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Here's another shot from a few years ago of the 3rd Ave bridge. Fortunately the water was calm enough to get some reflections in the water.


Per Wiki...The Third Avenue Bridge is a landmark structure of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, originally known as the St. Anthony Falls Bridge. It carries road traffic across the Mississippi River and right over the upper fringes of Saint Anthony Falls.


Construction started: 1914

Total length: 2,223′

Opened: 1918


Barco Mississippi, que navega por las aguas de Magic Kingdom en Disney World .Orlando - Florida


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Ictinia Mississippiensis

Waretown, NJ

Sunrise on the Mississippi River this morning

Ictinia Mississippiensis

Third time is the charm. Been here three times this summer and finally got to see and photograph the two adults and one juvenile. One more bird on my summer bucket list left, The Golden Plover.

Waretown, NJ

Ictinia Mississippiensis

This is the second adult.

Waretown, NJ

Ictinia Mississippiensis

I was not zoomed in at this time to try to get a flight shot. They move very fast and quite. This is a bit of a crop.

Waretown, NJ

Abandoned house and former school on the banks of the Mississippi River near Hanover,IL.

Two of Canadian Pacific's classic FP9's sandwich a GP20C-ECO on their Royal Canadian business train crossing the swollen Mississippi River into Sabula, IA.


April 30, 2019.

Mississippi River at Vicksburg, MS. Business must be picking up, seems to be more river traffic. Art effect applied in Topaz.


Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost


One of our most graceful fliers, this kite glides, circles, and swoops in pursuit of large flying insects. Despite the name, it is most common on the southern Great Plains. During recent decades, the planting of trees in shelterbelts and towns has made it possible for this bird to nest in many areas where it was formerly scarce; many towns on the southern plains now have their own nesting colonies of Mississippi Kites.

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These graceful birds are fairly common now in Gainesville, Florida, soaring effortlessly about eating dragonflies and other large insects. This one was photographed in the early morning in Sweetwater Wetlands Park.

A trio of standard CP power hauls its train over the Mississippi River. This could very well be the Humboldt Avenue Transfer, but I am otherwise unsure on the ID of the train.

Flying low made it possible to see the beautiful colors on its back.

I went out for a little drive yesterday just after it stopped raining and was rewarded with this Mississippi Kite drying off. It almost reminded me of some Native American art.




Ictinia mississippiensis


Sunset behind the Gateway Arch with the Mississippi River very full.

GOTT Bakery


A delicious muddle of flavours -Chocolate, pretzels and marshmallows


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St Georges hall in Liverpool looking like a Mississippi paddle steamer on the run in to Christmas 2019.

Taken from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River near Savannah, IL.

Full video here in my YouTube channel U2 DRAGON LADY AND B2 SPIRIT’S FAIRFORD 4K

The New York to Los Angeles Z-train crosses the Mississippi River from Illinois into Fort Madison, IA.


November 5, 2019.

A northbound empty grain train on the CN Yazoo Subdivision rockets north a few miles outside Jackson, MS.

Mississippi River Shoreline: Beautiful Day in early January had me walking along the Grand Harbor Walkway in Dubuque, Iowa. This photo image may appear on one of my designs produced through VIDA. Many of my photo images are designed into clothing, accessories, and home essentials. You can visit my global online google market at or Photo Images credited to Vickie L Klinkhammer of VLP & Designs.


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NS 172 is about to cross the state line from Mississippi to Alabama on its way east to Birmingham.

Juvenile. Ten days ago while walking around the lake, we spotted a juvenile Mississippi Kite and an adult feeding it a cicada in a tree branch. Yesterday we took another 5 mile walk around the lake and again spotted the juvenile on the same branch, when the adult suddenly flew in again with food, almost like before! The transfer of food was almost instantaneous and took place behind thick branches, but I got one shot of the adult flying away once the juvenile had the cicada in its mouth. Seconds later the juvenile was crying out again to be fed! The juvenile flies all around, I'm surprised he's still getting food from the adult. We saw no nests in this area, and we were really surprised to see a repeat of ten days ago!


Swamp off the Natchez Trace.

The Mississippi kite (Ictinia mississippiensis) is a small bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. Mississippi kites have narrow, pointed wings and are graceful in flight, often appearing to float in the air. It is not uncommon to see several circling in the same area.



Adults are gray with darker gray on their tail feathers and outer wings and lighter gray on their heads and inner wings.[2] Males and females look alike, but the males are slightly paler on the head and neck. Young kites have banded tails and streaked bodies.[3] It is 12 to 15 inches (30–37 cm) beak to tail and has a wingspan averaging 3 feet (91 cm). Weight is from 214 to 388 grams (7.6-13.7 oz). Their call is a high-pitched squeak, sounding similar to that of a squeaky toy.



Their diet consists mostly of insects which they capture in flight. They eat cicada, grasshoppers, and other crop-damaging insects, making them economically important. They have also been known to eat small vertebrates, including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and small.


This is a first for me.

Pelicans gathering by the Lock and Dam in Hastings, Minnesota

Mississippi River Shoreline: Beautiful Day in early January had me walking along the Grand Harbor Walkway in Dubuque, Iowa. This photo image may appear on one of my designs produced through VIDA. Many of my photo images are designed into clothing, accessories, and home essentials. You can visit my global online google market at or Photo Images credited to Vickie L Klinkhammer of VLP & Designs.


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Taken at Pakenham, which is located in the province of Ontario, Canada.

A chance encounter while along the KCS Meridian Speedway was the Mississippi Southern Railroad making an interchange with KCS in Newton, MS. The train is leaving the small interchange yard on the KCS Louisville Sub before heading back to home rails.

Took this photo on my first walk along the river since I moved here. A woman walking her dog pointed me to something swimming in the water and told me it could be a snake. She said her husband works on the river and spots lots of snakes.

Whatever you or I might think about smart phone photography, I really like playing with the pano feature -- just sweep the phone across an area, and BOOM you have a photo. I can keep this little device in my pocket when it is -27C/-17F and just pull it out for a few seconds. As an added bonus I can listen to music or whatever the whole while if I choose.


© AnvilcloudPhotography

This is a similar perspective from the previous photo (see comments) but taken on the previous evening. I like the gentle light.


In a normal summer I wouldn't be able to get this shot, but due to low rainfall, I am able to get beyond the bank a little.


© AnvilcloudPhotography

Meet him at the Mississippi in New Orleans. He is a very nice guy and an excellent musician.

I didn't love this photo and still don't especially, but it is growing on me and I like it more than I did, so I am posting it to go along with the oil painting filter version (above in photostream).


I am standing on rock like you see to the left in the foreground. I can barely get beyond the bank in a normal summer, but the water is very low this year.


© AnvilcloudPhotography

red's blues club juke ~ clarksdale mississippi ~ live blues

BILBO - R.I.P. ~

This is how I like to go Birding. I was driving a back dirt road in Kansas, nice and slow and just enjoying the day when there he is sitting there so pretty! I take a few shots and decide to drive down the road a piece and turn around to get a different light/ angle and hope he stays there. 10 minutes and many, many shots later he was Still there and I drove off a happy person because this is a first sighting for me! And all from the comfort of an Air Conditioned car, which is important because Kansas is a hot state! :)

Another poignant reminder of the connection between blues music and cotton.

Camping on my property in Mississippi

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