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R766 at an unknown location in the Mildura area on 25th April 1999.

V/Lines N457 has just arrived into Albury with 8625: the 18:02 ex Southern Cross, Albury Pass, the passengers have alighted, the driver has shut down the locomotive and the cleaners get to work on their respective duties. Monday, 9th September 2019.

Mildura, Victoria, Australia

G1 Logistics on the old Mildura bridge, mildura, Victoria

Dockside photo shoot, K200 prime mover no. 554

Rio Vista Historic House and Art Gallery are in Mildura, Victoria. Originally owned and occupied by the Chaffey Family in 1892, the Mildura City Council was bequeathed a valuable art collection in 1944 on the condition that somewhere suitable would be found to house it. Rio Vista was chosen and several rooms including the conservatory (of course) were converted. Apparently, the dedication of the house for this purpose probably saved it from developers and demolition - says something doesn’t it and how times have changed, a bit anyway. The Art Gallery which must have taken a while to establish opened in 1956. In recent years, restoration has been ongoing to return the whole house to its original splendour.


You can read the full story on More Information on the front web page

XR557, X43 and G522 navigate their way down Bell Post Hill away from Moorabool as 9102 loaded container service from Merbein, near Mildura, in the states North West to Appleton Dock in Melbourne.


Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Houseboat holidays are very popular, with many to choose from at Mildura, Victoria.

this is the murray river, mildura, australia


S301 departs Mildura with the 1st shuttle of the day bound for Red Cliffs.


S301 and S313 hauled shuttles on the Sunday between Red Cliffs and Merbein, stopping at Mildura in the middle. To date this was the last heritage train (excluding RM58) to visit Mildura.


Sunday 1st November 2009

Just before sunrise on the Murray River at Mildura.

During my travels across Australia over the past 3.5 months I have played around with taking images while my wife has been driving. It has been a great way to create a more abstract landscape and experiment with different shutter speeds and panning methods.


This is a single exposure with no blur or motion added in post. The image has been edited in Photoshop, using Luminosity Mask to work on the midtones on the image to create a softer feel for the image by lightening and washing out the midtones. A little contrast was added back into the shadows with darks masks, then it was finally sharpened.


To watch hours of free video on using ADPpanel+Pro Luminosity Masks check out the following link and start creating the images you have always envisaged.


New girl paired with new GTL trailers at G1 logistics Mildura, Victoria

G528 leads XR550,G531 and T400 with a 9102 up Mildura fruitie container train as it awaits clearence at North Geelong


Wednesday 16th of December 2015

The sun goes down over the Murray River at Mildura,Victoria.

Upgrading of the Mildura line towards Maryborough was under way when CLFCLA locos S311,T369 with a ballast consist and T376 painted in SSR approach Clunes on 11-9-2008.

Both S311 and T369 were former West Coast Railway locos until 2004 when CFCLA aquired them

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