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West Site, University of Cambridge. William = Bill:-) This was one of those images you could crop in numerous ways. I went for this, to include the car, for scale. I also left in the shadow of the security camera to add the human element. Without these interests the image would be very abstract, which is not what I had in mind for this first shot to introduce this building. Watch out for the new "West Site" set:-)

Warning to you all ..... if you get a phone call from somebody saying they are from Microsoft regarding error reports to them from your computer its a hoax. They are VERY convincing ... cant go into the 2 hour phone call but they end up accessing your computer and compromising your security ... banking, files, passwords .

Spent many hours writing a ghost copy of my HD over the corrupted one, stopping my credit/debit cards with the bank, changing all passwords on my computer. Seems OK now, but be warned

Thay claim to be onlinetechguys from Microsoft (Google to read about this fraud) based in London, but are actually from Dubai.

My gifts to all my flickr friends,.

Best free antivirus sofrware from microsoft.


Best free music from Rolling Stone magazine.

Best free computer cleaner. From yahoo.

I use all of these and the only problem I have had is running spotify and listening to music while surfing flickr. The two together use to much bandwidth.

Anyway, this is the best I can do from here. Merry Christmas and have a great New Year.

This is my first homemade Christmas card

With my stripey socks and shorts, they totally look like the Wicked Witch of the West. With jeans, they will be awesome, and they shall bring me joy.




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It was constructed from 2001 to September 2003. Its first conference was the 10th Organisation of Islamic Conference in October same year. Since October 2004, the Putrajaya Convention Centre is officially known as Putrajaya International Convention Centre or PICC to give the impression it is at par with other international conference centres such as in London, Tokyo and Paris. It is a precinct landmark that marks the idea of an inspiring man from Malaysia’s fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad.

Fronting the main uniqueness of the building[clarification needed], it is engrafted[clarification needed] with a thorough combination of ‘Wau’, an ancient kite popularly known in the state of Terengganu and the ‘Pending Perak, a silver royal like belt buckle, of which the main hall is flanked in the bejeweled eye of such engraftment.

PICC confines an area of 135,000 square meters, or approximately 1.3 million square feet.[citation needed]

Besides hosting the 10th Conference of Organization of Islamic Countries, PICC also became a conference venue for high security risk events, hosted by the government or private sector. PICC has had many important guests including foreign head of states and heads of government, important corporate personalities such as the world's richest man, Bill Gates and also the current CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer. Due to its strategic location on the top of the hill in Putrajaya and facing beautiful lakes, it has also become one of most popular places and "hot" sites for film shootings especially for commercial advertisements.[citation needed]

PICC can accommodate 10,000 people with more than 57 halls and small rooms ready to be used. PICC has been awarded Best Energy Efficiency Building, First Runner-up in the year 2007 by ASEAN

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long stories shortened... (discarded and abandoned and intertwined short stories) well..actually they are chunks and fragmets and notes of stories that never made it




a young PhD math candidate writing his dissertation on an obscure arab mathematician from the middle ages who specialized in cycles and periods in infinite series and develops a process to determine prime number density in a large number space. (which is all and good) except this makes it an excellent tool to decrypting military grade encryption, which is based on the computational difficulty of factoring large numbers into their prime components


the arab mathematician was ultimately censured by the religious mullahs for developing tools to rationalize the infinite, which is of course the nature of Allah and for man to attempt to place Allah into a human scale is blasphemy


so the arab mathematician disappears and the young phd candidate finds that his dissertation has been suspended pending review but cant get any information on who is reviewing it


finally another young mathematician approaches him and starts a long discussion on math and the nature of numbers and the mathematicians love of the underlying structure of reality that math represents. the phd candidate is leary of this mathematician cause he wont answer what he does or where he went to school or how he knows so many cutting edge fields in math


eventually, the young mathematician offers the phd candidate a position with the NSA, National Security Agency, (where all the big crypto and high math goes on) but explains that if he accepts that he will essentially disappear from his current world. his work will be classified, he will not be able to publish in academic journals or speak in public, or talk about his work to his friends on the outside, but the compensation is that he

would be able to work unfettered with the greatest math minds in the country, totally funded, free to explore any field or fancy he thought. after a few moments of thought, the phd accepts.


then the story will go back to the arab mathematician who is also approached my a young beared mullah, who offers him a position within his group of thinkers who do ponder and explore the nature of nature reality and Allah through mathematics, but that by joining them he would need to disappear from the world, after a few minutes of thought, he too accepts...




Daniel sipped his 6th coffee (colloidal suspension for caffeine transport) while his batch jobs on ramanet, the Indian supergrid, finished their checksum verification. His chin, a bit stubbly, itched. His eyes, a bit red, were sore. The goa trance shoutcast feed had mushed into a fast cadence drone. The flat screen monitor warped and bulged with the oscillating fan blowing on Daniel's face


'O' glamorous larval life of a PhD student...' he jotted and doodle-circled on his notepad.


Daniel cracked his neck and jutted his jaw, stretching out the accumulation of kinks, as RamaNet finished the final integrity check on his dataset. this two hour round of processing on the Indian supergrid would cost about $130 out of his precious grant fund, but you couldnt beat the bargain. 120 minutes times 150,000 PCs in the RamaNet processing collective = 1,080,000,000 seconds or 18,000,000 minutes or 300,000 hours or 12500 days or 34.25 years of processing time for the price of a video game. Calculation was commoditized now. You uploaded your pre-fromatted dataset to RamaNet. the data was packeted and sent to out to 150,000 Indians who lent a few percents of never-to-be missed CPU cycles off their systems for background processing. when their alotted package was completed it was sent back to RamaNet for re-assembly into something coherent for the buyer. in return the Indians got a rebate on their net access charges or access to premier bollywood galleries or credit towards their own processing charges. a good deal all the way around. Daniel's dataset, an anthology of complex proofs from a long-dead arab mathematician, was queued with amateur weather forecast modeling, home-brewed digital CGI for indie movies, chaos theory-based currency trading algorithms, etc. the really high end, confidential jobs, like protein folding analysis or big pharm drug trials were more likely handled by the huge western collectives of several million collaborative systems, usually high-performance machines in dedicated corporate server farms. the cost there was out of Daniel's range, but you got a faster return and better promises of encryption for your buck.


Daniel scratched his scalp and flexed his fingers. 'two months from today i will be a doctor of mathematics...and no job. damnit. i need to find something fast.' Daniel calculated in his mind how quickly the student loans repayments would kick in and completely wipe him out. RamaNet would have done it in nanoseconds, ha! he laughed to himself. Daniel had avoided the rounds of job interviews and recommendations that passed his way. he was too absorbed in his research to look ahead, and perhaps a bit intimidated by the idea of the job hunt flea market. flexing his CV, getting a monkey suit, trying to explain his research to recruiters, who were often the same finger-counting business majors in college that made his skin crawl. Daniel always felt a bit embarrassed when he announced he was math PhD candidate. folks would immediately glaze over,

tsk tsk out a 'that's interesting', and swiftly change the subject. something will come up, he mantra'd to himself over and over, something will come up. stick with ali, there is something real in there, just a bit deeper. the real problem was his thesis advisor. dr. fuentes was not returning his calls, his secretary was not taking appointments from Daniel. he had submitted his finished draft of his thesis two weeks ago, but hadnt heard back since, except for a cryptic email saying that the review committee was having some issues with his paper and that Daniel would be hearing from him shortly. Daniel was rerunning his calculations on RamaNet to assuage the gnawing doubt that he completely botched some component of his argument and that the review committee was debating some manner of telling him to redo the entire effort. no PhD and no job. that would ice the cake. Daniel started calculating his body mass and general aerodynamic resistance relative to the height of the school cathedral to figure out if he had time to reach a terminal velocity before impact...only a failed math PhD would attempt to determine at what speed his body would smack concrete, he morbidly thought to himself.


ali ja'far muhammed ibn abdullah al-farisi slipped meditatively on his cup of water, thinking about his proof. he dipped a finger in the cup and held up a droplet of water under his fingertip, watching the sunlight prisimatically splay out on the mouth of the cup. 'praise be Allah and his wonderous bounty' he mumured to himself.


the elders had been in conference all day over his proof. though the heavy doors to their chamber were closed, he would occasionally hear muffled but distinctly angry shouts. ali sat on a divan in the anteroom, served numerous cups of tea by an obviously nervous secretary. ali knew there was deep resistance to his research, but for the life of him he couldnt figure out why. he was a simple mathematician. he came up with some unique observations. he wanted to share them with his peers...



Overview: biotech researcher discovers a new life-extension technology and is murdered. He is cryogenically frozen for 150 years. When he is

revived he must stop a dark corporate conspiracy – and find his murderer.


Summer 2015 - Hot genius free-lance biotech researcher unravels the key component of a radical life-extension gene therapy that will ensure 300 years of robust life to its recipients. The researcher is murdered shortly after he hides the critical component. His distraught friend has him cryogenically frozen. 150 years later, the researcher is revived by the same major bio-med corporation for which he had originally been working.

Quickly he realizes that their motives are less than altruistic: his modification of the gene therapy is needed to resolve an unforeseen debilitation now creeping up in the recipients of the life-extension process. The recipients, now nearing 125 years off added life, are decompensating into psychotics. The researcher at first tries to remember and reconstruct what he did with the hidden critical component, but stops in disgust when he learns that in the past 150 years the life-extension therapy has been reserved solely for the ultra-affluent and has created an extreme and cruel global gerontocratic elite. He voices his disgust to his corporate minders, who cease being beneficent and show their true colors as trying to gain control of this critical technology in order to control the elites.


In the process of dealing with the corporation, he learns about his murder and begins investigating.As he comes closer to the identity of his murderer, he uncovers a wider conspiracy and is the target of more murder attempts.


He was killed by a friend in 2015. The friend was the CEO of a small bio-gen firm that the researcher was doing the LET work for. The CEO, a biz-head with a genetics academic background, took the researcher’s work and exploited it as his own, in the process growing his small firm into a bio-med powerhouse and him into one of the world’s wealthiest individuals.


The CEO also was the first recipient of the LET and is now 190 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 45. Smart, urbane, ruthless, the CEO used his wealth and position to start the cabal of Ultras. It is a faction of the top 50 smartest and wealthiest people in the world who have ‘ascended from the world’ (faked their demise) and control the global economy with their vast coordinated wealth. Perhaps they will call themselves ‘The Ascended’. We need to decide how the cabal lives. Are they sequestered on a luxurious island compound, or do they live in the open, surgically re-sculpted after each faked death, or do they live in the open.


Also we need to figure out what the world will look and feel like in 150 years.


As the ultras decompensate into psychosis, the CEO orders the researcher to be revived in order to find a cure. The CEO had the researcher’s lab notes decrypted and figured that the he was close if not successful in finding the missing component to stabilize the LET.


Tiberius Syndrome: the decline into cruel psychosis experienced by the ultras, named after the roman emperor Tiberius’ degenerate behavior after he sequestered himself on Capri.


The ironic twist might be that there is no cure, no stabilization. The psychosis is not the result of the LET alone, but also due in part to the unfettered ego/wills of the ultras. Absolute power corrupts…




a brazilian hacking syndicate was subcontracted by a st petersberg crew to run interference on a hit on SWIFT, the global currency clearinghouse notification network. The UniFavela clan was going to run a multi-flank raid. They specialized in fast propagating virii and had created a custom mail-in virus that exploited a few microsoft vulnerabilities that they had discovered and kept mum. Their target was a Latin American PR spokesman listed on the corporate web site for press queries. The PR flak would be just the sleepy guard on the wall for their virus to slip past. 30 minutes after opening an inocuous spoofed email from a French e-trade publication requesting clarification on the SWIFT-Indentrus partnership. the virus would port scan and map its entire site LAN, salmoning its way up the router paths till it found the deep waters of the main corporate campus network in Brussels. Shortly, the internal LAN at Brussels would be suffering switch and router buffer overflows and traffic would gasp, ack, and sputter. UniFavela would then towel whip out a vanilla DDOS on the main company web site, any INTERNIC-registered addresses, and any other system in the IP block reserved for SWIFT that had previously port scanned as interesting, or ,even, as nothing. Mongols charging the village gates and tossing flaming torches on thatched roofs. IT Operations would be running to and fro, trying to figure out the internal bandwidth crunch and if there was a bleedout causing the external net problems.




The Post-Human Story of Minos:


the CEO of a powerful commercial combine is bore an illegitimate son by his indiscreet wife in retaliation for his own dalliances. the son has a hideous deformity but is fantastically brilliant - brilliant enough for the father overcome his own repulsion of the child - as a bastard and a freak. the father sequesters the child in an elaborate virtual domain. the child, a hacker savant, is used to breach competitor nets. but as his power in the digital realm expands, the child transforms into the tyrant-monster. using the nets, he lashes out at people who have caused him pain, then evolves into enjoying the taste of terror and fear. He becomes the Minotaur.




'there was a mad scramble amongst all the big spook governments, dark side corporations, and the privacy maccabees once it was determined that quantum computation had left the tidal pool of academia, grown legs and air-breathing lungs, and was headed for the nat sec intel highlands. all previous encryption models were rendered obsolete, and worse, exposed. QC became an undefiable xray spotlight, laying bare any encrypted secret with a ease of opening a mathematical candy wrapper. And for a while it swung the advantage back to the state in the digital Boer War against the freecon partisans.'




The Oort, to the Intras, looked as one people. Extra-stellar hillbillies, ekeing out a subsistance existence on extracted organics from the frozen crud comets and other planetesimals of the Oort Cloud that slung around the solar system in a 1K AU circuit. To the Oort there was no Oort. Each station, each kampong was distinct and seperate. Seperate dialects, traditions, norms, goals. Some were scientific collectives, some were tired mining operations, some were intense sectarian cults - they shared little between themselves beyond necessary trade links for scarce commodities.



