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One of our photos taken from the car while traveling to Vancouver BC Canada to see one of our Daughters/Hubby and Grand Children ~ If your in British Columbia it is a must see.

SHO hubble pallette North America Nebula + Pelican Nebula.


SHO color tweaks using Rick Stevenson's ColorMask script (PixInsight)


Canon 200L @ f/2.8 + SBIG STT-8300M, AP Mach1 GTO

astrodon 5nm filters

SII 13x1200s

Ha 7x1200s

OIII 11x1200s


total 10h20m

If you watched my video "How the Earth was made," you may recognize this drop as the last in the series.

LIFE Nature Library.

Author: Peter Farb

Time Life Books, 1964.

The North America Nebula (NGC 7000 or Caldwell 20) is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus, close to the bright star Deneb and lies around 1600 light years distant.


TS 80mm Triplet

TS 2" FF

Canon 550D modified

Astronomik cls and 12nm Ha clip filters

ISO 800 rgb

ISO 1600 Ha

Processed using Photoshop.


I was in a field, tracking a Ceraunus Blue (a very small butterfly) when a flash of orange caught my eye.

I watched it land on this Common Beggar-Tick, and was amazed at how tiny it was--- I'd never seen one like it.


It was probably about 6mm from nose to back end. The flower was about 2cm across.

This little beauty let me follow it around and get quite a few shots. I was thrilled :))


I think this flower is Common Beggar-tick, Shepherd's needle, Spanish needle or quite a few other names.

I also found it as Bidens Alba or Bidens Pelosi, so if you know, I'd appreciate the input!


Southern Skipperling

(Copaeodes minima)




I am continuing my theme this week of reflecting lakes from iconic North American locations.


This one is from Schwabacher Landing in the spectacular Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.


I was lucky to have some wonderful still conditions and a pretty in pink sunrise on this particular morning.


My dream image would also include a moose standing in the foreground pond - I have seen images of them at this location - oh well maybe next time!


I hope that you enjoy and have a good evening!

Yellowstone National Park




Some of my best images from the trip to Yellowstone were my otter images which I love, so here is another one, and there will probably be more.

Reprocessed for chromatic aberration: Region of Deneb and North America Nebula in Cygnus constellation. The image is taken on a warm and very humid night -- hence the halos around bright stars.


Details: Canon 6D (not modified), 100mm at f/2, ISO 1600, 31 x 60 sec, tracking with iOptron, manual dithering every 5 shots. Humidity at 85%. Adobe Camera Raw, stacking in RegiStars (60 sec images registered on a sharper 30 sec image). Editing in Ps CC.

La nébuleuse North America, dans la constellation du Cygne.


Image en palette "Hubble" (SHO) : Rouge = S2, vert = Ha , bleu = OIII.


Atik 314L+, Borg 71FL F3.9, 15*10min Ha, 9*5min OIII bin2, 12*5min S2 bin2.


SQM 20.7, le samedi 21/07/12, par vent de nord sensible.

Photo prise depuis l'observatoire de Ramasse-Ceyzériat.

Si trova nella costellazione del Cigno vicino Deneb a una distanza di 2.202 anni luce da noi

Una dell mie prime foto deep sky

Ripresa dalla base del Teide Tenerife 2500mtr

con D610 senza modifica e Tamron 70-200 2,8 vc usd

20x3min iso 1600 f 4,5

The speaker at the HHCC inspired me to seek out my Loon pictures. Taken in 2008

The North America Nebula (NGC 7000) is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus close to the star Deneb. You can tell by the image where the name came from. This image was taken on August 14, 2014 and consists of 8 frames with a total exposure time of 10 minutes. Equipment used includes a Canon 6D, Canon 400mm lens and iOptron equatorial mount. Images were stacked using DeepSkyStacker, stretched using ImagesPlus and final edits done using Corel PaintShop Pro X5 and X6.

A seldom seen viewpoint from the rarely visited Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies! In my defense the light was cool and my son reckons it looks like volcanoes erupting - so there is that too!


I have been going through all my slides as I work on my website and to date I have only included my medium format work. This image was taken on a Canon 35mm SLR film camera (and as usual on fuji velvia 50 film).


I am considering adding a 35mm image gallery to the site (from North America and a few from Australia). Obviously these will not be able to printed as large as the medium format images and I am wondering, regardless as to the quality of the web images, whether this will detract slightly from the rest of the galleries?


If you have time and I would love to hear what you think!


Have a good week ahead everyone!

The North America captured in a small town during some moonless nights (RGB channels) and some moonfull nights (only hydrogen alpha channel then)


I reworked this one, as the last version was a bit to pale (HA was stretched to bright before combining it with the colour image) plus i did a little bit of sharpening in the bright red gas "clouds"




H alpha: left 8x600s, right 26x600s

red: left 3x600s, right 7x600s

green: left 3x600s, right 5x600s

blue: left 3x600s, right 5x600s



Telescope: TSAPO100Q 580mm f5,8

Camera: Moravian G2-8300 (monochrome)

mount: Skywatcher NEQ-6 Pro

Guider: Lodestar 2 as Off-axis guider

Filters: Astrodon E-Series Gen2 LRGB


Location: 30km south of Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Postprocessed in Pixinsight

Part of the North America Nebula

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