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What's more interesting than this picture is the story behind it. I'm guessing some of you have been to this very spot down at the houseboat docks along the Mississippi.


As I was shooting this shot around 9 PM, a drunk staggered down the 30-40 steps and started talking to me. After a few minutes he started asking questions about where I lived and how much money I had. A few minutes later he was demanding I go with him, where I wasn't sure. That wasn't gonna happen so as I was packing up my gear, I made my way back to the steps and more or less sprinted by him and up the steps.


Guess I should join a photography club.

Mississippi Kite Waretown, NJ, 7-28-17.


Mississippi Mills, Ontario


I'm pretty sure the guy who decided how to light this area was on acid.


But it is pretty cool.

The conditions seemed to be perfect, so I drove two hours east to find the darkest sky of the state, close to the small town of State Line..

Taken from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River near Savannah, IL.

Woldenberg park in New Orleans, along the Mississippi river

During May 1863, General U. S. Grant held the city of Vicksburg under siege. Many people escaped the shelling in caves. In July 1863 C.S.A General John C. Pemberton surrendered.


This is a shot from Vicksburg, Mississippi, looking back west at Louisiana across the Mississippi River. The bridge on the left is interstate 20 and the bridge on the right is a railroad.


I have crossed this bridge more times than I can count in the last 32 years.


Just got back from Alabama visiting my parents. I had a good visit and got Dad home for 3 days. The trip went well and I was honored to be able to take him to the funeral of a great friend of his


I should be back to a more normal photography schedule and I hope to catch up with all my flickr friends.


One of many old and falling apart barns and buildings in Mississippi.

The Mississippi River would never look so blue looking straight down at the muddy waters but from a distance in the failing light and reflecting the sky.. it looks blue. This is Lock and Dam 21 all lit up with the lights of Quincy, Illinois in the background.


Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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HDR of Mississippi River. It is great that there is actually open water now. Taken on iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed. 261/365

The Mississippi River is a dominant presence in New Orleans. There is a walkway along part of the river and many boats take tourists on trips up and down the river, sometimes with jazz bands for entertainment.

Mississippi Kite

Columbia, MD

3 days of Awesome

Mississippi swamps vIew from Pikes Pick Park, Iowa, USA.

Tombigbee River near the Columbus, Mississippi lock and dam

Der Sonnenuntergang in dem Örtchen Natchez am Mississippi war schon beeindruckend. Nichts erinnert einen erst einmal dabei an die grausame Unterdrückung der schwarzen Bevölkerung in diesem US-Bundesstaat, die hier in der Vergangenheit statt fand. Der Film "Mississippi Burning" aus dem Jahr 1988 erzählt eindrucksvoll, mit welchen Methoden der Ku Klux Klan mit der schwarzen Bevölkerung dort umgegangen ist. Wenn sich auch nach außen seitdem einiges verändert hat - frei von Rassismus ist man hier noch lange nicht.

Two bridges crossing the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


We crossed the river numerous times on our trip, so got to see many cool bridges.

Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN

Mississippi countryside just south of Diamondhead and i10

Great Egret, Pipe's Lake.


The Mississippi kites are active again after taking June to nest. Now they need to feed the chicks plus prepare them and themselves for the trip south again in August and September.

Los milanos de Mississippi están activos una vez más después de haber tomado el mes de junio para anidar. Ahora tienen que dar de comer a sus pollitos para prepararlos para el viaje al sur en agosto y en septiembre. Los adultos tienen que hacer lo mismo por sí mismos también.

Highway 61 bridge over the Mississippi River in Hastings, MN.

3rd Ave and distant Hennepin Ave Bridges crossing the mighty Mississippi in Minneapolis at twilight.

A HDR image of a Soybean field reflecting morning light. Near Greenwood MS 2009

Span crossing the Mississippi river ... southern Illinois ... texture by Lenabem-Anna

or "Somewhere is Mississippi".... Stacked pipes along the highway traveling back from Wiggins, MS.

This is an old house/barn that was found on a recent road trip. Somplace off HWY 61 in Northern Mississippi.

Sent to me in 2001 by a friend

(I forget how much fun doing scans of old stuff is!)


Fall foliage is particularly spectacular when traveling aboard the Mississippi Queen paddlewheeler on the upper Mississippi River.

Lightning over the Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg, MS on June 6, 2013.

I'm back from a short vacation down to Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi.


It was cloudy and rainy much of our time there, but I'm alright with that. Somehow the threatening skies and swift flowing, muddy water seem to go together.


Here a Kansas City Southern train eases across the beautiful 1930's vintage bridge at Vicksburg. The newer I-20/US-80 bridge is in the background.


I'll do my best to catch up with everyone over the next few days.

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I almost titled this one "Worth the Effort"


Sunrise at the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, near Starkville, Mississippi

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