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Hi Flickr friends!

Haven’t been here for a while. A lot has changed since my last upload.


What do you guys think or have experienced with the new layout? Does it help to get favs and comments and does it strengthen the community?


For all who like FX cameras… This is my first shot with my new FX camera! I have waited so long and finally I have one! Yeahhh!!!


Don’t have too much to say today.


Thanks for your support over the years.

I try to upload some stuff from my world trip, soon!






P.S. As some of you asked... For all geeks:


ISO: 100

Shutter: 30s

Aperture: 5.6

Cam: Nikon D700

Lens: AF Micro Nikkor 60mm 1:2.8D

Stitched from 10 shots

Only Photoshop no Photomatix or HDR

Slight contrast boost and smothening of the sky... Nothing else


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When I was out there shooting the skyline of Frankfurt from the backside, it kind of looked what I would imagine huge skyscrapers like they are in NYC. I haven't been to NYC yet, but I know there is actually no comparison in ways of heights and quantity of those buildings. But the skyline just has an American touch. Not for nothing Frankfurt is called Mainhattan :)


Have a great sunday, folks.

I was not sure if I continue with another shot from the sunset at the Frankfurt skyline or to show you some more landscape shot. I went out last week almost on every day due to that great warm weather. Finally I decided to do move on with this landscape shot.


Actually I wanted to go out with my wife to take some portrait shots in the sunset but she was shopping during the day and very tired. So I went out by myself. I started out in nearby fields to shoot the sunset. Afterwards I drove over to the airport to take some last daylight shots of the airfields which are lighted great at night.


Besides the weather at that evening was great, I was very upset with the daddy longlegs (or crane flies - I am not sure about the right translation). Everytime I stopped shortly for taking a picture I was stung by several of those flies. I guess that's the bad part of the summer ;)


Have a great day everybody and many many thanks for your support.

View of Poughkeepsie from Highland, NY.

Apart from contrast and B&W conversion, there is no photoshop work on this picture.

Isola Tavolara, Sardinia

night test shot 30"f/5.0 24 mm ISO 2500

I was chasing the sunset light the recent evenings on almost every day. On Thursday I went to Frankfurt to catch the sunset, but I was not very lucky to finde an interesting place for some time. Almost on my way home I stopped at the newly built Europa Quarter from where you have a great sight onto the backside of the skyline. The sun was already gone behind the mountains of the Taunus mountains, but the sky still was lighted by red and orange light which reflected in the skyscrapers windows. The scenerey was great and so I still got some cool shots that night.


Have a wonderful and sunny weekend, everybody.

The lighting here changes simulation with Nik


The coming death of Nikon 11

Nikon FX D-SLR vs Sony FF MILC. Should Nikon keep the venerable F mount for their future serious mirrorless system(even with a lot of technical restrictions)?

First of all, there are a few very erratic but interesting Nikon related rumors we've heard at CP+ show and at Kyobashi Tokyo camera museum, which I sometimes call Nikon graveyard.

But I think it is just a bit too early for us to write about these rumors here or anywhere else now.

We have to analyze these rumors a bit deeper to see which ones might become close to the real things or all are a bit too far-fetched stupid typical internet lies, and at this point, I think all Nikon related rumors we see at NR and many Japanese camera forums are all fakes.....or exaggerated version of the real ones.. or some Nikon fanatic's dreams or requests sent to Nikon via Internet forums.

Mr.Hogan recently said there were a few new Nikon FX rumors floating around internet and one of which actually stimulated his interest was: that the D810 update would not come at the last CP+ show and probably until the next CP+ show in 2018 because instead that camera would be replaced by a mirrorless model. That way Nikon would have a Sony A7R2 competitor instantly.

Well this one was spread across almost all Japanese camera forums and I think some Western guy or girl Google translated the Japanese original rumor erroneously and some very important info was lost in Google translation.....

Anyway, the original Japanese rumor in which Thom seems to have got interested said Nikon would come out with a similarly specified FX mirrorless body to the Sony A7R2 but with a new 46.4mp or 54.7mp sensor sensor designed by Nikon and fabricated by a new sensor manufacturing fab that Nikon, Olympus and Pentax have been trying to set up with some serious help from Tower Jazz and Panasonic. And this new FX mirrorless comes in F mount and a new mount and Nikon would evaluate which version would be selling better for them(like they did with the D800 and the E version of it).

I think this rumor might be true since we dealers always hear this kind of things every where, from third-party lens manufacture guys, from third-party LCD cover sells guys, some third-party speedlite sells guys,etc.

Well this rumor may be true, but the real problem here in this rumor is that Nikon seems to be choosing the F mount for their future mirrorless system and there is no benefit for them with that technically very restricted mount.

Thom commented below on this issue.

