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Mi primera foto en mi etapa en la India. Y sin duda, la que mejor representa la idiosincrasia de este país. Con una foto de la ciudad más sagrada del hinduismo con su famoso río, el Ganges.

INDIJA je u svemir lansirala stoti satelit u trenutku kada premijer Narendra Modi nastoji pozicionirati zemlju kao pružatelja globalnih i povoljnih usluga u svemiru.

Indija je lansirala raketu koja je sa sobom ponijela 31 satelit.

“Lansiranje stotog satelita veliko je postignuće i p...

Russian Nuclear Horn Extends Into Indian Ocean. Russia said it’s ready to lease India more nuclear-powered submarines a day after President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged to deepen defense ties. More at

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi arrives in Delhi after a successful visit to Israel and 12th G-20 Summit in Germany, on July 09, 2017.

This is the famous Janaki temple of Janakpur, Nepal, this temple is dedicated to Janaki or Sita - wife of Lord Ram. Janakpur is named after King Janak who is believed to have ruled this part of Nepal, Janak despite being and a ruler was believed to have attained enlightment, his guru was Astabakra, who was believed to have attained enlightment very early in life. Osho's Astabakra Mahagita is one of the best books which I have read.

We were traveling from Kathmandu to Biratnagar during our son's vacation, as the journey is long and we had to stop for a night somewhere, our son wanted to do that in Janakpur

( though the place was a bit off route ) as one of his good friends was also there during vacation, it gave me the opportunity to make this photograph, and also be a good father :-). Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi while visiting Nepal said that he will visit this land of Janak when he next time visits Nepal.


Indian stocks rose as votes from India's general election indicated the leader of the opposition Baratiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi, would be the next prime minister.


The Sensex index rose 6% to a record 25375.63, before falling back to stand up 1.29% at 24121.74.


16.05.2014, BBC News- Business.

G20 summit visitor Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi arriving in Hamburg as AI 1 from Tel Aviv. Named Agra.

PM Modi will not want to raise questions said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Nana Patole, who attended a program on farmers in Nagpur. “Prime Minister Modi does not like any question.

PM Modi was very angry because I questioned the OBC ministry and farmers suicide during the Bharatiya... #indiatimenews

Arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the 31st ASEAN/East Asia Summit in Manila

I hope to live forever!


I know I will have to go one day. When the time comes.


Added to the myriad ways in which God can send my invitation. is a death at the hands of a terrorist.


As terrified citizens have been expressing their fears of such an end on television news channels, I have been thinking.


What happened in the last few days defies logic. Young men who should be enjoying the wonderful gift of life at its prime, instead choose to kill and maim innocent people who have done nothing to them directly.


Not exactly bravery!


Here I am going to court a bit of controversy and perhaps the ire of my friends and countrymen.

Their way of expressing their anger may be wrong but they are brave men alright!

They are not revolutionaries - no way - revolutionaries fight the armies of the enemy and not their innocent - but brave men nevertheless!


- These young men started off from home, knowing they are not going to return home.


- They knew they will face the might of one of the best armies in the world.


- They did what they did, under a belief and faith in God. However wrong and misplaced and misguided - yet implicit.


Compare that with the other terrorist - the rioter.

A few years back thousands of them roamed the Gujarat streets. A few years back they roamed the streets of Delhi and most of North India.


What is the motivation of these men who rob, rape and kill people of a community?


But first, a similarity between the fedayeen terrorist of Mumbai or 9/11 kind and these rioter terrorists - of the Ahmedabad or Delhi kind.


- They both blame an entire community, ethnicity, faith and country for wrong doing of a few individuals.


- They both find nothing wrong with punishing an entire community, and its softest, unguarded and innocent targets, to effect their revenge.

Here the similarity ends.

The rioters that roamed the streets of Ahmedabad or Delhi, were no brave men!


They were out to kill and not to give up their lives. They returned home from the business of looting, raping and murdering at the first sign of the security forces. They roamed the streets till they had a tacit approval of their leaders - Narendra Modi and Rajiv Gandhi respectively.


The rioters are not motivated by blinding love of their religion - unlike the fedayeen - or blinding hate of the other religion. They are motivated by the opportunity of robbing the properties; raping the women and generally giving vent to their failed and frustrated lives.


So, if I were to die at the hands of a terrorist, oh Lord, give me the bullet of the brave and misled fedayeen than the machete of the cold, calculating and cowardly rioter!


Better still, oh Lord, give them both a better sense, so that they and me die of ripe old age, having enjoyed Your beautiful creation - this life!



(Watch out for part -2, my views on brave and coward men and the media and politicians and Part - 3, what should be done other than prayer.)


Would love your views on my piece above. Do you think they were brave men?


An old image taken on film, looks nice when Viewed On Black

Narendra Damodardas Modi, aka Narendra Modi, was designated Prime Minister of India as a result of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) winning the 2014 general elections.


This caricature of Narendra Modi is adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from the World Economic Forum available via Wikimedia.