A young prince is disgraced in an internal court scandal and sent into a quasi-exile on a worthless mission. On his travels he builds the wisdom and learns the skills necessary to be a just and effective leader.


His exile was a gambit by his patriarch to remove Genji from the arena of pointless court intrigues and develop him as a real leader. The patriarch dispatched a team of loyal praetorians to discreetly follow and protect Genji on his odyssey.


Genji was sent as an emissary to the Oort system. He must pass through the Martian-Saturnine corridor, populated with industrial trading guilds and their private militias.




Genealogy becomes paramount in a closed culture; hierarchy by heredity. Reference the roman patrician class’ death-grip obsession with lineage, or the medieval Japanese imperial court’s strict intra-elite caste system.


But in an era of extreme genetic engineering, how can bloodlines retain their importance? Perhaps this is the wrong question. Perhaps in an era of extreme genetic engineering, authentic bloodlines can only retain their importance. The longevity of an unchanged gene line demonstrates success in evolutionary competition. Over time however, the fitness of a rigidly enforced and ‘sequestered’ gene line will degrade. Consider the hemophilia of the European royal strata.


I would not want the imperial court of the inner system to be pure blue bloods, eschewing genetic manipulation. Rather I would have them take the opposite tack – and embrace genetic engineering in the pursuit of perfecting particular socially valued or distinctive attributes; a roman nose, elongated refined fingers, even the possession of certain ‘noble’ afflictions (for ex., the aforementioned hemophilia as a sign of noble lineage).

The elites should pursue genealogy with the same passion and gusto as horse breeders; studs and mares and percentages of bloodlines, enforced and suppressed gene expressions, surrogates, and gene modes des saisons.




a bum finds a the wallet and keys of a man who jumped from a bridge

he goes to his townhouse to find something to eat or steal

is impressed and overwhelmed with the man's townhouse

showers, eats, gets cleaned up, finds some clothes

is ready to leave when he helps a woman wrestling with groceries at her door

she thanks him, but looks stunned.

‘are you the man in #560? umm..i have lived here for 3 years and have never actually seen you. you seem to leave so early in the morning and get

home so late and keep to yourself.’

they spend 30 minutes talking, having a generally warm friendly encounter.

‘well, I am so glad to have finally met you. Hope to see you soon.’ As she closes her door, the bum turns to leave but pauses and thinks for a moment, then goes back into the man's townhouse

he pours through the man's papers and keepsakes and learns that the man has no family that he speaks with, no friends, lives off a well-endowed trust fund




the bum moves in and takes over the mans identity

he brings warmth and sincerity to the man's identity


what makes a hermit tick? what lengths do they go to to remove themselves from society? does it become a game to avoid contact, trying to become a shadow, a phantom? does society dissolve away as a mental force in their thoughts, atrophy away or does it become an amputated impression?


what divsion line stands between a hermit and convict in solitary? the hermit, by and large, chooses their isolation, the convict has it enforced upon them. at what point does the human need for society or socialization collapse? is there anything left that we can inspect and evaluate? a hermit, however, is able to maintain walls against the Great Other, which would imply that they are seeking refuge from the world. a schizo or an autistic will be physically surrounded by others but unable or incapable of making contact.


when does the will to contact die? what is left over? do humans require contact to retain our humanity? can you love and sacrifice in a vacuum?

what defines humanity? oooh, a big question...




genetic engineering will continue to deconstruct the human species


there will be catastrophic disasters: gene sequence specific viruses engineered to attack 'types' of people. Der Genkampf

petroleum will be replaced- hydrogen-powered locomotion and green power (in the wealthy states). the poor states will continue to be held hostage to oil politics


(cultures and civilizations do not move forward uneringly. they spasticly jerk forward and fro, in clumps andgrains, never ever as a lemming death drive.)


developed economies will be netized. a new state structure will be needed to manage and dsitribute resources. the corporate structure, the commercial backbone of the capitalist democracy, will replace the republic. it is flexible to markets and political forces, insistent on accountability, it provides a sufficient compromise between individual representation and republican government. they will begin their political evolution as projects in community development. assurances of an educated workforce by charter education. assurances of uninterrupted utilities by running their own power/water etc. net-based marketplaces create corporate agoras. employees are in fact de facto citizens of the corporation. citizenship, or regular employment, will be a reward for merit, stock shares will count towards suffrage.


great corporate collectives will arise. housing, education, security...all the needs of the middle class will be absorbed in the corporate state. the tradtional state will cede roles and responsibilities to the corporate state as their resources dwindle. a few isolated violent reactions (military or legal)by the republics against the corporate states, but they will fail over time. against, or more so, in conjunction with the homogenized corporatsists wil be the diasporae, non-corporates will glom to other modes of networked alignment, ethnic allegiance will become stronger over time - as the chinese, indian, and jewish disporaestrengthen as a formula for a successful competition against/with the corporates.


the american state, succored by its overwhelming techo-military supremancy, loses its mission, its vision - substitutes will to dominate for will to excel - and falls into the deep narcotic, insulated slumber of the unassailable. GE, nano, and the banknote net weaken the mythic cohesion of the american spirit. we are no longer united by common experience (mass-mediated or otherwise) the promise of science to make us stronger, smarter, near immortal is held like a manifest destiny or a divine IOU for services rendered to humanity.

I have owned several brands of trail cameras over the years. They all become inoperable over time but when you need a trail camera I seem to be drawn to Moultrie. They held up the best around this price range. I expect this one will dud out eventually but for now after one day and night of use in the field, here is my review. Very easy to set up and install. You almost do not need directions if you have had past experiences with other trail cams. Better strap now is provided. If you worry about security dont. Any committed thief will get this camera off the tree. It does have a security code that perhaps would be able to hack the code but for your common thief, I think they would not have enough intelligence to break the code. Day time video is very nice. I am using SanDisk Extreme Pro 8 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS1 Flash Memory Card 95MBs SDSDXPA008GAFFP and I set the trail camera to the highest setting. Very rich and colorful picture. Pretty good night videos too. I tried a 10 second video clip and found it to be too brief so my next set is 30 seconds with a one minute interval. I want to see what is there but I also do not want to be overwhelmed with too many pictures. It needs six Cbatteries. You can record sound with the video if you prefer. You can also turn off. Sound is fun and adequate but dont expect Dolby quality. If you are using Apple products, you can not update the firmware in the camera nor download the timelapse software. These items can only be set up using Microsoft computer. It is smaller than prior trail cames. Still a bit hefty with the batteries in in but still more compact and hopefully, harder for thieves to see. Longevity is yet to be determined but form ease of set up and quality of videos, I am pleased. Cost les here on Amazon vs. the big box hunting stores.

I haven't seen this little guy since before winter started.. I went over there by the huge tree and called him and he peeked his little head out.. He really picked a safe place for winter.. This is a huge old cottonwood tree.


I still have Windows XP..As of April 8, Microsoft will no longer be supplying security updates for XP.. So I probably will be off for awhile after that.. Have to see about a new computer.. .. XP is my favorite version, but as you all know nothing lasts forever ; )

I took this at the Microsoft offices in downtown San Francisco. Fortunately I got the shot I wanted before the security guard came out and told me to go forth and multiply.

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A graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona, with an upper second class degree in Management Studies 2005, she says her motivation in life is love, that is, the desire to see every human being discover their purpose in life and come into their full potential. Simone has spent the last 6 years as a Senior Client Care Officer at Jamaica Money Market Brokers where she is often required to exercise her acquired skills in problem resolution, crucial confrontation, forward logical thinking and research online or printed resources. She is also the holder of professional certificates in Securities, Project Management and First Aid. Her other skills include proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Projects and Public Speaking. She also enjoys writing values based children’s stories.

Simone also has a myriad of leadership experiences through voluntary services spanning current mentorship to young girls, co-coordinating KCN Jamaica Business Expo – 2013, co-coordinating KCN Jamaica Fun Day – 2010, coordinating Reggae Marathon Timelines – 2009 and 2012, and President of Scotia Scholars Club 2005 – 2006 to name a few.


Simone is a member of Kingdom Life Advancement Centre – KCN Jamaica and is married to Marlon Christie.

Microsoft said it had planned to release a patch for the bug


Google has been criticised by Microsoft after the search giant publicised a security flaw in Windows – which some said put users at risk.

Microsoft reacted angrily when Google posted details of the bug online before a patch...

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There's a lot of new buildings tucked down the back of the Paddington Basin if you're prepared to walk down there. It's dead on the weekends and the security guards don't seem to care about people wandering around with large telescopic lenses :-)

While attending the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit I'm staying at the Bellevue Hyatt. Last night my wife and I were taking a few photographs in the lobby when we were approached by hotel security who informed me that taking photographs in the hotel was not allowed.


I argued with him a bit and told him that I was only taking pictures of bamboo. He still pressed on with his no photography policy. I finally got him to relent that if my wife were in the photo that I could still take the photo. As soon as he went the other way I started taking pictures again. Illegal, renegade photography.


I think that it is absurd that any hotel would prohibit photography in their public lobby and will never stay at another Hyatt again unless they change their photography policy and apologize.


Hacker aus dem Bereich der Computersicherheit beschäftigen sich mit Sicherheitsmechanismen und deren Schwachstellen. Während der Begriff auch diejenigen beinhaltet, die Sicherheitslücken suchen, um sie aufzuzeigen oder zu korrigieren, wird er von den Massenmedien und in der allgemeinen Öffentlichkeit häufiger für Personen benutzt, die unerlaubt in fremden Systemen solche Lücken ausnutzen. Entsprechend ist der Begriff stark positiv beziehungsweise negativ belegt.[1]


Abhängig von der Motivation und Loyalität zu den Gesetzen, wird unterschieden zwischen White-Hat-, Grey-Hat- und Black-Hat-Hackern, wobei insbesondere Black-Hats auch als Cracker bezeichnet werden.

Nachdem eine Gruppe jugendlicher Hacker, bekannt als The 414s, in zahlreiche Computersysteme der Vereinigten Staaten eindrang, forderte der Kongressabgeordnete Dan Glickman eine Untersuchung und neue Gesetze gegen das Hacken.[2] Neal Patrick, der damals 17-jährige Sprecher der Hackergruppe, wurde am 26. September 1983 vor dem Repräsentantenhaus der Vereinigten Staaten über die Gefahren des Hackens befragt, und noch im gleichen Jahr wurden sechs Gesetzesentwürfe zur Computerkriminalität in das Repräsentantenhaus eingebracht.[3] In Deutschland wurde im August 1986 Computersabotage im Allgemeinen, und die unbefugte Manipulation von Daten im Besonderen, als spezielle Form der Sachbeschädigung in das Strafgesetzbuch aufgenommen (§ 202a, § 303a und § 303b des StGB).


Nach der Einführung der Gesetze zur Computerkriminalität begannen sich White-Hat-, Grey-Hat- und Black-Hat-Hacker voneinander abzugrenzen, abhängig von der Gesetzmäßigkeit ihrer Tätigkeiten. Diese Einteilung basiert auf alten Western-Filmen, welche „Cowboys“ aufgrund ihrer Hutfarbe als „gut“ (weiß), „neutral“ (grau) oder „böse“ (schwarz) charakterisiert:


White-Hats („Weiß-Hüte“):

Verwenden ihr Wissen sowohl innerhalb der Gesetze als auch innerhalb der Hackerethik, beispielsweise indem sie professionelle Penetrationstests ausführen.

Grey-Hats („Grau-Hüte“):

Verstoßen möglicherweise gegen Gesetze oder restriktive Auslegungen der Hackerethik, allerdings zum Erreichen eines höheren Ziels. Beispielsweise durch die Veröffentlichung von Sicherheitslücken, um ein Leugnen unmöglich zu machen und die Verantwortlichen dazu zu zwingen, diese zu beheben. Grey-Hats zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass sie nicht eindeutig als „gut“ oder „böse“ einzustufen sind.

Black-Hats („Schwarz-Hüte“):

Handeln mit krimineller Energie und beabsichtigen beispielsweise, das Zielsystem zu beschädigen oder Daten zu stehlen.

Mangels klarer Trennlinie nimmt diese Unterteilung in der Praxis wenig Bezug auf real existierende Personen und steht vielmehr als Begrifflichkeit für eine bestimmte Art des Hackens.


Kontroverse zum Hackerbegriff

Als Reaktion auf schlechte Presse vertritt das Jargon File seit 1990 den Standpunkt, dass der Begriff ‚Hacker’ für die Personengruppen, die ihre Aktivitäten betont auf die Umgehung von Sicherheitsmechanismen legen, ungeachtet ihrer Motivation zu missbilligen ist und schlägt stattdessen Cracker vor.[4] Die Forderung, ein anderes Wort zu verwenden, wurde jedoch von der Presse nicht wahrgenommen oder weitestgehend ignoriert.


Hacker aus dem Bereich der Computersicherheit, insbesondere der Teil, der sich als gesetzestreu versteht, erheben weiterhin einen Mitverwendungsanspruch auf den Hackerbegriff und akzeptieren die Bezeichnung als Cracker nur für die dunkler gefärbten Richtungen. Auch von ihnen wird mitunter eine deutliche Abgrenzung zwischen Hacker und Cracker gefordert. Ein Teil derart abgegrenzter Cracker möchte sich jedoch ebenfalls als Hacker bezeichnet wissen.


Daneben zählen Skriptkiddies innerhalb der Computersicherheit zu den Crackern. Sie nutzen vorgefertigte Automatismen, um (meist unter schriftlicher Anleitung) in fremde Computersysteme einzudringen oder sonstigen Schaden anzurichten. Obgleich ihnen die beim Hackerbegriff notwendige tiefe Grundlagenkenntnis der Materie fehlt, werden Skriptkiddies innerhalb des Boulevardjournalismus gewöhnlich als „Hacker“ betitelt.[5]


Populäre Techniken

Social Engineering

Beschreibt eine Technik, die es erlaubt, über gesellschaftliche Kontakte an die vom Hacker begehrten Informationen zu gelangen.

