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macromonday-- any office worth its salt has gift wrapping supplies tucked away

for the last minute gift for co-worker who is having a birthday ~grin~

(do ya like the way i danced around that one?? ~grin~)

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this guy was wandering around the office the last few days -- people would pick him up, give him a good squeeze, and put him back down.


he's not mine, but i'm thinking he needs a name. help me think of a suggestion?


on the blog:




2009.05.23 - If you are curious, do view on black


It's me again and this time behind the window... haha...


I'm taking a break now. Exhausted working from home, plus my office laptop harddrive crashed... really made me pissed, i don't have a copy of my program!!!... waaaaah... Anyway, my brain is half paralyzed now so can't think of a title. Would appreciate your help guys, any title suggestion?


Have a great week ahead!!! I'll be busy again...


~ about me ~

I love horror movies... bloody and gory... I sometimes watch it alone in movie houses, creepy cool. Also try watching in your laptop with a headset, more intense... =P


p.s. thanks to nictay for the title... and to all of your suggestions too.... sweetness...


sweet dreams - marilyn mansion (love his version)

H2-Office building at the inner harbour in Duisburg. If you had the chance to see the building from the bird's eye view, the design of the H2-Office buildings should remember of a catamaran and the intention of its architect was to emphasize the maritime atmosphere in the surrounding. The name is a kind play on words. The design is looking like a H and there are 2 of these Office building. Also you will find water (H2O) near to the buildings.


Ein H2-Office Gebäude am Duisburger Innenhafen. Von oben betrachtet, soll das Gebäude mit seiner Form, an einen Katamaran erinnern und damit die maritime Atmosphäre der Umgebung aufgreifen und unterstreichen. Der Name der Gebäude entstammt einem kleinen Wortspiel. Von oben betrachtet sehen die Baukörper wie ein “H” aus. Es gibt insgesamt zwei (H2) dieser Bürogebäude = H2-Office. Schlussendlich ist auch ganz in der Nähe noch Wasser vorhanden (H2O).

An abstract take on the fan in my office.


Day 224 of my 365 Project

Our Daily Challenge - Black & White

the next day:365

I really needed an easy challenge today!

This is shooting through a cd again, then just added a cream filter for the off white!

Macro pencil. Shot in manual mode with an aperture of f/11 to give a strong focus throughout and an exposure of 1.5sec. I used natural light to light this shot and was battling with the sun disappearing behind clouds at the worst time. I liked this shot because it highlighted the grooves in the graphite caused by sharpening with a knife.

FGR does Office Space. If she could flip me the bird she soooo would. And she only has 8 pieces of flair...that's a little more than half of the bare minimum.


bare minimum flair

Today was my Friday! I have a day off tomorrow so I am looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow before heading off to the driving range.


I also saw the most hilarious youtube video today. It is about the life in a public accountant's shoes (ie. Me). It was such a great parody... I literally laughed out loud in the office. For anyone that wants to see it, it is here:


Oh... and I got my vacation approved! I might be headed to San Fran at the end of September! I have never been but I have heard some great things. Can't wait to go and check it out :)

This is a harbour of Hoek van Holland with the office of the pilotage in the middle of the photo.


By work that is!! With only 1 day left before the weekend, I really have to get a lot done at work before I can go on vacation.


**Thanks everyone for your suggestions yesterday for where to in San Francisco! I already marked everything down on a map and can't wait to go :D Anyone who wants to meet up in SF let me know!


Everyone have a great Friday! I think we all deserve the weekend by now.

Thanks-Giving Square is a beautiful three-acre park, chapel and museum in the heart of downtown Dallas with a setting to inspire gratitude. The park is an oasis for our city’s growing residential life, as well as a daily spot to hear rushing water and a respite for professionals who work in the nearby high-rise office buildings. Our chapel has a unique spiral exterior designed by world-famous architect Philip Johnson and an interior spiral of 73 stained-glass panels created by French artist Gabriel Loire.