"Well, they already have a considerable A7r2 competitor: the D810. I own and shoot both, and I consider the D810 the better choice most of the time. I’d expect a D810 replacement to retain that distinction. So exactly what would we gain with a switch to mirrorless? I’m not sure we'd gain anything that excites me, especially if this means yet another new lens mount".

Well what can I say? I'm not sure if Mr.Hogan is really serious or just joking here? but I think there is no way Nikon will choose the F mount for their upcoming SERIOUS mirrorless system and succeed with it. True the D810 is a good camera already and it may compete well with the A7R2, especially considering its bargain price compared to the Sony.

But I guess Mr.Hogan is not a big fan of EVF and therefore he does not see many advantages of the Sony over the Nikon unlike us who love the EVF and video features of the Sony.

As a pure stills camera the Nikon is still a great body, but it cannot be as versatile hybrid camera as the Sony A7R2, in fact even the cheap Fuji X-T2 beats the Nikon hands down for video and any sort of hybrid use.

Here are some of main advantages of the Sony over the Nikon and Nikon should seriously study about these.

1 incredible video ability for a cheap stills camera.

2 incredibly smooth LV and fast LV AF.

3 effective live exposure compensation.

4 IBIS and effective electronic IS in video mode(although I am not a fan of IBIS thing, I can see it is very useful for handheld lowlight work).

5 I think the Sony system provides better event shooting experience for many of us(who were growing up with digital not film) due to the better LV implementation with the better more accurate tilty LCD screen compared to the D810 based kit with very low resolution fixed LCD.

In addition to all the above Sony or mirrorless specific benefits, Sony already has the more complete newer design better lens line up, especially the manual focus prime selection for the Sony system is a huge advantage of the Sony system over Nikon or Canon. IMHO, the Sony system has the best lens line up for most of normal shooters who are mostly in the range of 10-200 mm FF equivalent focal range, and this is because Sony has got all newly designed digital-optimized Zeiss Loxia, Batis, Voiklander CV-E line primes and Sony's own GM series zooms. IMHO, Nikon has nothing really as strong as the Sony GM line zooms in performance in their current lens line up to compete with Sony E mount system. I mean too many Nikon lenses are already too old and very restricted in use and not really compatible to most of the latest Nikon bodies.....and the latest E series lenses are only compatible to the latest and greatest line of Nikon D series bodies and these E series lenses are all more expensive than Sony and Canon where is never changing F mount lens compatibility that always Nikon fanatics brag about ?

Just a couple of years ago, Sony E mount haters always made fun of the E mount system for its(then) very poor lens lineup. But now ironically enough, with some serious help from Coshina, Zeiss, Samyang, Tokina, etc, Sony seems to have got one of the very best lens line in the FF class in just a matter of a year or so and I think we have to give some serious credit to Sony for keeping it an open mount system unlike Canon and Nikon trying hard to shut out all the third-parties out of their respective FF system. Nikon has sued Sigma for a several times already and they have lost a lot of money and customers over that stupid lawsuits.

Sony E mount has the widest range of digital-optimized MF(manual focus) lenses and many people who find precise MF-ability more important to them than super fast C-AF will always choose the Sony FE system. I mean it is almost impossible to really precisely MF on your Nikon with their poor soft LV image peaking,etc. The Canon D-SLRs at least have very good LV and LV exposure simulation mode, but the Nikons including the latest D5600, the D500, the D5 do not have that. The LV speed of the latest Nikon is basically the same as the 7year old D7000, in fact, Nikon has made no progress in this area since the D600.

It is really pity and the Nikon D-SLRs-even the best ones are not comparable to any of the Sony A7X series cameras in this regard.

In last week, I just tried the CV40mm f1.2 in Osaka, and I must say it is incredible, extremely sharp and extremely compact,I think this new Coshina Voiktlander E mount prime series is instantly becoming really an indispensable prime line to many E mount shooters.......

The CV-E 40mm f1.2 is incredible, the CV 12mm f5.6 and 10mm f5.6 are both indispensable and I am sure the upcoming 65mm f2 APO-Lanther will be incredible too, but it is a bit too bulky for me and I might not buy it but still it is a great lens for sure.. And most importantly they are only really practical on a EVF camera with focus peaking.

I do really appreciate the new Voiklander primes and Zeiss Loxia series, and they are one of the main reasons I have been using the A7R and A7R2 for most of things now....


Anyway Mr.Hogan wrote below:

"But let’s assume for a moment that the Mirrorless D810 update rumor is true and Nikon will not update the D810 but put out a high megapixel full frame mirrorless camera instead. What would that say about Nikon’s product line management?

To me, such a switcheroo would be just another sign of Nikon product panic.