Trojanisches Pferd

Als Trojanisches Pferd bezeichnet man ein Programm, welches als nützliche Anwendung getarnt ist, im Hintergrund aber ohne Wissen des Anwenders eine andere Funktion erfüllt.


Dieser Begriff bezeichnet einen (oft vom Autor eingebauten) Teil eines Computerprogramms, der es Benutzern ermöglicht, unter Umgehung der normalen Zugriffssicherung Zugang zum Computer oder einer sonst geschützten Funktion eines Computerprogramms zu erlangen. Als Beispiel sei das Universalpasswort für ein BIOS genannt oder eine spezielle (meist durch einen Trojaner heimlich installierte) Software, die einen entsprechenden Fernzugriff auf das Computersystem ermöglicht.


Die Rootkit-Technik dient dazu, bestimmte Objekte und Aktivitäten vor den Augen des Anwenders zu verbergen. So werden sie meist nach dem Einbruch in ein Computersystem auf dem kompromittierten System installiert, um geheime Prozesse und Dateien zu verstecken sowie zukünftige Logins des Eindringlings zu verbergen.

Denial of Service (DoS)

Meint eine Außerstandsetzung eines Netzwerkdienstes, beispielsweise durch Überlastung.


Ein Exploit ist ein Computerprogramm oder Skript, welches spezifische Schwächen oder Fehlfunktionen eines anderen Computerprogramms ausnutzt, um erweiterte Privilegien zu erlangen oder um eine DoS-Attacke auszuführen.

Vulnerability Scanner

Diese Technik dient der automatischen Analyse von Computersystemen. Dabei suchen Hilfsprogramme gezielt nach Sicherheitslücken in einer Anwendung, einem Computer oder einem Netzwerk und können dabei helfen, Anfälligkeiten zu erkennen.


Ein Sniffer realisiert die Technik, den Datenverkehr eines Netzwerks oder eines am Rechner angeschlossenen Gerätes zu empfangen, aufzuzeichnen, darzustellen und gegebenenfalls auszuwerten. Beispielsweise kann ein Netzwerk-Sniffer dafür genutzt werden, um Passwörter auszuspionieren und übertragene Daten einzusehen.


Eine Technik zum Aufzeichnen der Tastatureingaben, zum Beispiel um an diverse Zugangsdaten zu gelangen.


Ein Computervirus ist ein Computerprogramm oder Skript, welches die spezielle Eigenschaft hat, sich selbst zu reproduzieren, sobald es einmal ausgeführt wird. Dadurch gelangt der Virus auf andere Datenträger, wie Netzwerklaufwerke und Wechselmedien. Durch Interaktion des Benutzers, der ein infiziertes Wechselmedium an ein anderes System anschließt oder eine infizierte Datei startet, gelangt der Virencode auch dort zur Ausführung, wodurch weitere Systeme von dem Virus infiziert werden. Neben der geheimen Verbreitung kann die Schadfunktion des Virus vom Anwender nicht kontrollierbare Veränderungen am System vornehmen. Auf diese Weise ist es möglich, zahlreiche Rechner eines Firmennetzwerks oder gar Server aus dem Internet halb automatisiert zu kompromittieren.


Im Gegensatz zum Virus benötigt der Computerwurm ein auf dem System bereits installiertes Hilfsprogramm, welches er dazu verwendet, um sich auf ein anderes System zu kopieren. Das könnte zum Beispiel ein bestimmtes E-Mail-Programm sein, welches der Wurm fernsteuert, um sich an alle dort eingetragenen Adressaten zu verteilen. Je nach Art des Hilfsprogramms kann sich der Wurmcode auf dem neu infizierten System manchmal sogar selbst ausführen, weshalb dann keine Interaktion mit dem Benutzer mehr notwendig ist, um sich von dort aus weiter zu verbreiten. Daher ist diese Methode sehr effizient. Auf Systemen, die nicht über das benötigte Hilfsprogramm verfügen, kann sich der Wurm allerdings nicht reproduzieren.

physischer Zugang

Eine häufig unterschätzte Möglichkeit, sich Zugang zu verschaffen, besteht darin, in die Räumlichkeiten zu gelangen, in denen sich sicherheitskritische Hardware befindet.

Historischer Abriss aus dem Bereich Phreaking und Computersicherheit[Bearbeiten]

Chronisten der Hackerkultur gehen bei ihrer Suche nach dem Ursprung teilweise zurück bis in die Antike. Die griechische Erfindung des Trojanischen Pferdes gilt manchen als erster Hack überhaupt.[6] Operatoren der Telegrafen- (seit Mitte der 1840er) und Telefonnetze (seit Ende der 1870er), die häufig ebensolche Technikenthusiasten waren, wie die Hacker heute, nutzten ihr Wissen, um das Netz für ihre eigenen Zwecke zu verwenden. Sie gelten als Vorläufer der heutigen Hacker.[6] Einer der berühmtesten unter ihnen war der Erfinder Thomas A. Edison.[6] Die entsprechende Verwendung des Wortes Hacker ist eng mit der Geschichte des Computers verbunden, wobei Hacker aus dem Bereich der Netzwerk- und Computersicherheit aus der Subkultur des Phreaking hervorgegangen sind:[7] [6]


1971 veröffentlicht der Yippie Abbie Hoffman in seinem Buch „Steal This Book“ und einem Rundbrief namens „Youth International Party Line“ Methoden, um die Gebührenzahlung an Telefongesellschaften zu umgehen. Im selben Jahr erscheint auch ein entsprechender Bericht im Hochglanzmagazin „Esquire“,[8] sowie ein Jahr später im radikalen Magazin „Ramparts“. Infolgedessen entsteht die Ära des kostenlosen Telefonierens, das sogenannte Phreaking. Dies stellt die erste markante Assoziation zwischen dem Begriff Hacken und dem Überwinden von Sicherheitsbarrieren dar, in dessen Zusammenhang oft der Hacker John T. Draper, auch bekannt als Captain Crunch, und Joybubbles erwähnt wird.


1973 sind die beiden späteren Gründer von Apple, Steve Wozniak und Steve Jobs, auch im Phreaking-Umfeld aktiv und bauen zusammen mit John T. Draper Blue-Boxes.[6]


1981 wird der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) gegründet, ein deutscher Verein von und für Hacker, der im deutschen Raum hauptsächlich für die Belange im Bereich Datenschutz, Informationsfreiheit und Datensicherheit tätig ist und für ein Menschenrecht auf Kommunikation eintritt. Er wird gegründet, um Hackern eine Plattform zu geben, so dass sie über Aktivitäten und entdeckte Sicherheitslücken berichten können, ohne Strafverfolgung befürchten zu müssen.


1982 bricht eine Gruppe von sechs Teenagern in etwa 60 Rechnersysteme von Institutionen ein, die sich von Laboratorien aus Los Alamos bis Manhattans Krebszentrum Sloan-Kettering erstrecken, bevor sie festgenommen werden. Die Hackergruppe nennt sich nach der Vorwahl ihres Ortes Milwaukee „The 414s“. Sie werden im darauf folgenden Jahr vom FBI gefasst, wodurch der Fall eine große Popularität erlangt. Aufgrund der damaligen Gesetzeslage werden die meisten von ihnen jedoch nicht angeklagt. In der Cover-Story des Newsweek-Artikels „Beware: Hackers at play“ vom 5. September 1983 findet sich ihre Geschichte wieder. Das ist die erste Benutzung des Worts ‚Hacker‘ in überregionalen Medien, die den Begriff in abwertender Weise verwenden.


1983 erscheint der Film WarGames – Kriegsspiele und führt in der breiten Öffentlichkeit zum Phänomen der Massenparanoia vor Hackern und ihren mutmaßlichen Fähigkeiten, durch Hacken eine nukleare Katastrophe herbeiführen zu können. Gleichzeitig erhält der Geheimdienst Secret Service eine Abteilung für Kreditkarten- und Computerbetrug.


1984 startet der erste alljährliche Chaos Communication Congress, die älteste und größte internationale Hackerkonferenz in Europa. Im selben Jahr stellt der CCC mit dem BTX-Hack eine Schwachstelle im bislang als sicher titulierten BTX-System der Bundespost unter Beweis. Ebenfalls 1984 gründet jemand, der sich Lex Luthor nennt, eine Hackergruppe namens „Legion of Doom“ (LoD/H), die später eine der bekanntesten Hackergruppen wird und sich mit einer konkurrierenden Gruppe „Masters of Deception“ einen erbitterten Kampf liefert. In den frühen 1990er Jahren werden beide Hackergruppen in Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Secret Service und dem FBI zerschlagen, wobei viele ihrer Mitglieder verhaftet werden.


1985 wird Loyd Blankenship (ein bekannter US-amerikanischer Hacker, der sich selbst „The Mentor“ nennt) verhaftet, woraufhin er ein noch heute oft zitiertes Schreiben mit dem Titel „Hacker’s Manifesto“ veröffentlicht. Es verschafft einen groben Einblick in die Gefühlswelt eines damaligen Hackers der Phreaking-Kultur. Im selben Jahr beginnt eine Hannoversche Hackergruppe um Karl Koch und Markus Hess mit einer Reihe von Einbrüchen in verschiedene westliche Computersysteme, um die Daten an den russischen Geheimdienst (KGB) zu verkaufen. Die Hacks werden unter anderem durch einen Bug in der Emacs-Komponente movemail möglich. Erst im März 1989 gelingt es der Polizei und dem Bundesnachrichtendienst die Hackergruppe endgültig zu zerschlagen, wobei der KGB-Hack in der Öffentlichkeit auf sich aufmerksam macht, da er den ersten bekannten Cyberspionagefall darstellt.


1987 wird die Organisation „Computer Emergency Response Team“ (CERT) gegründet, die sich durch öffentliche Mittel finanziert und möglichst zeitnah Warnungen vor Sicherheitslücken herausgibt. Im selben Jahr gelingt es norddeutschen Hackern, Zugriff auf die Systeme im von NASA und ESA betriebenen SPANet zu erhalten, was später als NASA-Hack bezeichnet wird.


1988 schreibt Robert Tappan Morris aus Neugierde ein Programm, welches auf dem UNIX-System automatisiert nach bekannten Schwachstellen sucht. Es ist in der Lage, diese Schwachstellen zu gebrauchen, um sich auf andere Systeme zu kopieren und dort auszuführen. Als sein Versuch außer Kontrolle geriet, sieht sich die Computerwelt mit dem ersten Wurm konfrontiert, der sich über das ARPAnet (dem Vorgänger zum Internet) verbreitet und dank seiner permanent arbeitenden Verbreitungsroutine über 6.000 vernetzte Computer der Regierung und Universitäten blockiert. Über ein unzureichend gesichertes Computersystem gelingt es im selben Jahr erstmals einem Eindringling, die First National Bank von Chicago um 70 Millionen US$ zu erleichtern. Wenig später wird der Hacker Kevin Mitnick, alias condor, verhaftet, weil er die E-Mail von Sicherheitsbeamten des MCI Communications und Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) insgeheim überwachte. Acht Monate in Einzelhaft und weitere sechs Monate im Half Way House sind die Folge seiner Tat. Danach soll er, größtenteils mit Hilfe von Social Engineering, mehrfach in das Netzwerk des Pentagon eingedrungen sein. Auch legt man ihm den Einbruch in das System der NSA und das Eindringen in das NORAD-Netzwerk zur Last, wobei er selbst vor allem Letzteres immer bestritten hat. Mehr als fünf Jahre lang gilt er als die meistgesuchte Person in den USA, bis er 1995 erneut vom FBI verhaftet und zunächst zwei Jahre ohne Gerichtsverhandlung gefangen gehalten wird. Ebenfalls im Jahr 1988 wird Kevin Poulsen beschuldigt, Telefonanlagen manipuliert zu haben. Zu einer erfolgreichen Anklage kommt es jedoch erst 1993, in der ihm und zwei seiner Freunde, Ronald Austin und Justin Peterson, vorgeworfen wird, zwischen 1990 und 1993 zahlreiche Radiogewinnspiele manipuliert zu haben. Das Trio erlangte Kontrolle über alle Telefonleitungen der Radiostation und stellte damit sicher, dass ausschließlich ihre eigenen Anrufe durchkamen, wodurch sie zwei Porsche, 20.000 US$ und einige Reisen gewannen. Kevin Poulsen verbringt daraufhin fünf Jahre seines Lebens im Gefängnis.


1990–1999 Das Aufkommen von Würmern und Viren nimmt in dieser Zeit rapide zu. 1993 startet die erste DEF CON, eine alljährliche Hackerkonferenz, in Las Vegas. Mitte der 1990er Jahre berichtet der US-amerikanische Bundesrechnungshof, dass im Schnitt 250.000 Mal im Jahr Hacker versuchen, auf Dateien des Verteidigungsministeriums zuzugreifen. Nach deren Bericht sind etwa 65 Prozent der Versuche erfolgreich.[9] 1997 dringt ein 15 Jahre alter kroatischer Jugendlicher in die Computer einer Luftwaffenbasis in Guam, USA, ein. Eine Gruppe von Hackern um Natasha Grigori, Gründerin von, nutzen erstmals in der Hackergeschichte ihre Fertigkeiten, um die Verteiler von Kinderpornografie gezielt zu verfolgen und ihre Informationen an die Hüter der Gesetze weiterzugeben. 1998 werden zwei Hacker von einem Gericht in China zum Tode verurteilt. Ende der 1990er Jahre gibt es die ersten organisierten, politisch motivierten Hackerattacken in den USA.


