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newspaper ... man hobby ?!

le journal .... un passe-temps masculin ?!

newspaper ... man hobby ?!

le journal .... un passe-temps masculin ?!

newspaper ... man hobby ?!

le journal .... un passe-temps masculin ?!

newspaper ... man hobby ?!

le journal .... un passe-temps masculin ?!

newspaper ... man hobby ?!

le journal .... un passe-temps masculin ?!

Hasselblad Xpan

Kodak 5222

Rodinal 1+50


Time: 12:30mm Develop

Fix : 11 mins


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Dallas Morning News


Each blue 'box' is a printing press which can print full color both sides of the newsprint paper. The Dallas Morning News has 17 presses. What you don't see is that these presses are 4 stories high. It starts with a roll of paper and the press prints, folds, cuts, and collates all in one continuous process. Basically, raw material goes in, a newspaper comes out. Fascinating....


If you have time, please watch this video, especially section 3 which shows the presses as they run.

I was taking this shot tonight when a newspaper reporter came up to me and photographed me taking photos. Who knows, maybe I'll be in the paper tomorrow, but if nothing else, it felt great getting out.

Visit this Place in Second Life: -Netherwood-

Saw this fellow reading a newspaper out in the middle of a grassy field on the edge of Pitt Lake in Pitt Meadows British Columbia Canada.

Bicycle back and forth in china town.

Photo taken at Tralala's Diner

Indianapolis, IN

Canyonlands National Park is a U.S. National Park located in southeastern Utah near the town of Moab. It preserves a colorful landscape eroded into countless canyons, mesas, and buttes by the Colorado River, the Green River, and their respective tributaries. Legislation creating the park was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on September 12, 1964. The park is divided into four districts: the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze, and the combined rivers—the Green and Colorado—which carved two large canyons into the Colorado Plateau.

This located near the Needles area of Canyonlands. It is a paved road with a nice parking lot to see it.

Who knew there was another Newspaper Rock? While not as heavily decorated as its more famous namesake up by Canyonlands Needles District, this one is unmapped and a bit out there so there's a chance of some quiet time to really appreciate the artwork.

in the middle of its fruit sits this man and read the newspaper.No costumers on this moment ,so he has time enough!


My cat can't read newspaper.

Princeton, New York City, New York, USA


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New York (part VI)


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Newspaper thing (what's it called? slips my mind at the moment)

machine stitching on altered newspaper. work in progress

Regulations for recycling newspapers are fairly strict in Japan -- or at least in the area where I live.


Newspapers must be folded in a certain manner, measuring a certain number of centimeters, wide, long, and deep. They must be tied with paper string. Paper string is difficult to work with as it snaps easily.


These days we have various choices for recycling as we can put the newspapers out on the 8 days a year that the elementary or junior high schools PTAs collect in neighborhoods. This approach is a money making project for both schools. Or, we can flag down the recycling paper truck and exchange the newspapers for toilet paper. Or, we can recycle via the newspaper office once a month.


By the way, the front page story on the top newspaper in this stack is about hiking up Mt. Fuji, which is a popular summer activity in Japan.

On this day, the Newspaper Rock petroglyphs in Petrified Forest National Park were incredibly hard to photograph. They are located on a rock below unstable hillsides which are off-limits to visitors, but can be observed from a platform some distance away. When I was there the glyphs were in deep shadow, I was in bright sun, and the wind was howling. Using my 250 mm lens I couldn't see them at all in the darkness with my camera bouncing around in the wind. There were tourist telescopes on the platform aiming at the rock, but I couldn't even see them through the scopes. So, I bumped up the ISO to 1600 and chose an f-stop one down from wide open, hoping to hold it steady enough to minimize movement, thanks to shake reduction. I aimed where I thought the tourist scopes were pointing and took a series of shots. I still haven't seen the petroglyphs in person, but was amazed at how they were revealed in the digital images.

wow and wow reading in the newspaper we broke our old weather record from 75 years back record now is 39.3cbut there is more today we gone break a new weather record from yesterday so no shirt today

Newspaper Rock, located along Indian Creek in southeastern Utah, is a 200 square foot sandstone rock which was used as a canvas by ancient rock artists.


It is believed that the petroglyphs found here were made by various cultures over the last several hundred years.


The oldest culture reflected here were the ancestral Puebloans, followed by the Fremont people and then the Utes and Paiutes.


There are more than 200 petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock, and it is one of the largest, best preserved and easiest accessed group of petroglyphs in Utah.


No hiking involved - just park and walk to the end of the parking lot to see these ancient drawings

August 28, 1979 - Atlanta, Georgia A man reads the newspaper in predawn hours.

My entry for the Monthly Scavenger Hunt Feb. 2008, "Newspaper"

I took a part in a photographic contest in newspapers called Lidové noviny, the result will be announced tomorrow but everyday they print some of the photos and this was in today's copy:)) Best viewed large:)

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