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Digital Fractal Spring Garden

scratch here to smell >>>>>>>>>>>

A farmers fields neat Althorp in Northamptonshire. What caught my eye were the three trees sitting almost within a green island among all the vibrant seed fields. The smell was so overpowering ad extreme,


More-so I noticed the tracks of what must have been a regular or recent route for the farmers tractor that flows across the fields in curves and lines in no specific pattern whatsoever.


Processed with an artistic, modern & detailed surrealism in mind

Keeping to a theme of distorted or dissolving architectures that provide a metaphor for the dissolution of rational constructs that no longer serve. My previous image cited the Major Arcana Tarot Card, The Tower, as a psychological metaphor for the coming down of a mental or psychic construct that is deemed as nothing but a hindrance in current circumstances. Here I reference that again but add to that the growing critique of the notion of modern, capitalist, exploitative progress at the expense of all else. The notion of limitless growth and limitless profit is patently ridiculous. Such growth, as I think we'll see in our lifetimes, will simply have to stop. It cannot be sustained. And again, this is not so much about radical changes to the outward world we know, but a radicalization of the thinking that creates it.


Part of the "Hypothetical Awards" Group's "Annual Urban Art" Challenge, HUGE thanks to Mel Cabeen for the invitation to it.


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Self-Portrait...for my sweetie dancein onna beach over in Hawaii...Blessed Winter Solstice

FRACTAL FACE.....Self-Portrait...what happen's when you spend too much time explorein da fracverse...

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