2000–2005 Anfang 2000 werden DDoS-Attacken populär, eine Variante von DoS, welche automatisiert von mehreren Rechnern gleichzeitig ausgeführt wird. Politisch motivierte Hacker verunstalten Webseiten der indischen und israelischen Regierungen, um auf die Unterdrückung in Kaschmir und Palästina aufmerksam zu machen. Permanenten Hackerattacken ausgesetzt, unterbricht Microsoft seine Entwicklung und schickt erstmals über 8.000 Programmierer zu einer Schulung, die dazu dienen soll, programmiertechnische Schwachstellen künftig zu vermeiden.


Siehe dazu auch den Artikel in der englischsprachigen Wikipedia.[10]



Zum Informationsaustausch unter Hackern wurden seit den 1980ern eine Reihe von Untergrund-Magazinen gegründet. Beispiele sind das 2600 magazine und das inzwischen nur noch unregelmäßig veröffentlichte Phrack. Diese Entwicklung wurde von den Phreaks der frühen 1970er Jahre angeschoben, die in illegalen Untergrund-Magazinen wie der TAP ihre Informationen weitergaben.


Es gibt jedoch auch Magazine, die völlig legal sind. Ein bekanntes deutschsprachiges Magazin ist die vom Chaos Computer Club herausgegebene Datenschleuder.

In the computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, challenge or enjoyment.[1] The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground and is now a known community.[2] While other uses of the word hacker exist that are not related to computer security, such as referring to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks,[3] they are rarely used in mainstream context. They are subject to the longstanding hacker definition controversy about the term's true meaning. In this controversy, the term hacker is reclaimed by computer programmers who argue that someone who breaks into computers, whether computer criminal (black hats) or computer security expert (white hats),[4] is more appropriately called a cracker instead.[5] Some white hat hackers claim that they also deserve the title hacker, and that only black hats should be called "crackers".


Bruce Sterling traces part of the roots of the computer underground to the Yippies, a 1960s counterculture movement which published the Technological Assistance Program (TAP) newsletter.[citation needed] TAP was a phone phreaking newsletter that taught techniques for unauthorized exploration of the phone network. Many people from the phreaking community are also active in the hacking community even today, and vice versa.


Several subgroups of the computer underground with different attitudes use different terms to demarcate themselves from each other, or try to exclude some specific group with which they do not agree.


Eric S. Raymond, author of The New Hacker's Dictionary, advocates that members of the computer underground should be called crackers. Yet, those people see themselves as hackers and even try to include the views of Raymond in what they see as a wider hacker culture, a view that Raymond has harshly rejected. Instead of a hacker/cracker dichotomy, they emphasize a spectrum of different categories, such as white hat, grey hat, black hat and script kiddie. In contrast to Raymond, they usually reserve the term cracker for more malicious activity.


According to Ralph D. Clifford, a cracker or cracking is to "gain unauthorized access to a computer in order to commit another crime such as destroying information contained in that system".[6] These subgroups may also be defined by the legal status of their activities.[7]


White hat

Main article: White hat

A white hat hacker breaks security for non-malicious reasons, perhaps to test their own security system or while working for a security company which makes security software. The term "white hat" in Internet slang refers to an ethical hacker. This classification also includes individuals who perform penetration tests and vulnerability assessments within a contractual agreement. The EC-Council,[8] also known as the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, is one of those organizations that have developed certifications, courseware, classes, and online training covering the diverse arena of Ethical Hacking.[7]


Black hat

A "black hat" hacker is a hacker who "violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain" (Moore, 2005).[9] Black hat hackers form the stereotypical, illegal hacking groups often portrayed in popular culture, and are "the epitome of all that the public fears in a computer criminal".[10] Black hat hackers break into secure networks to destroy data or make the network unusable for those who are authorized to use the network. Black hat hackers are also referred to as the "crackers" within the security industry and by modern programmers. Crackers keep the awareness of the vulnerabilities to themselves and do not notify the general public or manufacturer for patches to be applied. Individual freedom and accessibility is promoted over privacy and security. Once they have gained control over a system, they may apply patches or fixes to the system only to keep their reigning control. Richard Stallman invented the definition to express the maliciousness of a criminal hacker versus a white hat hacker who performs hacking duties to identify places to repair.[11]


Grey hat[edit]

Main article: Grey hat

A grey hat hacker is a combination of a black hat and a white hat hacker. A grey hat hacker may surf the internet and hack into a computer system for the sole purpose of notifying the administrator that their system has a security defect, for example. They may then offer to correct the defect for a fee.[10]


Elite hacker

A social status among hackers, elite is used to describe the most skilled. Newly discovered exploits circulate among these hackers. Elite groups such as Masters of Deception conferred a kind of credibility on their members.[12]


Script kiddie

A script kiddie (also known as a skid or skiddie) is a non-expert who breaks into computer systems by using pre-packaged automated tools written by others, hence the term script (i.e. a prearranged plan or set of activities) kiddie (i.e. kid, child—an individual lacking knowledge and experience, immature),[13] usually with little understanding of the underlying concept.



A neophyte, "n00b", or "newbie" is someone who is new to hacking or phreaking and has almost no knowledge or experience of the workings of technology and hacking.[10]


Blue hat

A blue hat hacker is someone outside computer security consulting firms who is used to bug-test a system prior to its launch, looking for exploits so they can be closed. Microsoft also uses the term BlueHat to represent a series of security briefing events.[14][15][16]



A hacktivist is a hacker who utilizes technology to publicize a social, ideological, religious or political message.


Hactivism can be divided into two main groups:


Cyberterrorism - Activities involving website defacement or denial-of-service attacks.

Freedom of information - Making information that is not public, or is public in non-machine-readable formats, accessible to the public.

Nation state[edit]

Intelligence agencies and cyberwarfare operatives of nation states.[17]


Organized criminal gangs

Groups of hackers that carry out organized criminal activities for profit.

A typical approach in an attack on Internet-connected system is:


Network enumeration: Discovering information about the intended target.

Vulnerability analysis: Identifying potential ways of attack.

Exploitation: Attempting to compromise the system by employing the vulnerabilities found through the vulnerability analysis.[18]

In order to do so, there are several recurring tools of the trade and techniques used by computer criminals and security experts.


Security exploits[edit]

Main article: Exploit (computer security)

A security exploit is a prepared application that takes advantage of a known weakness.[19] Common examples of security exploits are SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting and Cross Site Request Forgery which abuse security holes that may result from substandard programming practice. Other exploits would be able to be used through FTP, HTTP, PHP, SSH, Telnet and some web-pages. These are very common in website/domain hacking.


Vulnerability scanner

A vulnerability scanner is a tool used to quickly check computers on a network for known weaknesses. Hackers also commonly use port scanners. These check to see which ports on a specified computer are "open" or available to access the computer, and sometimes will detect what program or service is listening on that port, and its version number. (Firewalls defend computers from intruders by limiting access to ports and machines, but they can still be circumvented.)

Brute force Attack

Password guessing, this method is very fast when used to check all short passwords, but for longer passwords other methods such as the dictionary attack are used because of the time a brute-force search takes.

Password cracking

Password cracking is the process of recovering passwords from data that has been stored in or transmitted by a computer system. A common approach is to repeatedly try guesses for the password.

Packet sniffer

A packet sniffer is an application that captures data packets, which can be used to capture passwords and other data in transit over the network.

Spoofing attack (Phishing)

A spoofing attack involves one program, system or website that successfully masquerades as another by falsifying data and is thereby treated as a trusted system by a user or another program—usually to fool programs, systems or users into revealing confidential information, such as user names and passwords.


A rootkit is a program that uses low-level, hard-to-detect methods to subvert control of an operating system from its legitimate operators. Rootkits usually obscure their installation and attempt to prevent their removal through a subversion of standard system security. They may include replacements for system binaries, making it virtually impossible for them to be detected by checking process tables.

Social engineering

In the second stage of the targeting process, hackers often use Social engineering tactics to get enough information to access the network. They may contact the system administrator and pose as a user who cannot get access to his or her system. This technique is portrayed in the 1995 film Hackers, when protagonist Dade "Zero Cool" Murphy calls a somewhat clueless employee in charge of security at a TV network. Posing as an accountant working for the same company, Dade tricks the employee into giving him the phone number of a modem so he can gain access to the company's computer system.

Hackers who use this technique must have cool personalities, and be familiar with their target's security practices, in order to trick the system administrator into giving them information. In some cases, a help-desk employee with limited security experience will answer the phone and be relatively easy to trick. Another approach is for the hacker to pose as an angry supervisor, and when his/her authority is questioned, threaten to fire the help-desk worker. Social engineering is very effective because users are the most vulnerable part of an organization. No security devices or programs can keep an organization safe if an employee reveals a password to an unauthorized person.

Social engineering can be broken down into four sub-groups:

Intimidation As in the "angry supervisor" technique above, the hacker convinces the person who answers the phone that their job is in danger unless they help them. At this point, many people accept that the hacker is a supervisor and give them the information they seek.

Helpfulness The opposite of intimidation, helpfulness exploits many people's natural instinct to help others solve problems. Rather than acting angry, the hacker acts distressed and concerned. The help desk is the most vulnerable to this type of social engineering, as (a.) its general purpose is to help people; and (b.) it usually has the authority to change or reset passwords, which is exactly what the hacker wants.

Name-dropping The hacker uses names of authorized users to convince the person who answers the phone that the hacker is a legitimate user him or herself. Some of these names, such as those of webpage owners or company officers, can easily be obtained online. Hackers have also been known to obtain names by examining discarded documents (so-called "dumpster diving").

Technical Using technology is also a way to get information. A hacker can send a fax or email to a legitimate user, seeking a response that contains vital information. The hacker may claim that he or she is involved in law enforcement and needs certain data for an investigation, or for record-keeping purposes.

Trojan horses

A Trojan horse is a program that seems to be doing one thing but is actually doing another. It can be used to set up a back door in a computer system, enabling the intruder to gain access later. (The name refers to the horse from the Trojan War, with the conceptually similar function of deceiving defenders into bringing an intruder into a protected area.)

Computer virus

A virus is a self-replicating program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable code or documents. By doing this, it behaves similarly to a biological virus, which spreads by inserting itself into living cells. While some viruses are harmless or mere hoaxes, most are considered malicious.

Computer worm

Like a virus, a worm is also a self-replicating program. It differs from a virus in that (a.) it propagates through computer networks without user intervention; and (b.) does not need to attach itself to an existing program. Nonetheless, many people use the terms "virus" and "worm" interchangeably to describe any self-propagating program.

Keystroke logging

A keylogger is a tool designed to record ("log") every keystroke on an affected machine for later retrieval, usually to allow the user of this tool to gain access to confidential information typed on the affected machine. Some keyloggers use virus-, trojan-, and rootkit-like methods to conceal themselves. However, some of them are used for legitimate purposes, even to enhance computer security. For example, a business may maintain a keylogger on a computer used at a point of sale to detect evidence of employee fraud.

Tools and Procedures


A thorough examination of hacker tools and procedures may be found in Cengage Learning's E|CSA certification workbook.


Jacob Appelbaum is an advocate, security researcher, and developer for the Tor project. He speaks internationally for usage of Tor by human rights groups and others concerned about Internet anonymity and censorship.

Eric Corley (also known as Emmanuel Goldstein) is the longstanding publisher of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. He is also the founder of the H.O.P.E. conferences. He has been part of the hacker community since the late '70s.

Ed Cummings (also known as Bernie S) is a longstanding writer for 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. In 1995, he was arrested and charged with possession of technology that could be used for fraudulent purposes, and set legal precedents after being denied both a bail hearing and a speedy trial.

Dan Kaminsky is a DNS expert who exposed multiple flaws in the protocol and investigated Sony's rootkit security issues in 2005. He has spoken in front of the US Senate on technology issues.

Andrew Auernheimer, sentenced to 3 years in prison, is a grey hat hacker whose security group Goatse Security exposed a flaw in AT&T's iPad security.

Gordon Lyon, known by the handle Fyodor, authored the Nmap Security Scanner as well as many network security books and web sites. He is a founding member of the Honeynet Project and Vice President of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Gary McKinnon is a Scottish hacker facing extradition to the United States to face criminal charges. Many people in the UK have called on the authorities to be lenient with McKinnon, who suffers from Asperger syndrome.[21]

Kevin Mitnick is a computer security consultant and author, formerly the most wanted computer criminal in United States history.[22]

Rafael Núñez, aka RaFa, was a notorious hacker who was sought by the FBI in 2001. He has since become a respected computer security consultant and an advocate of children's online safety.

Meredith L. Patterson is a well-known technologist and biohacker who has presented research with Dan Kaminsky and Len Sassaman at many international security and hacker conferences.

Len Sassaman was a Belgian computer programmer and technologist who was also a privacy advocate.

Solar Designer is the pseudonym of the founder of the Openwall Project.

Michał Zalewski (lcamtuf) is a prominent security researcher.

The computer underground[1] has produced its own specialized slang, such as 1337speak. Its members often advocate freedom of information, strongly opposing the principles of copyright, as well as the rights of free speech and privacy.[citation needed] Writing software and performing other activities to support these views is referred to as hacktivism. Some consider illegal cracking ethically justified for these goals; a common form is website defacement. The computer underground is frequently compared to the Wild West.[23] It is common for hackers to use aliases to conceal their identities.


Hacker groups and conventions[edit]

Main articles: Hacker conference and Hacker group

The computer underground is supported by regular real-world gatherings called hacker conventions or "hacker cons". These events include SummerCon (Summer), DEF CON, HoHoCon (Christmas), ShmooCon (February), BlackHat, Chaos Communication Congress, AthCon, Hacker Halted, and H.O.P.E...[citation needed] Local Hackfest groups organize and compete to develop their skills to send a team to a prominent convention to compete in group pentesting, exploit and forensics on a larger scale. Hacker groups became popular in the early 1980s, providing access to hacking information and resources and a place to learn from other members. Computer bulletin board systems (BBSs), such as the Utopias, provided platforms for information-sharing via dial-up modem. Hackers could also gain credibility by being affiliated with elite groups.


via aePiot


Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology, IRT4520USSMby BraunPlatform: Windows(570)


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(Visit the Most Gifted in Health & Personal Care list for authoritative information on this product’s current rank.)