Let's see, the F3, F4, D1h/D1x, D3/D3x all worked, and the D5 seems to be working while the F6 worked for the few remaining film-shooting pros. Great products that the pros and high end enthusiasts loved. The F5, D2h/D2x, and D4 didn't quite rise to the same level, but I know plenty of pros that (mostly) love those cameras, too. What I can't understand is why establish the h/s combo and then abandon it? Until the D4 came out we all had h/s twins in our gear closets. Now our gear closet is a bit of a mess. A mirrorless replacement for the D810 would just increase that mess."

I do not know he is actually honest or just writing the above because he has hugely invested into the Nikon eco-system and writing the books on the D series Nikon bodies, after all Nikon is his client and probably the most important one, so he can not be brutally honest about it, maybe? I mean no Nikon cameras even come close to the A7R2 or the A7M2 in terms of LV and video shooting experience or in terms of sheer IQ..........even the ancient A7R ORIGINAL was already a bit better than the D810 with respect to the base ISO noise, color accuracy and most importantly resolving power...and more importantly these high resolution bodies are usually used on a tripod and so they do not need any kind of extra shock generating mecha like the mirror-box or completely mechanical shutter...Almost all the Sony E mount cameras now shoot without shutter mirror slap and therefore they can better utilize the high resolution sensor with the latest high-grade lens combo.....I have compared a couple of the D810 bodies with a couple of the A7R(not the 2) many times and the A7R produces better sharper images most of times as long as it is set on a solid if the D810 cannot get as sharp as the A7R most of times, then how can it compete with the even better almost mechanical internal shock-free A7R2 body? On top of that, the D810 has less durable shutter unit than the one used in the A7MK2 and any Sony released after that. The A7R2 has about 3 times longer rated shutter life with much more quiet electronic shutter.

And why he still wants to have a so-called pro body with a super high resolution sensor is beyond me. He seems to want a D5 with the D810 or A7R2 sensor, but is that really needed in the current Nikon line up? I mean all these high resolution cameras are normally used on a tripod or in a studio or like that, so the ultimate speed of pro body is not that important for that kind of camera market. In fact, I think most of people who buy or consider high resolution FF prefer a mirroless over a D-SLR body.

MR.Hogan also said below:

"The D500 is one of Nikon's big successes recently—told you so, Nikon—despite the rushed and slightly unfinished feel. There really should be a D500s soon to polish it up, but we don't hear rumors about that, do we? Meanwhile, the D7200 has been a workhorse for everyone that bought it. It'll give a D500 a run for the money in terms of image quality, though not in build or a few critical performance aspects. "

Well this is a common forum myth or almost an urban legend.....the D500 is not selling well in real world, it was actually a bit too late since most of Nikon shooters that really needed that kind of sports body already dumped their once beloved Nikon kit for the Canon 7DMK2 kit.

We have had many customers complaining about how slow Nikon was and if they had known it coming, then they would have kept their Nikon lenses altogether, but too late.......

Yeah in this sense Hogan is right, Nikon should have talked to the most important user base of theirs about the D500 coming way before ahead.

And how much is the Canon 7DMK2 these days , how much is the Sony A77MK2 or A6500?

Well they are all much cheaper than the D500, and one thing I agree with Mr.Hogan is the D7200 is the biggest enemy of the D500.......the D7200 is cheaper, produces sharper file, with a bit more DR and color range to play with in Capture One pro 10 or DXO Pro 11.

Yeah I agree it is the best Nikon body for our bucks. It is really cheap and really reliable, probably one of these most cost effective camera body solutions. The D7200 and the D750 are really hard to beat for the modest price they carry.

Well, as Thom rightly said, the D500 might have a bit tougher body, but would you really feel it in real life use? I think no. I've abused my puny dinky A7R for almost 4 years but it does not even develop a line of scratch on it, it may be a cheap plastic body but it will definitely take any kind of abuse, even a few drops on to a concrete sidewalk. And still it will work well without any issue. My cheap dinky NEX5n is even more durable, I really abuse it and I do not even care if or when it breaks , so I always use it in the worst possible conditions I can conceive of, but it never breaks. My Nikon D7200 is the same-it is really cheap and easy to replace when it breaks so I use it in the worst possible condition I can conceive of, but it too never breaks.

So the so-called pro build quality is really overrated.......I mean hey try to drop your D5 or D4s or 1DX2 onto a sidewalk, they'd immediately die, I am sure about it but if you drop a Panasonic G85, a Sony A6300, or a Canon EOS-M5, they all would survive. These plastic cameras are more durable than these heavy pro metal bodies and if you doubt it try to drop your so-called pro D-SLRs from some rocky slope onto rocky ground to see how weak fragile they actually are.

