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Visitor Tunnel leading to the Miho Museum near Kyoto / Japan (Architect: I.M. Pei)

Übung macht den Meister

Finally it's ready!


- Texture HUD 4 metals + 6 pearls + 12 petals


- You can also wear a single flower hidding others and resize by hud.


My marketplace


Hope u like it!

Hello ladies, our release for Pocket Gacha


All full sets come with 3 extra exclusive colors: Vanilla, Sugar and UltraViolet.

- Available sizes:

Maitreya Lara, Slink, Belleza

- 17 common prizes

- 2 Rare Prizes

- HUD Options (sole, straps etc)

- 100% Original Mesh

More info and how to play can be found here :

We hope you like them <3

Miho the Cat (2005-2020)


January 20, 2020

I had never talked about religion with Miho, but we held the funeral for her in Buddhist way.

Miho (September 2005)


Miho’s 13th Anniversary

13 years are NOT ENOUGH!!

She joined to my family on September 4 2005.

MIHO’s 14th Anniversary

She joined to my family on September 4 2005.

Many "girls" have came to my family.

But Miho is special, the Queen of the queens.

14 years are not enough.

Let's grow old together!

In a flirty playsuit and as a redhead for a change!

大人の宿題 Adult homework 

課題 task : " 建築物//Building" ②

November 16 2018 by miyunico*




Miho and Momo

Miho and Momo

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