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If you look on the right, there are some power lines going through. I removed them on the left, but the process takes forever so I left the ones on the right :)


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What's more interesting than this picture is the story behind it. I'm guessing some of you have been to this very spot down at the houseboat docks along the Mississippi.


As I was shooting this shot around 9 PM, a drunk staggered down the 30-40 steps and started talking to me. After a few minutes he started asking questions about where I lived and how much money I had. A few minutes later he was demanding I go with him, where I wasn't sure. That wasn't gonna happen so as I was packing up my gear, I made my way back to the steps and more or less sprinted by him and up the steps.


Guess I should join a photography club.

we don't get a lot of snow around here. when we do, it's a BIG deal. :o)

There is a little bridge over the river that would have afforded me a great picture the other day had I had my camera. The ice, snow, mist and light were almost perfect.


I have since been back three times with my camera with extremely mediocre results -- like this one.


I set out relatively early that morning when I seemed to see some actual sun through my den window. There was a distinct (dis-stink?) lack of same when I arrived at the site. There was some mist but nothing to light it up, and I forgot my flash. #KiddingAboutTheFlash


:copyright: Anvilcloud Photography

Taken at Harrell Prarie Botanical Area in Forest Mississippi. As we were driving down the little gravel road to get to a field of wildflowers we turned the corner and it looked as if heaven had opened up with the sun rays beaming down through the trees.

~Explore #31~

Taken from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River near Savannah, IL.

Mississippi Mills, Ontario


I'm pretty sure the guy who decided how to light this area was on acid.


But it is pretty cool.

On a ferry - boat on the Mississippi River, US

A little stroll at the river tonight.

The beautiful gulf coast in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Woldenberg park in New Orleans, along the Mississippi river

Haven't done any stitching lately and this sunset cried for it. Made up of 6 shots. I never tire of watching sunsets down here.

The Mississippi River is a dominant presence in New Orleans. There is a walkway along part of the river and many boats take tourists on trips up and down the river, sometimes with jazz bands for entertainment.

HDR of Mississippi River. It is great that there is actually open water now. Taken on iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed. 261/365

The Mississippi River would never look so blue looking straight down at the muddy waters but from a distance in the failing light and reflecting the sky.. it looks blue. This is Lock and Dam 21 all lit up with the lights of Quincy, Illinois in the background.


Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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Mississippi Kite Waretown, NJ, 7-28-17.


Mississippi swamps vIew from Pikes Pick Park, Iowa, USA.

1/19/2008 - First time it's snowed here in 7 years!

It was aa hazy day which made it more interesting for photography. This shot was taken in Lansing, Iowa. A truly beautiful area on a fall day when the leaves were at their best.


This is a view up the river on the Iowa side. The river is much wider than shown here as the river has many islands and the main channel winds among them.


Thank you in advance for taking your time to view my photos or comment upon them. Hope you enjoy this one.

I did not like the original photo so I sprinkled some PSP dust on it and waalaa. I like it much better now. It was taken from a very long distance. Surprised that I got anything out of it.


Have a wonderful Thursday.

On April 27, 1996, a BNSF manifest freight led by a pair of Santa Fe GE's and two BN motors, crosses the causeway along the Mississippi River north of Trempealeau, WI. That's Winona, Minnesota in the background.

Tombigbee River near the Columbus, Mississippi lock and dam

Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN

Mississippi countryside just south of Diamondhead and i10

Two bridges crossing the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


We crossed the river numerous times on our trip, so got to see many cool bridges.

This showed up in the neighborhood yesterday. I couldn't identify it, but after looking through various apps and websites, I decided it was a Mississippi kite - a bird I'd never heard of.


I have no idea how common or uncommon they are around here, but it was fun to see and identify a new bird.

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