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…well, last Friday the cat woke me early begging for her food so I checked the morning forecast and headed out to beat the sunrise.

Looks like it worked well for me as I caught these horses and cattle up for an early meal as well.


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Free backup is finally here. Mozy Remote Backup.

Try SugarSync Free!


What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe‎)


I was going to use this post to share some of my thoughts on backup strategies as I have had a couple of flickr friends over the years that have lost many of their images and did not have sufficient backup to restore from. I hoped that it might help someone in the future from loosing some of their work.

Well I was up to 500 words and that is not going to work here - I will try to figure out a better way to post that - for now here is the short version.

1. Your backup must be automatic (we are lazy) - software can do this for you

2. Backup to more than one physical location (think fire / flood / theft) - see Mozy/CrashPlan or others for online off-site backup

3. Redundancy is good (hard drives are mechanical and will fail) - mirror your drives or get a multi drive Network Attached Storeage (NAS) device

4. Put your data (images) on a separate drive from you operating system and programs (could be logical or physical drive) - backup is easier and avoids issues with corrupted OS or OS reinstall


Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS @ 17mm | f 8 | 1/40 sec | iso 640

please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know

please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know

please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know







[ 25-February <3 ]


تآريخ غآلي يسآوي من زمآآني عمممر




دفت آلسآعه 12

وآلعقآرب شكلهآ لك تنآآديني

حبيبي آسرع وآقرب يآلغآآآآلي

خليييني هآآآليوم آطفي شمعتك

يعلهآآ تطفي شووقِ في غيآآبك

زآآآآآد حرقي وآشتعآآآآآآلي




آليوم عيد آليوم آغلى من آلعيد

آليوم هذآ غييير عن كل آلآعيآآآد

وليله آحلى مووعدِ من آلموآآآعيد

تآريخهآآ يحمل معآآه عيد ميلآآآآد




آليوؤوم يآ عمري يحتفل هآآلكون كله

بك آنت وحــــدك وتتغنى آلليآآآآآلي

ويفرح آلتآريخ بذكرى ميلآآآآآآآآدك

له آلشرف هآلتآريخ انه يكون يومـك




كل عآآآم وانتي بألف خييير مووووزي

آلعممر كله يآآآآرب

وعقبآآآل ما نحضر كل آعيادج وآفرآآآآحج

ربي يخليج ويحفظج لنآآآ من كل شررر حبيبتي

الله لآآآ يحرمنآآآآ منج

والله انج غآآآآآليه علينآآ كلنآآ

وآليوووم فرحتنآآآ ويآآآج كبييييره

وآن شآآآء الله كل احلآآمج تتحقق

وتكووون سنه خيير وسعآآآده




╔╝╚╗ (¯`v´¯)

╚══╝ `•.¸.•´

╔╗╔═╦╦╦═╗ ╔╗╔╗

║╚╣║║║║╩╣ ║╚╝║

╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ ╚══╝


It's done by me & Ed.hardysh


Any copy and paste comment will be deleted .


© All rights reserved to šυpєя-»Ş


please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know

please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know

please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know

It's amazing how important it is to be electronically connected in this modern world, and how isolated it makes you feel when you can't access that connection. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but for many it's a definite reality. the last week I discovered just how nice it is to have access to public libraries...and their computers!!


Also...if you aren't backing up your files and photos, START! I can recommend Mozy online backup service...I am in the process of downloading ALL of the photos that I thought I had lost!!!.......^+^

please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know

please add a note with a description and web adress of the logos u know

Done by: me & Mozy & Edhardysh ;D


Any copy and paste comment will be deleted .

© All rights reserved to šυpєя-»Ş

Leaving Friday morning for Moab, Utah, arriving on the 21st, where I'll meet up with friends for a week of Jeeping. Along the way, I'll take a week exploring various sites, concentrating on red rock desert, rock art, and ruins (and maybe a brew pub or two). After Moab, I'll mozy home, taking up to a week.


Not sure what I'll do on the way home, though. My sister is meeting me in Moab (she lives near Palm Beach, Florida). We'll poke around some together, I'm sure, before she takes off for the five day drive home.