A Nepalese social activist and the founder and director of Maiti Nepal – a non-profit organization in Nepal, dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking. Anurada Koirala Mam received the Courage of Conscience Award from The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts on August 25, 2006. She also won the CNN Hero of the Year award in 2010. She received the Mother Teresa Awards in 2014 and will be conferred India's civilian award the Padma Shri in March or April 2017 by prime minister Narendra Modi, first time for a non indian. A personality, every Nepalese is proud of today and an icon for most of us all. from 500px

Experiment is the key to photography. Unless you don't attempt it, you won't get something new and fresh. You need to play with your camera settings, try different settings, different modes. Here luckily the subject gave me lot of time to play with my aperture and shutter settings. The result is phenomenal. This image is one of my best images

Veteran Leader L K Advani termed the Election Manifesto as one of the top manifestoes declared by party so far. Party Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi said

Digital Painting created in Adobe Photoshop.

Narendra Damodardas Modi, aka Narendra Modi, was designated Prime Minister of India as a result of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) winning the 2014 general elections.


This caricature of Narendra Modi is adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from the World Economic Forum available via Wikimedia.

Ranchi is the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand, and is the 3rd most populous city of the state, Ranchi has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under PM Narendra Modi's flagship Smart Cities Mission.

The government says India will grow at a rate of more than 8% during 2015-16


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is due to unveil its first full budget in what is seen as a key test of his appetite for reform.

Mr Modi won last year’s general elections on a promise...

“I have been living and selling tea on the streets of Varanasi since childhood. This is my age of retiring but I don’t want to because I am proud of being a tea seller as our own Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was also a tea seller. This proves that no work in this world is small...


To view the complete story visit -

Varanasi: Arrival of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi, procession of ambassadors

New Delhi: BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi speaks at party Vikas Rally in New Delhi on Sunday.PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist(PTI9_29_2013_000141B)

The people of India are looking for the high-quality trade, and are an increasing number of willing than ever before to act on every possibility that allows and empowers them. In consonance with this craving of the masses, the cutting-edge government below the management of Sh Narendra Modi has...

Call sign "Air India 1" coming in to land a t LFBO this morning with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi



New Delhi: 24 June 2017

Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal National Secretary and Spokesperson of Federation of All India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT) said that a letter is send by Industry Coordinator (Retail) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd to our National President Ashok Badhwar. In a press statement here today Grewal told that this letter of Oil Marketing Companies (PSU) officials is proposed to hold a meeting with representatives of Federation of All India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT) in Delhi to discuss various issues from 04.00 to 05.30 pm on 28.6.2017. EDs Retail of Oil Marketing Companies will attend the meeting. Grewal said that according the Oil Marketing Companies (PSU) officials the details of the venue shall be communicated later. The Oil Marketing Companies (PSU) also request to please make it convenient to attend the meeting along with your members. We would request you to limit the number of participating members to (10) only. Grewal told that this letter is issued on behalf of the Oil Marketing Companies (PSU). He said that this letter is issued by Industry Coordinator (Retail) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate to the nation Friday India’s longest bridge, located on the Brahmaputra river in Assam. The inauguration comes on the occasion of the government completing three years in office. The historic bridge, which shall link Dhola to Sadiya in Tinsukia...

Citizens call on Merkel to defend the Paris climate agreement ahead of Trump’s arrival at the G20 summit. They erected a giant globe with a Trump-wig right in front of the Chancellery surrounded by G19 caped climate superheroes, while Merkel was meeting Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Theresa May and other heads of state. Masks of climate superheroes are: Narendra Modi, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Xi Jinping and Jean-Claude Juncker

Modi has already done it in Gujarat by turning the state into one of India’s richest. So, all eyes are on Narendra Modi as he can really revolutionise the entire nation’s economy...

as we very much wanted to exprience how it feels like staying in such a small 'n beautiful village, we were given these two mud-houses that are used by political leaders like anandiben and narendra modi, during their regular visit to kutch! it was very nice to hear that these leaders are taking interest and constantly trying to increase 'n maintain development after the notorious earthquake. we can see it everywhere and it's really a matter of pride and feeling thankful to them.


as the place remains closed most of the year, there was stale atmosphere inside, most of the electrical point were out-of-order; but the best part was that they were loaded with plenty of book esp. on kutch and some other that we seldom come across, with the details of fact - figures - damages & development after the quake. all other slept outside in the dark under millions of twinkling points of light; and i prefered keeping myself awake inside, under the bulb, reading all that i can.


see few other long-exposures @

Indian PM Modi and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced resumption of supply of fuel to India and declared their common intent to tackle the challenge of global terror.


Would you know? I certainly know that India is a large but extremely poor county... how come Cameco Corporation will supply 3,000 metric tonnes of uranium over five years to India at an estimated cost of 254 million US. Who's going to pay for it?


Modi’s road to comfortable in 2019 is smoother with Nitish in his aspect, stated Sankarshan Thakur.

In massive win for Modi, Nitish Kumar groups up together with his ruling BJP

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi scored a chief political victory on Thursday while...

Modi’s road to comfortable in 2019 is smoother with Nitish in his aspect, stated Sankarshan Thakur.

In massive win for Modi, Nitish Kumar groups up together with his ruling BJP

NEW DELHI – Prime Minister Narendra Modi scored a chief political victory on Thursday while Bihar...

New Delhi: India and Israel are celebrating 25 years of diplomatic ties in 2017-18. Top Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu are expected to exchange visits before the anniversary year closes in January 2018.

In an interview, Israel’s ambassador to India Daniel...

India will stay ahead of China on the growth curve in 2017 and 2018, said IMF while retaining the country's GDP forecast at 7.2 per cent for the current fiscal.


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