Somewhere between 10 and 20% of my town's population is made up of off reserve aboriginals. There are numerous organizations that they operate here in town. These teepees are rented out to European (French, Swiss, Belgian, primarily but the odd English, German, or Italian tour comes through too) tourists looking for authentic First Nations experiences while travelling in our area of unspoiled wilderness. I grabbed a snap of this on the way home from the office today.


odc- be a tourist in your own town

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Taken and edited on my iPhone5.


Thank you in advance for any comments and favourites.



"As I grew older, I realized that it was much better to insist on the genuine forms of nature, for simplicity is the greatest adornment of art." - Albrecht Durer




Tuesday, complete!


Another one of those shake your head sort of days at the office, I guess I'd better resign myself to having one of those weeks. Oh well, it's a short week and tomorrow is a short day, so it shouldn't be too bad... right?


I'm really not feeling the project this week, I think the lack of outdoor shooting is finally starting to drive me batty. I'm so tired of indoor photography and I find myself reaching for inspiration on a daily basis. So this evening, I decided I would find something, anything outdoors to shoot. Luckily I found these guys hanging on to a tree.


Hope everyone has had a lovely day.


Click "L" to view on a darker background.

A few weeks ago, a farmer's market magically sprung up in the plaza outside of my work. Every Wednesday through Friday, I am tempted by corn and peaches and tomatoes and the like as I rush in the door to my office. On Friday, these beautiful watermelons were just there calling to me, so I grabbed one after work and lugged it home on the subway. I cut into it immediately when I got home, excited to take my first bite of the summer of the bright pink flesh. You can imagine my surprise when it turned out to be...yellow?! It was just as tasty as the traditional melon (hell, I ate the whole thing by myself in under two days), but a pink watermelon it was not. You learn something new everyday. I think I'll buy another next week. :)

Another day, another time and another point of view but the same H2-Office building I published last week.


Ein anderer Tag, ein anderer Zeitpunkt und ein anderer Standort aber grundsätzlich die gleichen H2-Office Gebäude.

Rarely has my camera felt such a dead weight. Came really close to stopping the project, with the pressure at work becoming too much to bear (a stand up row in the middle of the office with my uncle being the highlight).


It was the day before a trip to Scotland so I took this, pretty much without thinking, and figured I could get back some enthusiasm while I was up there.

As I was driving to work this morning I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever. I knew that it was fleeting and needed to get somewhere and take a few shots! Arriving at the tower, I scrambled to my 6th floor "office" and snapped away. Missed the best part by about 5 minutes, but it was still something to see.



Oh man, sorry for yet another old picture. I pretty much spent my day at the doctor's office to take care of my acid reflux. So I didn't really have time to get any good shots even though the weather was quite lovely and warm. Oh well, there's always tomorrow, the weather is looking pretty good for the next week.


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78/365 - Bee is For Bokeh


Got home quite late so no strobist shot again (4 days without strobes!! I'm having withdrawals..LOL!!). I got this shot this morning before going to the office.


This was a colorful red flower with green bokeh to start with.. but as I was playing around with lightroom presets, the aged photo look kinda looked interesting.. So here it goes.. Sorry guys for robbing the colors away.. haha.. :)


Cheers!! Have a great day/ night guys!!!

Goodbye office!

Goodbye post-it note space invader!

Goodbye campus!

Goodbye trees!

Goodbye carpark!


2 more pics to go!!!

No colour

In the office, and feeling colourless. Boring day.


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I couldn't produce a sunny picture today, the sky was filled with clouds and I was glad it didn't rain again at the time I was here this late afternoon. This old tank has become an office nowadays . . .


. . . Have a beautiful day and weekend . . .


Quick one tonight, Im hanging out with a really great buddy I've not seen in ages.


This head has been floating around our office, and someone pulled it out today and gave it a whole personality, so I hijacked it for todays picture, I'll put it back on Monday morning, honest. . .