I'm staying at the Bighorn in Moab, if anyone wants to stop by. My birthday is the 23rd. You can buy me a beer. :-p

Sambra, widok z Mostu Króla Baldwina (Pont Roi Baudouin), Charleroi, 6 maja 2016 r.

Przepływająca przez Charleroi Sambra ma 193 km długości. Jest lewobrzeżnym dopływem Mozy.


The Sambre, view from the King Baldwin Bridge (Pond Roi Baudouin), Charleroi, May 6, 2016

Flowing through Charleroi, the Sambre has 193 km of length. It is a left tributary of the Meuse.

D93 mozies up the hill to Penn after dropping off one car and picking up another at Hanson Cold Storage. The last rays of sun are barely touching the 93 as they start their journey back to Lafayette.

Oooh maaay

it's my best's day :O !!!

ma3rf shgoool !!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MooooooZzeeeeeh ,.

rbee3ty a555ty 7beebty kl shaay dnyty galbii 3mrii

aaaaaaaA77777777bch !!

atmnaaa mn a3maaa8 9meem glbii ena ha alsna o ray7 tkon a7la sneench

walla atmnaa lch kl 5eer o s3aada o frrr7


O alla yb3d 3nch kl '9eeg o ham !!

Ya raab kl shay f 5a6rch y9eer ,. o enshalla 5a6rch ma ynksr abd ya princessa ;$


5 sneen o n7n friends 3gbal al 10 sneen 0 al50 o 100 ;$

oO al10101010101010101010101010

alla la y'3yr elly beena

Anaa waayed mstaansa chana my birthdaay :$ xp


*Huuuug huuug huuug huug huug huuuuuuuuuuuG*


shkly ma b5l9 alyom ;p


walla ench PERFECT friend 9dg y3ny 3mry ma shkeet mnch aw shft mnch shaay nt owky , ymkn z3lt mnch shway f yom mn alayam ,. bs 5 sneen ma nmt lela o ana z3lanh mnch !!

Mashalla 3lena ;$


o cheeh ,..

5aa6ry a36eeech akbar huuuug al7en :'( a7777bbbbch ya albii ...

;************ ;*******




Copy rights reserved 2 me & Super S :*


Was out in my Skinny Tinny early this morning. Single shot (not HDR) processed with DXO. On the water by 5:30 am..... just cruising for a shot...... or two...... I need an Expresso machine in the tinny then life would have been perfect....... moZies aside.


Mmm do I really need a FF..... K5II iso80 works a treat

Finally i dont have to wear gloves it's like summer!!!

me and mozy funked with each others outlines on this one i really like how it turned out


next time nesk exchange

decided to try another mozy sketch but something a little more complicated this time. Freestyled the A and did my best to give it some jaro flavor.

©2009 Susan Ogden-All Rights Reserved

Images Thruthelookingglass


Better Detail in Large Version....owner will not shoot at you i promise!


I spent 4 days in Rockport, Mass. enjoying a taste of New England for the Labor Day weekend. It so happened that the Schooner Races were taking place on Sunday. i had a request from David, (dsmphoto) to shoot the tall ships, and "details". I did this, and encountered an irate ship owner in the process....more on that later!

we were told to be at the harbor between 9 and 11 to see the ships "up close"....turns out this was the totally incorrect info, and to see them up close, (get ON them) you had to go the evening BEFORE....needless to say we missed that opportunity :-(

We stopped at the harbor in time to see them floating out to their start positions for what was a 6.5 mile race, Once they were out of the harbor there was no place to view the actual race unless you were on a we ventured to Salem, the witch city for some fun...with a promise to stop back and see the schooner, the Lannon before leaving for home on Monday.

NOW, for the irate owner of the Lannon....our friend Jack knows just about everybody in Rockport and assured me it was fine to go aboard and i did. i was having a ton of fun, when i heard someone yell "What are you doing on my boat?" i glanced over and saw a man talking to i smiled and held up my camera and kept shooting....when i then heard, "GET OFF MY BOAT!" Jack is a real joker, so i thought he was telling the guy to try to scare me....until, when i did not move, i heard the word "NOW!" i mozied over to my camera bag and switched out lens's and came down off the boat....he then proceeded to lecture me on boat etiquette, while i stood there looking like i was interested, but thinking the guy was a little obnoxious and full of himself! The whole time he is telling me i could have gotten shot by him, because he did not know me....blah, blah, blah... I was going to apologize, but could not get a word i waited for his little rant to end, when my husband said, "OK, she gets it, ....she's sorry". His response was "I have not heard it from her." i told him i was VERY sorry, (mainly because his lecture was so damned tedious!)and shook his hand, smiling at him from ear to ear. He told me he would accept my apology and hoped that i had learned about boat etiquette, and then said i could go back on board and finish the shots....i said no thanks, i got what i was here for already, and said goodbye! Soooooooooo, thanks David, i would've taken a bullet for you!! ;-D What are friends for!!