Why do we have to worship the usual the more metal contain the better body religion? Why do they all think metal is so much better than plastic ? And why do they all seem to love the loud Nikon shutter so much? Do they never shoot any concert? or piano recital, etc? I am a big fan of Mozart so I do really need silent shutter.........


Hogan also said:

"Many of you think that horse should be FX mirrorless. But I don't see how that helps Nikon at all. Note what I wrote about the FX DSLR line above: those are all good cameras, and it's a strong lineup. Probably the strongest part of Nikon's current camera lineup. Do you really think they're going to risk that? I don't. Moreover, it doesn't solve Nikon's biggest problem: negative growth."

Yeah exactly, this is what these annoying Nikon fanatics or forum denizens cannot get, they chant FF, FX, FF and belittle everything else...........but in real life the so-called FF sales makes up for only about 8 percent of the entire ILC market sales and it is not getting much better...

And even before that Nikon's financial crisis is nothing to do with their camera business but the bean counters from Mitsubishi bank stipulate them to stick forever with the silly money losing stepper business.....But even so,Nikon really needs to rectify their consumer camera business as soon as they can, too, since most of their income is now coming from that ever contracting camera business...and the majority of camera buyers never care about FX or DX, or they do not even understand the difference between these two formats. I think one thing Thom has got right-spot-on was Nikon needs more programmable camera (open mount system) and definitely needs to get the SnapBridge thing right. All cameras should have more thorough sophisticated connectivity. After all, the majority of consumers want to upload their images(mostly selfies) right up to their FaceBook pages instantly. Most of my normal friends have already ditched their serious cameras and got something more casual because they hated post-processing or RAW processing, they simply prefer to shoot everything Jpeg and up these directly to their facebook pages.

"By now, as everybody already knows,Nikon has two extremely weak sectors right now: (1) serious compact or One sensor camera; and (2) big sensor mirrorless product that effectively covers from below the D3400 space up to the D7200 range.."

Mr.Hogan continued:

"I've heard absolutely nothing about what happens after the DL fiasco. If Nikon is really not going to play in the 1" compact game, the only choice they really have now is to build Coolpix A replacements. But Nikon proved they didn't know how to market the Coolpix A. Great camera, bit of a price stretch, terrible name and marketing."

Do I agree? No, the Coolpix A was a terrible camera, needed to have some sort of real EVF and fast static AF, and at least a bit brighter lens than the lame 28mm f2.8 equivalent lens on it. Well the marketing campaign and the software part were really terrible too, but the camera itself was already a terrible camera to start from, so how could any amount of marketing help it moving?

Meanwhile, for DX mirrorless, I haven't heard a lot. I know Nikon has designed prototypes of such cameras and lenses, but I don't know what their target was or whether they decided to move forward with them. I think Nikon has produced a several prototypes already but they decided not to mass-produce these since they all designed to cover the Thom-called- a bit below D3400 market, and I guess they thought it would not be good enough to fight with the Fuji XT2 and similar products. In fact, there is a long lasting rumor that Nikon will join in the Fuji X system camp, but I do not think this rumor is correct since Nikon is not very close to Fuji any more they basically fought and decided to go against each other 7 years ago after Nikon stupidly tried to restrict Fuji to design a F mount body with Fuji's own sensor and electronics inside.

Realistically, I think the only two remaining options Nikon should and still can do now are:

1 to join the m43 or the E mount system, but I do not think Sony will allow Nikon to sell E mount body in the existing E mount eco-system. This means if Nikon wants to join in some already popular mirrorless mount system, that would have to be the m43 club.

2 to start new mirrorless that takes all the advantage(or disadvantage of)existing F mount eco-system. This means Nikon will have to use non optimized mount for FF and video, real electronic aperture control, etc. Or they simply design a new mount like Sony E or Canon M and take the F mount legacy lenses with a sophisticated fully compatible mount adapter like Canon did with their EOS-M mount.

But in this case Nikon can only use the P type and E type lenses for their new mirrorless systems since the older G and D series lenses are not fully compatible to fully electronic aperture control system. Too many Nikon lenses are already too old and very restricted in use and not really compatible to most of new Nikon bodies.....But if the only really fully compatible lenses to their new mirrorless system are the E and P series lenses, then there will be no advantage of choosing the optically very restricted venerable F mount. After all, how many E and P series lenses does the F mount have? I think 13? And is it enough to start a new system from scratch?

Thom and many of his followers seem to prefer Nikon to choose the F mount for their future serious FX mirrorless system, but do they think just having P and E series lenses in the catalogue for that is fine? I think Nikon initially needs at least two very different mount systems:

A: a big FF mirrorless with the F mount for event/ sports /wildlife kind of camera market, they need this type of silly but important F mount mirrorless to just shut up the old whiners in the forums that demand the F mount mirrorless forever...

