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I’ve posted this image before. But recently had a client order a very large metallic print, so I rebuilt the image using some techniques I’ve learned in the last couple years to make even better (this was the first “HDR” shot I did a few years ago, and the headlights look much better using some tricks I’ve picked up since I first posted this shot). The differences are subtle at the resolution you see on the blog, but I thought I’d post it anyhow since was the first image of mine that got much attention (sentimental value and whatnot)…


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Here is the original posting of this image.


And here is my favorite version of the image (the sunrise version of course uses was shot on a different day with a different camera and lens).

A twilight view of Minneapolis downtown led by 3rd ave bridge or old central ave bridge. The bridge over Mississippi divides upstream St Anthony Falls and Nicholet Islands. The was no major turbulence or breeze which helped me in getting a 360 reflection. It was the first day of spring with near 60F of this rear. I used a 2 stop GND to balance the exposure.This photograph is published for Explore Minnesota 2015 Cover..

Reflections of Minneapolis upon the Mississippi.

I finally decided to go out and get the classic shot of downtown Minneapolis. This shot is just processed in Lightroom 5. No additional plugins or Photoshop used. Glad I finally decided to buy a copy.


This is a composite of 3 photos taken around the beautiful Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.


Happy Fence Friday!

The other day it was a rainy wet cold miserable spring day. The kind of day that makes you want to wrap up in a blacket and read a good book...


But this thought in my head kept saying get out and shoot some night phototography tonight. I am learning to go ahead and get out and shoot whenever I am feeling inspired like that..


It turns out, it was a wonderfully successful creative time out shooting... This is one of the images I captured... I love the New England feel to this image with that gorgeous old church in the background...


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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden or The Walker Sculpture Garden as many of the locals know it as.


"The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is an 11 acre (45,000 m²) park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States.[1] It is located near the Walker Art Center, which operates it in coordination with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. It is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the country, with 40 permanent art installations and several other temporary pieces that are moved in and out periodically."


"The centerpiece of the garden is the Spoonbridge and Cherry (1985–1988) water sculpture designed by husband and wife Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen"



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This is a view of the Minneapolis Skyline up from highway 35w.


Wayne Moran Photography

A new view of Minneapolis from a tall building.

"Nicollet Mall is a portion of Nicollet Avenue running through downtown Minneapolis. Working as a pedestrian and transit mall, it is also an upscale shopping and dining district. Along with Hennepin Avenue to the west, Nicollet Mall forms the cultural and commercial heart of the city.


Many iconic Minneapolis buildings line the Mall, notably the IDS Center, the former Dayton's flagship store (now Macy's), Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis Public Library and soon to be the Minnesota Planetarium again. In the summer, Nicollet hosts a popular farmers' market; in the winter, the Holidazzle Parade lights up the Mall."



And don't forget my favorite restaurant "The Local." This is such a great place for Thursday afternoons with the farmers market running in high gear in mid summer. Love it Love it Love it!!!


This is actually a three image vertical pan stitched together into a huge file. I hope to print this really huge some day!


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All of my work is copyrighted by Wayne Moran Photography.

Copyright Wayne Moran Photography 2010

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A photograph taken outside my front door last night at about 9 PM. A total of 18 inches fell here in Minneapolis overnight. Pretty snow but taxing on one's back and sometimes on one's spirits. Sorry I have had not had much time for my Flickr friends lately, I have been very busy. I will do my best to visit you all over the next day or two. I miss my friends. Time to get out the shovel...... Again.

The AT&T Tower in downtown Minneapolis from the Foshay Tower observation deck.

If you have not seen the RedBull Illume ( ) Photography exhibit yet... I urge you to stop over at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis and see it. It is a specatular example of art producing art. It is a lit up photo exhibit that is a must see event..

It is only in Minneapolis until July 20th so get in gear!!!


And it may be coming to your city sooon!!!

Guthrie Theater Minneapolis MN


The Guthrie Theater is a Tony Award winning center for theater performance, production, education, and professional training in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the result of the desire of Sir Tyrone Guthrie, Oliver Rea, and Peter Zeisler to create a resident acting company that would produce and perform the classics in an atmosphere removed from the commercial pressures of Broadway.


The Guthrie Theater has performed in two main-stage facilities. The first building was designed by architect Ralph Rapson and included a 1,441-seat thrust stage designed by Tanya Moiseiwitsch, which was active from 1963-2006. After closing its 2005-2006 season, the theater moved to its current facility designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.



The Guthrie Theater is the best place in the city to take portraits, to see great theater, to eat or just to hang out. I love this place.

This is certainly a view that you do not see everyday..

It is a reflecting surface outside the Guthrie Theater that gives all kinds of great perspectives.


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All of my work is copyrighted by Wayne Moran Photography.