oh...the title....words from one of my VERY, VERY, VERY favorite Kenny Chesney songs...

Got together with Jamey Pyles to make a run on Rainier since the flowers are starting to pop off pretty good now. Weather started out pretty grim looking, clouds across the whole sky but the forecast insisted that it would largely burn off by the evening. Considering my near-perfect track record of getting skunked, I wasn't about to get my hopes up.


So we started slogging up to Indian Henry's Mosquito Breeding Grounds and quickly ran into a washed-out trail that necessitated a way-more-effort-than-should-be-necessary detour up and around the bank, only to later find out that there was an easier way around by gingerly fording part of Tahoma Creek and then using some logs to get across the rest of the stream (basically a small river).


Going further up, the clouds started to tease at thinning and clearing out, so after briefly discussing bailing on the hike we opted to keep on keeping on. So we get up to the meadows, which are starting to flower quite nicely but are still at least a week (probably 2) away from peak, and introduced ourselves to the attendees of the bug convention being held literally everywhere - some of the worst mozzies I've ever seen, so profuse that I had to actually clone dozens of them out of this picture - and then waited out the clouds. After probably not more than 30 minutes, we spotted a couple other rather dejected looking photographers wandering into our rightly claimed territory and slowly mozied over to mingle. Turned out it was Dustin Gent and Justin Grimm, who decided to come up the hard way. So we all ended up bs-ing for several hours and took in the show as the clouds actually did finally clear, much to my amazement. So I'll probably get skunked the next dozen visits to Rainier now.

It's always good to know when you're feeling down and out. Graff's got your back. Thanks to Mozy for making this happen.

For more:


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pa' mi hermanito Mozy alla en Toronto

With a week off work not much opportunity to get out and about with the camera on the railway so took it with me on the morning dog walk. The snow from over a week ago has melted in places but with daytime temperatures only getting above freezing for an hour or so the ice is now several inches thick in places and even these two on four legs have had the odd lack of adhesion in places let alone yours truly ! This shot was taken

around 09.30 just as the freezing fog started to thin out while walking between Goodyhills and Jericho but it remained firmly at -3C all day.


Dd to my BFFs







© Copy rights reserved to

Ed Hardysh - Moozy - Super S

flick courtesy of BAESR.

all size


Exchange partner from paris staying with me for a few weeks.


Stole the photo off Mozy's flickr.

dr. mccoy and kirk and spock meet up with a calico cat while out and about . . . bones trys to assure them that they are safe but spock and kirk want to mozy along and leave big kitty behind LOL : )

by way of a 2018 12 Months for Dogs Introduction:


Lotus is 13 years old now, yellow labrador that was once upon a time not a very successful working dog (scent detection).


She was very keen on water sports, and ball play but in her older years is a little nervy when the younger ones dance around her, and is happy to just have a little play in the mornings if nobody bothers her, or just mozy about the yard.


She is the sweetest girl.

She is also a bit mad (still) when I pull out the clicker for a bit of keeping-her-mind-active training, she does whirly-birds without listening to what I'm actually asking, but that's fine, sometimes we get something achieved hahaha

And she is the biggest whinger! Not a fan of the whinge ... she whinges for dinner, fine, but she whinges after dinner and randomly throughout the day for who knows what reason :-)

Picked this one-of-a-kind journal up in a small shop in China this past summer. I DID NOT TAKE THIS IMAGE PEOPLES, haha. :)


Thought one of you might like it...? :)


To enter, just mozy over to my facebook page, "like" KC Photography, and leave a comment under the giveaway picture for a chance to win.


The winner will be announced Friday. :)

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