B: a small FF or APS-C mirrorless system with short flange back design just like the A7 series but with a fully F mount compatible mount adapter(maybe it also needs a kind of focal reducer in case they make it with the DX sized sensor).

So I think it is not too late for Nikon since Sony is the only one player in the FF mirrorless market. But it must be great and fully compatible to the F mount lenses at least the E series lenses, hopefully also compatible to the G series(but I doubt it possible).

Many people in forums asking Nikon to keep the F mount, but in the long run keeping the F mount has no advantages over moving to a new mount system with a fully compatible F mount adapter.

1, the F mount makes camera unnecessarily thick and awkward to hold.

2, the F mount never allows Nikon or any third-party lens maker to develop a set of primes like the Voiklander CV-E series and Zeiss Loxia.......and also the F mount forces Nikon to use super long registration distance for every lens they will make.

3, there are a very few F mount lenses work well without the mirror. Actually only the E series and maybe the P too work well even without the mirror.

The G, the D, etc, never work well since they do not have electronically controlled aperture design.

4, The F mount really restricts Nikon to design a real hybrid camera like the GH5 or the A6500, if not the F mount makes it impossible. The terrible mechanically controlled aperture design really restricts smooth AF and aperture control in video mode and even in LV mode, we already experienced that in any of Nikon LV capable cameras if you ever tried shooting it LV. It is literally useless.

However Nikon should not discard the F mount system just yet since there are simply too many old men asking Nikon to keep using the venerable F mount for their future mirrorless system, and I think this is the biggest long term problem for Nikon.......

The F mount has become a big burden on Nikon's aged back and it will really really limit their camera design options in the future.

However, for a temporal very short time success, it may be better to just continue using the F mount for their action/sports bodies since using short mount registration distance design does not make FX zooms and long primes smaller or cheaper as Sony FE lenses have already shown it...

So they may just want to keep the F mount for their new FF mirrorless system designed for sports/PJ/wildlife market that mostly use a trio of the f2.8 zooms and long super tele primes.

A tiny body like the A7R2 does not hold the heavy lenses well, even the 24-70mm f2.8 feels too big on that body. So Sony will need a big body mirrorless in addition to the A7 line and it should come with the A mount not the puny E mount. I think the A99Mk3 will be that kind of camera covers the PJ/ Wildlife and sports market.

Now for the type B kind of a small bodied mirrorless system, Nikon needs a new mount design with short flange distance with a bit wider than the E mount mount design. If it is compact and actually fine-tuned for the FF sensor from the very start(unlike the E mount , which was originally designed for the APS-C system), I think it will be interesting, but they must have a full line of lenses from the very first day.

And Nikon needs better 21st century camera user interface and program-ability, I think the Leica SL has the best UI and it is definitely a very intuitive camera.

The A7R2 has no touch screen, no proper touch interface, not open to third-party App developers, so if Nikon or any one gets that all right in one body at the Sony price (not the Leica price) , I think they might have a serious chance.

For me touch screen and better more intuitive U.I is more than enough to try the new Nikon system, especially if it gets wider mount diameter than the E mount. Also Nikon(Sony too) must consider developing really effective sensor dust reduction system, for me the most important feature in any new mirrorless system is effective supersonic dust reduction system like the one in the Olympus EM1MK2 and the Panasonic GH5. The effective Dust Reduction system in any m43 body really eliminates the fear of changing lenses in the field. And it is a big plus for me.

Finally, if Nikon wants to really succeed it, then they must persuade Zeiss, Coshina, Sigma, Tamron, Samyang, etc, to enter into their new mount system.

But I doubt they will do it since Nikon always loves proprietary closed system , the Nikon-Sigma court case really shows us how close-mined Nikon is.

If Nikon stupidly closes their new MILC system and shuts out all the third-party lens makers , it will definitely kill the new system immediately. Also they need to persuade Phase One to make Capture One pro for Nikon for around 50 bucks just like Sony does for us.

So while it is not too late, I think, considering the all negative facts such as how they treat the third-parties, etc, it is really really difficult for them....but it is definitely not impossible.

PS. At the last CP+ show Nikon was rumored to have revealed they have already produced a small number of FX mirrorless prototypes a few times in the past, but decided not release these.

Actually, many of us who have closely followed Nikon Japan for at least 6 years or so all have heard about that Nikon has already developed a several or more FX mirrorless prototypes, and a very few of those people have actually tried some of these prototype cameras.

But for some very obscure reasons Nikon just dropped all of them off before the actual planned announcement dates.

I recalled the very first Nikon FX mirrorless prototype design rumor came out in 2015 just before the actual A7R2 announcement, and I think because of that camera, Nikon decided to drop it off. I guess Nikon was embarrassed of their very primitive /crude FX mirrorless camera compared to the already very sophisticated Sony camera at the time.