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#7: Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer by Panasonic Platform: Windows(1550)Buy new: $19.99 ...


#2: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (OEM) System Builder DVD 1 Pack Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (OEM) System Builder DVD 1 Pack by Microsoft Software ...


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#9: Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled 3 by PopCap Games Platform: Windows Vista / 7 / XP, Mac ...


Office 365 is familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. It includes business-class security and is backed by Microsoft. Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise, Office 365 offers plans designed to fit your organization's unique needs. Learn more at

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London | Architecture | Night Photography


FRONT PAGE , EXPLORE # 12, thank you all!!




Cardinal Place is a retail and office development in London SW1 near Victoria Station and opposite Westminster Cathedral. The site consists of three buildings covering over a million square feet on Victoria Street next door to Portland House, and was designed by EPR Architects and built by Robert McAlpine.

The topping out ceremony was held in December 2004, and performed by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Lord McAlpine, and Ian J. Henderson, outgoing chief executive of the site's developers Land Securities.


The £200m development was built directly over the District & Circle Line Underground tunnels which actually pass through the basement. The buildings rest on rubber shock absorbers to prevent vibrations from the passing trains. The project includes 550,000 square feet (51,000 m2) of office space and 100,000 square feet (9,300 m2) of retail, primarily occupied by Marks & Spencer.


Microsoft UK currently occupy floor 1 of the building, floor 6 is occupied by Experian. Floor 7 is occupied by Kazakhstan's company Kazakhmys.


Cardinal Place From Wikipedia



London Cardinal Place :: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~




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Not always sunny but always magnificent.. love that windy road :-)




I had an Indian guy on the phone this morning saying he was from Microsoft and was going to help me correct problems within my computer.. I knew Microsoft hadn't got my phone number but I went along with him anyway.. he told me how to find all my error messages then said he would now help me get rid of them.. I was given a web page address and told to open it, I then had to click on the button.. it was at this point I stopped.. if I had of clicked on the button he would have had been able to remotely control my computer... I think he was a bit peeved that I'd let him go so far and waste his time, but I'm glad I did :-)




AMMYY phone call - scam

Wall Street-Fed-IMF anarchy corporations don't need to pay taxes. Taxes are for looting silly little non-corporate people. Please don't hurt billionaire holocaust survivors who create a file clerk job in an empty office (biz domicile haha) in Ireland, Caman or Bermuda. Tax evasion corporations who employ congress also employ an offshore office secretary. They could suffer that offshore secretary job loss...yes still another billionaire holocaust. You looted little taxpayers wouldn't dare harm Wall Street's multi-billionaire CEO-CFO and professional criminal boards of directors who own congress would you? Mitt Romney, Lloyd Blankfein, The Koch Brothers, Jamie Dimon, Larry Summers and Sheldon Adelson must not suffer EVEN MORE THAN THEY ALREADY SUFFER. Pleeeeeeease don't trigger their next "holocaust" survival epic by making Bilderberg's billionaires pay a tax...sniff. -RT ******************************************************** Weekend Edition June 13-15, 2014


We Need More Than Reform

Corporate Tax Dodging Another Capitalist Innovation



Competition takes many forms in capitalism. Financial engineering by corporations to avoid paying taxes is one aspect of this competition — under the rigors of market competition, evading responsibility is an innovation to be emulated.


The magnitude of tax evasion on the part of multi-national corporations through one channel — the shifting of profits to countries and territories with low or nonexistent taxes — was quantified earlier this month by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund and Citizens for Tax Justice. Their study, “Offshore Shell Games 2014,” reports that the 500 largest U.S.-based multi-national corporations have squirreled away almost US$2 trillion in profits that lie untouched.


An estimated $90 billion a year in federal income taxes are not paid through the creative use of subsidiaries set up in offshore tax havens.


The Cayman Islands and Bermuda are favored locations, although other tax havens such as Hong Kong, Ireland and Switzerland are frequently used. The report illustrated the preposterous number of corporations with sham “offices” in the Cayman Islands:


“Ugland House is a modest five-story office building in the Cayman Islands, yet it is the registered address for 18,857 companies. … Simply by registering subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands, U.S. companies can use legal accounting gimmicks to make much of their U.S.-earned profits appear to be earned in the Caymans and pay no taxes on them. The vast majority of subsidiaries registered at Ugland House have no physical presence in the Caymans other than a post office box. About half of these companies have their billing address in the U.S., even while they are officially registered in the Caymans.” [page 4]


The Cayman Islands has a corporate tax rate of zero. Not a cent. The government there raises revenue through taxes on imports (thus a consumption tax for the people who live there as virtually everything must be imported), but, as an added bonus should any corporate executive stop by to visit the company post office box, luxury goods such as diamonds are exempted. Bermuda also has no corporate tax.


U.S. tax laws allow profits earned abroad to remain untouched until the money is brought into the country. Profits booked in other countries are instead subject to the local tax rate, even if zero. Accounting, rather than geography, often controls what constitutes “offshore” profits, however. The “Offshore Shell Games 2014” study reports that:


“Many of the profits kept ‘offshore’ are actually housed in U.S. banks or invested in American assets, but registered in the name of foreign subsidiaries. A Senate investigation of 27 large multinationals with substantial amounts of cash supposedly ‘trapped’ offshore found that more than half of the offshore funds were invested in U.S. banks, bonds, and other assets.” [page 5]


Corporate money is “off shore” if the corporation says it is


A 2013 report in The Wall Street Journal revealed that many corporations, including Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc., “keep more than three-quarters of the cash owned by their foreign subsidiaries at U.S. banks, held in U.S. dollars or parked in U.S. government and corporate securities.” Under federal tax law, those funds are “offshore” and thus exempt from taxation.


Microsoft, in its fiscal year 2013 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, said its funds held by its foreign subsidiaries are “deemed to be permanently reinvested in foreign jurisdictions.” It said, “We currently do not intend nor foresee a need to repatriate these funds.” It pays to be a monopoly in more ways than one.


A sampling of corporate highlights, according to “Offshore Shell Games 2014”:


*Bank of America reports 264 subsidiaries in offshore tax havens, more than any other company. The bank would otherwise owe $4.3 billion in U.S. taxes on the $17 billion it keeps offshore.


*Nike officially holds $6.7 billion offshore for tax purposes, on which it would otherwise owe $2.2 billion in U.S. taxes. Nike is believed to pay a 2.2 percent tax rate to foreign governments on those offshore profits.


*Apple holds more money offshore than any other company — $111.3 billion. It would owe $36.4 billion in U.S. taxes if these profits were they not offshore for tax purposes. Two of Apple’s Irish subsidiaries are structured to be tax residents of neither the U.S. (where they are managed and controlled) nor Ireland (where they are incorporated), ensuring no taxes are paid to any government.


*Google increased the amount of cash it reported offshore from $7.7 billion in 2009 to $38.9 billion. An analysis found that, as of 2012, the company has 23 tax-haven subsidiaries that it no longer discloses but continues to operate.


*Microsoft increased the amount of money it held offshore from $6.1 billion to $76.4 billion from 2007 to 2013, on which it would otherwise owe $19.4 billion in U.S. taxes. The company is believed to pay a tax rate of three percent to foreign governments on those profits.


You pay when corporations don’t


These arrangements don’t benefit working people in the tax havens. After Ireland’s then prime minister, Brian Cowen, announced that the government would assume all the debts of Ireland’s three biggest banks, he negotiated for what became an €85 billion bailout. In doing so, he demanded, and received, only one concession: There would be no increase in corporate tax rates, which are less than half the level of Ireland’s sales taxes. Taxes on incomes, cars, homes and fuel, however, did rise to pay for the bailout.


Critics, the authors of the “Offshore Shell Games 2014” study not excepted, propose various reforms and tend to discuss this issue in terms of morality. That massive corporate tax dodging is odious from any reasonable ethical standard is indisputable, but reducing it to immorality completely obscures the larger structural problems.


In the relentless competition fostered by capitalism, any successful innovation must be matched by competitors. Such an innovation could be a new production technique but also includes measures to lower costs. If production is moved to a location with low wages and little or no safety and environmental regulations, the boost to profits for the company that does this has to be matched by competitors that otherwise would become uncompetitive and/or fall into disfavor with financiers.


Financial engineering to avoid paying taxes is another boost to profits, and thus a competitive advantage. Other corporations, under the rigors of competition and the ceaseless necessity of expansion and pressure to increase profits, are compelled to copy these innovations.


However much we might wish to morally condemn such behavior, the personality of corporate executives is irrelevant. Expand or die is the remorseless logic of capitalism, and the executive who doesn’t do everything possible to maximize profits will soon be replaced by someone who will.


Nike, to provide an example, proudly announced that, in the past 10 years, it had “returned over $15 billion to shareholders through dividend payments and share repurchases” and assured it would provide more in the future. Nike’s shareholders’ report made no mention of what the company does to extract that money — through brutally exploitative sweatshop labor, paying workers less than a minimum wage set well below subsistence level in places where complaining leads to beatings or firings and striking lands you in prison. And by not paying taxes.


As a second example, Bank of America reported that it paid $3.2 billion to buy back its stock in 2013, money spent to boost its stock price and give extra profits to speculators. (Stock bought for this purpose is paid for at a price higher than the current stock-market value.) That money was available thanks to the billions of dollars it didn’t pay in taxes.


Reforms are good, but reforms can and are taken back when the pressure for them relents, and ultimately leaves the system that rewards such behavior untouched.


Pete Dolack writes the Systemic Disorder blog. He has been an activist with several groups.


I'm back!!!




I thought I would be back last night but when I tried to upload a photo it wouldn't work. I found this one in my stream... I uploaded it some time ago but never got around to sharing it.


I have enjoyed a long weekend at the beach which was lovely but it was not the main reason for my absence from Flickr.


Our problems started when my brother clicked on a dodgy link in Facebook resulting in our computer becoming infected by multiple viruses and spyware. As soon as I realised what had happened I disconnected the internet connection, but it has taken me over a week and I don't know how many hours of investigations to clean everything and feel cautiously confident about reconnecting to the internet.


Fortunately we have another computer in the house and so I was able to download software and updates to assist with cleaning the computer.


On a positive note, I certainly learned a lot about our computer, and about online security over the past week! Google was a lifesaver! I could not have done it without Google.


Following are mostly things you should do to PREVENT your computer being infected. I'm certainly not an expert so please don't take my word for ANYTHING... please do your own research. However, these are a few things that I found helpful and am sharing them with the hope that it may save somebody else some headaches! :-)


Look forward to catching up with you soon.


If you believe I am wrong, please correct me!


* For secure passwords, don't use the same password for everything. Make sure you password is not in the dictionary, is not something associated with yourself, includes at least one capital letter, one number and one symbol.


* Make sure your anti-virus software is turned on, working properly and is being regularly updated - most software will automatically download updates from the internet. (If you don't have virus software, have a look at AVG's free anti-virus software. That's what I'm using now)


* Make sure you have a recent version of your preferred internet browser. Apparently older versions may not receive security updates. Again, updates can be downloaded free.


* Allow Windows to download and install updates. Someone once told me you should not install updates as they can create problems with your computer settings but now I believe this was wrong advice as some of the updates are important security patches.


* Consider using Opera or Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to Internet Explorer - these can be downloaded free and apparently are more secure than Internet Explorer. Again, I am not expert, only repeating what I've read.


* Update Java.. apparently old versions have vulnerabilities. I found these instructions very thorough and helpful


* Download and run Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool


* Download and run a free spyware/malware scanner but be careful - some so-called anti-spyware software actually download spyware onto your computer. I used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware tool and thought it was very effective.

I understand that you should only use one anti-virus package and one firewall, but can run multiple spyware checks if desired.


* I also downloaded free software called CCleaner which you can use to delete all your old temp files, temporary internet files, Windows log files etc. It frees up space and makes scans run quicker.


* Another very useful free program is Trend Micro's HiJackThis. I used it to remove the last traces (I hope!) of the infections and restore internet settings. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU USE THIS AND DON'T DELETE/FIX ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE WHAT YOU ARE REMOVING. Some suspicious sounding entries were actually valid and your computer may be damaged if they are deleted. I did hours of research before attempting to delete anything.

This is a fantastic, low price, standalone IP cam with tons of features. I upgraded from the Swann IP ConnectCam 500. I like to check in occasionally on the house from work or while traveling and didnt want to spend large sums of money on security packages or contracts. This cam is perfect. With the infrared support, night viewing is clear as day. Tiltpan awesome! I use my IP cam with a free thirdparty app on my Android phone and tablet, and have no trouble accessing it from my Mac (not allowed with the Swann IP ConnectCam 500, because of a Microsoft plugin that will never be included in Firefox). Wireless communication with a wireless router is the &34;wireless&34; benefit, and a necessary one in my case. Wireless works perfectly. The cam still needs a constant AC power supply via the 10ish foot cord. I consider myself pretty savvy with wireless networking but in the end had to call Swann support. THIS IS THE BEST BENEFIT WITH ANY SWANN PRODUCT! Their support staff is superlative and actually installed it for me via screen sharing or (for PC users) remote login. If you need a standalone IP cam, I highly recommend this one.



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IT News & Updates

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on April 8

Yep, after April 8, Microsoft will officially no longer support Windows XP. There’ll be no more security updates, nonsecurity hotfixes, free or paid support options or online technical content updates.

According to Microsoft, PCs running Windows XP after April 8 should not be considered protected. It recommends upgrading to a currently supported version of Windows, like 7 or 8.1, that will still receive regular security updates.

Lane Sorgen, Microsoft’s general manager for the south-central U.S., said, “We’ve been working hard to let our customers know about the end of support deadline. We’ve also been working with customers and partners to help the migration from Windows XP to a modern operating system.

