting for a home at Cardiff Dogs

Diese Oscar Wilde Skulptur im Merrion Square Park, einem der historischen Georgian Squares in Dublin, wurde von Danny Osborn, einem irischen Künstler 1997 gestaltet.


Oscar Wilde Sculpture located at the corner of Merrion Square Park, in one of Dublin’s five historic Georgian squares, created by Danny Osborne, an Irish sculptor in 1997.

Oscar and Dexter, my 2 favourite mini people. I thought Id ran all the major emotions in life by now but becoming a granddad has given me a whole new outlook

DB Schenker 92 025 " Oscar Wilde" is leavin central station Sofia towards Iliyantsi

Oscar enjoying the dogs bed!! First come is his way of getting the bed first.

Oscar is waiting for a home at Cardiff Dogs

Oscar is waiting for a home at Cardiff Dogs

Oh, I will miss the little guy! His new owner stopped by and took him home with him. I am very excited about this owner, who has owned several cats before and currently has another cat named Jim. It is someone I know and see fairly regularly - my plumber! So hopefully I will be able to get regular updates.


I do have a few more pictures of Oscar that I just have to share, but not today, as I am way behind on my commenting, but it will give you something to look forward to.

August 28 2009 (DSC_0857)

Irish Ferries Oscar Wild tucked up for Christmas 2015 in Dublin.


Oscar operated an unusual Dublin- Cherbourg sailing today due to stormy seas around Rosslare, the weather here in Dublin not much better, despite the calm above, the seas can be a dangerous place.

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