It was still a rumor but I actually believed it was the case.


UPDATE : now, Canon has just announced its new sensor development policy. Canon seems to have built a new sensor plant in Mie prefecture of Japan. It seems like Canon is going on new 65nm process rule and all upcoming Canon sensors will be produced at there.

I think the 1DX2 and the 80D sensors are processed at the new plant.

Sony is still leading the CMOS imaging industry, but giants like Samsung are in close pursuit. Also big players like Panasonic are forming joint ventures with the likes of TowerJazz to offer 12-inch wafer fabrication with state-of-the-art quantum efficiency and dark current performance at 65 nano meters, and additional 45nm digital technology, and added available capacity of approximately 800,000 8-inch wafers per year in three manufacturing plants in Japan, according to TowerJazz.


The stakes are huge. The CMOS image sensor market will reached the historic $10 billion milestone in 2015, according to Yale, and with new applications popping up in automotive, medical and surveillance, while smartphones begin adopting high-definition front facing cameras, the industry is likely to hit the $16 billion mark by 2020. So nobody is just sleeping and Sony has to consolidate its position ASAP, or probably Sony will lose it again just like its short-lived TV business.

Now Canon's main customer is Honda, who buys a billion of small high

ISO capable 4k sensors for their cars.


UPDATE2: I interviewed many NORMAL camera buyers in my area at our camera shop and asked them to tell us about what was the main reason they did not buy so-called mirrorless any more, and why they think the market share of these mirrorless decreasing at least in the Western world and the already developed part of Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea , Singapore and HK.

They answered to these questions carefully as we paid some $$ and I think we found out a few interesting things about the NORMAL camera buyers' perception/opinion about ILC cameras and the culture surrounding the camera business:


1 to them, if it requires a bag even a tiny one, it's really not important what kind of camera system it is; a mirrorless or a D-SLR, a m43 or a FF, it is just too big and simply too annoying to carry around. So they use their cellphone more even though many of them already have some sort of One cameras or cheap ILCs.

2 To most of NORMAL camera buying people here it really does not matter FF or m43 or APS-C or MF because they are all too difficult to operate and actually really not much different to each other in real life use(at least to them).

This means maybe the small sensor camera systems like the m43 and the Nikon One will all fail since there is no market for them. Not many average camera buyers are interested in ILC systems but fixed lens all around cameras with good one button wireless connection to their phones. And not many the fanatics get interested in these cause most of them are obsessed with the best IQ possible they can get out of a camera system. Thus Olympus, Nikon and Panasonic will definitely need a bigger sensor system to entice them.

3 they do not want a lens like Zeiss Otus or Sigma Art even if it is selling for $50 or less. In fact, any kind of lens interchangeability is not important to them, in fact it is really annoying, and if it is an all around just fixed lens camera like the Sony RX10MK3 , it is actually a better camera system than any type of ILC with a set of primes that most of camera forum denizens want. They should realize they are not the majority of camera buyers and making and selling exactly what they want does not actually help any of these camera makers........

To them a set of great dedicated APS-C primes may be an important part of a good camera system, but to most of NORMAL people it is just not an important or an alluring feature at all.

So as opposed to what Tony , Thom, and many other self-proclaimed experts in many camera forums think, a great set of APS-C dedicated primes will NOT help Nikon or Sony. In fact, outside of the forums most of people actually prefer ZOOMS.

4 To NORMAL people all interchangeable lens cameras are big and quite intimidating.

This means that the very common camera forum trend to get mirrorless for being less conspicuous in the public reason is a silly idea , no one actually cares about if it is a mirroless or a D-SLR, to them all interchangeable lens cameras are annoying and intimidating to most of if they really want to be less conspicuous they should try one of the One inch sensor fixed lens cameras.


So as I already pointed out, the camera makers should focus on developing fixed multi lenses multi sensored computational cameras with easy one-button wireless connectivity to the phones. The software must be intuitive and 21st century design rather than the current 1980 design, I think it should be user programmable and as Thom points out open the source code to the smart kids and then some of them will develop some good apps for them for free.

Remember why the 5DMK2 and the Panasonic GH2 became such huge hits? Because of the hacked firmwares, I think it is the key.


UPDATE3: Now Nikon rumors and the others are getting really paranoid about the new Sony sensor marketing strategy that Nikon rumors and IR widely reported as a kind of fact a few days back.