A mosaic illustration for the cover of Leader's Edge, the magazine of the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers.

The subject is Cyber Terrorism and the ongoing war on the internet.


Best viewed large. Attention: Big file. (11000 x 11000 pixels = 36.7" x 36.7" @ 300 ppi)

Alternately you can zoom in to the high res (121 megapixels) file with Microsoft ZoomIt.


Made with custom developed scripts, hacks and lots of love, using my Mac, Studio Artist, the Adobe Creative Suite and good music.


See my Editorial Illustrations set.


Many thanks to Brad Latham @Leader's Edge.

Microsoft announced this morning that it purchased cloud security firm Adallom. According to sources familiar with the matter, the deal cost the Redmond-based software giant $250 million. That dollar amount is below previously reported figures pegging the value of the purchase north...

tlc2003, Telephone Recording Basics - Thought Leadership Website Launched


Southfield, MI (PRWEB) April 29, 2008 -- DSS Corporation, ( launched a new Telephone Recording Basics thought leadership website ( This is the first in a series to come.


The website ( is designed for IT Staff and Management Teams who need a Full Cycle Telephone Recording Solution to protect their businesses. The site covers a broad range of requirements that an effective next generation telephone recording platform must have to obtain the 7 objectives of: Unified Communications Intelligence (UCI), Liability Recording/Order Verification, Compliance, Voice Recording Business Value, Voice Search Productivity, Knowledge Management and Quality Management.


The topics include: telephone recording as well as full cycle communications capture including VoIP, Screen Data, Chat, and Email.


This telephone recording website focuses on 7 objectives which include the following:


1. Unified Communications: Cisco® and Microsoft® are pioneering this field by making it easier to connect with people regardless of communications type. You can receive a phone call as well as a text message anywhere in the world from your office phone. "Presence anywhere" is a concept that allows for the consolidation of phone numbers and "location independence" for communication. Organizations that harness this power by capturing it with a 360° full cycle solution will be able to increase revenue, decrease expenses and reduce risk.


2. 100% Liability Recording/Order Verification: Organizations have a fiduciary responsibility to their employees and constituents for security. Capturing all communications (voice, email, chat) allows for the elimination of He/Said, She/Said scenarios. Telephone recording and full communications capture are required for verification of orders. This can save organizations millions of dollars in return credits and mistakes. Regardless if you are a broker/dealer, manufacturer of window treatments or taking orders for freight delivery, this method of order verification will reduce expenses and mitigate risk.


3. Compliance: Compliance with PCI (Payment Credit Industry) Requirements, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), NASD/SEC rules, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) are forcing organizations to archive and retain voice recordings and other communication records like chat and email.


4. Voice Recording Business Value: Users want access to voice recordings as well as other communications because they contain business value. That value may not be needed for 1 year, but when it is needed, users must have it. If organizations do not capture it the business value is wasted. Information is power and provides organizations a competitive advantage.


5. Voice Search Productivity: The old paradigm was to record calls and allow a few people access. Knowledge is only as good as the people using it. Limit the people's access and limit the power of the knowledge assets. Enterprise Search Capabilities with unlimited access are required for next generation voice recording.


6. Knowledge Management: 360° communications capture (Voice, Email, Chat) produces one of the biggest repositories of intellectual property and business information for organizations. An effective full cycle recording solution can harness these information assets, allowing for reporting, mining and analytics.


7. Quality Management: An effective voice recording platform must have a Quality Assessment module so department heads can score their team members' communications. This critical add-on is required for team building, improving customer service and to satisfy internal communication needs.


The site also provides a whitepaper addressing these issues and provides requirements to procure an effective telephone recording solution.


For more information on Telephone Recording best practices, please visit:


DSS Corporation ( ), headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, specializes in operational improvement and customer satisfaction for the government and private sectors.



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Prescot, Knowsley, Liverpool, L34 1BH.

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This is me taken before my speech at the China Development News Conference 2011-09-28 - Beijing ; PRC.


I did the editing myself!


I have been ill since 2011-07, but I still made my trip by train to Beijing to give speech at the said conference. After the speech, the next day; I am completely unable to stand, walk or seat for long.


Can you see I still put up the smiling pose for the portrait. This is taken by the professional photographer's of the China Government admin. press office.


I must thank you all for the support even I am out of action in flickr.


Lives have not been easy for me at home and here. I have not given up to advocate my visions & speak-up for our generation's & our siblings generation's.


Since, the 80's I already foresaw how our generation's creating wealth & then when we aged, our wealth that built have been long gone.


In my much earlier post, I had said that, we all don't want to be failure in business, being lay-off; broken family; our home become toxic home; even our life-line of $3000 have been taken by the IRS; Credit Cards & Financial Institutions slap high financial charges to forced bankruptcy. Robbing the Middle Class & Aids to the Rich is where the world governing Economy System by and large today! Thus putting all of us into poverty.


But in reallity these are all forced on us. All of US are hard working & the pioneer's of the Knowledge Based economy. However, we have been written off by the so call "Financial Economy System".


You may heard again & again China is depriving the rights of our opportunities & thus we goes into the situations that we are today. That is not the actual facts.


As in my post I had single out to the press then that when an organization collapse of the middle class; like what IBM; Philips does in the mid- late 80's, that would cause the critical issue of harmony of the hierarchical structure of the people nature.


At the Information Technology for the World Future Conference, Aug --1989 Nagoya; Japan. I said that the hierarchical structure of top-middle-lower cannot be wape-out of any layer in order to maintain the structurer harmony. The same facts were written in my paper to Philips Supervisory Board & Philips Board of Management entitle " Creating An Excellence New Philips Corporate Culture".


1998 I was the Chairman of the Global e-Commerce Council's, I had said that beside "Digital Have & Have Not ", We will be facing the future of "Widening Gap Between The Rich & the Poor."


Our 2003 .COM became .Bomb; then the administration still using the Landbase Economy to perk-up the economy that is the major cause of our big bang on economy, during 2007-2009.


In between 2007-2008 I was involved in EDU, I have met people who are ex- director of IBM, NASA, MIcrosoft, Boeing, CitiBank..HP, CA, CISCO, Oracle, ..I have even lower myself applying job as technical support, plumber, Electrician, PC Technician, Security, Safety Officer at the Casino...but there are no job.


The truth is that the knowledge Based jobs'; such as software production, system programming; professional services; customer Service Center;.. R & D had gone to countries like India; Phillipines; Vietnam; Malaysia; South Africa, Kenya, West Africa, the industries that stay in China are still those smoke stack industries! For those R & D & Software jobs that in China mainly are for the China Market only because of the Chinese Language National variance issue.


Being almost over 1.5years in China, I have found that China have even facing the greater issues & risk of the collapse of the Landbase Economy. Currently there are 25% of the 1.5B people are considered as middle class which inclusive of the 5% are rich class, the rest of the 75% are in poverty. In additions to the Chinese Brain Drain! There are strong facts & figures shown that there are an extrodus of the Chinese middle class & the rich out flow to Europe; Australia; Singapore; Malaysia,Canada & more so to our country USA!!


I have reasons to believe that It is not China interest to see the failure of Euro & our Economy system. If that happened, then it would lead to the total collapse of the China's own economy.


To continue...


مكافح الفيروسات الجديد Microsoft Security Essentials من مايكروسوفت :


برنامج Microsoft Security Essentials هو من إنتاج الشركة الشهيرة مايكروسوفت في محاولة لأثبات جدارتها في عالم الحماية ، فهو برنامج عملاق في مجال الحماية من مخاطر الانترنت و الفيروسات و الملفات الخبيثة ، المميز في البرنامج بساطته ...

Google’s done it again.

Early this week, Microsoft was publicly displeased with Google for revealing a Windows security hole that would allow hackers to gain control of computer systems. Now Google’s Project Zero disclosed two more Microsoft bugs. That makes at least four...

Captured using my DJI Inspire 1 Pro with Olympus 12mm lens. Forgot to change the aperture, excitement to the max when testing the lens for the first time.

From my eyes it still acceptable, yeah some spots still blur due to the depth of fields from the f2.


Just a minor processing involved, no layers just adjust the sliders from the Adobe Camera Raw.


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Please forgive any typo's: I'm still editing in bits and pieces. I've misspelled a lot. I'll also add to this periodically. My memory is extraordinary. So, I have to peel memories back one layer at a time. Like an onion. This particular onion stinks to high Heaven. It's a disturbing set of circumstances. When I recall events I re-live them. One word... Eideteker. So 'trauma management' is something I'm learning as I go.


I'm doing this to raise awareness about the ever-so-subtle ways of predators. This not about blame. It's about accountability. Myself, law enforcement, and officers of the court made mistakes. I was not 'formally' educated. I was a 'volunteer', as I believe anyone should be when it comes to contributing to child safety, and the safety of law enforcement. They are civil servants. Over-worked, and underpaid. They need all the assistance they can get. Especially, when it comes to the apprehension of child abusers of any kind. Now, the criminal investigators, and prosecutors, need to accept this. Egos got in the way, and/or worries over 401K's, promotions, and job security. Their degrees, and jobs, don't mean shit when a child is being trafficked by the likes of Scott Rozear Mason, or in the death of young Matthew Nestle. If you think I'm being judgmental, I may be. However, had you judged yourselves, instead of a witness who put her life on the line in the interest of public safety, then none of this would be necessary. Law enforcement quit returning my phone calls long before I got on the witness stand. During my interview with them, Richard Beasley was the subject of focus. When I realized Scott Mason should also be the subject of focus, I left messages on the voice mail of said investigator. I sent several e-mails to Alicia Lawrence-Witness Handler (I'll print them up and upload ) indicating the child Beasley went around was still in danger. I also indicated that myself, and my partner were in danger. They already knew this. They had Glen Harris read a threatening letter, from Beasley to Scott Mason into evidence. "Do whatever you have to do to keep them off of the stand." No response from any of them. I continued to reach out to them as an inmate. No response. Now, Mason has a MURDER victim, not just a child sex-abuse victim.


This is messy. Like the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals/George W. Bush scandal. Millions died so they could beef up their bottomlines according to the Washington Post. The same news publication that exposed Nixon. the Whistleblower from within Pfizer saved as many lives as he could. Like Jeffrey Wigand did with the tobacco industry.


The N.A.A.C.P. JUSTIFIABLY raised hell about Trayvon Martins senseless death. It's time ALL victims/witness's of child sexual predators raise hell about the equally senseless death of 18 year old Matthew Nestle, of Pensacola FL. Matthew was murdered by a racist child molester named Scott Rozear Mason. He was convicted for assaulting an African American woman in Pensacola back in 2009, or 2010. She assaulted him right back, with a weapon! Good for her! By Scott Mason's own admission, to me, he beat that woman for no other reason than because she was African American. Ironically, Scott Mason also tried to use the "Stand Your Ground' Defense. His Motion was denied and he'll stand trial for 2nd Degree Murder on December 2nd, 2013. Basically in 2 weeks. he was aquitted on firearms charges after pulling a gun on his ex-wife. She, like him, was an addict. However, I believe she let her shame about her drug use get the better of her and lied on the stand about her drug use. As a result, according to Scott Mason, he walked. He admitted to this crime because, as he pointed out, he was protected by "Double Jeopardy". He believes he cannot be retried for the weapons charge. I, however copped to my criminal record, and the fact that I was a fugitive, while on the stand. For the record, I do not molest children. I like adults no younger than myself, or very close to my own age, they'd better be well-educated, and have serious swag. I don't want to be involved with anyone that I can 'get over' on. I insist on a 'level playing field'.


Beasley has no grounds for appeal based on anything I said. I went into that courtroom to tell the WHOLE truth. The prosecuting attorney made sure that did not happen. I can't answer questions that are not asked. Probation Specialist Glen Harris may have committed perjury. Could be he was told to stick to his original arrest report, which I told the A.S.A. that my phone call was not anonymous. Glen snuck me his private number while on a visit to the house, after I asked for it at the door. It was obvious that I was terrified. Mr. Harris handled it beautifully. Slick. Glen was an 'Officer and a Gentleman'. Until he sat in our living room and lied to a criminal investigator, who was looking into crimes that were recently committed by Beasley and the Masons, that he "received an anonymous phone call". My partner and I were stunned. Glen had saved our lives. Fact is, we all made mistakes. We all need to answer for them. Perhaps we do not need to be punished for them. However, there needs to be an audit of where everything went wrong that lead to the very avoidable death of Matthew Nestle. That's what all this ranting of mine is about. We need to exam the whole picture, and learn preventative maintenances. I did everything in my power to get Scott Mason off of the street before he really hurt someone, irreparably. My efforts were cockblocked enforcement officers who didn't want to hear it...I am continuing my campaign, here, 3 years later. After sacrificing my partner, my civil liberties, being assaulted with a deadly weapon in prison for being a 'snitch', being unnecessarily maced, also for snitching on officers who violated the Prison Rape Elimination Act. I finally had my set-down with Inspector Munnerlyn after a newly promoted Sgt. sexually exploited an inmate. Then another sexually exploitative officer, Officer White, set me up to be assaulted, again. I ended my sentence from Administrative Confinement, after be refused Protective Confinement for the 5th time. I doubt documentation can be found to support this as wanton P.R.E.A. violations at Lowell C.I. may cost them federal funding. They got messy. I am not looking for sympathy. Only empathy for raising awareness about any type of rape. Point is, I'm not letting this go until I know I've exhausted my resources for getting justice for countless victims, and doing all I can to prevent future victims. As every adult ought to do.