An evening with my laptop and internet, but no electricity.



Thank you in advance for your kind Visit

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Take care.


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Today I drove by this building, the entrance and office of a orchidgrower in Maasdijk (The Netherlands). My eye felt on the curved front with balcony along the whole glass mirror wall.


. . . Have a beautiful sun(ny)day . . .


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Taken with my iPhone5 and edited with Snapseed on the iPad.

RIbtors was a classic old-style outfitters store, a real treasure in the downtown while it was there. It's now just office space, but the building has been saved from the wrecking ball, thank goodness.

This morning I cycled to this building, the clouds were not floating in yet, so I took advantage of taking this shot when the sun still shines.


No Customers

Guess snowed again today! Even in the center of town the snow got pretty thick. This was taken from my office window - there were no customers sitting outside the pub today!



Left, and go back to the office for the afternoon, or right, and see what Molesey Lock looks like?


Unfortunately, I had to go back to work, but one day soon...


I'm rather pleased with the look of this one - the tones and the bokeh have worked out splendidly.

In a colleague's office at work in Rockville, Maryland


Day 297 of my 365 Project

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Taken on the iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed on the iPad.


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310/365 Work with textures


I took the original image on October 31st/2009 @ Palm Beach Zoo

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Nikon D5000


It was fun to see that decadent image and you find inside the most clean and confortable restroom.




Reflections: Bathroom etiquette

by EJ Young


Ms. Manners may not have written the official version of urinal etiquette, but the need for such a publication exists. It is an excellent idea to stay informed on the latest trends in proper procedures regarding all types of toilet use. Whether in the workplace, in a public restroom and or at a friend's home, there will be times when a person must make hard decisions about acceptable etiquette practices. The gender of the toilet user also matters when establishing such rules of conduct.


Urinal Etiquette Rule #1 (applies to the function of going #1 or #2) in a multiple unit facility


1. No talking rule.


No talking once a person is inside the door of the stall. Absolutely no talking once the occupant has taken a seat. Talking at this delicate time tends to feel awkward and may impede the primary objective.


There is no flexibility of this rule for males. Males should efficiently stroll into the facility, continue to the urinal or stall (depending on type of elimination planned) complete the task, flush, wash hands and leave. Quickly. Attempts at conversations tend to make some males suspicious of others or paranoid as to the intent. A slight nod of the head or a type of a grunt/one-syllable unrecognizable greeting is okay (no eye contact allowed).


For females, however, it is acceptable to carry on superficial girl talk at the sink area when one is washing hands, primping hair and/or reapplying make-up. In the case of etiquette and equity regarding toilet rules, the rules are different due to the fact that males and females perform toilet functions in different ways. Therefore, a double standard does not exist.


Extra tip: The no talking rule also applies to cell phone use. It is considered in extremely poor taste for a person to talk on a cell phone while on the toilet. Texting, of course, is okay. The user is then presented with other potential problems.


2. Leave no trace.


In the event the toilet bowl becomes too full or the odiferous impact is above the norm, a courtesy flush is considered good manners. If a person's release of fluids travels beyond the the bowl, that person is responsible for maintenance. Each user should return the toilet to the same stage of cleanliness as it was prior to usage. When a fan is nonexistent, multiple flushes serve as a partial solution. One might also consider carrying a travel size deodorizer. Some brands of such sprays add the bonus of an anti-bacterial feature which is convenient if clean-up requires considerable scrubbing.


Regarding excessive noise levels, once again, the multi-flush will aid in muffling some sounds. Rolling the paper dispenser, coughing loudly, fake sneezing, blowing one's nose or such cover-ups may prove effective. Of course, a more direct approach of simply stating, "Excuse me," or "Sorry about that," or "I'll never drink hot sauce again," or even a simple warning of "Get out of the room if you have a weak stomach," if stated in a factual tone, would be preferred to the alternative of raised eyebrows, watery eyes or the occasional vomit.