I know and I have read the original Japanese text and I know their translation is totally wrong. Sony has never said they won't sell the best sensors they have to Nikon or hold back every latest techs they have in house. But they said they will not sell the best FF sensor for hybrid use and the A7R2 sensor is one of that kind....This means if it is not hybrid or video (high speed read-out) sensors Sony will more than willing to sell it to Nikon, so the stills focused 36, 46, and 54 mp sensors are all available to Nikon and the APS-C or so-called MF sensors are also widely available to whoever want to buy one of these.

Remember Sony Semi is not a part of Sony corporation but an independent company and so is the imaging group of Sony...........this means Sony imaging is just one of many many customers of the Semiconductor company of Sony, and the 42.4mp chip was designed for the standards of Sony imaging corp.

Therefore, they will sell any ordinary sensors to Nikon , especially the stills focused ones and smaller than 35mm FF sensors.

However in the long run, it is a big problem for Nikon since Sony Semi's main business is selling automobile sensors, cellphone sensor units and industrial sensors, so Nikon may become a very unimportant customer to their future business plan....

I have heard that the A9 sensors are kept for in-house use only and Nikon will have no access to it.

For now it is not a very serious issue, but Nikon will have to find the real long term solution for their long term sensor plan.

I think they will have to start sensor fabricating themselves with help from Ricoh, Fuji, TowerJazz , and I know many actually think it has already started working in this direction.


UPDATE 4: now IR posted the corrected version of the Sony interview with some corroboration from the Sony officials from Sony corporation (not the people originally interviewed from Sony DI).


Now IR again proved itself a very sincere and respectable source of info, as opposed to Photorumors and other junk sites.

And this new IR article proved that I was correct on this one and the all PhotoRumors and Nikon Rumors are all wrong on this issue.


UPDATE5:Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation designs some sensors "on spec" for sale to all comers, like the ones listed at However it also collaborates with some large customers to design and produce sensors that are exclusive to that customer, either permanently or for a period of exclusivity. Nikon and Sony have partnered like this a number of times going back to the CCD era; more recently this has been done with Sony Imaging, Phase One, and Fujifilm (the last only customizing CFAs and micro-lenses, not the electronic part).

So all the paranoid rumors sites are wrong on this issue and they all proved that they've got no clue at all.


UPDATE6: Now the rumored A9 is announced and I was wrong on the name, I said it Alpha One, but everything else I predicted about it was right.

It was, after all, a very highspeed FF camera that designed to kill the D5 and 1DX2. It is incredibly fast and very good hybrid shooter and for 4500USD, it is a big bargain.

However, it was kind of a big disappointment to me since I do prefer the 42.4mp sensor or the 36.7 mp sensor and I am too used to it.........the 24.3mp resolution feels like old now, and being 24mp means it cannot be updated to shoot 8k when it finally gets available for consumer cameras.

So while it is an incredibly versatile FF camera, I prefer my A7R2 any day to this highend A9 camera even if it is cheaper than my 2 year old A7R2.

Finally, finally the summer seams to arrive in Germany. It is getting warmer since Monday and it stopped raining. A good reason to get out and catch some beautiful sun rays.

But in some other parts in Germany- especially the east and the south - have a lot of trouble with floodwaters at the moment. Due to the rain of the last weeks and especially the last weekend the big rivers are flooding the surrounding areas. Let's hope that the people who live there can return to there houses soon and do not have to many issues with them.


Have a great day everybody.


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Lenses : Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8 ( N )


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I found that shot in my archives and thought it could be worth, sharing it. I took it last year from the west side of Frankfurt, a more unusual view onto the Skyline.


Have a great start into the week, folks!

camera : Nikon D4


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Camera : Nikon D4


Lenses : Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8 ( N )


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I already packed my gear into my car and I was on the way home when I saw a spot to capture the skyline of Frankfurt again. There was that huge plain space surrounded by a fence. But at one spot there was no fence and the weight onto the buildings was great. So I stopped again, got my gear out again and took two more shots of the day's last city lights. It was almost dark already. But the windows still were lighted by the orange red sunset lights on the far horizon far behind me.


Have a great start into the week, everybody!

This was my first outing for astronomy this year, met a good a friend in Kananaskis and used my newly acquired Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX.


camera : Nikon D4


Lenses : Nikkor 70-200mm F/2.8 ED ( VR )


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Spontaneous pictures taken in my everyday life.

Spiaggia della Pelosa, Sardinia

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We should get around 12-15 inches of this fluffy pain in the...


Just another snowy day in Sayville, Long Island, New York

this 12mp sensor was a real crap, it was one of the worst sensors to date, but it was still a much better sensor than the one used in the Canon 5DMK2,which was, IMO, the very worst of worst 35mm FF sensor ever made.


There was a big Anti-war campaign here called ,"No more Nagasaki Hiroshima, no more victim of nuclear".


I personally hate Abe, the current PM of Japan, who really seems interested in setting back the time to make Japan a dictatorship country.


