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La Jolla, CA


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You'll Always Be My Baby ...............


Mashallah ما شاء الله




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adoro i pappi(soffioni).....da sempre....da quando a memoria di bambina ho visto il vento disperdere tutte quelle "stelle" nel cielo...che magia...quasi fatine che leggiadre danzavano attorno a me...


D300 - Sigma 180 macro

D300 - Sigma 180 macro + tc 1.4x

I think sometimes you need to

look deeper than just the surface!

and beyond what you normally see

from the first sight!

you'll find another version of the truth.


HBW everybody :D




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Another texture by Ellenvd.

Please view Large on Black

Nikon D300, Tamron 90mm, 1/160s, f/6.3, ISO 200. (DSC_0766)

و لــو إنــك بــعــيد عـنـي أنـا أنــتظر مـنــك الأخـــبار






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5 Shots different exposures + Photomatix

Nikon D300 / Nikkor 18-200mm / Tripod / wireless trigger

This is a picture from my first trip to the White Pocket area near Page in Arizona in March 2009. I found it on my harddisk a couple of minutes ago and i hope you'll like it :-)

D300 - Tamron 90 macro

Get the title?


D200 is at 5fps

D300 is at 8fps (with some help)


Reading a book/manual is learning what's new. Getting up to speed with things.


Da dum dum! *drums*


Try the veal. I'll be here till next Thursday! =)


At least Sam, short for Samantha, is out of her box:



SB-800 over D300 triggered via Nikon's Creative Lighting System

SB-600 with snoot triggered via Nikon's Creative Lighting System

Reflector in front of book to bounce some light from the SB-800 back to the front of the book.



Rock Bridge. Nikon D300. [Explore @ #1, 31 July 2013.] [THANK YOU ALL!]



tanto per restare in tema con la pioggia che da giorni al lago ci tiene compagnia....

felice settimana a voi tutti !!!

Nikon D300

Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey

November '09


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