I received a notice, via e-mail, that all e-mails to the witness handler were a matter of public record. It said any e-mail to any orange county official is a 'public record'. I'll print that up and upload it, too. I'd be willing to bet that the prosecution didn't turn the e-mails from their 'key witness' over to the defense per the rules of 'discovery'. For the record, I am not trying to help defendant Richard Beasley. He has 17 pending felonies in Polk Co. MO. Should he walk out of the Florida Prison he's in, it's likely that he'd be promptly re-arrested by any number of jurisdictions. He's about 70 years old. He'll be locked-up for life. However, because officials wanted his 'antlers on their wall' they cockblocked other investigations that I believe may have gotten 2 children to safety. One is now dead. The Orange Co. states attorneys didn't have to stack the deck. There was more than enough truth to go around. The truth could have gotten at least 3 sexual predators/murderer of the streets. That means these A.S.A.'s are no better than those whom they prosecute.


WARNING: the following is an extremely troubling recounting of my experience as a witness of R.I.C.O. Violations, possible human and/or sex trafficking, child abuse, child sexual abuse, and a possible government cover-up. I've discussed all of the following, and more, with my previous legal counsel Professor C. Chad Cronon. He was supportive, in as much as he could be, and still practice 'self-preservation.' He received a hostile phone call from someone @ the Orange Co. Courthouse while I was residing with Dr. Cronon. I was awakened by his yelling, on the phone, at about 7:30am in August 2013, I think. He later told me a bit about the call. Basically, he stated that he believed my being in Orlando, and pursuing the below mentioned atrocities, had some people at the Courthouse up-in-arms. He said "I'm filing that Chapter 119 Request for Records. I'm piqued. I will review that file myself." I asked why, he said "because I think it will reflect that your defense attorney DID call them, and they did nothing." He stated that in a phone call with his former co-worker, Kimberly Mann, A.S.A. (supervising attorney-I believe) that he reminded her that she "let her key witness" go to prison. At one point I insisted that Chad recuse himself as my counsel. He refused. Then I stated "you're fired..." he said "No. I won't let you. You have no idea who these people are, or what they can do to you..." I reminded him that I knew exactly what they are capable of. I was in the courtroom and witnessed some unimaginably atrocious shit by L.E.O.'s. Then, I went to prison. Scott and John Mason are still on the streets. Project Innocent INC has NOT been 'Involuntarily Dissolved' by the FL Dept. of the Treasury like all of Daniel L. Selby's other bogus organizations have been.." So, I kept him on as counsel, and was even made an 'agent' of his law practice to be immune from being supboenaed.


I'll be uploading 2 videos to youtube. They will be video recorded statements of events about the content below, and my hell-raising in prison to raise awareness (and leave some form of paper-trail) about the wanton disregard of the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, and it's instructions as written by the Internal Auditors at Bay County Jail, and FL D.O.C.'s Lowell C.I. I'll speak about their retaliation for reporting, their messy ways of covering it up, and my messy ways of leaving a trail for D.O.J. should they choose to investigate. My statements do have 'probative value' if nothing else...


Using someone else's bad behavior as an excuse for your own bad behavior is horseshit. That said, when law enforcement and /or prosecutors use someone else's bad behavior as an excuse NOT to act when a child's welfare is in question (inaction is an ACTION) then you're doing exactly what criminals do. Perhaps using your skills, and a sense of discernment to sort through the facts (eating the meat and spitting out the bones), and then acting, would be a better approach. Because in this messy situation you 'threw the baby out with the bathwater...' Quite literally. I am quite indignant, and sanctimonious. I've, by God, earned the right to be pissed as hell.


I'll post a link when the videos are ready. 'Spilling out' by typing this stuff is easier than speaking about it. Officers saw what happened when I talked about some of the horrifying evidence I found that prompted me to call them. I had to dismiss myself to the restroom because I was about to throw up. I choked it back and resumed my sworn statement. They asked if they could have the horrifying photo's, and evidence of racketeering. I said "Please get it out of my house."


I'll remind law enforcement of the multiple times, throughout 2010-2013, I've tried to add to my initial sworn statements regarding Richard Edwin Beasley, Scott Rozear Mason, and John Richard Mason. I was told I could contact you, if I needed to, after my many initial examinations. My phone calls were not returned, and a young male who grew up being abused by monsters is dead, by gunshot. Murdered by Scott Rozear Mason.


Here, my intent is not to prevent law enforcement from doing their jobs, but to raise hell because somebody, somewhere did NOT do their god damned job. Matthew Nestle can never get help, now. How many more kids are you going to basically abandon out of some misplaced sense of machismo, and/or witness credibility. The statistics say these bastards share their secrets with other CRIMINALS (not just sex offenders), so you WON'T act, if a criminal informant comes forward, lest the informant get nailed, too. Thus deterring any future witness(s) of child/sexual abuse by predators. You let the rapists win. By law enforcment, I also mean the fucking states attorneys who, according to a states attorney who spoke at Florida State Subcommittee hearings about sex offender legislation, don't want to "look like an idiot up there..." I've actually witnessed an A.S.A. play games in court because she was more worried about her appearance than public safety. The same might very well be said for the police, too. I'm gong to let y'all figure that shit out. Just start pointing fingers and then they'll roll on each other. The shit will reveal itself, eventually...


The following is about how I, as a fugitive for almost 8 years on an old 2002 theft charge, unknowingly rented from a bunch of monsters. I had no idea that after my arrest, by Bay Co. warrants division in 2004, my V.O.P. warrant was NOT TAKEN OUT of the system. Anyway, very soon after we moved in amongst these monsters we had 'red flags' going off everywhere, but nothing indicative of the following allegations, and what they were doing I didn't have enough to effectively 'hang my hat on'. We DIDN"T know that they were sexual predators. I knew something was up, but no idea exactly what. I heard fragments that added up to something very bad. I told Glen Harris this once I became his informant. We both soon learned how right I was. I pledged to my partner of 9 years, at that time, that "If Beasley goes anywhere near a child. I'm calling Mr. Harris." or whomever I needed to call. I do mean ANYWHERE NEAR a child. I did not know his charges at that time, just that he was a sex offender. Now, I did not know Beasley when he caught his charges in 2009. Nor when I got caught trying to rack some shit in 2002. We met him in 2010 when we moved to Pensacola to help with the BP oil spill clean-up. Photos of my partners special hats, and T-shirt, are still in my photostream from way back then. We unknowingly rented a room in a house managed by, and owned by pedophiles. I later learned that the homeowner, John R. Mason, was about to be released, early, from prison for child pornography. His son, Scott Rozear Mason... well, let's just say that 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." The following is the SHORT version of what happened when I acted as any responsible adult should. There were many not-so-responsible acting adults, with money, educations, etc. who chose to set back in silence while Scott Mason did some really atrocious shit. Had they told me what they knew, I'd have acted sooner. But, they like DRAMA, and to set back and bitch, piss, and moan about shit. Yet, DO nothing but run their god damned mouths. They are why these bastards get access to so many victims before a prosecutor can make a case. I was the only adult who came forward to help law enforcement try to make the world a safer place for kids. I have nothing but cuss words for everyone else who lived on Bayview Way. YOUR SILENCE is what gives these predators their power. Fuck you, for that. You all were more worried about the money they were steeling than the safety of defenseless kids. Double 'Fuck you!' for that.


My point, in sharing all of this is 1) education, and 2) I have a 1st amendment right to free speech. Law enforcement refused to return follow-up calls, after my statements, that could have had Mason in prison long before he murdered that 18 year old on December 14th, 2012. So fuck any future allegations of 'Obstruction of Justice'. You obstructed your god damned selves. Ignorance is the mother of all fuck-ups. Fear is the father of all fuck-ups. Ego is the spawn of both.


Chad was teaching me how to use his iPad so I can list some stuff on eBay for him. I have limited art supplies right now. I could rack a bunch of shit, but, considering I just did 10 months prison time for a 'grand rack' I did 12 YEARS AGO!!! I just decided to continue to push the limits of my creative gifts and make use of what little I have. As a result, my new friend Chad was helping me as best he could. He is an attorney/law professor/legal scholar/civil rights activist. He heard my story at a 'social' function at the GLBT Center here in Orlando and he was piqued. He used to be a prosecutor in the same office as the ones who lost track of child predator Rick Beasley.


So Chad got on his laptop and vetted everything, via internet, with me setting right there in his living room. I think he thought I was full of shit. I think he thought he was going to catch me in a lie. He did not. He realized, even more than I, just how monstrous the whole reality was. He was visibly shaken and quite disturbed. He was like "Heather...You have no idea how bad this really is..." The more we talked, and he considered everything he saw in the public records, he said "There's only one way Beasley walked through all those safety features they had in place. He must of had federal protection." I reminded Chad that according to police reports, and by Beasley's own confessions (in the form of denials) Beasley targeted the tiny toddlers of drug addicted parents, did drugs with them, and then sexually abused the children. The evidence I found indicates that he took Polaroids while he abused the kids. If he offered up info on terrorists, for a walk, the prosecutors would tell him to go fuck himself!" I hoped any prosecutor would, anyway. Chad said "He'd have to have info on human trafficking..." I had no idea what that was, nor did I ask Chad. I just immediately thought of the movie 'Taken.' However, last week I looked it up. And based on my many discussions with Chad, as to why Scott Mason was a threat to public, and child safety, I believe Scott Mason is guilty of the following definition: Wikipedia link to definitions of sex/human trafficking:


Basically, a child does not have to be moved from one location to another in order to be trafficked for sexual purposes for financial gain by the childs trafficker. It can happen at the child's home, church, day care center, school, home of a friend/family etc. I believe this based on what Beasley, and Scott Mason said in bits and pieces. I knew it added to to being 'wrong', but I had no legal knowledge of what these bits and pieces added up to. I also know this summation/interpretation of Wikipedia's definition from my experiences as a very little girl. The pedophiles have no problem coming to the child. It's less conspicuous, and therefore goes undetected. The 'financial gain' or 'lucrative' rewards could merely be a roof over the parents head, a supply of drugs, NOT being reported to the police for crimes the parent may have committed (i.e. child abuse, drugs, theft, etc), legal help with said criminal allegations/charges from an attorney (or providing an attorney), or inclusion in a lucrative racket, with the predators/pedophiles. The homeless, the drug addicted, and financially destitute are favorite targets. The trafficker/abuser does not have to even be aware of what they are doing. They may simply have the phrase 'you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours' in mind. The words trafficking/exploitation/abuse may not even be in their lexicon. Like a 'cheap date'. I was offered all of the above by multiple predators to participate in what I believed (though they never actually said the word bribe) to be organized criminal goings on, and when I declined my safety and the safety of my partner and pets were threatened. I told them to shove it up there ass, albeit as subtly as their threats... While I was on the witness stand on June 16th, 2011, Beasley's lawyer threw it up in my face that Beasley helped with housing, as if that buys one the right to hurt a child, or anyone else for that matter. As if I was to feel 'indebted' and thus be in 'servitude' to him. "And you had him VIOLATED???" the lawyer asked. I responded with complete indignation. I got the point across that I, my soul, nor the right to hurt ANYONE, could not be bought from me. It was a sugar-coated "FUCK that, and FUCK you!"


Chad kept trying to convince me to leave it alone, the shit could get me killed. That is, the apparent cover-your-ass moves by the State of Florida that has, now, at it's worst resulted in the senseless death of an 18 year old male. Now, keep in mind that I became an informant in 2010. Scott Mason murdered the boy in December 2012! During the summer of 2013 when Chad chose to become my legal counsel, he was telling me all this and niether of us new that Scott Mason was in jail waiting to be tried for murder. Chad and I could not understand, at the time, why the fuck they weren't responding to my phone calls, or written sworn statements. Then, as I was researching criminal histories of the principles, I Googled "Scott Rozear Mason, Pensacola Florida, criminal history". And I got physically ill from the news articles that popped up. This was around 1 am. Chad had woke up and came into the living room. I said in a very sick, defeated voice "I believe I why know Detective _________ hasn't returned my phone calls about Scott Mason..."


"Why?" Chad asked, intrigued. Sleep mask on his head in a t-shirt and boxers.

"Scott Mason has murdered an 18 year old boy.." You could hear my need to puke in my voice. Chad threw his head back in defeat. He hadn't forgotten the many all-nighters we pulled trying to make sense of the mess, and connect the dots. I told him why I continued to try to get Mason under investigation... He knew this wasn't just me being pissed about going to prison, anymore. A kid died and it was so avoidable. Fucking egos of the educated. They have a fucking piece of paper on the wall that says "Official Smart Person", and/or a badge. So, they think they have nothing more to learn. Chad, a very educated man, said "I believe you're right, That's exactly what happened. Big ego's..." Yes, I do indeed have a big fucking chip on my shoulder. I told my mother, and my partner, that they were going to "bury me. Too many high priced ego's fucked-up. They have to much to lose if I start pushing the envelope." Mom and Catherine didn't believe me. This was right before I called Mr. Harris, again, right after we were served our subpoena's. I called him to ask what to do about the new evidence I'd found on Beasley's Bolivar MO charges, and the evidence of racketeering/R.I.C.O. violations.


In these pedophiles minds I stole money from them (that THEY stole from the I.R.S.) and I GAVE IT BACK to the I.R.S. and told the I.R.S. HOW the pedophiles stole it. It was easy to figure out. It wasn't rocket science. I know a rocket scientist/aerospace engineer. I'm sure he'd agree... Chad looked up this link to a PUBLIC RECORD while he was authenticating my allegations. When he saw an attorney's name (Bernard F Daley Jr.- Tallahassee sex-offender defense attorney) on the these corporate articles, along with the following convicted felons he jumped up and was visibly shaken. The following are on these ACTIVE corp. articles:


John R. Mason - convicted and incarcerated for child pornography at the time these articles were filed with the Florida Dept. of the Treasury, and when the E.I.N. # was given to Project Innocent INC (registered as a tax-exempt non-for-profit)


Scott R. Mason - had multiple felony convictions for violence and firearms back in 2010 when I found this and gave it to multiple criminal investigators. Including a criminal investigator with the I.R.S. She was humble, no egotistical attitude from her. She returned my phone calls and e-mails. She was eager to move on this. Now, almost 3 years later, Scott Mason is about to stand trial for the murder of a kid. I believe I know more about this kid per letters I found hand-written from an incarcerated John R. Mason, while housed at Jackson Correctional Institute. I turned these letters over to a specialist with P.P.D. So, they should be in the Pensacola P.D.'s evidence locker.


