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When I went to the Downtown Aquarium, Houston, TX I've seen this view, and thought, it looked interesting...Of course, never leaving house, without my camera, I took tons of photos Doesn't it look like the buildings are leaning toward the middle?? Could it be the form of the carousel top, that gives this effect???

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The city from I-45 north in The Greater 3rd. Ward.

I love my city after hours. Once again, me and the

crew out after midnight looking for that perfect shot.

Well, that plus it's 100 degrees during the day.

Took this pic hangin' out wit my parter in crime Super Chicken.

MAN, the trouble we would have gotten into for the great shots we got.


Downtown Houston skyscrapers are reflected in a pool between rail stops as they rise into the Texas sky.


Colorful sky during the sunset taken from the skate park. I used Lee 2 stop filter.


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Tech: Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM, Lee Filter Processed in LR, CS6 and NIK software


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Copyright © Swapan Jha. All of my images are protected by copyright and may not be used on any site, blog, or forum without my permission.

An HDR photo of the sunrise this morning.

This photo was #17 on the Flickr Interestingness page for Sept 3!!

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A view of the Houston Skyline as seen from Buffalo Bayou park at Allen Pkway and Studemont. I was skouting out at the location for a future night shot. That one will probably be called { Houston By Night }

Bridge on allen parkway ..someone had made a whole in the fence possibly a photographer ..anyways i had to make a bigger whole from what he had done to fit my big 10-20 lens in there ....Houston photograhers go check it out

Biscuit Paint Wall, Houston Texas

I'm in Houston hanging out with attorneys. Well, I am not really hanging out, but I am definitely with attorneys.


I drove down from Austin a few days ago and the city has been totally overcast and kinda dull-lookin'. But tonight, a coldfront started blowing through, so I went up to the roof of the hotel and took this shot.


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This is the area that Enron developed in Downtown Houston before it imploded. It's now owned by the asses at Chevron that sicked a security guard on me and told me I couldn't take pictures there because they owned the sidewalk. I finally got the security guard to admit that the rules were total BS and that he was just doing his job. Didn't make any difference any way since I already had all the shots I wanted so it wasn't worth the fight. [WARNING] If you use a tripod it's guaranteed to attract security guards anywhere day or night. Yet I could have stood on this corner all day with an iPhone 5 taking 8 megapixel pictures and no one would say a thing. Later on that same day Houston Police asked for and ran my ID while taking pictures of Downtown Houston on the sidewalk of a bridge.

I took this picture on 9-3-2011

ابتـــديــت بطيـــب و بـنـــهــــي ماخــطــيــــت

حلــــوه الذكــــرى الــى منــهـــا اطــبــعـــــت


all by me


In memorial park , Houston



Everything looks great during that magic time from 6:30-7:30pm. The lighting is just perfect.







At least that is what is was called when I photographed it in 1983.

Houston Downtown aerial

This was an unplanned visit because I messed up the other plan for sunrise shooting. This was a surprisngly beautiful and well maintained place. The long shadows were casted by the headstones.


Built in 1926, the Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park was used by the city of Houston as a water reservoir until 2007. The Cistern is able to hold 15 million gallons of water withing its 8-18 inches of concrete walls. There are 221 twenty five foot tall concrete columns in the center. The Cistern was decommissioned by the Houston Water Authority in 2007 when a leak in was found, and deemed too expensive to fix.


The space was turned over to the Buffalo Bayou Park, and they were able to clean and secure the space to open it to the public. You are allowed to visit the Cistern if you purchase a 30 minute tour on their website. But you will need to plan ahead, since opening to the public almost every tour has been a sell out.


The end goal is to turn the Cistern into a art space. The first permanent exhibit is already installed. It is called Down Periscope by Donald Lipski. It allows for people to look into the Cistern from above ground, or even anywhere in the world. You can visit to control the camera and see the cistern on your own.


One last note, while underground in the cistern listen closely. There is a 17 second echo. Its can make for some very interesting sounds.


Visit the official website at:


A lone tourist bathes in the mist of the Houston Waterwall

A view of Allen Pkwy and Houston Downtown skyline.

Vistas da Allen Pkwy e do panorama urbano de Houston, TX.


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7 images stitched to create a panorama of downtown Houston as the sun sets


Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas, and the fourth-largest city in the United States.


Camera Nikon D7000

Exposure 20

Aperture f/8.0

Focal Length 18 mm

ISO Speed 200


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