Now,it seems like there is a big typhoon coming here Japan every weekend, it hits one of the Philippines islands, and then actually hits Japan..........


It is really scary and getting worse every year.


I really hate rain storm and thunder lightning, with terrible roaring sounds. It really scares me, I always become really worthlessly weak when I see the lightning outside of my window.


So when typhoon comes I just close all shutters of my room, try not to see out of my room......


Now, it looks like it is coming back again....scary.


And, it looks like the summer is getting hotter and more humid every year, and it really scares me.


It is really hot in the summer here now, it sometimes actually gets 36 C. Ten years a go we never had days actually exceeding 33 C here in Fukuoka. Now almost every day in August and maybe many days in July, too, get hotter than 35 C.


We used to have 4 seasons here but now we may have just 3 seasons, Summer, Autumn and is sad to realize that we may have already lost the beautiful spring........


This specific image was made with the Nikon D700, which was replaced by the Nikon D800E.


Now, all my D-SLRs are replaced by the Sony A7 and A7R.


In retrospect,I think the Sony A900 was the only one digital camera that I actually missed after selling it, I still like it a lot now, I love the triangle shaped head of it, and the tough great feel of the metal body of it..


The worst camera or least favorite camera of mine , on the other hand, was either the Canon 5DMK2 or Pentax K5.


The K5 was just too unreliable and mechanically poorly built, it had severe mirror related issues that really made me hate the mirrorbox, and I sold it just after 3 months of light use.


the 5DMK2 had the worst sensor in modern digital camera history, it was really bad even worse than any 16mp mFT sensor in terms of DR, read noise at base ISO.


The 5DMK2 sensor had one of the worst read noise and shadow banding pattern noise in both horizontal and vertical directions so that it always produced terrible checked pattern noise in the lifted deep shadow..


It was really a banding machine. Now 8 years after that nothing has changed in Canon side of the world in terms of sensor design and tech, especially DR and color depth.


Canon sensor really sucks, bad color separation, bad color depth, and of course the infamous DR issue.


Canon really sucks, never trying to improve the 9 year old terribly old primitive sensor fab that Canon inherited from Panasonic in 2003.


Nikon really sucks wasting all its R and D money into developing extremely identical boring DSLR updates just to re-set once lost value of their already existing cameras at the big cost of accumulated numbers of unmoved inventories..

They are losing a lot of money not understanding how long they should wait to replace their high end FX cameras, stupid.

They are just replacing all DSLRS too quick to just depreciate their own high end cameras such as D800E or D4 ,etc and some Nikon high end FX users get upset about it.


I think as the market is becoming smaller (already saturated with too many unmoving inventories), they should wait a bit longer to replace their existing cameras ,especially high end FX models.

Why do they replace cameras like D4 , D800E without any meaningful tech breakthrough? The D810 should have been a pro mirrorless FX camera with the same F mount.


They should wait replacing cameras like the D800E /D4 until they develop some really disruptive technology such as true pro level OSPDAF or modular camera system that Red has been doing for years..


Personally, I would really love to see an EVF version of D810, the current D810 and the D750 are extremely boring, reliable , though.


I really cannot understand why the current Nikon management team is so stupid , almost retarded, to be honest ,and keep lowering their company value/reputation themselves.....looking at the current share price of Nikon , I am not sure if Nikon will be around in 5 years...... .


Anyway, now I think I must be honest with my own feeling, I do not want to carry my D810 or similar any more and just leaving it at my studio room most of times, so there is no point actually owning it.


I think for now it is easy there is only one camera that does most of what I want my camera to do for me and it is the A7R.


There is no that amazing combo of the stunning 36mp FF sensor and the amazingly portable body any where else, and while the EM1 , GH4 , NX1 ,etc may be more advanced in terms of sheer photographic functionality and body quality, they do not have at least acceptable quality sensor for me or for anyone coming from the 36mp FF sensor in the Nikon D800Eor anything similar.


So at the end of the day, I think I do choose my A7R and A7s combo over anything else out there( at least for now).


That said, there are still three last bastions left for DSLRs:


1 really much better Continuous AF

2 much better longer batter life

3 much better heat dissipation system


But these are compelling enough reasons for many once left big DSLR land kind of guys to go back to Nikon or Canon land?


Now, it's been a almost year since I sold my last D-SLR, and I do not admit it but I am kinda missing the DSLRs.


But do I really need to buy them back?


Maybe not, but for certain kind of works they still be the better tools and as you can see this in DPR kinda fora many many die-hard mirrorless fanboys never accept this fact, they just trash DSLRs just because they are DSLRs or Nikon or Canon.


That's so childish, do we still have to beat a dead horse?


Camera : Nikon D4


Lenses : Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8 ( N )


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