Daniel L. Selby: Richard Beasley's 20+ year partner in crime. They were tried together in Orlando back in like 2000, for over 60 R.I.C.O. violations. Search Selby and Beasley's names at:


There also is a motion pending, by Selby, in Orange Co. His attorney of record: Bernard Daley. 'Bernie' don't work for free. Selby is still incarcerate. His former cell mate at Jackson C.I. was none other than John Richard Mason. He got Beasley hooked up with the Masons. I'll draw up a flow-chart on the entire organization. From memory, almost 3 years AFTER I turned all the evidence I found to the investigating officers/agents. Public records are protected under the "Freedom of Information ACT." I can connect the dots.


Ronald Hobson: is incarcerated at Union Correctional Facility, and was at the time these articles were filed. His charges are:


Corrections Offender Network:

Inmate Population Information Detail

(This information was current as of 11/17/2013)


FL D.O.C. DC Number: K61466




Hair Color: BROWN

Eye Color: BROWN

Height: 5'06''

Weight: 174 lbs.

Birth Date: 10/17/1951

Initial Receipt Date: 02/21/2002

Current Facility: UNION C.I.

Current Custody: CLOSE

Current Release Date: 05/04/2022

(Release Date subject to change pending gain time award, gain time forfeiture, or review. A 'TO BE SET' Release Date is to be established pending


Current Prison Sentence History:

Offense Date: 09/04/1999



Sentence Date: 1/16/02

County: ST. Lucie, Florida

Case No. 0100634

Prison Sentence Length: 25 years


Apparently only Orange Co. Florida plays with child molesters. Ironic since it's the home of Disneyworld... Things that make you go: Hmmmmmmm


So, in January of 2010, I handed multiple criminal investigators a 'Magic Bullet' that could have gotten Beasley, Scott Mason, John R. Mason, and several of their partners in prison away for decades. get child rapists off the street any fucking way you can. Yet, they are still in business. A registered non-for-profit business, at that... So under the advice of Chad Cronon J.D., I'm going 'nuclear'. That is to say I'm going public 'Balls to the wall'... I'm omitting a great deal out of respect for victims, and due to ongoing investigations. I hope there are still ongoing investigations. if not, there damn sure should be.


After further review of my savant-like, eideteker memory, I believe I instinctively recognized indications of sex trafficking of at least one child. I did not see anything happen. Trust me, I'd never just set back and knowingly allow any abuse of any kind to any child. I would physically intervene, if necessary. I retain facts like a fucking sponge. I have almost perfect total recall and can assume the perspective of others and see their motives/agendas without sympathizing with them. I am not easily manipulated. In the case of Beasley, and the Masons, my eideteker 'gift' FEELS more like a 'curse'. However, I've continue to try to let it contribute to the safety of children. Glen told me "You probably saved somebody's life." He's not the type to pass out any compliments or commendations.


I had no idea about the special motions filed to insure Beasley's incarceration, that were ignored by both the States Attorney office, who filed and won these motions, but also by the sentencing judge. I kept telling my former partner at the time I was renting from Beasley, and I told Chad more recently "Something was seriously wrong with the whole picture. I just didn't know what... I knew I had to I fix it for them." 'Them' being the countless victims who didn't get justice.


Chad was an Asst. States Attorney years before I ever rented from that P.O.S. pedophile, Rick Beasley. Chad is the President of the Gay & Lesbian Law Association. He used to be the President of the Orlando International Fringe Festival in Orlando for ten years. It's a huge theatre and art festival. He was pissed that The State of Florida sent me to prison after handing them multiple predators on a silver platter. Especially after I fixed their major fuck-ups. I voluntarily contacted, and gave statements to, various other law enforcement agencies after I found a shitload of evidence that indicated Beasley, and the Masons, were part of a criminal organization of pedophiles. I did all of this while listed as a 'Fugitive From Justice' for almost 8 years after being listed as an absconder from FL D.O.C. Probation in Bay Co. My charge was 'Grand Theft'. I did not cry "Innocence". I was accountable. "Yeah I did it and I was wrong as hell for it. What now?" Anyway, I'd never even met Beasley at the time of my stupid choice to steal. S*T*U*P*I*D!!! Beasley was in federal prison at the time.


Scott Rozear Mason, whom I stood toe-to-toe with on many occasions is about to stand trial for the murder of an 18 year old male. Scott Mason will be tried for murder on Dec 2nd, 2013, in Pensacola. His father, John R. Mason, was released from prison in April? 2011. He was sentenced to 10 years for multiple child porn charges. As it turned out, he was the actual home owner of the place we rented at 2801 Bayview Way. I found this out just prior to becoming an informant for Beasley's Probation Specialist Glen Harris @ FL D.O.C. Yes, I did this while a fugitive from FL D.O.C. Probation offices in Bay Co. Ironic. Beasley had openly threatened Mr. Harris's safety. As soon as I learned Beasley had been around a child (Scott Mason was drunk and shot his mouth off) I offered Mr. Harris my help. I did not know Glen Harris was an officer in the U.S. Navy, still active. I knew there was something familiar about him and trusted him. My Dad was a Navy man. Anyway, Glen and I talked for quite some time. Glen started an investigation, and when Beasley and Scott Mason made plans to hide a child I called Mr. Harris, again, and told him what was going on and how dangerous the situation was for him, and everybody else, but especially a child, whom I had not met. Yet. Both Mason and Beasley hated Mr. Harris. They were sociopaths. Mr. Harris promptly arrested Beasley. I volunteered to give a sworn statement, though it didn't even reflect all the goings on. I told Karen Bankowitz, and the witness handler via e-mail all this. I still have the original e-mails in my sent file in my previous Yahoo account.


The State P.R.R.'d Beasley, and filed a Habitual Offender and Prior Bad Acts motions and won them all. This was 2009 and 2010. My partner and I were still living near Panama City and had never heard of any of these sick bastards. Beasley was bound, by law, for prison. Instead he got probation? Beasley caught 2 counts of child molestation charges within 3 years of being released from prison. Once that P.R.R. Motion was Granted, he was to be sentenced to no less than the maximum allowable prison term to be served day-for-day. No 'Gain Time'. 'Gain Time' is Florida's version of early release for good behavior. The Habitual Offender motion was to double his prison sentence. 30 years instead of 15, etc. Yet instead the Judge and the state violated their own motion(s) and ruling and gave him an unheard of 30 years probation for 2 counts of child molestation. A repeat offender no less. I didn't even know the piece of shit at that time, however, I knew I could fix the Orange County's A.S.A.'s monstrous fuck-up. And, I did, indeed.. I found evidence and police reports from Bolivar MO. Here's the real kicker:


Beasley was arrested in 2009, in Orlando, on 2 counts of lewd and lascivious. Basically child molestation. The victim was 4 years old. Beasley won a motion to be Released (on) Own Recognizance about a month later. While R.O.R.'d on the Orlando Charges he is arrested and charged with 17 new felonies, including possession of child porn, identity theft, all sorts of shit. The F.B.I. attempt to interview him while he's in custody in Polk Co. MO. The Missouri Judge then R.O.R.'d him? and Beasley returned to Florida where he was promptly arrested for a failure to appear in Orlando. He was held on a $10,000 bond until his final court date on the child molestation charges. Instead of the mandatory day-for-day prison sentence, this bastard was released on 30 years probation with an ankle and GPS monitor! Which I promise was not a deterrent. I can't say anymore than that.


I told various law enforcement officers and Kimberly Mann (Orange Co. A.S.A.), prior to taking the witness stand, that I was listed as a fugitive on F.D.L.E.'s warrants website because of the 9 year old racking charge (now 11 years) and they refused to arrest me. Upon cross examination I testified under oath to being listed as a fugitive. That time they had to detain me after my examination. The Orange Co. Sherriffs deputies in the courtroom were like "Now, why'd you go and do that for? Now, I have to arrest you..." I turned around, and put my hands behind my back. The 3 deputies that handled me refused to put me in cuffs. Instead we shot the shit about the other monsters in the court room gallery. Scott Mason and some other bastard were there to see what I'd say. The place was a circus! Anyway, they said "No way you go to jail before him (Beasley), so just have a seat. We talked and after Beasley was returned to the jail, they then took me down, uncuffed. No cop wanted to arrest me. My first appearance judge was great. She was very compassionate and promised to get me to Bay county A.S.A.P. You don't get time-served credit while waiting for extradition. I was extradited in a matter of days. This is unusual.


This, of course, is the short version. I'll be uploading scanned copies of my 'Letter of Commendation' from Glen Harris, and a letter I recently received from my Public Defender who vetted my story and fought like hell for me. I watched her piss the judge off repeatedly. She said she was not happy with any prison sentence on my part. Chad helped me so much. He wrote a 119 records request for the purposes of a 'Collateral Attack Appeal and Sealment/exspungment of my 1 felony conviction, that multiple attorneys say should have been thrown out. As you will see from the letter from Emily Dowdy, Esq. the Orange Co. states attorney's fucked-up, yet again.


Now, I fully expected to go do some prison time. That's not my beef. My beef is that once I was incarcerated, I was unable to assist in ongoing investigations on both Scott Mason, and his father, John R. Mason. As a result, a little over 2 years after becoming an informant, Scott Mason murdered an 18 year old kid.


Now, I know you're thinking 18 is a legal adult. The kid was a child of a 'friend of the Mason family'. The Masons are open and notorious about their abusive, exploitative ways. That kids life was a living hell long before he reached 18 years of age. The Masons scared the fuck out of my wife! She was a twice governor commended, Who's Who of American Business Women, sister of a D.O.C. Lieutentant ( an abusive, exploitive, criminal bastard himself. Fucker stole land from my wifes Dad. They have different dads so her brother didn't give a fuck.) from whom she suffered abuse, and can damn well take care of herself. She had worked for FL D.O.C. yet, even she was scared. Glen Harris was scared for us. Glen once said "You sure do like to live dangerously..." Point is, I know any child (even adults told me they were scared) that lives around the Masons is very likely terrified. Stockholm Syndrome is real.


Matthew Nestles death was senseless. I knew something was wrong about Beasley having probation. This was confirmed by Professor Chad Cronon J.D. I knew Mason should be locked-up. I'm not going to discuss on what type of charges out of respect for the victim(s). Someone screwed the pooch, again. This time in Pensacola. Probably another fucking lawyer who has more 'ego' than sense.


Look for new uploads. I'm about to 'vet' all of this for you... Definition of 'vet', 'vetted' are as follows: (My mom has a degree in journalism)






past tense: vetted; past participle: vetted


1. make a careful and critical examination of (something).


"proposals for vetting large takeover bids"


synonyms: check, examine, scrutinize, investigate, inspect, look over, screen, assess, evaluate, appraise;


I've uploaded the 'Letter of Commendation', which is vague so Beasley has no grounds for appeal. Which he actually does because of the games Bankowitz played in the courtroom... Which I have no problem with. Shit, Scott Mason was there, and my partner had to be accompanied to her car, by Sheriff's deputies, for her safety. My problem is that a kid is dead. This was a V.O.P. hearing. Anything goes! The state does not have to prove its case 'beyond a reasonable doubt' because the fucker PLEAD GUILTY! Chad's was like... "This is true... She could have opened you up for questioning and let you nail them all." The Masons had no 'right to a fair trial' in BEASLEY'S V.O.P. hearing! I mean, really? As there are no pending R.I.C.O. charges on Scott, or John R. Mason, it is quite obvious that A.S.A.'s Kimberly Mann, and Karen Bankowitz's hiding the truth behind Beasley's warrantless arrest, and letting Glen Harris commit perjury on the witness stand were not to protect on-going investigations. Glen testified that he received an anonymous phone call. He did not. He knew exactly who I was. The day of Beasley's arrest, after I called him and told him that Mason and Beasley were going to hide a kid, Catherine and I went to see him at his office. I asked him what we should do when Scott Mason, and their pedophile cohorts "start coming around wanting whatever evidence Beasley had hidden". Harris stated to catherine, and I, "I'm going to put in my arrest report that I received an anonymous call from a man. You tell them I'll be by with 'black&whites' to collect that stuff." he told me to indicate to Scott Mason that Mr. Harris bullied us into co-operating so "That way it will be on me..." Meaning the Masons would be mad at Harris, not Cate and I. And I did just that, until Scott Mason physically charged at me in my own kitchen at 2801 Bayview Way, Pensacola Florida on Thanksgiving Day 2010, and again on Black Friday, when I told him if he went anywhere near Beasley's room he'd have the sheriffs dept. up his ass as quick as I could call them. I told him that "I promised that stuff to Glen Harris, and he's going to get it." The mother, and child were right there. When he started to come after me, in front of the mother and child, I stood up very quickly and shot him a look that promised him HE'D go to the fucking hospital on HIS way to jail. Mason backed the fuck up and changed the subject. Today, I'm amazed that I'm still alive.

Here are some links, with photos, to the Pensacola News Journal articles on Scott Masons upcoming murder trial. One article has a slide show of photos. John R. Mason, registered sex-offender, is in one of the photos. He took the witness stand. Scott Mason murdered the kid, staged the scene, and called his father, pedophile John R. Mason, before calling the police. I really HATE having been right about these sick bastards. I'm not one for I-told-you- so's because I believe in education and learning from ones mistakes. However, the willful and deliberate fuck-ups made by powerful, and 'formally educated' adults is atrocious. They deserve to truly be held accountable for their actions, and inactions. Maya Angelou warns of what can happen, if one is not careful, with a 'formal' education. I'm autodidactic. There's absolutely nothing wrong with formal education, anymore than there is with firearm ownership. Both must be 'owned' and used responsibly.


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