Lastly, if one cannot get the contents of the commode to flush, that person is responsible for reporting malfunction to the proper authorities. That same person also needs to supply an "out of order" sign to post on the door of the non-flushing unit. It is considered common courtesy to leave a note of brief explanation of the entry to the restroom area as well. Then, one may choose whether he/she must opt to contend with the given circumstances or if it is possible to find another facility or wait until one gets home.


3. General Toilet Etiquette regarding a private home


Guests should make sure to use the fan as well as spray provided by the host. One should always wash hands thoroughly with soap. Caution: Peruse the area prior to use. Is there a towel laid out for guests? Under no circumstances is it considered proper to take part in hand-me-down towel use. If the host or hostess has apparently initiated a towel (smell, feel, look) it is not your choice to rub or pat your wet hands on that towel. If there is not a towel available, you will need to choose between toilet paper or a dispensable article of your own apparel. Maybe your outfit would be more stylish with a no socks look with those loafers. Maybe the party isn't formal and no one would notice if your tie went missing.


Guests should also know exactly what personal hygiene items are available for guest use and what products are exclusively for use by the owners. For example, you may notice your favorite shampoo brand or bubble bath with a thick towel folded beside the soaking tub. That is not necessarily a personal invitation for you to bathe while using the powder room at your boss' office party. If a perfume brand you've been longing to try stares back at you from inside the medicine cabinet, it probably belongs to the hostess.


Important tip: It is not okay to 'borrow' prescription drugs even if you've had a doctor's order for a similar drug. You should always ask the host permission before borrowing any item.


Obviously, this advice only skims the proverbial surface of etiquette in excreting human waste. Future articles will examine these complex questions: Should you tell a woman her skirt is tucked into her underwear or is she doing it on purpose? Should your boss wait in line for the next available toilet like everyone else or does he/she have toilet privileges? In addition, never before released facts about the ever-curious phenomenon of group toileting for females. The world will finally know the reason why females cannot travel to the lavoratory without a female companion.



Textures with my gratitude to SkeletalMess: Bore2Death Thank you very much Jerry!!


Today I FINALLY got to work at my dad's office! I've been waiting for like a month to start working there because I get paid (unlike my unpaid internship at the record company =/), and luckily he let me work today! I was really tired but I knew I had to pull through because I really need to build up my bank account again. This past school year made me FLAT BROKE! :( Plus I'm going to Hawaii in August with my friends and I definitely need money for that.


Tagged to post my top 5 favorite Disney movies!


02. THE PARENT TRAP (1998 version)

03. Monsters Inc.

04. Mulan

05. The Incredibles


Tag, you're it!


PS -- AMBER! I sent you a letter in the mail yesterday :D


The boyfriend's office gets cookies tomorrow. Addictive chocolate cookies.

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Project 365/86. Famous landmarks are quite challenging to take photos of as you don't want to end up having the same "postcard" shot by everyone who has been there. There's nothing wrong with that, but a fresh perspective is always a welcome treat.


These well-known monuments offer a myriad of views from different angles that will allow you to express certain qualities of the structure. So, move around. Aim high or aim low. Have a little more fun by including other elements on the street that complement the main subject.


In this photo: The twin towers of Petronas in Kuala Lumpur.

#Day 092/365: air walk


20090402 (Thursday)


today is boring as nothing...


weather has been acting weird for few evenings.


one of the power stations had some problem and my working place has no electricity from 5pm. i left the office around 5.45pm. nothing to do and i feel pointless to stay at there while nothing is working there.


back to home...i want to shoot at this place for sometime ago. today i had the chance and it happen to be rain. i got myself a water-pool at this location. it was drizzling and i have to make the shoot fast as well. not easy as the place is slippery and of course water is every where. i got my self all wet at the end.


lucky no one is around, and i can do the crazy thing. air walk!

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