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A panoramic view of the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis, MN that crosses the Mississippi River and connects downtown's 3rd Ave with Central Ave that comes in from the North. This bridge is often called the 'Central Avenue Bridge' depending on the direction your heading.


More than you probably want to know:

The 3rd Avenue Bridge is located just upstream from the more famous Stone Arch pedestrian bridge and infamous 35W bridge that tragically collapsed in 2007. This one was built across the Mississippi River in 1918 just above Saint Anthony Falls. Because the underwater bedrock was eroded around the falls area, the bridge was constructed with a unique reverse 'S' shape that curves around those unstable formations. It was made with reinforced concrete and was designed for visual appeal using opened ended arches called 'spandrels'. Together the shape, arch design and material makes the 3rd Avenue Bridge the longest reverse S-curved, open spandrel bridge made from reinforced concrete in the world - sweet!

Explored- Highest Position March 28,2010 # 164

Yesterday was a more or less a overcast day. Towards sundown the clouds started to break up and I thought there might be a small chance for some good color. After dinner I grabbed my gear and headed down to St. anthony Main to shoot the cityscape. The clouds didn't break up like I had hoped but things still turned out on the up and up.


Canon 50d

Canon 17-40L


Lee Filter holder

Hitech 0.6 Soft grad ND

Single RAW exposure @ 17mm

ISO 100


30 seconds


Large View -

After all the snow, finally we can feel the smell of summer in Minneapolis. So excited! Nice weather means it's photo time. Today I went to the 24th st bridge to capture the sunset after dinner. The view is gorgeous.

I've been wanting to get back to shoot downtown Minneapolis with my D800 for a while. The detail out of this camera is unbelievable - completely blows away what I've had in the past.

This is downtown Minneapolis viewed from the South during a June sunrise. If you've never been here, it's a pretty incredible city.


Funny side story... Someone called the cops while I was shooting this picture (I guess any picture of these building these days draws some attention). I guess the neighborhood in this area can be a little dicy sometimes (not that any part of Minneapolis is really rough). I just laughed and told the cops I was sorry someone wasted their time.


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Minneapolis downtown at night - taken from the 35th floor party room of the Marquette Place Apartment building - south end of the city looking north. We have been having some unseasonably warm January weather in Minnesota but it's still nice and frigid 35 stories up :O

Hennepin Avenue Bridge, the Grain Belt Sign and the red houseboat. What a great view!

The downtown Minneapolis riverfront area on the west bank of the Mississippi - we have been having a strange December heatwave that's melted all our snow - bummer


More than you probably want to know:

This was once the largest flour mill in the world; the General Mills Washburn A. Mill where they made 'Gold Medal' brand flour. The Mill was in operation from 1880 to 1965 when it was closed down because new technologies made river power obsolete. In 1991 the long abandoned building was gutted by fire and almost totally destroyed. The city was about to tear it down when the Minneapolis Community Development Agency stepped in and saved the historic structure - they cleared the rubble, stabilized the blown out walls and in 2003 the Minnesota Historical Society turned the ruins into the fascinating Mill City Museum


That black structure sticking out over the walkway (lower left corner) is the Guthrie Theater's amazing 'endless bridge' cantilevered observation deck that offers some awesome views of the entire river front area

The mighty Mississippi was very quiet the evening this image was taken.

Looking across the St. Anthony Bridge towards the Minneapolis skyline, Minnesota. This was one of the most spectacular sunsets I've witnessed. I was also amazed at how many people waited behind me to allow me to get this shot with hardly a soul on the bridge. "Minnesota Nice" was in full display that evening!


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This is a much photographed city view of Minneapolis. On a trip to this city, I decided to take a shot at dawn. Hope to do it again at sunset or dusk when most of the city lights are on.

An evening view of downtown Minneapolis from the South.


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Minneapolis Behind the Lowry Bridge. Taken from from Marshall Terrace Park

A glorious Minneapolis sunset with the "Shutter to Think" Photography Group. What a fantastic outing. Great to meet all you new folks and it is always great to see old friends. Thank you so much, you are awesome!!


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Quiet evening at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis


Marquette Plaza on Nicollet Mall. Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

View of Minneapolis downtown from Franklin Avenue bridge. For a long time, this frame has been in my mind. Although the Franklin Avenue bridge is fenced, there is one strategically placed hole on it. Three of us went together to capture this scene and we had to take turns!


Late sunset meant downtown wasn't as glittering as I wished for. Also the street light on top left corner is a real eyesore! None the less, check on another scene in my list.


Nikon D7000 @ ISO 100. Tamron 17-50mm at 32mm, f/14 for 20 seconds. Thanks for looking!

BNSF's Northtown-Lincolm manifest crosses the Mississippi River in Minneapolis on a warm Jan. 25, 2015.

On the 14th floor of the Millennium Hotel is a geodescent glass dome with some spectacular views of the downtown Minneapolis skyline.


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