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Inspired by a photo I saw on the internet.


Custom pose made for me by 尺o 尺o (Ronin Undercroft) Thank you 尺o 尺o :-)


Worked hard on this one...learned some cool new Photoshop techniques that really made the splashes look awesome! :-)


Wow!! I am so honored to have this pic selected for the front page of both ~Second Life ~ Marvelous Works as well as Second Life Pro Pics for the month of June 2013!! Thank you Roy and Alles!! <333


Wooooot! This pic was selected in Oct 2013 as the cover photo for the group "The SL.artistic.nudity". See it here...

i figured that after all the nudity around here lately,

it was time for a lil sumtin innocent & cute


*expore front page feb 5*

kinda exciting :P


...du coup de foudre entre deux personnes. (Albert Einstein)


Ma compagne et moi... Les deux moitié de nous, deux corps et une seule âme.

Une photo prise par hasard, à force de tâtonner et d'essayer différentes poses et compositions. L'image de notre amour sans dessus-dessous, pour l'instant juste esquissé...


Photo prise le 8 octobre 2013.



Metz 52 AF2 through softbox above us bounced in the white wall, @1/8 power


Mlle Tusk ❤️

// Chapelle Abeilles.




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"I wish I have a smile. I wish I could have one, especially far away from this season when people and financial interests disguise with colour and nudity the misery which is deliberately diverted from mass media everywhere. I wish I have a smile in ordinary days when I disguise myself with a natural poor clown mask where I lay after paper ribbons and feathers which are no more than the residue of myself and many others who struggle and strip to ensure this «Homo Sapiens Sapiens» controlled out of control biosphere keeps on running. I wish I have a smile for everything but the cameras and people who pays to enjoy themselves and to try to forget their everyday troubles and worries...© 2015 Olhando o Sol "


Thank you for your visits and comments! :-)


An after-real-life-work-break at Devins Eye....

Really needed that…. we all love those breaks :)


I do need to explore much more here....

maybe next time :))


Visit this location at Devins Eye

Science fiction military fantastic sci-fi fiction imaginary Warier, sexy, seductive, woman, standing, person, hands, naked, silhouette, rear view, backlit, nude, glowing, erotic, nudity fantastical dream visualization daydream fairytale.


Luis Royo

Picture made at "Starfall's Twilight's Edge Summer Retreat“, a moody and wide water SIM.


link to the destination






The "Somewhere in sl" picture series (or "The Adventures of WuWai in Second Life") is my guide and bookmark folder to wonderful, artful, curious or in other way remarkably sims of second life with travel guide WuWai Chun.


(More pictures of WuWai's adventures: Follow this link)


You can find and buy some of the pictures inworld at my “Gallery"



My own take on the fine art nude. I think nudity in the right context is beautiful and no censorship is ever needed in those instances. I myself am a pretty modest person though, so I felt that this dissolving method I'm using was an appropriate way for me to create a fine art nude image. Come follow me over on :)

watch a video with the 30 TOP free camping and Nudist beaches in Greece:


A sudden impulse conquered me that night. After the brain was drown in a sea of alcohol, the muscles agreed to be left into an unprecedented fall. This endless way down was an act of a dangerous diving. Without knowing where i would crash or specifying the substance of the surface underneath. Not being self-confident of how to deal with this sole darkness...


The collapse took place. My eyes were wrong, that was not the beloved sea. My heart was mistaken, there was no one there, just the blurry reflections of someone called Narcissus.


Now the nudity of ultimate freedom makes me feel embarrassed. The epicenter became public, but unknown to me and the flooding vanity keeps on capturing moments of dry tears and self-healing....

San Diego, California, Jay

Model: Mirella Fulop

Make up: Mileny Alves




Something that happened this weekend and has nothing to do with this photo: A friend said in such a distressed way, and for no apparent reason: "God protect us!!!"

Which in a split second I got myself thinking: "Whaaaa? Has it started already? Le zombie apocalypse?"


I haven't decided yet if it's funny or sad :P


Sometimes I think it's not Jesus who'll save the world, zombies will. Too bad the mere idea of zombies makes no sense at all.

But the idea has been around for thousands of years... The flesh-hungry undead, often in the form of ghouls and vampires, have been a fixture of world mythology dating at least since The Epic of Gilgamesh, in which the Goddess Ishtar promises:


"I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,

I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down,

and will let the dead go up to eat the living!

And the dead will outnumber the living!"



This is a newly edited version of an image, which I originally made for the "Water" exhibition at Anita Witt's Dryland last year.


I used a texture by ~ Evelyn Flint/Texture Time ~, thank you.


"Be fast, think sexy but also be discreet..."

natural light


high keyish

In Panyhose. Shot on location.


Copyright © JuninhoPhoto 2008/2012. All Rights Reserved. Not to be used without permission.


Check out the Flickr Group "The art of Nylons, Stockings and Pantyhose" here -

Toronto, Ontario, Adam


©All rights reserved. Using these images without permission is in violation of international copyright law.

