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Here's a long exposure from the coastline of La laguna de Apoyo, just outside of Granada in Nicaragua.


The lake is formed in the crater of a dormant volcano. The water is as warm as it is turquoise in color.


I managed to stretch out this exposure and get some of the waves crashing up to create the misty tones you see along the rocks.


It was tough because we were only at this spot for limited time and the midday sunlight was quite harsh, to say the least.


This is from the second session I went out for and was happy with. This one originated upside-down due to the inverted tripod method I used to get close to the rocks.

While we were spending some time on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, we were able to take in a few sunsets.


It was really great being shacked up right beside the beach and right near these rocks. It made it really easy just to grab gear one second and be able to shoot the next.


Lately, silhouettes have been my jam. I love the colors, the sharpness, the mysteriousness of the shadows.


It was somewhat difficult to position the model from so far away, especially with the crashing ocean in close proximity. I ended up just snapping as many shots as I could and I managed to get a few that I really like.


I really wish the waves were crashing higher on this one. I really liked the pose that she took right here, the only thing I wish is that the camera could be more distinguishable.

Third Friday in Lent, 2014. Granada, Nicaragua.

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, at sunset near Merida village. Concepcion volcano shrouded in clouds as usual.

Experimenting with silhouette shots in Nicaragua.

Volcan Conception - Ile Ometepe - Nicaragua

There. Right there. That's where Nicaragua caught me with my guard down and absconded with my heart.


This was from the first night we arrived at Playa Gigante, on the Pacific Coast. It turned out to be the only partly cloudy sunset during our short stay, and I think it produced the best colors.


The tide pools are very intriguing; the ocean-life altogether is exteremely intriguing to me. All over the face of these highly porous rocks were crabs of varying sizes, holding on with effortless ease.


I got really lucky with the amount of water still sitting in the tide pools. Just the right amount of light through the clouds and striking the reflection to bring the colors from the sky, down through the rest of the frame.

I didn't do as much long exposure photography while in Nicaragua as I thought I would.


I actually did end up using my wide angle lens as much as I thought I would.


Here's a long exposure I took of the sun setting. I waited for the opportune moment of when the sun would get close to the horizon and give a nice stripe through the bottom of the frame, reflecting off of the water.


Once the sun was in position, I took photos with the waves in various positions. I ended up liking this one the most as there is just a small bit of discernible detail in the sand. Everything else just seems to slow right down.

Granada Islands, Nicaragua

an old colonial house, granada, nicaragua, City destroyed by William Walker, who tried to build an interoceanic Canal in nicaragua, in XIX century

The cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua, in the background. I focused some pictures on the cathedral but preferred this one with the flowers in the foreground in focus.

This beautiful location is between Masaya & Granada, Nicaragua.

Salto de la Estanzuela - Nicaragua

View from the bell tower of La Merced church, Granada, Nicaragua in the afternoon with the lake on the horizon, and the yellow cathedral dominating the colonial skyline.

This picture was taken at sunset from Ometepe Island - Playa Santo Domingo. The light was out of this world.

Porte liquide.

Photo prise à Poneloya, plage du NIcaragua, près de la ville de Leon.

Nicaragua in March.

I took this photo during a trip to Nicaragua this summer. I was a volunteer with the Flying Docs of Canada. (Not a doctor!) I was a general helper - I took photos, organized the ad hoc "pharmacy" at mobile clinics we set up, and I tested and fitted people for glasses. This woman had poor vision for years and was ecstatic to get her first ever pair of glasses. She made a stern face for the photo and then broke out into a big smile afterwards.

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