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I have been in complete inaction for the past few months. Work-wise things are kinda on the outs and so it has managed to dismantle my resolve to keep up with photography. Now I know how difficult it is to keep up with what you wanna do..inspite of loving it so much. I wonder how you all manage it better than I do...I wish it continues to be that way for all of you :)


So I finally managed to dig something up from my archives..I am yet to even venture outside for a shoot..I hope it happens soon enough...This was shot while I was in the US...actually at the fag end of my stay over there.


When I knew I had to get back here, I decided to go to some of my favorite places. Ever since I knew about Monument Valley, I have always visualized myself being there amongst those wonderful mittens..Sunset is typically more beautiful over here than sun rises although I managed to get there for the day's dawn as well. This place is heavily visited by a lota people from all over the world..and rightly so. It is a breathtaking view. This is a cliched view of the valley itself for that I apologize.


I had scouted for different foregrounds all day and managed a few more from other places which I will try and post it someday soon :) The glow of the rocks in the evening sun is just how I imagined it will be. I am not a fan of these red rocks without a reason...nowhere else will you be able to see these radiant and vibrant looking colors. The sun gradually descends into the valley while I stood there just speechless...well not that I had company to talk to anyway :P but there are times when you dont want anyone with you...this was certainly one of those times :)


I really wish I had spent more time going through all your wonderful work. i hope to get more regular starting next year. Till then, I will be on and off. I had the chance to view some of your work..I am amazed how much each of you have managed in this short time...kudos!!


I am really looking forward to catch up with all of your work..slowly but surely!! have a nice weekend!!

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Sunrise in Monument Valley, Navajo Trible Park at the border of Arizona and Utah.


I felt like on a movie set ;)


Location: Monument Valley, Navajo Trible Park, Arizona.

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This massive piece of Ice slowly disappearing...

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Manuel Penella


El gato montés

Linhof technika III (modified) with Super-Angulon 65/8.

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This was a very cool bench at Andrew's Geyser. It is a big fountain near Old Fort, Nc. This is where trains would make the circular climb up the eastern continental divide to Asheville, NC. It is also the site of a civil war battle. The confederate army stopped the federal troops here with about 500 men and two pieces of artillery. But the Union General Gillam had his troops do feint attacks while he snuck down to Rutherforton and snuck across Howard Gap to take Asheville. I thought it was kind of cool since I live off of Howard Gap Road. Even though my Great Grandfather fought for the South.

I found this cross erected not far off the forestry trunk road near Nordegg. I have no idea what this little shrine is for...perhaps someone was killed in a car accident in this area....But if that was the case, the crosses are usually closer to the road. This was a fair distance from the road.

Fortaleza Grande, Gran Canaria

Plymouth's war memorial and the statue of one of England's greatest sea heroes, Sir Frances Drake. Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon in 1540 and was a sea captain, privateer, navigator and politician of the Elizabethan age. Elizabeth I awarded Drake a knighthood in 1581. He was second-in-command of the English fleet against the Spanish Armada in 1588 and died of dysentery in January 1596.

De este lugar soy. Mi visión de una tradicional postal de Archidona. A la izquierda la portada de "La Cilla", dónde en la actualidad está ubicado el Ayuntamiento, y al fondo, la fachada de la Iglesia de la Victoria.

This view from the "porch" of the Lincoln Memorial would normally show a beautiful reflecting pool that fills the long space between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Right now, the view is of a construction zone because the pool is undergoing major renovation to install a filtration system to keep the water from becoming stagnant in summer. Even so, this is a wonderful view that includes the walls of the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial (behind the construction,) the Washington Monument, the U.S. Capitol, and a glimpse of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building on the far right.

Glasgow, Scotland.


think i went a little monu-mental with this one. ; )

Piazza Minghetti, Bologna, Italy


Photo © Chiara Pavanati

Castlerigg Stone Circle in the UK Lake District. It consists of 38 stones, some as high as 5" 0" high, set in a rough circle with a 360 degree panorama of magnificent fells (hills).


It was built around 3200BC and there are stories of strange lights being seen here.


But not while I was there.

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The sky flamed over Colorado National Monument as the temperature plunged.

Koning Albert I-Monument, Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Lake District 27/28 June 2014

Monument Valley was as advertised. Can't argue with these kind of views.

Photo réalisée au même endroit qu'il y a bientôt 1 an en utilisant mes connaissances acquisent depuis.


Photo taken at the same place about 1 year ago using my knowledge learned since.


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Chaparron en Pontevedra a la hora y en el sitio adecuado, lastima de un gran angular mas radical

olympus omd - lightroom - silver efex pro

Une vue hivernale de l'oeuvre de l'artiste Patrick Dougherty au Jardin Botanique de Montréal.


A winter view of the work of the artist Patrick Dougherty at the Botanical Garden of Montreal.

Classic, evening view of the "Mittens" in Monument Valley, Navajo Nation. This was taken during the same session as an image posted earlier which had a shorter focal length. There were 10 or so photographers in front of these foreground rocks which are on the edge of the visitor center parking lot.


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Vista del Palacio Episcopal y de la Catedral.

The Washington Monument casts a mirror-like reflection in its reflection pool at dusk.

Las orillas del Ebro a su paso por Zaragoza, desde su margen izquierda permiten un recorrido monumental de la ciudad. En la igan y desde la izquierda, la torre de la Seo El Salvador, La Lonja, el Ayuntamineto, el Puente de Piedra y, por supuesto, la Basíslica del Pilar.

Stairway in the Dutch Garden in Park Clingendael, designed by L.A. Springer (1887).

Making more magic with the NXNW 2013 Crew, this was taken at the Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction and Frutia Colorado..More on the blog


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On this early morning I was lucky to have great predawn light and just a little mist on the reflection pool. The ducks were creating gentle ripples which gave the reflected tip of the monument a cool wiggle effect.

via National Geographic Photo of the Day

Looking out from the Jefferson Memorial at the sunset (3 exposure handheld tonemapped image) I might re-process this one, not happy with the sky, it's gone a bit Fred Flintstone

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