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Sumachs have always been my favourite autumn tree. This pond is on my daily walk (so lucky) and not far from the canyon of condos where I live. The best of both worlds I think.


Indian Summer by William Wilfred Campbell.


Along the line of smoky hills

The crimson forest stands,

And all the day the blue-jay calls

Throughout the autumn lands.


Now by the brook the maple leans

With all his glory spread,

And all the sumachs on the hills

Have turned their green to red.


Now by great marshes wrapt in mist,

Or past some river's mouth,

Throughout the long, still autumn day

Wild birds are flying south.

My first Sunset near Yamuna River, a magic moment...

Taj Mahal, monument to Love.

Nahe river Gensingen, Germany

Indian Robin female !!

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Indian Summer

Outfit and Horns : Vita’s Boudoir – Autumn Forest Fairy (new)

Décor : Vita’s Boudoir – Wearable Autumn Fairy Throne (including throne with poses, deer, hog, pumpkins, tree. It is wearable, but I rezzed it behind me to get a better shot).

Hair : Exile – Blown Away - Naturals

Skin : Glam Affair – Artemis – America – Cyber Princess 06H. At The Liaison Collaborative.


In non-breeding plumage

Seen in a renovated lake in Bangalore


My Photoblog- My Third Eye...!

Male Indian Lion at Ueno Zoo, Tokyo. Not too bad considering the condition of the glass between us! What a handsome lad. Thanks so much for helping this make Explore.


Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS

A few years ago I realized that I had a desire to find and see as much of this beautiful state as I could and researched hikes utilizing the Washington Trails Association (of which I am now a proud member) and I found all of the 'bunny trails', one to (gasp) six miles and I saw some amazing beauty, but two years ago I saw an image of Indian Henry's Hunting Ground and the Ranger Scout Cabin located there and realized that this was a place that I could not go to. They list it at 14 miles (the signs on the trail say 16, I can add) with 3200 feet of elevation gain. After working out this winter and hiking every chance I could I struck out for this mystical magical place on a trail that climbs and descends several ridges, crosses many beautiful streams, passes two pack in campgrounds and with the exception of Rampart Ridge you do it on a part of the 95 mile trail that's calling my name, the Wonderland.

You approach from the right and you just see the side of it tucked neatly in the trees and then you look up at the amazing south west face of Rainier towering behind it, I'd say that it was breathtaking, but I didn't have any anyway..... :-) I ate lunch and sipped a Gatorade on the back step and glowed at the beauty I had found and knowledge that there isn't a place in the park that I can't get to now, might take a few days, but I can get there. (I also tacked on two miles and got Mirror lakes after lunch, I mean, I was in the neighborhood.....) :-)

Boots on the trail at 5:40 a.m., butt in the truck at 4:00 p.m. It was a VERY good day. I saw three people coming down on my way up and spoke to a man who was arriving via the much easier Tahoma Creek route as I was leaving. I've never been so alone in my life. :-)

Pushkar Rajasthan , India


*******1st PLACE WINNER********






Freedom Hawk

Front Page Gallery of Excellence

Winner 2010 .. Feb 2010


.. image of the week .. front page of Scenics & Wilderness Group.May 10


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An Indian River Tern scanning the skies for any potential threats. Unlike most Sterna terns, it is almost exclusively found on freshwater, rarely venturing even to tidal creeks. The sexes are similar but juveniles have a brown head, brown-marked grey upperparts, grey breast sides and white underparts. The bill is yellowish with a dark tip. The River Tern feeds by plunge-diving for fish, crustaceans, tadpoles and aquatic insects in rivers, lakes, and tanks. Its numbers are decreasing due to the pollution of their habitat.

My first Sunrise by the ghats of Varanasi. By boat in the Gange river.

Uttar Pradesh. India.


The Indian Well at Ames Park is next to what used to be the Ames House, but is now the City Attorney's offices. This is the pond where I used to get most of my waterlily shots, but now only one lily remains. The well, with its fountain that isn't always on, is still a lovely focal point of the park.

The Indian Heritage Centre (IHC), under the management of the National Heritage Board and with support from the Indian community, traces the history of the Indian and South Asian communities in the Southeast Asian region.


The four-storey IHC building is an iconic, unique and sustainable building that blends both traditional Indian as well as modern architectural elements. The architectural design for the facade of IHC is inspired by the “baoli” (or Indian stepwell), and seeks to create an urban forum for the celebration and appreciation of Indian culture. It houses five permanent galleries, small scale museum facilities, a museum shop as well as programming and activity spaces.*




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Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles

An Indian Pond Heron in non-breeding colours.

Indian Fest Awaits.....


While driving within Stone Mountain Park for the Indian Fest, I just could not pass up this opportunity, of the sun rising at the other end of the lake. People didn't like my parking in the middle of the road, but I had my flashers on.....LOL.....sorry 'bout that!