You Can Find The Audio:-


Who's got the look? I don't know the answer to that question

Where's the look? If I knew I would tell you

What's the look? Look for your information

Yes there's one thing, the one thing that still holds true

(What's that?)

That's the look, that's the look


The look of love

Model: Vanessa


better on black (press "L")

better on zoom (press "Z")

10 days until I am in Florida, visiting an old friend of mine. It's pretty surreal.

My stream is filled with Sam lately, and it's only going to increase!

We have been collaborating so much over the past couple of weeks; I have so many images to edit, but I love it. It feels so good to be shooting this much.


Model: Sam Casey

Photography & Retouching: Savannah Daras


Week 23/52

June 4th - June 10th



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a result of the trial to edit poses

Seen in Paris, France.

This is a "natural" photograph, no edition, no color enhancement.


Work by unknown artist (tell me please if you know).


More on FIAC from Wikipedia:'art_contempo...


La Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain ou FIAC se déroule chaque année au mois d’octobre à Paris. Pendant plusieurs jours, cette manifestation commerciale et artistique devient le lieu de rencontre entre galeristes, collectionneurs et autres personnalités du monde de l’art contemporain international. Elle est dirigée par Martin Bethenod[1], Commissaire Général, et Jennifer Flay, Directrice Artistique.


La 35ème édition aura lieu du 23 au 26 Octobre 2008, au Grand Palais (Paris) et dans la Cour Carrée du Louvre, qui accueille plus particulièrement la jeune création émergente. Depuis 2006, des artistes sont aussi exposés à l’extérieur, dans le Jardin des Tuileries.


Les galeries qui participent à la FIAC sont sélectionnées par un comité composé de professionnels.


Il est composé des galeristes suivants:


* Chantal Crousel, Paris

* Lorenzo Fiaschi, San Gimignano, Beijing

* Marcel Fleiss, Paris

* Karsten Greve, St-Moritz, Paris, Cologne

* Ursula Krinzinger, Vienne

* Kamel Mennour, Paris

* Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

Die Foire internationale d’art contemporain (FIAC; deutsch: „Internationale Messe zeitgenössischer Kunst“) ist die wichtigste französische Kunstmesse, die jährlich während einer Woche im Herbst in Paris stattfindet. Die FIAC ist eine private Veranstaltung, wird also nicht vom französischen Kulturministerium abgehalten.


Konzipiert nach dem Model der Basler Kunstmesse fand die erste FIAC 1974 unter dem Namen Salon international d'art contemporain im ehemaligen gare de la Bastille (Bahnhof der Bastille) in Paris statt. Später wurde sie in Foire internationale d'art contemporain umbenannt und nacheinander im Grand Palais und viele Jahre lang an der Porte de Versailles abgehalten, ehe sie im Oktober 2006 wieder in den Grand Palais als Veranstaltungsort zurückfand.

san francisco sept 2010....this street fair draws a crowd

Kids at Kaisenar, Papua province, Indonesia

You Can Find The Audio:-


We move like cagey tigers

We couldn't get closer than this

The way we walk

The way we talk

The way we stalk

The way we kiss

We slip through the streets

While everyone sleeps

Getting bigger and sleeker

And wider and brighter

We bite and scratch and scream all night


Like a footprint slowly fading,

like a snowman in the heat,

you will leave me,



just like

dying in my sleep.


Since a couple people suggested I post this, here's the outtake from my shoot of me lying naked in the snow. This was my original idea for the poem illustration, but I felt something was lacking in it and I redid it using my bed. It was mighty cold, but a real adventure to do!


Though I don't typically respond to bitter commentary, I would like to address the issue of nudity in my work. Someone commented on my last post, accusing me of taking off my clothes to attain popularity, and then after deleting their comment, accusing me of filtering my comments so that I would only hear people tell me how 'beautiful' I am.


First, let me start off by saying, I am a feminist and I would never showcase the female body in an exploitive way. There is so much misogyny out there in the world and I would never want to contribute to that. Second of all, my nudity is always implied and never explicit. If you look through my stream, you will see that this is nothing new. I have a real interest in creating shapes with the body in my portraits. I approach the body from a storytelling viewpoint, much in the same way a choreographer might. This often lends itself to minimal clothing in order to create clean lines or convey a concept. But you'll notice nothing is ever really SHOWN in my work. If there is nudity in the original, it is covered up in post, so what you see on this stream is 'implied' nudity, nothing more than what you might see on PG13 film. This is not an act of me conforming to a trend or trying to 'get popular'. I would hope people looking at my work would have the sense to see more than that. I maintain the right to delete comments I deem unnecessary and accusatory on my stream because I really grow tired of constantly defending my viewpoints on this issue, especially when there is so much art out there that is much more graphic and controversial. I am open to helpful criticism but I don't appreciate rude accusations from people who clearly haven't been following my stream, don't have any of their own photos and have nothing useful to contribute.


Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's a couple of fun outtakes! :D

are Health, Wealth, and Happiness.


This is a single frame without photoshop.


i'm back on my head - please excuse the nudity - sorry if it offends.

Best viewed in original size:-)

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