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:copyright: Copyright 2016, All rights reserved. Do not copy or otherwise reuse my photos.


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:copyright: Copyright 2016, All rights reserved. Do not copy or otherwise reuse my photos.


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:copyright: Copyright 2016, All rights reserved. Do not copy or otherwise reuse my photos.


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Fireworks at Epcot! Great show! A must see! :)

That's a simple shot, sure, but i was trying the ISOs of my new stuff. A D300s. I enjoying too much. Here a good shot (sharp/colors/details) with a ISO 800.

Orlando, FL, USA.

:copyright: Copyright 2016, All rights reserved. Do not copy or otherwise reuse my photos.


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Orlando, FL.


Here's another shot of downtown Orlando from a different angle.

Taking long exposures while there is a lightning storm has it's benefits, like here, where sheet lightning occured during my attempt to photograph International Drive, orlando, from the Quality inn Plaza. Incidentally this is another lost shot re-upload.


Explored #278

Downtown Orlando taken from Geico parking garage

Just to check the skies over other cities i decided to take a spin to Orlando. i had a feeling that i would find dark & cloudy skies. i should have wished for something better :)

Next morning when i woke up to my surprise the sky was showing some amazing colors. within no time i was on my favorite spot on Lake Eola. The sunrise did cooperate and got some amazing colors glow on the sky. BUT within few minutes everything was vanished and nothing but dull skies oh well i got my goodies :)


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Orlando, FL


Took this from the Amway Center parking garage. Had to pay to access then pray that I didn't get run off by security for not having a permit to shoot. Was nervous because I had to keep my camera set for about an hour to capture all the exposures needed for the image I wanted to create.


Thanks for looking!

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Opened May 2015, the 400ft Orlando Eye ferris wheel is the largest on the east coast.

A new renovated Planet Hollywood Observatory opened here at Disney Springs. Disney has done so many upgrades to this location including new parking garages and theme restaurants.

A Panoramic view of the Orlando skyline from Lake Eola.

Frontierland first appeared in Disneyland as one of five original themed lands. Conceived by Walt Disney, the land did not initially contain many attractions, but centered on open expanses of wilderness which could be traversed by guests via stagecoach, pack mules and walking trails. The Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland opened in 1960, consisting of a sedate train ride around various western landscape dioramas. The Mine Train closed in 1977 to make way for a new attraction; the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which opened in 1979.


Disneyland also once had a Marshal's office, honoring Waillard P. Bounds, Walt's father-in-law, who was actually a U. S. Marshal. Disneyland's Frontierland gateway is constructed of ponderosa pine logs. The land's long shoreline along the Rivers of America is considered a prime viewing location for the nighttime Fantasmic! show. The docks to both the Mark Twain Riverboat and the Sailing Ship Columbia, (a replica of American explorer Robert Gray's 18th century ship that circumnavigated the globe) are located here, and Tom Sawyer Island in the river's center is also considered a property of Frontierland


Frontierland's buildings have lots of detail too. On the roof of the Westward Ho Trading Co., there are elk or deer antlers. Elk antlers were commonly placed on general stores in the old west so cowboys coming into town immediately knew where to get supplies. Also in Frontierland is a building that has a large sign that says "Laod Bhang Co. Fireworks Factory". Plus, at the storefront marked "Crockett and Russel Hat Co.", you'll find a window honoring Fess Parker, who played Davy Crockett in Walt Disney's Davy Crockett. Frontierland borders Fantasyland (via the Big Thunder Trail), New Orleans Square and Adventureland, and connects to the Central Plaza through an iconic set of fort-style gates.


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Taken this morning before getting kicked out by security

This is a reupload of my previous photo:, on Flickr in order to meet the requirements of the Yahoo Weather group.

I tried to visit most everyone over the weekend, and failed - sorry if I missed you. I'm so busy with work and my graduate course. Sorry - I'll keep posting, but my visits are really only active on weekends now (course goes until the end of June). Hope you understand.


Now part of my "Explored" set.


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Heading home tomorrow, sitting out watching our last sunset before we pack up and head back to the big city.


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Back in black...and white!

Universal Orlando


An alternate view of an earlier shot of Universal Orlando's skyline

March 30, 2011. Tilly's first day back!

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