More iPhone colorful blurriness from my last year India trip. I took this from a moving car, so all credit for the artistic blur here goes to a couple of potholes. The rest is pure iPhone sliding (with only border added in Photoshop). HSS, everyone!

Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis)

The Indian palm squirrel or three-striped palm squirrel (Funambulus palmarum) is a species of the family Sciuridae found naturally in India

A twist in the neck... to the left or right?


My Photoblog- My Third Eye...!

Indian Field Creek is one of many creeks that you will pass over following the Colonial Parkway from Yorktown to Jamestown Island, Virginia.

Scarlet Indian paintbrush (Castilleja miniata) is one of the more widely distributed plants of western North America, occurring from New Mexico to Alaska, and throughout all of the Canadian provinces west of Quebec and Nunavut. They are found at elevations from near sea level in the northern part of the range to over 12,000 feet (3700 m) in the southern Rocky Mountains. Their habitats include meadows, forests, and along streams.


The flowers are actually green and tucked in to the red bracts (specialized leaves) that give paintbrush plants their characteristic colored heads. They are pollinated by various insects, and are a favorite of hummingbirds. Identifying paintbrush species can be difficult, as their geographic ranges and morphologies overlap, and they hybridization is common among paintbrush species.


Paintbrushes (Castilleja species, named after the 18th century Spanish botanist Domingo Catillejo) are root parasites. They steal energy, nutrients, and sometimes defensive chemicals from plant neighbors. While they don't require the benefits they get from parasitism they grow better and have more flowers when they can obtain the parasitized resources.

Outside the city limits of Dehli, beautiful country side, filled with active small farms.

The upper tier of Indian Flats Falls off of Middle Prong Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

You allowed your kingly power to vanish, Shajahan,

but your wish was to make imperishable a tear-drop of love.


Permitiste que tu poderoso reino se desvaneciera, Shajahan,

pero quisiste hacer perpetua una lágrima de amor.

Indian Bicycle @ Cars & Stripes , as seen at the Port of Los Angeles.

"The Indian Summer of life should be a little sunny and a little sad, like the season, and infinite in wealth and depth of tone, but never hustled."


- Henry Adams




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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI

Indian Pipes, aka Ghost Flowers (Monotropa uniflora) -

I was checking the bloom status of some orchids at the bottom of our property when I spotted a nice pair of Indian Pipes. After photographing them, I turned around and saw this much prettier grouping.

The plant lacks chlorophyll but instead gets its nutrients through a mutually beneficial relationship with a fungus in the soil where it grows.

Hiawassee, GA


Bundi (India)

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Indian Head est le surnom donné à la 2ème division d'Infanterie américaine, formée en France en 1917 lors de la 1ère Guerre Mondiale, à cause de son insigne.

C'est aussi la décoration du réservoir de cette moto de marque Indian, même si le dessin n'est pas tout à fait le même que l'insigne

Real life, real time.


EXPLORED, March 17, 2012, #359

Indian Museum, Washington DC. Push "L" to see the large one

Tamil Nadu/India (Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial was built in 1970. Swami Vivekananda, is said to have meditated here before setting out as one of India's most important religious crusaders. The memorial is one magnificence, and has a statue of Swami Vivekananda in the memorial building.


The Thiruvalluvar Statue is a 40.5 m tall stone sculpture of the Tamil Shramana poet and saint Tiruvalluvar, author of the Thirukkural.The statue has a height of 29 m and stands upon a 11.5 m pedestal that represents the 38 chapters of "virtue" in the Thirukkural. The statue standing on the pedestal represents "wealth" and "pleasure", signifying that wealth and love be earned and enjoyed on the foundation of solid virtue...)


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Indian Creek is just outside of Canyonlands National Park. View large on black

This chapel is located in Indian Hill Cemetery in Middletown, Connecticut USA. The huge tree with exposed roots is what really caught my eye.


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Enjoy fabulous Indian Summer Time, my Friends !


Ernesto Cortazar -Living A Dream


Baujahr: 1944

Leistung: 40 PS

Hubraum: 1.200 ccm

Motor: V2-Zyl.


Indian gegründet im Januar 1901 in Springfield (Massachusetts) durch George Hendee und Oscar Hedstrom war weltweit der erste Hersteller von Serienmotorrädern und technisch den Konkurrenten seiner Zeit lange überlegen. Der überwiegende Teil der Maschinen von Indian waren großvolumige V-Zweizylinder-Motoren mit Seitenventil-Steuerung in Fahrwerken mit langem Radstand, die eine bequeme, niedrige Sitzposition erlauben. In der äußeren Form und mit ähnlicher Motortechnik hat dieses Konzept bis heute in den Maschinen von Harley-Davidson überlebt.

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