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Here's a single-image croporama from Friday's dramatic sunset at Beta Beach.


I was really hoping to catch some nice wave-spray just as the sun was setting... I was getting three or four big(gish) waves crashing against the rocks every four or five minutes... this was one of the biggest waves of them all... I guess I got lucky with this one.


Nikon D300, Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, aperture of f16, with a 1/20th second exposure.


More from the archives. ..


La Jolla, CA


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You'll Always Be My Baby ...............


Mashallah ما شاء الله




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adoro i pappi(soffioni).....da sempre....da quando a memoria di bambina ho visto il vento disperdere tutte quelle "stelle" nel cielo...che magia...quasi fatine che leggiadre danzavano attorno a me...


D300 - Sigma 180 macro + tc 1.4x

D300 - Sigma 180 macro

I think sometimes you need to

look deeper than just the surface!

and beyond what you normally see

from the first sight!

you'll find another version of the truth.


HBW everybody :D




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Have a seat, enjoy the view :)

Another texture by Ellenvd.

و لــو إنــك بــعــيد عـنـي أنـا أنــتظر مـنــك الأخـــبار






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Please view Large on Black

Nikon D300, Tamron 90mm, 1/160s, f/6.3, ISO 200. (DSC_0766)

5 Shots different exposures + Photomatix

Nikon D300 / Nikkor 18-200mm / Tripod / wireless trigger

The belief of our Reason is an Exercise of Faith,

and Faith is an Act of Reason.


Joseph Glanvill

This is a picture from my first trip to the White Pocket area near Page in Arizona in March 2009. I found it on my harddisk a couple of minutes ago and i hope you'll like it :-)

Florabella Textures... "Patina" 30% (overlay)... see my profile for the link ♥


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Get the title?


D200 is at 5fps

D300 is at 8fps (with some help)


Reading a book/manual is learning what's new. Getting up to speed with things.


Da dum dum! *drums*


Try the veal. I'll be here till next Thursday! =)


At least Sam, short for Samantha, is out of her box:



SB-800 over D300 triggered via Nikon's Creative Lighting System

SB-600 with snoot triggered via Nikon's Creative Lighting System

Reflector in front of book to bounce some light from the SB-800 back to the front of the book.



Rock Bridge. Nikon D300. [Explore @ #1, 31 July 2013.] [THANK YOU ALL!]

D300 - Tamron 90 macro

* Do Not Use This Image Any Where

Happiest when she's running! Using the Nikon D300 and the 70-300mm lens I was able, at last, to get a half decent shot of Lucy running. Focus still not perfect, but better than with the G1.

من ما جرى له يطلب النجد والتسعيف

عيونه تخونه لين ماباح مكنونه !! ..


رمية الهديف .. محمد عبده




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tanto per restare in tema con la pioggia che da giorni al lago ci tiene compagnia....

felice settimana a voi tutti !!!

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